Robert Mueller’s big secret is out in the open and it’s bad news for his investigation

There is one horrible truth about the Russia investigation Robert Mueller and the fake news media worked to bury.

It’s a bombshell so explosive that it could bring down the Deep State’s entire house of cards.

But now it’s out in the open and it’s bad news for Mueller’s investigation.

The fake news Christopher Steele dossier was not some super secret piece of political intelligence.

Steele passed it around like candy to US government officials.

John McCain ended up with a copy that he personally hand-delivered to FBI Director James Comey.

Now a recent court filing shows that Steele handed a copy of the dossier to one of Hillary Clinton’s closest confidantes at the State Department.

The Daily Caller reports:

Christopher Steele, the author of the infamous anti-Trump dossier, disclosed information from his Trump-Russia investigation to a longtime Clinton crony because of his position on a State Department advisory board, according to court documents filed on Tuesday.

According to the court filing, Steele told a court in the United Kingdom on Aug. 1 that he provided Strobe Talbott, the Clinton insider, with anti-Trump research because of his position on the Foreign Affairs Policy Board, an independent advisory board set up in 2011 by then-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton.

Clinton appointed Talbott chairman of the advisory board, and he served in that role through John Kerry’s tenure.

“As regards disclosure to Strobe Talbott (if relevant to this claim), the Defendant relies on US Department of State Foreign Affairs Policy Board,” reads the Aug. 1 filing.

This gives lie to the myth that the FBI kept Steele’s work close to the vest.

In fact, they passed it around to as many people as possible in hopes it would leak.

Mueller tried to suppress this aspect of the Russia investigation.

If it was widely known that the basis for the entire probe was political opposition research masquerading as intelligence then the American people would be up in arms.

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118 Responses

  1. Jason Casteel says:

    Cohen is an exceptionally reliable witness and extremely credible. It is amazing that this man was the biggest liar in the world. Once he started regurgitating crap that fit their narative, all of a sudden he’s Ward Cleaver and everything he says now is gospel. Wake the F**k up and smell the coffee. He is worthless as a witness.

  2. walked away liberal says:

    Mr. Doug Connors.
    Would you Consider, Send your ink here To an
    Editorial section In some Newspaper Somewhere.
    & the Bigger the Newspaper, the Better.
    > So Many PPL NEED to ‘Know’. Thank you.

  3. Jason Casteel says:

    Randall M…..Thank you for posting that link. I haven’t gotten the hang of this phone yet. Much appreciated. I hope many more people can see that. The book is even more eye opening.

  4. walked away liberal says:

    I am upset & can hardly Believe that john McCain did that .
    (what the article says).

  5. walked away liberal says:

    You Are RUDE, mr jd. & seem to be extremely
    left wing biased. A Realperson Can SEE ‘both’ Sides.
    It Wasn’t Easy. I SEE Now.

  6. walked away liberal says:

    I ‘know’ Jason C. I get it. Thank you for responding.
    WE Will Do the Best WE Can to SAVE UNITED STATES
    of AMERICA from ‘terrible’ 1 World 0rder. I SEE ‘it” Now,
    & What ‘they’ Are Doing. GOD BLESS US.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year(s)
    >THANKYOU President DJT Trying to Help us.
    Some people here Are Not Nice & Do Not ‘Understand’.

  7. walked away liberal says:

    THANK YOU, So Much.
    >Try to Make INFO -Easy as you can.
    “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year(S) i hope.
    Trying to help Left libs, much as i can.
    > JFK ‘Dems’ ARE OVER.

  8. Baylee says:

    Henry, you had better stop watching the news outlets you’re watching.
    Here’s just a few of the people in my family alone that are Trump supporters.
    1) an eye doctor
    2) 2 medical doctors
    3) a minister
    4) a PHD
    5) several graduate degree members
    6) several engineers
    7) a whole lot of teachers (not liberal quack teachers)
    8) an industrialist
    9) numerous college graduates
    We have numerous college graduates dating back to the 1800’s, including ‘women.’ A great grandmother who a teacher. Several great aunts that were teachers.
    Also trace our ancestry back to the Kings of Scotland. Related to George Washington & Patrick Henry. This is only a partial list of our accomplishments.
    BTW, my father was an inventor/manufacture/industrialist.
    Would love to see your list. Please post.
    So, President Trump’s going to jail? What for?
    Guess you know more tha Hans Von Spakovsky??
    My God, man, wake the [blank] up.

  9. Baylee says:

    Lincoln was 1st Republican President & he was the one who organized the Republican party. It was his party.
    Believe what they are implying that ‘they’ have been taught in our liberal schools that the 2 parties switched places. NOT.
    I can not believe there are a lot of misinformed dimms out there that think this. It’s the craziest thing I have ever heard. I, also, believe they are trying to justify the fact that the democrats ( saying these were really republicans, unbelievable) refused to sign the civil rights acts of 1964/65. Not one democrat voted for these acts, they were passed by republicans. The civil rights acts were legislation that JFK was trying to present to Congress, the Kennedy family forced LBJ to present these acts.
    There were a lot of democrats that left the democrat party after the assassinations of JFK & MLK, jr. They were disgusted with the democrat party. During the early sixties & early seventies, democrats left their party in droves. Before this time, one could not find a republican in the deep south. Now it’s the rule instead of the exception.
    See how screwed up their thinking is.? History is a pesky little thing, it’s hard to change. But, it justifies their warp thinking, that the south is against the blacks (which was really them) & white supremacies ( which was them). Still are, them….
    Another example: The dimms , are tearing down all their democrat statues. Trying to erase their bad history.

  10. Baylee says:

    UTube: Spygate presented by Dan Bangino @ the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

  11. Jason Casteel says:

    Walked Away Liberal…….. I am really sorry but I am an old man. I don’t know how to work all this newfangled Gizmo electronic doo-hickeys. I traded in my flip phone for this”smart phone” not long ago. Sorry, but that’s the best I can do for now. Once again, apologies.

  12. walked away liberal says:

    Make the video Easy to 0btain> POST LINK !
    Thank you.

  13. John Burns says:

    Thank you for you opinion . You have it right and so does Randall.

  14. Randall M says:

    Jesse, awesome post! There is a lot more to add, but it is not necessary. You said enough. Great job.

  15. Jesse says:

    Congress needs to fire Mueller and fine him for every penny he and his revenge attempt has WASTED. Mueller is just mad because Trump fired Mueller’s flunkie Comey and in doing so exposed Mueller’s actions of turning the FBI in an attack arm for the DNC. Mueller and Comey both broke many laws and both should be in cells right along side Hillary for her server which China hacked, Obstrution of Justice when she had the server erased after being told not to do that, her pay for play scheme, her GRAND LARCENY in stealing millions from her FAKE charity, the FAKE Charity, her part in the. MURDER of 4 Americans in Benghazi, the Uranium One deal. Mueller was in on all those and should be locked away for it. Comey failed to do his job which is why Trump fires his WORTHLESS butt for. Comey allowed Hillary to get away with several crimes the WORST being ignoring a pedophile sexting a child and having classified documents as insurance against his being turned in for his crimes. So Mueller a Criminal and should in no way be investigating anyone.

  16. Truckman says:

    Doug you could not of said it any better and the truth . The democrats say Lincoln was great but what most of them don,t realize is that he was the first Republican President they still think he was a democrat .

  17. Baylee says:

    Shep Smith is a disgrace. He’s a bloody liberal hack

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