Stormy Daniels was forced to admit something about Trump that makes her furious

Stormy Daniels launched a fake defamation lawsuit against President Trump and failed miserably.

She was even required to pay Trump’s legal fees.

Now, she was just forced to admit something about Trump that will drive her crazy.

It’s no secret that Stormy Daniels despises the President.

Which is why it was hard for her to admit that she thinks Trump will win re-election in 2020.

The Hill reports:

Stormy Daniels says she regularly fears that President Trump could win reelection.

“I will be voting,” the adult-film star told an audience of almost entirely women on Tuesday at The Wing in Washington.

“Some days I’m like, ‘There’s no way — this is gonna be amazing,’” Daniels told moderator Jane Mulkerrins, a freelance journalist, when asked during the Q&A session about the prospects of what might happen in the 2020 presidential election.

“Other days I’m like, ‘This motherf—er’s going to win again,’” she said of Trump.

Stormy Daniels is not one to be known for telling the truth.

But she accidently let it slip this time.

Daniels is not the only never-Trumper worried about the probability of Trump’s re-election.

While the Democrat base is excited to take on President Trump in 2020, there are serious problems with the field of candidates so far.

Many of the leading Democrats are simply unelectable.

Candidates such as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are too far left for voters outside of the Washington, D.C., California, and New York bubbles.

A primary with nearly 20 candidates doesn’t bode well for the Democrat Party either.

They will spend their time and money attacking one another rather than building a general election strategy.

Stormy Daniels may have tapped into something Democrats don’t want to admit.

The left secretly fears that Donald Trump is going to win re-election.

Which is why many in Congress are moving toward impeaching Trump.

We will keep you up-to-date on all the 2020 news.


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80 Responses

  1. Are you telling us there are other women out there that are actually stupid enough to sit and listen to this loser…..I wonder what value they derived from this thorny woman….but as it’s likely these are all Obama/Hillary supporters and all liberals it certainly doesn’t surprise me

  2. Eva12 says:

    Please, people, Kamala Harris is not eligible! She is not a Natural Born citizen, as required by the Constitution, Article 2, Section 1. If the founding fathets had meant “US citizen,” that is what they would have written. They knew what a nbc was that is why it was not defined. They used E. Vattel’s Law of Nations as a reference, he was considered the authority on Natural Law, how things happen naturally, as you get eye color from parents. A NBC is born to 2 US citizen parent’s on US soil. US military bases and US embassies qualify as US soil, how McCain qualified. This is why BHO Jr., Ted Cruz, Kamala Harris, Nikki Haley, and millions more who may hold US citizenship but are not NBC’s, are not eligible to hold the office of POTUS or VP. The Constitution must be followed, there is adequate info online on this.

  3. Zeke says:

    Today is a historic day, the first time any Congress has voted against a president’s declaration of “emergency.” Twelve republicans have stood up and opposed Trump’s violation of the constitution. More and more republicans are opening their eyes.

    • Paul Jarrett says:

      Zeke wrong their just as blind as you, this exposes them as demo rhinos

    • John Grant says:

      Luckily the President has VETO power so it was votes wasted.


    • Emma says:

      POTUS TRUMP????????????

    • iris says:

      When those 3 carvans of illegal. Alien immigrants reach the border alo hell is goubg to breaj out. Murders. Raperq. Drug lords and human trafficers. Will try to cross into our country. Have a machine gun there handy

    • Bob Fox says:

      Yes, I agree. The 12 Republicans opened their eyes and revealed they need glasses. The fake news media, Democrats and the entertainment industry are not the only Trump haters.

    • Carol Bowers says:

      You are very ignorant, but Trump hater I am sure.

    • Nadya Rossi says:

      RINOs are traitors!

  4. Bonnie says:

    If the Democrats continue to pass HR1 HR5 and other anti-America bills and lies we will be fighting against all these illegal voters and no constitution to stand on if they have their way with their “hate” crimes which is what they do all the time. Look at these new elected women that project hate all the time and names and disrespect for our President. What right do they have spewing their hate on our President and saying we should be charged with hate. Maxine Waters telling people to go out and attack Trumpers and that isn’t hate? Oh, to combat all this hate with love is so difficult! Lord help us!

    • kathy says:

      maxine waters needs to be fired now. she is a disgrace in her job which she gets paid from us voters to keep her in congress .she nothing but a big fat mouth that needs to stop divideing our country. she isthe blame for this country being divided.she should be impeached.

    • Emma says:

      Every time this loud mouth unAmerican moron opens her America hating mouth, someone needs to give her a big shot of skunk scent square in her big red mouth!!!
      Matter of fact, all of the Traitors deserve it.
      Full force stream!!!????????????????????????

      • Carol Bowers says:

        Emma, thanks for the good laugh, I want to bitch slap her and Pelosi and oh AOC and other two and Hillary into next century they are so stupid they have no working brains

    • With those idiots it’s only hate if it’s against them and those that think like them

  5. Susan Dix says:

    It is hard to believe that this creature of the devil is still being interviewed.
    She has been so bogus with her fake lawyer/lawsuits and people listen to her?
    Nothing she says or does needs to be reported on. She needs to repent and turn
    away from her evil ways. Jesus Christ is her only hope. Even Mary Magdalene repented
    and was saved. Jesus said to her: “Go, and sin no more”. Her life would improve and
    she would be able to speak about a miracle from God! Then she would have something
    worthwhile to speak about.

    • Ege Shegava says:

      I can’t wait to see her acid-faced one-night doing a dance on stage. That will be so KOOL!

    • Bob Fox says:

      AMEN Susan. Thank you for being so bold as to reveal the only TRUTH that is absolute. I need to follow your lead and not be so cautious about my faith. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

  6. RENATO says:

    economy is very good, so president will get elected in 2020 as simple as like that okay.

    • Emma says:

      Every time this loud mouth unAmerican moron opens her America hating mouth, someone needs to give her a big shot of skunk scent square in her big red mouth!!!
      Matter of fact, all of the Traitors deserve it.
      Full force stream!!!????????????????????????

    • Emma says:


  7. Ted Quirk says:

    ADULT FILM STAR – what a GREEEEEEAT use of the English Language.

    • Carol says:

      I agree with you. An older wiser person (very educated) once told a group of us that if your vocabulary consist of 4 letter words, it speaks volumes for your intelligence, and education.

  8. george says:

    and it is time to take out the trash.
    not a duplicate , please post
    never said this before, do not block my post

    some one is blocking me

  9. george says:

    and it is time to take out the trash.
    not a duplicate , please post
    never said this before, do not block my post

  10. george says:

    and it is time to take out the trash.
    not a duplicate , please post

  11. george says:

    you ought to be locked up, you are a disgrace to America.


    • Jackie says:

      I can’t understand why they have against him. He’s done a good job. He’s made liars out them. I think it doing to good of a job . I honestly believe that the Democrats wants our country to fall. It sure looks that way. Actions speaks louder than words!!

      • BobD says:

        the democrats self-identified with clinton and when Trump wiped her out it was like a personal attack on them and that’s why they hate him. They simply refuse to accept the clinton was trash and Trump tehe better person

      • iris says:

        Gather up all the Rep voters because the dems are going to use all illegal aluens they can. Thats why these caravans are comming. Dems funded them to come here. Hope their plan backfires

  13. N says:

    Keep up the great work President Trump! The best President ever! Not to mention the first lady she’s the best too! Now that America is great again, let’s keep it that way! Trump 2020!

  14. FedUp says:

    Hey Stormy, the only f***** is you, that’s what you do for a living. The JOKE is on you. You make a great demoncrat, you destroy anything that does not go your way. The table has turned against you, as it should turn against all demoncrats.

  15. Joe says:

    It is obvious that her claim was all about money. The Demi’s thought they had another winner in there pocket. No reason to vote for any of the Demoncratic party. They clap their hands and cheered as they passed a law to end human life at birth in New York. They passed local laws for illegal aliens to vote in local elections. The planted a fake dossier and paid $10 million dollars to investigate our President. Along with the corrupt investigation. Believe they will lose miserable in the next 3 Presidental elections. President Trump is favor by the Lord of Host. A sure guarantee against all forces of evil, hatred and principalilities. I know this will happen. Now is the season for His Return.

    • JIM says:

      This should be the end of the democrat party. They are shooting themselves in the foot every time they turn around with their insane and senile candidates.

    • Denny says:

      Stormy sucks in ,more ways than one.

    • Brat23 says:

      We the people paid the 10 billion dollars of our tax dollars. But no one asked we the people it we wanted the spend millions of dollars to investigate our duly elected President. Congress I’m not sure you’re smart enough to be aware we the people hold your future in our hands on election day.

  16. Estell says:

    Money consumes the democrats. Money and power. That is why they are trying so hard to open the borders. It would servethem right if the illegals woke up to the fact they are just being used and turned on them. But they do know where the democrats live. And they think they are safe.

  17. Nate-ncp says:

    As far as Stormy goes, she wants money. Deal is a deal, pay when services are rendered. Not years later. By Stormy—WHO CARES.

  18. Deborah says:

    She needs to look in the mirror and see that she is the one to blame for her actions,

  19. Nate-ncp says:

    Why wouldn’t President Trump get re-elected? He’s already none more good for The Country in 2 years then all have done in 8 much less 4. I think more politicians are afraid of the standards he (Trump) is setting. Many Presidents after taking The Oath Of Office go and do a couple things, then play golf, do another thing or two, go on a retreat and play golf. Dragging ass the whole time there in office. Both Democrats and Republicans can’t keep up with President Trump, the man just keeps going forward!
    I know President Trump said on the campaign trail that “Mexico will pay for the wall”. Their is more then one way to skin a cat too! Even if this country pays for the wall in the beginning, this country will earn it back, probably 10 fold. Just making America safe, along with being Great Again is far more than others before Trump. 2020 MAGA, vote responsibly.

    • Dude says:

      He will win again, no doubt. But watch out for the lying, cheating,most crooked party on earth to do whatever they can to throw the election. They have done it before and will do it again. We need police at every voting precincts and need investigation into every vote cast. The liberal Democraps are the most dishonest people on earth!!!

    • Ric B says:

      Duh, could it be Trump will not be re-elected because the majority of the country believes him to be a liar who violated the law even before he became president?

      • Paul Jarrett says:

        RIC b stupid

      • Texas Belle says:

        Well, Obama, the liar, was elected twice. He more than broke laws when he was in office, shredded the Constitution, declared many “emergency” situations. His many regulations killed many businesses; his hostility to Israel was counter productive to say the least. He was the worst President in the history of this country.

  20. Bender says:

    Yes if you guys are dumb enough to believe the Russian fake stories again and vote against your best interests. Unless your all millionaires. We can’t create these trillion dollar deficits for are kids and grandchildren to pay just to give rich folks tax breaks. Trickle down economics didn’t work when Reagan tried or Bush 1 and 2. Insanity doing same things over and over expecting different results. Now gutting Medicare and social security to pay for it. How can they hurt middle class any more?

    • Zeke says:

      Many people are awakening this year to see their IRS refund is substantially smaller than last year’s. Bender, I am glad you brought up some economic sense, because at one time the republican party used to be about fiscal responsibility, but it is not any longer – – Trump’s budget is proposed to ADD $1.1 TRILLION to the deficit for next year alone. Now, go back to Reagan, who said about Carter that any president who had a $54 Billion a year deficit should not be re-elected. Increasing the deficit crashes our economy in the long term – – GW Bush’s deficits crashed it in 2008, along with his lifting of regulations on banks.

      The new formula of Trump is to give HUGE tax breaks to the top 1% (his Mar-O-Lago members etc.), greater deficits for America, very little for the middle and working classes and then to cut the social programs that mostly affect the poor and average families.

      • TERRY WILSON says:

        when did you become a economist? The problem is you idiots can not figure it out. When you take your tax cut during the year your not going to get a tax refund I like it when the personell excemption was doubled.

  21. Vann40 says:

    This prostitute used Trump name to make her become famous and make a lot of money.

  22. James says:

    I don’t have the least bit of interest in what Stormy has to say. Get on with good news.

    • Dr. Richard says:

      Good news; while Trump remains in office? Are you kidding? His indictment, subsequent arrest, and long prison sentence would be good news of course but we’ll have to wait and see what the evolving Mueller investigation sheds light on. Anyone with even a sliver of a brain understands the the investigation is not the witch hunt Trump incessantly calls it because he knows very well that it is not. Outside of believing every lie that Trump tells, a number which is presently approaching 8,000 in his 2+ years in office, his supporters actually see his destruction of our Democracy, our Constitution, our standing in the world order, our economy, and our environment as good news; can you believe it? We have 2 directions we can head right now; stay with Trump and suffer the inevitable large scale failure of our democracy and country or get rid of this cancer either by locking him up or simply voting him out in 2020 and let him get back to his slimy, immoral life unfettered by all of these investigations that only his sleazy lawyers might save him going to prison for.

      • Bob Fox says:

        What universe or time in space are you entering from. Your remarks indicate you only listen to the news media elite who are out of touch with reality. Where do you get your information from?

      • Bonnie says:

        Nothing that is exactly what the report will read. Trump is not the criminal here the FBI, DOJ, DNC and of course Hillary
        Soon they will feel the heat as they will be prosecuted.

        • Dr. J. D. says:

          That is what is SO fascinating about people that support Trump – – they are like the mother of Donnie in the parade that exclaims “everyone ELSE is out of step in the parade but my son, Donnie!” So, ALL the government agencies, the republicans that have seen that Trump is a liar, a charlatan and a fraud are all wrong. All the people Trump had to pay back with his Trump university scam, all the ways Trump has lied about his business assets to get fraudulent loans, and all the 56% of the people indicate they would not vote for Trump in 2020, they are all the ones wrong but Donnie. All the women who claimed they had affairs with Trump were lying (of course, where did the payoff checks come from if it was “fake news”?).

          When are you going to wake up and realize that “by their fruits you shall know them”?
          Keep up your attempts to tell the truth, Dr. Richard – – -but I can tell you, they d(Trump cult followers) don’t like educated people who tell the truth – – they prefer those who are still drinking the Kool-Aid of illusion.

      • Gina says:

        Nice try Dr Richard. Get out of your crazy lib bubble – Clinton’s & other demons will go down before President Trump. Their day of reckoning is coming.

      • Tom says:

        Obviously you either chose to forget or maybe never heard Hiliary say, ” If Trump wins we will all end up in jail” She knew what she was talking about all of the crimes they have committed and that have been covered up.

        • Linda H says:

          Tom, in 100 years what do you think those people are going to think about us. I hope they learn from it not to cover up for crooks. We don’t seem to have.

      • Betty Greene says:

        Your diatribe might hold some weight if you knew we are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

      • iris says:


      • Brat23 says:

        Dr Richard you are behind in news department Mueller found o
        No Collusion on the Part of President Trump so put your big boy pants on and get over it.

  23. Bob Fox says:

    Why does she hate Trump? Is she being paid to hate him? Is this a money making deal that went bad or did she just buy into the liberal ideology. If every one was held accountable for the things we did and didn’t do in our earlier lives we would not qualify for any position or any office. Some people grow from their experiences, some not. Did anyone see the look on Trump’s face the night he won the election. I don’t think he expected it and realized the seriousness of the responsibility. Turns out he is serious.

  24. Craig Forester says:

    Stormy when are you ever going to see that it was your choice to do things with this man that has led you to where you are.
    Don’t you think it is time you wake up and say to yourself that I made a mistake, and I need to make myself a better person by doing something that will help others rather than tear others down. I would recommend you give up the lifestyle you have engaged in and turn to God for salvation and forgiveness.

    • C says:

      Amen to that. I far as I can see she made her bed and she dose not like sleeping in it so she blames everyone else. Gee she lies and in the eyes of millions she is a slut and blames others for her choices. Gee could she possibly be a democrat? She walks like a jackass, talks like a jackass, yup she is a democrat jackass.

  25. Ray Copeland says:

    How can a old ugly b*t*h like this get into a strip club??????????

  26. stephen says:

    she’ll have to do a lot of dollar lap dances and five dollar sweetheart dances to come up with that money!just wondering what she’ll look like at 90 in our local strip club!

  27. Judy G says:

    Stormy who?

  28. Woody says:

    No one pays attention to a whore who has a girl child at home–poor thing!

  29. Linda H says:

    That trash is not my time to talk about.

  30. Cliff says:

    If anyone would take the TIME to actually LOOK at THE FACTS of what PRESIDENT TRUMP has accomplished, (even with all the OBSTRUCTION FROM DEMOCOMMUNISTS/RINOS) instead of listening to the “pundits” that all HATE him, you could see how well this country is doing. This terrifies DEMOCOMMUNISTS/RINOS because their “plantation” of controlled DRONES are wising up and #walking away.
    THAT is why the “big push” for more ILLEGALS that are not only “allowed” to vote, but “encouraged’ to do so. (and HAVE BEEN, since OBUNGHOLE the FRAUD was shoved down our throats. (and possibly even before)

    • Zeke says:

      If you would take the TIME to look at the facts, you would see that Trump and his people are mostly criminals who pull numerous schemes to violate the laws Trump has NO respect for the constitution and laws, and not only has violated campaign laws, but fraudulently handled his business by fraudulent inflating his money to get loans, has already obstructed justice numerous times, has demanded a top secret security clearance for Jared who is trading our NUCLEAR technology to Saudis for money and giving the sponsors of the worst terrorism in the world, Saudi Arabia, access to the materials to build nuclear bombs! This president bows and scrapes to world dictators – – we cannot afford to have him in office. Pence would be better – – at least he has morals.

      • Bob Fox says:

        Zeke, is there another universe we don’t know about because you must come from there. Please explain to the audience all the news media outlets you have been listening to and newspapers you have been reading. You could not have gotten your biased information from any other sources. Incidentally, I realize Trump is not squeaky clean and neither are you and I but at least he is making changes for the good.

  31. James P Hutchins says:

    F daniels she is a moron and a she is disgusting she is not a actress she is A whore who is irrelevant to the American people..

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