Rush Limbaugh pointed out one reality that has Democrats running for their lives

The Democrats’ convention this week is a massive pep rally designed to fire up their supporters and convince skeptical Americans to fire Donald Trump as President.

But there is something the Democrats are hiding from the American people.

And Rush Limbaugh pointed out one reality that has Democrats running for their lives.

The speeches at the Democrat convention are all attacks on Donald Trump.

Little time is spent on supporting Joe Biden or Kamala Harris.

Michelle Obama recorded her speech before Biden named Harris as his running mate and she couldn’t be bothered to record additional footage supporting the Harris selection.

During a recent broadcast, Limbaugh pointed out the reason Democrats don’t talk about Biden or Harris is because they are the weakest candidates the party has fielded in recent memory.

“Come on, folks. Are you really telling me — I went through this yesterday, too, so I don’t want to be too repetitive. This guy, Joe Biden, hasn’t won anything on his own outside of his Senate seat, and that’s in the very small state of Delaware. He’s run for the presidency two or three times, and he bombed out as bad as Kamala Harris did. He got nailed for committing plagiarism against a Labor Party Brit named Neil Kinnock. He should have been shamed out of politics with that alone,” Limbaugh began.

“Kamala Harris was the first to get out of the Democrat primary before a vote had even been cast because she was going nowhere. And this is the woman that they are going to make vice president on the theory she’s gonna become president ’cause Plugs isn’t gonna make a full first term if he wins. I think it’s even worse than that. They have to know. And then the survey data that says the vast majority of Biden supporters aren’t even voting for him or her. They’re voting against Trump. I’m telling you, that doesn’t help them,” Limbaugh added.

Democrats know they will lose this election if the voters view it as a choice between two alternatives.

That’s why their convention is ignoring their own ticket and focusing exclusively on Donald Trump to try and keep voters focused on this contest as a referendum on the President’s time in office.

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