Rush Limbaugh took one surprise phone call that left him at a loss for words

Rush Limbaugh’s interviewed Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, and all the heavyweights in the conservative movement.

But on Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh did not know what to say.

Rush Limbaugh took one surprise phone call that left him at a loss for words.

Rush Limbaugh – as well as millions of other Trump supporters – celebrated the Washington, D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered Judge Emmett Sullivan to accept the Department of Justice agreeing to Michael Flynn withdrawing his guilty plea for lying to the FBI during the Russian collusion hoax.

Limbaugh was taken by surprise when Flynn called the program unannounced to offer his thanks for Limbaugh standing by him and to send he and his families prayers as Limbaugh battles lung cancer.

When asked what the decision meant for him, Flynn said it should show the American people that the justice system can work.

“And the decision today is really, it’s a good thing for General Flynn, it’s a good thing for me, it’s a good thing for my family, but it’s really a great boost of confidence for the American people and our justice system, because that’s what this really comes down to, is whether or not our justice system is going to have the confidence of the American people. And, boy, your listeners know this,” Flynn stated.

Limbaugh then asked Flynn if he ever had his doubts that this day would come.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, maybe there will be another time that we can get into the details of it, but I will just tell you that I have always believed and fought for our rule of law. The most important thing that we have in this country, bar none, is that. And we have to make it work whether we like it or not, and it has to work with the right people and the right leaders and the people of our country to step up to the plate. You know, and elections matter, right? Voting matters. So, anyway, I just wanted to get my two cents in with you today and tell you that we think about you often and we pray for you and that we are so happy with the decision, not only for our family, but for our country,” Flynn responded.

Some Americans now want Flynn to sue the Department of Justice for malicious prosecution now that the true extent of the FBI and Obama administration targeting him for political gain is known.

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23 Responses

  1. Patricia Cate says:

    …and to send HE and his family’s prayer. NO. …and to send HIS and his family’s prayers.
    Hire a proofreader.

  2. Tim Toroian says:

    What LOL, Little Ole Lunkhead, rather than a big one. Jackass in the beginning everybody was wrong about 19 because the Chinese lied. Now for your silly butt, I’ve been saying for a while that it probably isn’t cyclical which means things will never return to “normal” which means EVERYBODY else was wrong until I heard Dr. Siegel mention last night that evidence shows it isn’t cyclical because they thought it should be dying in the Southwest by this time. It’s been in the U.s> for six months Lunkhead, showing no real sign of abating. I believe we should get accustomed to mask-wearing, fastidious hand washing, and the use of alcohol. The Chinese lied to the whole world Lunk so why are you harassing them. Or are you so far to the left that your head is on crooked?

  3. LOL says:

    Do you mean the Rush that said that corona virus was “like the flu” (it isn’t is si 10-20 times deadlier and no vaccine) and we have seen it before because it is #19 so we have had 18 prior versions (totally false, it was named after the year it was discovered and titled)???!!?? That big bag of gas that tells people his show is not about accuracy when called on his falsehoods, and claims it is “bout entertainment”? Entertainment for ignorant fools!

  4. unclejim says:

    Flynn should sue Muller and the rest of those F inn creeps for what they put the General and family thru and don’t forget the lawyer’s that took him for the 6mil to take a plee

  5. Justin Case says:

    Congratulations to a battle well fought General Flynn. If Hillary was elected the extent of the corruption during the Obama administration would never have seen the light of day. There is still most likely a lot of corruption in the darkness. We can also thank the intelligent folks of America for electing Donald Trump.

  6. Katie says:

    He absolutely should sue TWICE.
    Once to recoup all that he has lost finacnially
    Second for destruction of his reputation and pain and suffering inflicted on him and his family for years now.

  7. Geri D says:

    Absolutely, General Flynn should sue each and everyone individually Hitliary, the DNC, Obama, his whole staff, Yates and Rice, FBI personnel, Strozk, Comey, each and every Media company that has been complicit, meaning every member of the press that is married or partnered with an executive in the media or press. Sue for a Trillion.

  8. Nancy Duty says:

    I strongly agree that Flynn should sue the appropriate parties and that he should be compensated by them for the financial loss and suffering involved throughout this situation. He’s a good man. We need more like him. Bless Flynn and Rush. He tells us like it is. They are both good examples of true Americans.

  9. J says:

    And the FBI, CIA, Demon Rats, Muller and so on.

  10. HJ says:

    While I voted yes to the question of suing the DOJ, it really is the individual players in the DOJ and FBI who should be sued by Flynn. Those same people should be indicted for all of the illegal things that they did both to Flynn, to the president and our country. Besides bankrupting their families (the family benefitted from the taxpayer money that they ‘earned’), the players should get mandatory prison time.

  11. MSGT JOHN CORREA says:

    I believe corruption began to bloom in Washington DC when the Clintons invaded the White House and brought their associate gangsters with them. Let’s not forget the moment the Clintons took over they were caught with personal FBI files solely on Republicans for possible future blackmail. Whom do you think the Clintons were associated with in the State of Arkansas? If you don’t believe me, just ask Ambrose Evans-Pritchard who did a better job investigating the Clintons than our own FBI agency.

    USAF (RET)

  12. MARY says:


  13. Alan says:

    We need more patriots in this country to stand up and back trump and say enough is enough of this radicals in this country and clean out the trash pushing unamerican plots.

  14. CJ says:

    He should sue every single one of the individuals who are responsible for his arrest. From Obama, on down!!!

  15. I think it would be more appropriate to sue the individuals who perpetrated the scam!

  16. Edward says:

    God Bless you Mr. Limbaugh and God Bless General Flynn.
    General Flynn should receive restitution from those that persecuted him but not from taxpayer funds. They must pay from their own ill gotten funds. General Flynn should also get a sum of money for “PAIN and SUFFERING” from Comey and the SWAMP .

  17. Sandra says:

    Flynn should sue Comey and every one of the corrupt scum that railroaded
    him. They should have to buy him a new home, put his children through college,
    and replace every dime he lost and paid out plus a substantial bonus. Actually
    every one of them needs to be bankrupted and that includes Obama and Biden.

  18. LOL says:

    And now we need to go after the FBI crooks and Obama who set Flynn up. At the very least, there should be a civil case and Obama should be made to payback all of Flynn’s legal fees. Not the federal government and taxpayers but Obama himself should pay for it.

  19. Rodney says:

    At the very least, the main actors behind the crucifixion of Flynn, BarryO, Biden, Comey, Strozk Mueller and his gang of morons.

  20. JOAN B says:


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