Robert Mueller’s big secret is out in the open and it’s bad news for his investigation

There is one horrible truth about the Russia investigation Robert Mueller and the fake news media worked to bury.

It’s a bombshell so explosive that it could bring down the Deep State’s entire house of cards.

But now it’s out in the open and it’s bad news for Mueller’s investigation.

The fake news Christopher Steele dossier was not some super secret piece of political intelligence.

Steele passed it around like candy to US government officials.

John McCain ended up with a copy that he personally hand-delivered to FBI Director James Comey.

Now a recent court filing shows that Steele handed a copy of the dossier to one of Hillary Clinton’s closest confidantes at the State Department.

The Daily Caller reports:

Christopher Steele, the author of the infamous anti-Trump dossier, disclosed information from his Trump-Russia investigation to a longtime Clinton crony because of his position on a State Department advisory board, according to court documents filed on Tuesday.

According to the court filing, Steele told a court in the United Kingdom on Aug. 1 that he provided Strobe Talbott, the Clinton insider, with anti-Trump research because of his position on the Foreign Affairs Policy Board, an independent advisory board set up in 2011 by then-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton.

Clinton appointed Talbott chairman of the advisory board, and he served in that role through John Kerry’s tenure.

“As regards disclosure to Strobe Talbott (if relevant to this claim), the Defendant relies on US Department of State Foreign Affairs Policy Board,” reads the Aug. 1 filing.

This gives lie to the myth that the FBI kept Steele’s work close to the vest.

In fact, they passed it around to as many people as possible in hopes it would leak.

Mueller tried to suppress this aspect of the Russia investigation.

If it was widely known that the basis for the entire probe was political opposition research masquerading as intelligence then the American people would be up in arms.


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118 Responses

  1. walked away liberal says:

    Mr. Doug Connors.
    Would you Consider, Send your ink here To an
    Editorial section In some Newspaper Somewhere.
    & the Bigger the Newspaper, the Better.
    > So Many PPL NEED to ‘Know’. Thank you.

  2. Jason Casteel says:

    Randall M…..Thank you for posting that link. I haven’t gotten the hang of this phone yet. Much appreciated. I hope many more people can see that. The book is even more eye opening.

  3. walked away liberal says:

    I am upset & can hardly Believe that john McCain did that .
    (what the article says).

  4. Jason Casteel says:

    Walked Away Liberal…….. I am really sorry but I am an old man. I don’t know how to work all this newfangled Gizmo electronic doo-hickeys. I traded in my flip phone for this”smart phone” not long ago. Sorry, but that’s the best I can do for now. Once again, apologies.

    • walked away liberal says:

      I ‘know’ Jason C. I get it. Thank you for responding.
      WE Will Do the Best WE Can to SAVE UNITED STATES
      of AMERICA from ‘terrible’ 1 World 0rder. I SEE ‘it” Now,
      & What ‘they’ Are Doing. GOD BLESS US.
      Merry Christmas & Happy New Year(s)
      >THANKYOU President DJT Trying to Help us.
      Some people here Are Not Nice & Do Not ‘Understand’.

  5. Jesse says:

    Congress needs to fire Mueller and fine him for every penny he and his revenge attempt has WASTED. Mueller is just mad because Trump fired Mueller’s flunkie Comey and in doing so exposed Mueller’s actions of turning the FBI in an attack arm for the DNC. Mueller and Comey both broke many laws and both should be in cells right along side Hillary for her server which China hacked, Obstrution of Justice when she had the server erased after being told not to do that, her pay for play scheme, her GRAND LARCENY in stealing millions from her FAKE charity, the FAKE Charity, her part in the. MURDER of 4 Americans in Benghazi, the Uranium One deal. Mueller was in on all those and should be locked away for it. Comey failed to do his job which is why Trump fires his WORTHLESS butt for. Comey allowed Hillary to get away with several crimes the WORST being ignoring a pedophile sexting a child and having classified documents as insurance against his being turned in for his crimes. So Mueller a Criminal and should in no way be investigating anyone.

  6. Wannabe says:

    Legal expertise from ‘a’ henry in a ‘somewhere’ law firm,
    0n this blog? W/ language as stated? Laughable. & Sad.
    & Truly Exposes a problem in our society.

  7. Jason Casteel says:

    Mr.. Doug Connors, thank God. Some one here has indeed done his homework. Everything you put in your response to Henry is, I would have to say, 99% spot on. The only reason I didn’t give it 100%, just in case we get called to testify, I can do a Comey and say, “I am sorry, that must be the 1% I am not sure of”. Great post and very accurate. But just so you know, you’re not the only one who knows what’s up with the scum.

  8. Jason Casteel says:

    Now Henry, just because you work in a law office getting coffee for all the guys wearing big boy pants, doesn’t make you correct either. First, Cohen is a liar. He was a liar right up to the moment he said something that fit their narative. Read Dan Bongino new book, “Spygate”. I think you will find it enlightening. If you don’t want to read it, you can go to YouTube, search “SPYGATE – Presented by Dan Bongino at David Horowitz” . Great video and VERY informative. These clowns are the ones in deep s**t.

  9. Barbara Cook says:

    With knowing that Hillary Clinton and the corrupt and crooked Democrats had their hand in this all along, now , PLEASE, someone or several people should give President Trump permission to fire Muller NOW PERIOD now once and for all our worries to be stopped.

    Muller, is as dirty and corrupt and crooked as every Democrat that is in office, except, maybe for the new candidates that just got elected into office. Some of them may be just as bad, however, we want know until they are sworn into office next month.

    President Trump needs to be allowed to fire Muller NOW for good, and then, have him thrown into prison with all of the other’s like, Comey, McCabe, Clapper, Brennan, Lynch,Strzok, Lisa Page, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton as well, also, prosecute them all , along with Bruce Orr and his wife Nellie or Molly, whatever her name is. Include, all of the corrupt and crooked Democrats like Schumer, Pelosi, Warren, Obama and his whole corrupt and crooked Administration, and if there is anybody else that I may have forgotten.

    Everyone of these people need to be arrested and prosecuted and thrown into prison and let them all rot there.

  10. Les says:

    This poll asked the wrong question, the question should be if all this information is enough to prosecute Mueller. I say it is.

  11. Mike W says:

    One has to look very very hard and even then it might not be possible to find a reason NOT to fire Robert Mueller. He is more of as criminal than many who are behind bars right now. When Bruce Ohr testified that he had kept certain people “in the loop” as to the Steele dossier being a fake in 2016 – Mueller should have been shut down and the investigation into Robert Mueller’s conduct started. The military should have been called in to investigate Mueller as it is more and more apparent that the FBI and DOJ are – at the very least incapable – and at the most complicit
    Further investigations need to be conducted into the Obama administrations actions – or lack thereof -involving the money laundering case against HSBC Bank in England. That bank was “busted” for laundering billions of dollars worth of drug cartel and terrorist money. They even admitted guilt – but were given essentially a slap on the wrist by the Obama administration – allowing all involved to escape criminal prosecution. James Comey sat on the board of Directors of that bank at the time – and was rewarded by Obama with the job of FBI Director. The other “players” involved in this fiasco were Robert Mueller – the FBI Director at the time. Loretta Lynch who settled the case – Eric Holder and Barry himself. Oh yeah – the Clintons also took in $81,000,000 from that banks account holders and HSBC Bank itself “donated” between $500,000 – $1,000,000 to the Clinton Trust – I mean “Foundation”. Clinton records were not real clear on the exact amount.
    Now today in another report federal prosecutors are trying to keep jurors from hearing Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s testimony. WHY? Because he mentions Obama and “Fast and Furious” they are scared s**tless that the truth may get out.

  12. Allen says:

    You and the deep state are in for a very deep reality check. Trump is about to call for Martial Law.

    Fasten your seat belts, the show is about to take off.

    Hillary, the Bushes, Clintons, Obama and people like you are finally going to be brought down. What a show this is going to be.

    By the end of January, you will not be showing your face nor vomiting your innate innuendo.


    • Rich says:

      Allen . . . are you off your drugs again, OR, are you on you drugs.

      That has to be the stupidest “prediction” I’ve ever read.

    • henry says:

      Hey dude, you better get out of your basement go upstairs and get your mother to give you a medication. It’s obvious that you must be off your drugs because nothing you said even make sense, none-the-less even can or will happen! Do you not follow the news, and do you not understand that Trump is about to be impeached, and then when he leaves office about to be rest arrested on criminal offenses? Of course since you obviously voted for Trump, you have less than a high-school diploma, because 87% of Americans that voted for him have a less than high school education! And of the remaining 13% that voted for him with college degrees, the latest survey shows that 94% of those 17% that voted for Trump have since change their mind and do not support him anymore, which is why the Republicans lost the election two weeks ago! In case you’re interested, I work in a law firm and Trump is guilty simply because Cohen pleaded guilty to the payments to the women. If a wife hires a Hitman to shoot her husband, both the Hitman and her are charged with the murder, not just the man who actually killed the husband. Same thing here, no difference whatsoever. Since you don’t have a high school degree I assume you never understood the law to begin with. You are so so so sad, and will be much sadder when you find out what’s going to happen to Trump and his two kids who also broke the law by trying to influence the election by meeting Russian officials.

      • Doug Connors says:

        Your the Elite College Educated snob. Its evident you voted for Hillary Clinton and such a Obamamite is sickening. You have kept your head buried in a hole just like a Ostrich. Yes, you sucked up the same polls that said Hillary was going to win by 97% to 3%. According to you there were a Russian in every voting booth holding a gun to the voters head, telling him/he tp vote Trump. You only following the most biased, race baiting news outlets in the World. CNN the same biased news network that supplied Hillary Clinton the Questions ahead of the Debate at CNN. Now let’s talk about Russian Meddling “Uranium One Deal” where Mueller who was the Head of the FBI, delivered the Enriched Uranium Sample to Putin’s agents for a inspection of the product Hillary was selling! Hum The Russians liked it and “Robert Mueller the FBI Head OK’s that deal. Then Hillary Clinton received her 145 Million in Russian Bribe Money and Putin got his 20% of America’s Uranium!!
        But Bill Clinton had to get a slice of the Russian Money also, for he then fly’s to Moscow and give’s Putin a 45 minute speech Titled: “It Pays to Play With a Clinton” then Putin’s gives Bill $500,000.00 in Russian Money. Then Bill stay’s at Putin’s Home over the weekend before coming back home! Mr. Highly Educated do your fact checking and pull your head out of Your Ostrich Hole. During the Uranium One Deal, Comey, Rosenstein, Obama, Eric Holder and last Loretta Lynch were working hard to keep this covered up!!!!!! Now then Hillary, Obama hatched up the art work to frame Donald Trump with their Insurance called the “Fake Russian Dossier” Bought and paid for by Queen Hillary Clinton through her network of Corruption, Hillary used people using her Earned Russian Bribe Money, to pay Christopher Steele a British M16 Spy with Russian Connections to write the Dossier, even Steele himself would not back up his Dossier. Now Hillary really goes to work using her Politicalized FBI agent James Comey who used a copy of the Dossier to sway the FISA Court to issue a warrant for him to spy on the Trump Campaign. Funny, Loretta Lynch and Rod Rosenstein both signed that warrant. (but in the meantime Hillary’s staff was busy using the software Bleachbit to wipe Her Servers Hard Drive, then have Podesta claim the Server was hacked) The smells!!! Wiki leaks Nope! This is how Hillary set Trump up during the debates claiming Trump had Russian connections when it was Hillary with the Russian Connections! Now since Rod Rosenstein (Hillarys Cover up man) is in charge of appointing his Russian Comrade Robert Mueller only to investigate Trump for Russian ties to election collusion and gave Mueller unlimited power, unlimited budget to impeach Trump. Since, Obama already has illegally unmasked Flynn Mueller goes after him and come up with a created crime unrelated to Trump. Again, Mueller goes after Manfort by having his homes door broken down for unrelated and created charges, Mueller then goes after Cohen, again breaking down his Law Offices Door Illegally taken all his Clients files, inspects every aspect of his life, skewing facts using his power to freeze Cohen’s Bank accounts trying to get these people to lie. Funny, How Hillary always got a heads up from her buddy Comey, never charged for lying to Congress even Comey gave her whole staff immunity and still they plead the 5th. LOL Hillary rewarded her Buddy for getting her off the hook, arranged for him to get a job at Lockheed Martin and steered Non-Bid contracts to him, then he walks away with over 6 million dollars in his pocket in those non bid commissions. Yes, he is still loyal to his Queen Bee! But Mueller evidence was nothing but the Russian Dossier which Comey gave him and Mueller has used to go after people Steele named in it. Mr. Educated will tell you these people which Mueller hired to help him is unbiased, Peter Strzok is not one of them for a fact, 17 Democrat Lawyers are not unbiased, a lot of those Democrat Lawyers Mueller hired is right from the Clinton Foundation. Yet, this whole time Mueller is trying to keep the heat away from himself, for his part in the Uranium One Deal. Funny Again “Mr. Educated”, Putin has already bought Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton and why would he want Trump???? When Putin knows how the Pay to Play scheme works, trump does not need a dime of his money….. Now Mr Highly Educated go back out in your yard and put your head back in the hole, since you are blind to Democrat Corruption….. Yes, I see you too hate the Middle Class since most have to work for a living pay taxes which the Liberals steal from them! Just to give it to border jumpers. The Liberal skews the 14th amendment for the purpose of a new voter base. The 14th Amendment was written to give the children born of slaves Citizenship. The Democrats were the Slave owners, the Democrats created the KKK to keep the newly freed slaves in check. The Democrat till this day Hate the Republicans for Freeing their slaves and that’s you Mr. Educated

        • Sandra Kirk says:

          Bravo!! Well stated my friend!! You certainly hit every point correctly!! Best answer I have seen to date!! I too have done my research and couldn’t agree more with every word you wrote!! God Bless you!! Now, we just need to wake up more people to all the lies that have consumed this country!! However, closed minds will never accept the real truth about the slime!! Pray for a wake up call for all the idiots.

          • Barbara says:

            AMEN!!!. It is frustrating that the minds of democrats are closedvto the truth. It hot worse with the Obama’s dividing the country. They wete3 a nightmare.

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          Uranium 1 is another made up conspiracy by right wingnuts and shysters. It has been debunked numerous times, even by Fox news: Shep Shepard of Fox Debunking Uranium One BS

        • Barbara says:

          Not so fast. Obviously you get your misinformation from the liberal news machine. Don’t you know by know that these anti trump people don’t report the news, they spread lies and propaganda.

        • Barbara says:

          Well said Doug. You summed it up quite well and with complete accuracy. You obviously have kept up with trickery if the Democrats and the traitors in the Republican party. Keep up the good work in keeping everyone informed.

        • Truckman says:

          Doug you could not of said it any better and the truth . The democrats say Lincoln was great but what most of them don,t realize is that he was the first Republican President they still think he was a democrat .

          • Baylee says:

            Lincoln was 1st Republican President & he was the one who organized the Republican party. It was his party.
            Believe what they are implying that ‘they’ have been taught in our liberal schools that the 2 parties switched places. NOT.
            I can not believe there are a lot of misinformed dimms out there that think this. It’s the craziest thing I have ever heard. I, also, believe they are trying to justify the fact that the democrats ( saying these were really republicans, unbelievable) refused to sign the civil rights acts of 1964/65. Not one democrat voted for these acts, they were passed by republicans. The civil rights acts were legislation that JFK was trying to present to Congress, the Kennedy family forced LBJ to present these acts.
            There were a lot of democrats that left the democrat party after the assassinations of JFK & MLK, jr. They were disgusted with the democrat party. During the early sixties & early seventies, democrats left their party in droves. Before this time, one could not find a republican in the deep south. Now it’s the rule instead of the exception.
            See how screwed up their thinking is.? History is a pesky little thing, it’s hard to change. But, it justifies their warp thinking, that the south is against the blacks (which was really them) & white supremacies ( which was them). Still are, them….
            Another example: The dimms , are tearing down all their democrat statues. Trying to erase their bad history.

      • Jan says:

        henry…. antifa is calling. Aren’t you late for a protest. It’s very clear the news you follow is cnn FAKE NEWS… You have been brown nosing cnn Fake News for so long you have lost all reality and been infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Pull your face out of cnn’s butt and snap to reality… Snowflake.

      • Jenny says:

        NO! Their all going down you moron!

      • Ray says:

        Trump has broken no Law but is the subject of a persecution probe against him. There has been no proof presented, campaign finance is a misdemeanor, if he paid hush money to someone what about the 17 million dollar pot of cash paid for sitting elected representatives for the same offense? The people running this ‘so-called’ investigation into Russian collusion have been schooled in the tactics of the Watergate individuals and have improved them and initiated, what they think, is the perfect way to overturn an election and remove a president from office. What this boils down to is an exercise of political retribution for denying a member of the other party from taking a position they thought they were entitled to. The reason the investigation turned to campaign finance violations and individuals violating other laws is they could not find any Russian collusion. Just a statement of what should be of most importance, fact!!

        • Barbara says:

          Exactly. So what if he paid women money
          It’s his money snd he wasn’t President yet. I’m concerned about cohen telling stories about his client.what about client privilege. I’m sure trump didn’t waive privilege. Looks like cohen is trying to do Mueller’s bidding.

      • Bennie McDowell says:

        sounds like a lot of BS coming out of your mouth. Where did you get your statistics from. You spew out a lot of numbers. Back it up with facts or shut the f@@k up. You are a true liberal and you try to spew out numbers with no proof. Go crawl back under your Obummer rock with your fake crap.

      • Joe says:

        You said President Trump is going to be impeached ? There is ZERO evidence that proves he has done anything that is a impeachable offense.
        Stop smoking that crap.

        • Ric B says:

          Campaign violations with two felonies with Cohen (both Cohen and Pecker testify Trump directed those crimes), several instances of obstruction of justice, conspiracy to defraud the 2016 election with staff, tax violations, fraud with Trump campaign just to start the journey to impeachment. Pull your head out, cultist!

          • Jersey Prophet says:

            These are NOT felonies until convicted as such. How about dealing with FACTS rather than your wish-fantasies?

          • Jason Casteel says:

            Cohen is an exceptionally reliable witness and extremely credible. It is amazing that this man was the biggest liar in the world. Once he started regurgitating crap that fit their narative, all of a sudden he’s Ward Cleaver and everything he says now is gospel. Wake the F**k up and smell the coffee. He is worthless as a witness.

      • Dr, JD says:

        Henry, appreciate your legal expertise, but I was really shocked by the data that showed that 87% of the people who voted for Trump have LESS than a high school education! Now I know that more educated and intelligent people tended not to support Trump, but that data was shocking and had not heard it before. Care to share where you found it? Keep up the posts, obviously many of us have limited understanding of what is THE LAW versus what we would LIKE to believe.

      • Barbara says:

        Not so fast. Obviously you get your misinformation from the liberal news machine. Don’t you know by know that these anti trump people don’t report the news, they spread lies and propaganda.

      • Baylee says:

        Henry, you had better stop watching the news outlets you’re watching.
        Here’s just a few of the people in my family alone that are Trump supporters.
        1) an eye doctor
        2) 2 medical doctors
        3) a minister
        4) a PHD
        5) several graduate degree members
        6) several engineers
        7) a whole lot of teachers (not liberal quack teachers)
        8) an industrialist
        9) numerous college graduates
        We have numerous college graduates dating back to the 1800’s, including ‘women.’ A great grandmother who a teacher. Several great aunts that were teachers.
        Also trace our ancestry back to the Kings of Scotland. Related to George Washington & Patrick Henry. This is only a partial list of our accomplishments.
        BTW, my father was an inventor/manufacture/industrialist.
        Would love to see your list. Please post.
        So, President Trump’s going to jail? What for?
        Guess you know more tha Hans Von Spakovsky??
        My God, man, wake the [blank] up.

  13. BELIEVER says:


  14. Bill Cash says:

    Mueller has become one of the richest people in Washington with the under the table and back door payments to him. AND he has spent millions, almost a billion, dollars of taxpayers money conducting this witch hunt. Mueller himself should be prosecuted for his efforts to sabotage the president and violating his oath while attempting to dupe the American people.

  15. Jeffory Sweat says:

    Amen Proud Vet.
    Hang them. Or wood chipper like Saddam Hussein used to do. But dispose of them like a dirty diaper.

  16. Proud vet says:

    Mueller Should not be given a trial we all know he’s guilty two years and not a scintilla of evidence, yet there are mountains of overwhelming evidence against Hillary Clinton colluding with the Russians and also Mueller with the uranium one deal. Mueller has scammed the American people out of over $30 million that went to him and this parasite wildlife bottom feeder lawyers who bring nothing to the table of freedom. It’s time for the niceties be over and we should be using treason for hanging offense not for a present offense but a hanging offense

  17. Ted says:

    Fired? He and his merry band of clinton donors should be stood up before a firing squad and shot dead….

  18. Country Girl says:

    Because the FBI has covered up for them!
    The Clintons are the biggest Crime family and they’re calling the shots. Trump is cleaning up Obama’s mess! All the demoncrats know how to do are raise taxes too fill their pockets and murder the innocent! The demoncrats make me sick! They have no programs just obstruction and not letting Obama and the Clintons evil messes be cleaned up once and for all.

  19. My2Cents says:

    It’s time for Trump to drop the hammer release all the requested files un redacted . Time for this taxpayer funded VENDETTA to be SHUTDOWN.

  20. reality check says:

    Are you kidding us (?!), circumstances have changed this week and we have discovered from two of the three people in the August 2015 meeting (Cohen, David Pecker and Donald J. Trump) that Trump directed both of these people to make the illegal (felony) campaign violations that Cohen plead guilty to two charges.

    In addition Fox legal analyst, Judge Napolitano, stated from the court documents and the federal judges statements that: . “The judge finding that the president ordered and paid for Michael Cohen to commit a crime.” Host Steve Doocy then asked, “What crime?” Napolitano replied, “The intentional deception and failure to report campaign payments.

    • Dr. J. D. says:

      So, arguing about the dossier is therefore fairly irrelevant, because this was not even part of Cohen’s case and David Pecker is cooperating with the special counsel. And I gather this week we also found out that Trump’s Inaugural Committee is under investigation along with NY State investigation the Trump Foundation and also the possible Tax evasion of writing off fraudulent payoffs to mistresses, which are NOT tax deductible? Is that what you are saying?

      • Brian Combs says:


        • truthistruth says:

          Trump tower meeting and back door communication with Russia. There WAS Russia conspiracy/collusion. Mueller will present the evidence, but doubtful you can handle it.

      • sherri says:

        Trumps inaugural committee is not under investigation, news said that, not true at this time. Trump foundation was investigated a year ago & not one problem, all money accounted for, IRS. Pay offs were from his personal acct. to his attorney, not campaign funds. Stop believing all this junk until proof. The fake Dossier that Hillary & FBI paid $12 Million for is how all these lies started. Mueller & Comey were part of the Dossier & very aware of it. Confirm, confirm, before you believe the press.

    • Randall M says:

      Dude, Get a grip. You know it is a total sham. Just looking for anything to get a grip on.
      And , not to mention, Soooo far away from the “Russian collusion” he war hired to do.

      • reality check says:

        You guys keep repeating the same old WRONG propaganda of the right – – – Rosenstein, a republican, wrote the charge of Mueller, another Republican, which included all the campaign violations of Russia and all crimes found in the process of the investigation. Go read the charge given to Mueller – – you guys just keep repeating dumb and wrong things.

        • Gable says:

          You guys forget. Mueller okayed uranium one and many others are involved as well…who don’t want to wear orange jump suits…that’s why they need to get Trump…before everything becomes uncovered. Praying for Dems and RINOS to keep everything from coming out.

        • Rick says:

          You have to be one of the must uninformed people to open their mouth to prove that fake news is their only source.

        • Rick says:


        • Kathleen Diaz says:

          Rosenstein & Mueller’s last job was for Barack Hussein Obama. They were in the thick of the Obama Regime’s politicizing all departments of the Federal Gov. They thought cheating was going to put in their candidate(stuffing the ballot box in CA, NY & IL-old Cook Co, IL trick). They are trying to upend this administration. You have blinders on! There is no Trump/Russia collusion. It is not a crime to pay those women that money. It is another BS charge that will go nowhere. Watch.

          • reality check says:

            Sad, but do you think a lawyer pleads guilty to crimes that don’t exist!?! Do you think Cohen’s attorneys and the Judge allows guilty findings for crimes that do not exist? You have consumed way too much right wing-nut Kool Aid and need to read some other sources of information.

        • Kathleen Diaz says:

          What are the “campaign violations of Russia”? Is that a new charge you made up?

          • reality check says:

            Russia, violated our campaign in numerous ways, including getting Butina to infiltrate the NRA and use them, the bots that sent out false internet accounts pretending to be American, the stealing (hacking) of the emails, the release of the emails for political manipulation. At Helsinki, an American journalist asked Putin if he wanted Trump to win the election, and if so, did he take steps to make it happen(?). Putin reponded” “yes, I did.” And “yes, I did.” Yes to both questions.

    • The judge didn’t “find” anything. The judge accepted Cohen’s plea. According to Andrew McCarthy, the lawyer who prosecuted the blind sheikh, Judge Napolitano is incorrect!
      The payments that Trump paid do not FIT the definition of the campaign violation laws….therefore, they cannot be “illegal -(felony)”. There were ILLEGAL campaign violations in the OBAMA administration involving $2 million, which Obama PAID a $395,000.00 FINE.

    • Rick says:

      You have to be one of the must uninformed people to open their mouth to prove that fake news is their only source.

    • Randy says:

      yeah right numbnuts go back to your dumbassedocraP lala land and do some more drugs idiot

  21. DON says:


  22. Judy says:

    MC Cain s funeral was not a federal funded event. It was totally planned by him & paid for by his family or ?. Soros ? Total political show to embarrass Trump. He truly was a traitor to republicans. Like Flake & Ryan.

  23. Truckman says:

    Mueller needs to be prosecuted for trying to overthrow the president for personal reasons

  24. Adele chico says:

    All the money Muller & his corrupt team could have gone to the wall.hang shummer& pelosi& Muller’s henchmen

  25. Gerry says:

    If the repubs and justice dept don’t take this information and shut down this fiasco then we know without a doubt it is a total dog and pony show by our government . They need to end this farce and start prosecuting ALL involved in this coup against a duly elected President including the FISA judges who I believe were a part of this 3-ring circus. What disgraceful treatment of a President of the United States of America by scumbags the likes of soros,bloomberg,clintons,obamas and the rest of bottom feeding scum who participated it. These scum CAN’T go unpunished .

  26. Leon Ryan says:

    What justice does a everyday chump like me expect to expect to get if the President of these United states gets treated like Donald Trump what a sad place a great place like the USA is becoming. LMR

  27. Camille Ference says:


  28. Grizz Mann says:

    Müeller has a Russian connection. He was Clinton’s bagman for uranium samples to Russia, for the Uranium One scam, I mean sale.

  29. Jim apple says:

    Muller and his crooked gang of demos.All need to be in prison for what they have done to the people of the u.s.a.

  30. Jimbo says:

    Muller should be the one being investigated….and maybe that will happen right after he is thru trying to take down a duly elected president….I think Corsi’s lawsuit will be something Muller will end up wishing he had never been special counsil….

  31. Jeanni says:

    John McCain was really an undercover democrat. Just look at his record on votes. He was a trouble maker in the republican party. Mueller is on a witch hunt and the way he sees it is that if you show him the man he will find a crime to charge him with and that is what he is doing. When you threaten people with prison and threaten members of their families they will say anything and that is what Mueller has been doing to anyone who has worked for President Trump. So they lie and say what Mueller wants to hear. We have no justice in our country anymore and that is scary.

    • A says:

      right on, but Mueller just met up with someone that has backbone and will not lie for him or his team….Corsi! Thank God for him, finally someone with a BIG set!!

    • Samuel A Malat says:

      Curious: When a progressive liberal makes this statement to explain why innocent people plead guilty they are called everything culminating as liars. Just another Trump hypocrite.

    • Lucy Loo says:

      He was a Democrat but moved to Arizona for his wife’s families biz. He switched to Republican to run for office there.

  32. N says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi party at work here!FOX NEWS!GOP House of RINOs!Don’t forget the RINOs(Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio,Romney,Sessions,Flakes, Roberts, etc) to name a few!Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

    • Ric B says:

      If they are, they would know who you are by now, N!

    • Allen says:

      All signs point to Trump calling for Martial law early in January. Go check out the Bush’s funeral on youtube.. Looks like the deep state people were handed indictments. Their faces showed a deep shock.
      Looks like Gitmo is about to get busy and Hillary will finally have to pay for her many atrocities.

      Watch for the deep state to try to hit the US with a EMP bomb before martial law is instituted but so far Trump has been ahead of them.

      A lot is coming down in a short period of time.

      Good luck and God Bless

  33. Gene Watson says:

    He is a scumbag with no sense of kindness. Only for himself Should be bared from any representation as an honest individual.

    • Ric B says:

      That is true about Trump, to separate children from their parents, and to lie incessantly.

      • Country Girl says:

        The democrat party are baby killers and your worried about illegals being separated from their children? More babies are slaughtered every day with tremendous pain. More innocent little babies have been put to death than even the Jewish people in the death camps! But that’s ok huh? Because the demoncrats said so! Bill Clinton said it’s ok to abort them right up to the time they’re full term.

      • Doris Lauter says:

        Separating children was an Obama policy that Trump followed. Obama had them in cages.

  34. Cabin 1954 says:

    In my opinion, the should be grounds for treason by Mueller and treason should always be dealth with by hanging. The deep state is nothing but a bunch of lying, conniving, evil and Satanic humanoids.

  35. bagster53 says:

    how can you even call this an investigation , when they have it set in their minds that trump is guilty , 40 million dollars , someone is going to jail , and they can’t prove trump did anything wrong , or he would be locked up already , at this point i could care less if russia or china nuked d.c. and finally drain the swamp , because the people we elect to office sure ain’t working for us

    • Ric B says:

      Bravo Bagster53! You finally showed your true stripes – – – you would support Russia or China nuking the capital of this country – – you care more about your right-wing thoughts that you would sacrifice millions of American lives. I would call what you have said unpatriotic, if not treasonous!!

  36. cynthia says:

    arrest them all. Unfortunately, John McCain is dead; i had a gut feeling all along about him. There are others who I think were involved, but we’ll see when it all comes out.

    • John Bloxson Jr. says:

      With the DemoBratz in charge of the House of Representativesthe Truth will be locked away under Tripple Security Clearance.

  37. Victor Bitar says:

    It is really very sad that the leaders in Congress, and in the supposedly independent press are so corrupt in their thinking that lead to real stupid actions which BETRAY the public/We The People to no end.
    May God have mercy on our nation. America deserves much better. Vic Bitar

  38. Richard says:

    Well now, if what we read here is true, then there are a multitude of people who can be held accountable. Further, the principals here to include Clinton, Comey, Mueller and possibly all inclusive those who knew or had a copy oc the fake dossier to ultimately include Obama could and should be charged with treason i.e.: attempting to usurp the power of the President. Mueller should be charged with a multitude of crimes to include obstruction of justice and his pal Comey likewise. Comey needs a boat load of charges to answer for and his answers before the House Committee indicate he is guilty of many of these if not all. One does not claim the 5th and does not answer they do not remember especially when they wrote a book on it and toured around spouting it all over. Time to call in the cops and prosecute the bad guyus i.e.: The deep state and this bunch of bumbling bozos who appear to have allies in the media. Which case the media personages also should be charged. This whole thing stank from the get go and now it it time for them to answer up and take their sentences. We demand justice.

  39. Dana E Kiser says:

    how can he without exposing himself

  40. Mueller investigation, clearly not about justice, when gov had 30 year blatant crime spree, most politicians are rich, can’t do that on gov wages

  41. James P Hutchins says:

    The Mueller witch hunt is a joke just like the liberal scumbag mueller himself. Investigate clinton and the obama administration for treason and corruption against the American people.

    • reality check says:

      Another ignorant post, James P, Mueller is a lifelong Republican, but is of the type the Trumpers don’t like, one with intelligence and integrity and stands for justice and following the rules. A captain in the Marines, he does things BY THE BOOK . . . . the Clintons have already been investigated three times and it has come to nothing. You are just making EXCUSES because YOU WERE CONNED BY TRUMP. Don’t feel badly, a lot of smart business people were conned by the Trump “university” scam.

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