Robert Mueller’s arrest of Roger Stone is causing a big problem that no one could believe

FBI agents in paramilitary outfits barged onto Trump associate Roger Stone’s property at 6 AM on Friday.

The scene was caught on camera by a CNN crew.

But this arrest is causing big problems for the last person anyone would ever expect.

Mueller indicted Roger Stone on seven counts – five counts of making a false statement, one count of witness tampering and one count of obstruction of justice.

The indictment did not include any accusations Stone or anyone on the campaign colluded with the Russians.

But the big story from the arrest was the presence of a CNN camera crew outside Stone’s home waiting for Mueller’s Gestapo forces to take Stone into custody.

Critics accused CNN of magically being in the right place at the right time because the network colluded with Mueller’s office.

CNN claims their reporter just had “good instincts” and followed grand jury activity.

CNN’s media reporters protested the networks’ innocence all day.

But the fact of the matter is that after the numerous fake news scandals that rocked CNN, few Americans give their denials any credibility.


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350 Responses

  1. Jean says:

    When is Muller going to be arrested for his illegal deeds?

  2. 81 says:

    We need to bring back public Hangings!

  3. John J says:

    Just a little more anti American activity developed and supported by the left

  4. Arnie Wolf says:

    Is it possible the Mueller is working with President Trump? Is this Mueller investigation, in reality, a trap for the unwary Demoncrats? When will the new Attorney General Barr be placed into his office to investigate all the facts he will turn over and will they find that the Mexican drug cartels is paying of Pelosi and Schumer to stop the WALL?

    • Misunderstood says:

      Interesting! Good point.

      • This migrant invasion is organized and payed by left-wing New World Order organization that consists of over 60 international top politicians and businessmen with an idea to unite the world and install totalitarianism.

        • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

          Curious as to why when I click on your name with the intent of bringing up your profile information follow your posts the IMDb website comes up instead.

      • grant m ayjian says:

        dumb reply, he hates trump and is one of the crooked fools in the fbi and oboma teams.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Barr is a very good friend of Mueller, either Mueller is working with Trump to entrap members of the Deep State or Donald is an idiot in having Barr appointed as AG.

  5. Mike Dar says:

    The problem with CNN’s reporter remarks about seeing Grand Jury activity, ‘it tipped them off..’ not anyone from the Mueller team ‘tipped them off’, is that the reporter said the activity at the ‘Grand Jury’ COURT HOUSE on FRIDAY.. alerted them, when all the activity was on THURSDAY…. they were ‘tipped THURSDAY by Mueller, not Friday Activity of Mueller’s team leaving Grand Jury Court with warrants in hand. Showing up perfectly 1/2 hour before hand of arrival of the Mueller team was no accident or interpretation of ‘Grand Jury’ actions.

    • D.A.N. says:

      CNN was let in past the police line. That is all that is needed to be known to prove that CNN is lying. And then Stone was paraded in cuffs so that they could film it. Herr Mueller tipped them off and provided them cover.

  6. michael Higgins says:

    PURE UNADULTERATED MALARKEY , CNN was tipped off by someone on the staff it was all a show and the bail was 250000 bond please I got a bridge for sale on the Hudson for anyone who believe this crap.

  7. janznice says:

    What I do not understand is why America has so many good comments that this is criminal
    Americans have so many guns and bullets
    And yet the only person who was shot in Politics was a god faring Republican
    America needs fixing and conservative values to return and yet everyone is a COWARD and nothing has been done to stop these criminal Democrats except by our president. I am sorry the least that should happen is citizens arrests Mueller Pelosi Schumer Maxine Cortez and a huge list of others
    If that does not work take and put them in private jails.
    We are conservatives and this is a war on decency
    Pedophiles LGBT and insane people should be in prison.
    If need be Americans decent ones need to stand and fight and die for decency.
    Not to mention the huge waste of money Democrats and their obstructionism and give away programs cost tax payer. IT HAS TO BE STOPPED
    The system is broken The laws harm men and decent people
    Time to throw the tea providers into jail like we did a few hundred years back
    Time to stand with our guns in front of Congress and senate and if they shoot first fire back. Americans died so as not to kill babies hundreds of years ago today DNC kills and sells parts. Mexicans climb our walls why do we not climb Pelosi’s wall 25,000 armed visitors in her home while she is there might just help make a change. Citizens arrests are LEGAL These people are criminals.

  8. Frank says:

    CNN claims their reporter just had “good instincts” and followed grand jury activity? From what I have been seeing on CNN, I don’t think ANY CNN employee could find his ass with both hands tied behind his back. My teenagers have come up with better BS than that.

    • CarolSims says:

      Who in their “right mind’ could believe The Communist News Network had “good in instincts” about ANYONE connected to any people? They are all LIARS, especially the JERK, Acosta who was reprimanded, had his pass taken away, then returned. He should have never allowed to receive a pass because he always demanded Our POTUS ‘ attention, constantly injecting himself relentlessly. He should be BANNED from the White House.
      FYI The MSM was PAID to broadcast LIES about our POTUS.

    • David Rose says:

      A husband, a wife, and a CNN reporter were walking and they came to a fork in the road.
      The husband said, “my instincts tell me to go right”.
      The wife said, “my instincts tell me to go left”.
      The CNN reporter said, “my end stinks too but it doesn’t tell me which way to go”.

  9. Gary Solloway says:

    That’s just to Mueller is he has nobody to answer to can do what he wants that’s the Democratic way AP investigation doesn’t include Russia what are we investigating other people for if that’s the case he might want to start with that guy from Pennsylvania and 159 counts of money fraud and stealing from the union in the pension and electrical funds play just another damn rat like the rest of them they get their way nobody makes them answer to anything he’s not only a useless piece of s*** what is a worthless bastard on top of it

  10. trapperwv1 says:

    I am not sure Muellers job has not changed. He stated that the President was not a target of the investigation . He has investigated a bunch of lying lawyers all from unusual tips from FBI, I am beginning to think that his real job now is uncovering the massive corruption going on with the FBI leadership, leaking all this info . Soon we will have a new AG and Mueller has already chastised the FBI admins about Hillary and others . Could be interesting since nothing turns up on Trump except things that exonerate him .

  11. Rob says:

    If it weren’t for double standards, the Criminal Organization DNC, would have no standards! The DNC as an organization knowingly supported Obama a foreign born candidate for POTUS!
    This is where the investigations should begin, then the rest are redundant! You made your bed, so lay in it you traitors, Treason is punishable by death! If that doesn’t frighten you, nothing will. The most dangerous criminals are the ones who are unafraid of consequences!

  12. Rob says:

    The Japanese would not go past Pearl Harbor, because they understood what American Citizens would do, they said there would be a gun behind every blade of grass, no truer words have ever been spoken!
    Today, politicians on the left, would welcome them, they would take our guns, so it wouldn’t be be scary for the Enemy!
    The Japanese were afraid they had woken a sleeping giant, and that is exactly what they did! Nancy Pelosi, you and your criminal organization DNC, are about to wake this sleeping giant, we have put up with much less, but Bill Ayers told you that the Conservatives are passive, not to worry! If I were you, I’d worry!

  13. Rob says:

    Non believers have definitely been turned over to reprobate minds!

    • Penny Stute says:

      There is a lot to be said for that Rob but it makes me wonder if they were turned over by God or if they themselves pursued it. We will never knw for sure and it is likely one and the same but it does seem to me that they run to embrace said reprobate minds~*~

  14. E~4 Foster says:

    I smell cordite & all of you as police, GI’s & vets know what that means. I think the JACK NASS PARTY is hanging on until the midterm then will unleash all HELL. I only pity the stupid who let themselves be so. Shure, it’s hard to turn down candy from strangers but then why did you all not think something was in the wind when your teeth rotted out? Note how hard they are to disallow you GUNS it is because they want a war. Auntie Maxie Pad has been telling you for 2 + years now but you have not taken note of it. ARE you awake now? do you smell the cordite yet? Note the 25 key things for a war to happen they have done them all. If you read Mao’s little red book & Marx you will know them too but they don’t jump out at you. Hitler did them, Lennon did them, Kim 1 did them, Even The Jack Ass Party did them to start the 1860’s Civil war. We need to rid AMERICA of this squat pile of shiza NOW ! E~mail if you want to know them. And to all of you Police, Sheriff, Military, & Vets that oath you took on day 1 did not end when you retired or got out it is life long & binding & your nation this the worlds only Constantly Free Republic NEED’s YOU !

  15. Denn Mau says:

    The corruption is absolutely boundless. This is not how to treat an American citizen. The FBI, DOJ members involved & Muhller witch-hunt members must be thoroughly investigated & tried for malfesions & any other crimes they may have committed, by Military Tribunal. They should have no bail, but be locked up during their trials by Tribunal because they are flight risks. Justice should be swift and sure. Those found guilty should be given the harshest penalties that the law allows

  16. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Integrity in performing the duties expected of a journalist and investigative instincts are two attributes no CNN commentator possesses, please!, it would be a miracle if CNN would tell the truth just once.

  17. Jolly roger says:

    This reminds me of the days my grandfather told me about in Germany 1943. The Gestapo would come in the middle of the night to arrest Jews and their families and taken to concentration camps. Aside from the concentration camps this is what America has become.

  18. Guenther says:

    Mueller was hoping to make it big with going after our PRESIDENT . It shows that Judges don’t put up with his fake reports with no evidence. I am all for getting back at Mueller and his Democratic buddy’s.

  19. Rob says:

    Our First Black POTUS a foreign born family friend of Bill Ayers, sure has caused a lot of problems! This Country wasn’t as divided before Obama slithered in under the door! The biggest Coup ever perpetrated on the Citizens of America, plotted by a 1960’s Domestic Terrorist who often stated he wished he could have done more, well I bet Bernadine wishes you had gone to prison instead of her! You coward! So this same character is rewriting our children’s educational curriculum! Wow! Obama was friends with several Domestic Terrorists like Eric Holder, a gun runner for the SLA, the group in the 70’s that kidnapped Patricia Hearst and committed armed bank robberies resulting in a murder, friends like this, and a SS# belonging to a man dead nearly 100 years, a fake birth certificate, but the media hates President Trump? Wow!
    How did we get here? Obama’s mother was an America Hating white woman who was ashamed of her skin color! She hated her father for naming her Stanley, he wanted a boy, and so he named her a boys name! This low class skank was a communist and had several bad influences aiding in the way Obama was raised! How could any American want anything to do with this glorified hood rat? He’s a smooth talker, he corrupted the storied FBI, the CIA, the ATF, The NSA, the IRS, and many more weak minded individuals!
    Obama being born in Kenya, and raised in Indonesia, according to Harvard, can’t have good intentions for our Country! So what makes these people follow Obama?
    It would be a good story on 60 minutes if they had any integrity, but they have fallen into the same hole the FBI has so no more good anything out of these traitors! The American People should be boycotting these people, but half this Country are blinded by evil, they want to live a life of abomination or maybe Obamanation! Thanks a lot you sick, people!

  20. Teofanes says:

    Survey says 99% yes,if a class action against Mueller,F.B.I,D.O.J.,NEWS NET WORKS,NEW YORK POST,WASHINGTON POST AND OTHERS ,WHO BOMBARDED US WITH FAKE NEWS,INCLUDE MY NAME FOR COMPENSATION 2000 US dollars monthly for life.even Democrat citizens will be delighted to be compensated.these individual and news networks can afford from generated money by sponsorship.

  21. sam paris says:

    Pres. Trump,
    Please clean the liars, news people, politicians and other thieves out of the Temple of the people. Many pose as news reporters, crusaders and such. They are all living in the same bag of defecation.

  22. Navy PO2 says:

    Dump Mueller. At the rate he’s going, he will be investigating EVERY BODY! How much is this costing the American taxpayers?

  23. CLIFF says:


  24. bagster53 says:

    why ain’t mueller and his goones being arrest , they lie to get search warrents and arrest warrents , going after people and they have nothing to do with what he is suppose to be investigating , so why does the doj allow this criminal to continue with the scam

  25. omegatalon says:

    This is a clear demonstration of the corruption that exists within the FBI and why the Mueller investigation is tainted from the beginning; the FBI could have just admitted to having tipped CNN and instead got caught in a silly lie.

    • jw says:

      You know they tipped CNN, the smartest reporter they have is that bingo brained Jim Acosta, proving no one smelled that one out !

    • Debra Tanner says:

      such a crock of BS….. unusual grand jury activity….. hmmmmmmmm… NOT.
      and CNN even admitted to being at Stone’s home at 5am when the arresting officers weren’t there until around 6am.
      Mueller just trying to scare off any future peoplel they plan on draffing thru the MUD before they totally ruin the lives of those people…….. SHUT MUELLER and all the dishonest democrap liberal people down and quit wasting our hard earned tax dollars…… NOW !!!!! Why wasn’t their paychecks along with Congress.. why wasn’t their paychecks held back? Makes you wonder doesn’t it……

  26. Rick says:

    FBI and russia are one of the same…

  27. zee+ says:

    Hi Stan/Roger. See Betty remarks.
    > Here ya go boys’ —
    (Even IF (at present) you do not ‘understand’)
    > You WILL understand In ‘Due Time’ & Then,
    Too Late___

  28. Igor Stankowitz says:

    Mueller is billing taxpayers $500/hr. and laughing all the way to the bank. The gutless pukes we elected to Congress do not have the Balls to demand an end to this witch hunt. And to think that the fake Dossier paid for by Hilldabeast was used to convince FISA judges that there was Russian Collusion in the election. By the way, The FISA Court is not open to the public or media. Only the attornies claiming/alleging crimes and the judges are present. None of what is happening there is accessible by anyone else. Not even the records of what happens is accessible. It is a perfect example of the DEEP STATE.

  29. Lori says:

    If its CNN you know they will do anything in hopes of hurting our president. They have to live in their misery because President Trump has proven to be the scandal free president. CNN just can’t deal with facts, they embellish and tell falsehoods.

  30. Jon Exner says:

    mcconnell should hurry up and get Barr’s nomination to head up the DOJ ASAP.
    Then we can see if he will demand that mueller put up, shut up or close down.
    Barr can begin to force these people in the leadership of the DOJ and FBI to take LIE DETECTOR TESTS to see who is leaking and who has colluded to orchestrate a coup of President Trump’s Presidency.

    • Steelie says:

      Ya think ? .hmm. i have my doubts. Sorry to say.
      > Statements today by ( iforget who) Re China
      to keep 0n ‘Interfering’ W/ elections. ie 2020.
      > ‘They’ ARE Already ‘priming’ USA ‘mind think’
      for 2020. NOT Good. &&& PPL WILL ‘Believe’
      this Smack. 0ur Elections ARE Controlled By
      ‘The 5th Column, From Within’ & 0bvious.

  31. Gary says:

    CNN (Clinton news network ) has always been on the front lines first because they are a puppet of the Clintons and the FBI (failed boneheaded idiots) are at the tops of their payoff lists. Its also there to make sure the murdering Clintons are never caught nor tried and set for the death penalty ever

  32. Gary says:

    There has NEVER been a reporter from CNN with “good instincts” EVER!!
    They’ve proven with everything they write concerning the Trump Administration that they are completely without honor!!

  33. Paul says:

    “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime “

    Lavrentiy Beria
    Chief, Soviet Secret Police

    • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve says:

      I don’t care who they arrest for lying to congress or (what used to be the FBI) but they better arrest EVERYONE, or they may have a problem, i.e., being fired from the Secret Police…….what is good for one side is good for the other side, and the American People will not put up with this politically led investigation by Hillary and her communist friends..

      • Erina Goff says:

        Is Roger Stone’s property called Gethsemane? 29 Judas Iscariot gestapos lying in wait until Pontius Mule-ears command to ‘take Stone down’ was given?
        Wow! What brave lemmings we have to protect America. Words like Gestapo, Secret Police, Holocaust, Auschwitz – come to mind.
        Is THIS what the FBI have come to?

        • Tim Shepperson says:

          There were more men to take down this unarmed man the it did to take out OBL in a protected hideout in Pakistan. Give me a break. This authoritarian Mueller needs to clean this up and get the hell out. This was all sour grapes because DJT didn’t appoint him as FBI director.

          • Erina Goff says:

            I believe it boils down to the fact that Killary did not get the Presidency. The magazine with her face on its cover and in large words: “MADAME PRESIDENT” says it all.
            I’d like to think that the Hand of God was involved in this election. I’d like to think that HE us not done yet. just my thoughts.

    • Howie says:

      Show me the man, we’ll find or create a crime…

    • Publius Fouroh says:

      Actually the quote is, ” Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

  34. Katee says:

    Poor mueller, in his haste to find real, contrived, or fake evidence, it’s hard to tell which is dumber, mueller, CNN, all other leftist media. They all seem to be unraveling!!!!! At this point, I’d say they all need to throw in the towel on this nonsense!

    • wayne says:

      Is anyone believes CNN was told this was going to happen I have some ocean front property in the middle of the United States I would like to sell them.

    • Terry Myers says:

      I agree with you Katee, but the problem is that all of those people believe their own hype. They have spent so long telling the rest of us what to think, that they can’t stop. The good thing is that at some point, God/Allah/Yahweh will personally tell them how it really is, and how wrong they often were. They will hear their punishment too, for abusing the trust we had in them before they lost it with their fake news. Maybe some of them will ‘get it’.

      • Karen says:

        Ya know I’ve been waiting & waiting for somebody to have some consequences for their actions but it never comes. That’s why these bums keep doing whatever they want & completely brazen about it.

      • Wumingren says:

        Big mistake to equate God and Yahweh with Allah. The first two are the same Biblical entity, but Allah is not at all who you think he is. Why do you think Islamists hack the heads off Christians and Jews, recognized as “People of the Book” (People of the Bible/Torah), after calling them “infidels?” Muslims revere the non-God Allah and call anyone who does not kneel down to it an “infidel.” The People of the Koran worship Allah, while the People of the Book worship God/Yahweh. If we People of the Book were praising a single entity with three names — God, Yahweh, and Allah — how then could we possibly be “infidels?” It’s because Allah is NOT God/Yahweh. Allah derives from the Moon god and has nothing to do with the Bible/Torah. Think about it, and never ever equate them as the same entity again.

    • Will says:

      Yeah and be deported !!!!! Commie bastards

  35. Jc says:

    Again I give you the FBI (fooking bumbling idiots letting that scumbag Meuller use them like puppets.)

    • Franco says:

      What will Mueller do if the next person he indicts owns a weapon????
      Will he send the 82nd Airborne paratroopers????

      How was the FALSE MEDIA there at practically dawn???/\

      AMERICA! Wake up! Mueller could do that to you too!!!

  36. Norma Garcia says:

    These are Gestapo tactics. For those who seem to have forgotten history, the Gestapo ruthlessly suppressed opposition to the Nazis in Germany and occupied Europe, and sent Jews and others to concentration camps. From 1936 it was headed by Heinrich Himmler. Did the FBI and Mueller really think Stone was so dangerous that they needed to take him into custody in such a “flamboyant” way or was it simply to flex their power? This is such a farce, but sadly Nazi tactics are alive and well in the United States of America.

    • Michele says:

      This has turned into one SICK country thanks to the Demoncrats!

      • Don says:

        Indeed it has and they embarrass me by calling themselves Americans.

      • Bill says:

        I think Robert Mueller, his crew of angry Demoncrats,, Killery and Slick Willy Clinton along with sick Nancy Pelosi and her pulpit Chucky Not Schumer should all be arrested and put in Guantanamo

    • Edith says:

      Since2012 we live in a Nazi state not United States

    • M Jane Elder says:

      I agree with you Norma. Grandstanding at its worst. If they had of just called Mr Stone, he would have just walked in and said “here I am. What can I do to help you?” Naw, that wouldn’t have benefited cnn. Too easy, not enough controversy. Aren’t you proud of Mr Mueller? Pshaw. What a waste of time and money. Padding his own pockets. Sad

  37. Allen says:

    Oliver Darcy. Just the name screams snowflake. I am adding him to a list to make sure I do not read, just comment on. Sure do not want to waste my time on an obvious fake new purveyor.

  38. david says:

    Mueller is going down BIG.

  39. This kind of arrest used for the terrorist-fascist Not for the elderly man that is for a long time pro President Trump I don’t see any sin from him

  40. Richard says:

    CNN is CIA the CIA is a subversive group to America. Peter Strzok still works for the CIA. He was fired from the FBI. These organizations are now subversive to our country. It is time for them All to be jailed.

  41. Rod says:

    There is no weener big enough for cnnnn to succ. Theye suck bad. Very bad for our country. Take them off the air.

  42. Steve says:

    To the comment from Oliver Darcy. First of all; CNN has NO “reporters”. They only employ the low life scum that could not get REAL JOBS.
    Secondly; CNN has a real penchant for printing “opinions” before FACTS! It is NOT the media’s to supplant “opinions” as “FACTS”!
    CNN also repeatedly cries “First Ammendment ” rights……..the waters are so muddied with their lies and inaccuracies. If they were have to stop the lies and exagerations……they’d be, front page to back, nothing more than Walmart add! And poorly printed one at that….!

  43. Martha says:

    Federal Grand Juries are closed, aren’t they? So, what unusual activity are they talking about?

    • Burma says:

      When a Grand Jury meets, it is called in secret. What they discuss is secret. The facts they are shown, are secret.
      It is obivous to any true Amercian, that CNN has a mole within the mindless Muller investigation.
      Remember, Muller was around all of these clowns for years.
      So Muller, you illegal POS, find your MOLE, but then you probably knew it was leaked that’s why you brought out the boys in their war clothing, and prosecute the Mole. But then, Muller probably is the Mole. All about his ego.
      But it is now obvious, the only law breakers are the FBI, a corrupt institution. Close the FBI Clown Club.

  44. zee+ says:

    AS Roger Stone Says:
    > my comm added = EVER___NEVER
    >hmm. Apply ‘that’ >dissidents. ___
    (on this blog & Elsewhere.)

  45. zee says:

    Replies TO Dee/Estell. Scroll & know.

  46. Ken Nelson says:

    We desperately need another Special Prosecutor to investigate Fake News CNN collusion with the Robert Mueller Witch Hunt.

  47. zee says:

    To Betty/Diane/ jd/ricB/scott/tit etc
    > KNOW ‘the AGENDA’ .
    > Must Do DD(due diligence) RE
    1 World/New World 0rder.
    > GET 0FF ‘bashing POTUS’ ___ ‘the
    AGENDAaaa’ IS Way Past ‘this Man DJT’.
    > Ya’ll ‘listed above’ ARE X-Tremely ‘Tainted’
    supporting the Completely Seditious Media
    by ‘dark energies’. TRY /THINK to >LEAVE
    ‘Dark energies’]]]
    AnyWay you Can.
    > Do You ‘KNOW’ what i’m talkin’ about ???
    > Get There.___ Understand.

  48. Robert Ewing says:

    I demand that Mueller be arrested for treason.
    If not, then we will arrest him.

  49. zee says:

    > Calling Fr. Tom Martin.
    > Where Are You ?

    • Randall M says:

      zee . tom. Dan T. The real M. where are they? kicked my booty offa Renewed R. have they not found PP?

      • Hawk says:

        Randall.> Real M still here off n’ on ‘tween pc/smartphone
        ‘stuff’. (blocks etc) . Real M knows PP.
        > Dan T. Said : still ‘active’ (on whatever level) ? in response on RR. (dunno if he knows PP)
        >concern’d re Fr T. (aging probs?) prev mentioned.
        >U ‘kicked 0ff? RR? No way. Just wait a bit . ink them/
        go to ‘contact’ / page bottom. They ‘listen’, For Real.__
        > i was kicked 0ff 1600, several mo’s for V. controversial
        Truth, i guess they didn’t want to see or knowthat PPL
        KNOW’stuff’. Anyway = i’m BACK 0N . That’s Right.
        > i do not respond to all ‘headliners’ . So, Stay Sharp, i’ll
        See U ‘around Town’. STAY TIGHT/SAFE/& FIGHT.
        .ps. hope you’ve picked up on ‘surnames’ by style. boom.
        i code anyway i can, to those that ‘know’.

        • Jack Handy says:

          ps. googie Google Chrome browser CENSOR
          mucho ‘stuff’.
          > 0utdated Firefox = more access.
          > Multiple ‘browsers’ = Highly recommended.
          >Find & Load. i will not mention the ‘alternatives’.
          > must ‘protect’.
          > Alternatives Are Simple to Find.

        • Randall M says:

          Been waiting on RR. Even sent a message. no avail, more than a month now .Still no comments allowed. ( on R.R.) hit a nerve? more than once?

          • Steelie says:

            Just WAIT . That’s all.
            > i was banned from—(not RR)
            More than 3 mo.
            > Change (‘trigger?) Words,
            Must figure that out yourself ie
            faulty sp. , *’s in words, whatever. &
            have done that many x on RR,
            & finally get thru 0n V. short briefs.
            >i’m persistent IN ‘correction’ WHEN
            words ‘dropped’ in post ( & appears stupid).
            > MOST posts get thru.
            > PP is a bit better. fyi: RR/PP ARE
            ‘sister’ sites.

  50. Jeanine says:

    All Stone has to do to get out of this is become a democrat. They can get away with everything they do. How many of them have lied and not a thing has happened to them. And Betty, just what don’t you like about President Trump? You can say all kinds of mean and nasty things, but just what has he done to deserve your hate? And Mrs. Trump is so much more that Mrs. Obama. Does it make you feel better to be mean to her? You need anger management.

  51. Navy PO2 says:

    Who will Mueller arrest next? EVERY BODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Ron Doyon says:

    Corrpution again, lying by FBI, Mullier

  53. Texas Belle says:

    Leftists have often called Trump “Hitler”. It seems to me that that handle would fit Mueller better than Trump. Tactics like those used to arrest Roger Stone were 100% overkill and it should be obvious to even the most biased observer that the spectacle was just for show to intimidate Stone and others who were, and are, on Trump’s team. Mueller’s aim is to make sure that Trump is either thrown from office now or will not be re-elected in 2020. Such partisan justice is like any dictatorship in which people are randomly prosecuted for perceived crimes. There was no crime until Mueller became judge and executioner in a false claim of collusion with Russia. His witch hunt has cost American taxpayers millions of dollars, has bankrupted people who have served this country honorably, and has produced no evidence of Russian collusion. Meanwhile people who have committed real crimes are allowed a pass because they are Democrats. How long can this go on before the public demands that Mueller cease and desist this injustice?

  54. He should be stopped this is get old enough is enough .Our President has done nothing w wrong .He is the best President we ever had .Stop that idiot now.

  55. bob jones says:

    storm troopers and the gestapo under hitler would be proud of the democratic liberal party and liberal news propagandist.

  56. Hot Skillet says:

    This is getting bad, real bad. No one will be safe soon. Just like Germany Goons. Best we get ready for battle with the one worlder’s. Stone has done nothing wrong, just telling the truth for all of us. We must support him.

    • zee says:

      I did.$10 was all i could spare. But has my SUPPORT
      thru & thru IN ‘Mind/Spirit. I’m livid. Horrible Nazi ‘swine’
      tactic was Also
      deployed Early am, SLEEPING Manafort. && was
      placed in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT to break him/ NOT
      Allowed to speak w/ attorneys/Any0ne etc.. i’m livid.
      The 0nly thing
      ‘swines’ Didn’t Do was ‘beat the KrAAp’ out of them,
      before dragging them off. ( i realize Stone is 0ut on Bail).
      > &&& THIS ‘IS’ USA ??? wow.
      > Well, folks, THIS Could Happen to Any0ne for Any Reason.
      This ‘Precedent’ Couldn’t be worse. As an aside, in brief:
      > i ‘ve been ‘in’ several similar Situations , (on lesser scales).
      ‘They’ Said (to me) SAY ‘THIS’, Sooo, in middle of hearing,
      > I Realized the phony LIE ‘they ‘Tricked me Into.
      I ‘walked ‘ 0ut of the ‘hearing’ & bitched Big Time to DA’s . > “CHANGE that
      Report. It IS a LIE”. &&& 0MG – ‘they Did’ – wow. How
      that happened, i’ll never know. i won the case. BUTT, ‘that’ was
      re 25 yr ago, More ppl had More Moral Standards then.
      EOS (end of story. )
      > ‘We’ In Big BIG TRBL folks.
      > & For YOU ‘dissenters’ here Supporting &&& SPREADING V. Bad energies thru the Completely Seditious Media, WILL NOT
      be SAVED. Got that? YOU ‘dissenters’ on this blog, better Have
      a ‘comeuppance’ of Sorts, whatever it takes,
      & GET 0n the RIGHT TRAIN.
      > i dunno – talkin’ to ‘the Wind’ i guess. SEE
      Forecast for USA 2025. We’ll see, won’t we.
      > ‘G’ BLESS. Whew ____

      • Randall M says:

        Not talkin’ to wind, zee / many are listening. been there my self. also won the case. Against a dept; We will win the war. the Donald has our back. Playin’ a masterful piece of 4-D chess. Keep the chin UP! patriots got this. Patience.

        • zee says:

          wow, THNX for reply. (My case was Against
          a Police Force Capt. i say no more -Except
          he was eventually ‘dismissed for ‘pedo KrAAp’)
          > Also another ‘case’ i will not discuss.
          >Randall. POTUS ‘may’ Have 0ur backs – BUTT
          HE NEEDS 0URS + Spiritual IN FULL .
          ” As ABOVE, So BELOW.”
          > ( You ‘know’ re the Universal ‘entity’ Battle,
          Right? . HUMANO ‘Free WILL’. ) To BE
          ‘dissolved’) IN FULL ‘swing’ NOW.
          > Henceforth, All the ‘brainwashed/soulwashed
          ppl. Butttt,
          Can BE STOPPED w/ Massive ‘WAKE -UP’ Collective Consciouness’. boom. SEE
 USA Forecast. ‘The AGENDAaaa’

  57. The mullet(mueller) is going to jail. He is the criminal here as he is one that has collided with Russia over the uranium one deal. He also was involved in the illegal gifs a deal that has had illegal investigations going for over two years now. His treatment or Stone is so obviously another attempt to take the heat off him and the whole cadre of obummer criminals!!!

  58. Carole ANNE Quinn says:






  59. Crysstal says:

    I cant wait for the day special forces raid Bill and Hillary, Obama, and the majority of the criminals that served under Obama. The deep state is fighting back and Mueller is one of them. They will all be exposed!

    • Gerald Lynch says:

      Are you high or just incredibly stupid?

      • LF says:

        No, definately not ‘high’ you ignorant, blindfolded libatard. Just being Hobest, Truthful in t by e Resl A mb erican w as y. But your ‘kind’ would never understand.

      • Murphy says:

        They are smarter than you!!!

      • bob jones says:

        mr. lynch: lay off cnn and msnbc and take a few minutes to watch fox news which will give you some truth. your brain has been filed with trash,so go to the nearest trash bin and clean it out.

        • reality check says:

          I watch some of Fox news and they debunk a lot of the false conspiracy ideas expressed on this website. Just like many people today are trying to DIVERT the story that Stone is the SIXTH Trump associate who has been charged (SEVEN serious charges) with crimes.

          When most of you don’t like the message, you just attack the messenger. CNN has an employee posted where Mueller files his paperwork. WHAT MANY OF YOU MISS, IS THAT MUELLER’S TEAM HAD TO PRESENT ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO CONVINCE A GRAND JURY TO FILE CHARGES – – AND YOU ALSO DON’T WISH TO FACE THAT ALMOST ALL OF TRUMP’S ELECTION HAS EVIDENCE OF CONSPIRACY WITH RUSSIA.

      • Don says:

        when the new doj gets in next week he promised to senator lindsey graham that he would open a investigation of mr mueller and of hillary clinton can’t wait

      • don says:

        no you are the one thats high you haven’t heard the latest news have you geraldine the hammer getting ready to fall stay tuned

      • Brian Innis says:

        Hey lynch are you really this stupid or did you have to work at it

    • james says:

      Something that is unlikely to happen but would maybe the only way the Republic could be saved would be a coup d etat by the military. Say for three years. Have the military investigate all the dirty, crooked deals that are the hallmark of the politicians in Washington for over 50 years. It won’t happen but just think how Hillary, Obama, Ryan, Feinstein, Pelosi, and all the rest would be tried by military courts. We would have a Republic that maybe could move forward.

  60. Ernst says:

    Robert Mueller is acting like the SS did in Germany during the Third Reich. Roger Stone posed no physical threat to any attempt to arrest him. Stone would have turned himself in at the request of Mueller. Raiding the man’s home in the early hours is the work of fascists. The Democrats are accusing Trump of violating US government norms (a false accusation) while Mueller is the one actually perpetrating violations of American rights and norms.

    • Richard Miller says:

      Well said. I can’t help wondering; WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? This is not the first and won’t be the last of Mueller’s Gestapo tactics. The democrats want justice, and so does everyone, but there still are laws, even though the liberals find laws are inconveniences.
      Where are the talking heads objecting to kicking down doors and stealing everything in sight. Seems like laws were made to control conservatives, liberals do their thing.
      Mueller and his gang of Clinton supporters are using a thin excuse to take over law and order. It wasn’t like Stone was a drug Czar or mafia king.
      Even the president must abide by laws and rules, with others looking over his deeds. Mueller has no restrictions and anyone objecting is a Russian pervert.

    • Peggy says:

      I agree the FBI with all its great ha ha people keeping us safe. Brown shirts!

  61. John J says:

    Muller’s paid fishing trim should have ended months ago, the slime ball is not uncovering anything that resembles Russian collusion

  62. bagster53 says:

    see we are just like russia or china , government storms in grabs you and locks you up , if they can’t find a reason , they just make one up , if they would lock up everyone who lies and obstructs justice , the whole country would be behind bars , along with every politician

  63. Mark says:

    Mueller is a thug. Give him steel toed boots and a High Brimmed Hat and he could pass as a Nazi. 29 Agents at a pre-dawn raid to arrest one 66 year old man with two small dogs three cats and a deaf wife. Complete and total abuse of power. He is Comey’s best buddy. Mueller is the real criminal. I couldn’t have already said that. Unsubscribe me now.

  64. Mark says:

    Mueller is a thug. Give him steel toed boots and a High Brimmed Hat and he could pass as a Nazi. 29 Agents at a pre-dawn raid to arrest one 66 year old man with two small dogs three cats and a deaf wife. Complete and total abuse of power. He is Comey’s best buddy. Mueller is the real criminal.


  66. Dolce says:

    This is a disgrace for America. The Democrats are nothing more than trash. They only thing that comes out their mouth is NO. They have the worse group of idiots in the House than we have seen in years. They do not care about the people only their own agenda. I have heard a lot of comments from the democrats that do not even make sense. A group of fools lead by an idiot.

  67. Robert says:

    It is quite obvious this was a inside tip to CNN. They don’t even hide it. So sad when media is inside the workshop.

  68. Twykes says:

    If any one is interested..go to documentaries
    On amazon a documentary called
    “The Warning”. Guess who held a us security
    Position in 1991-1992. Collusion with the
    Russian military. Exchanging sensitive info all
    In the name of climate change. It blew my mind.
    And everyone in office at that time knew about
    This program. Yeah mueller was there.

    • CrookedHillary says:

      Oh his crimes and crookedness run deep, his tactics are over the top
      Andd as will see herebe proven illegal. Ugliness surrounds theDOJ

  69. James C Green says:

    Enough already! Mueller and team are corrupt to the core and using this type of military raid tactic to arrest a man for something as banal as making a false statement!? Come on this is absurd! I hope it backfires on the Leftists big time! Time to send Mueller to the locker room! He hasn’t scored yet and is wasting a lot of our tax money!

    • Tom Blackwell says:

      When is this jackass going to be sent to prison for the scam he is running on the American people, even though I believe the whole thing is a scam this is not what his “COMMITTEE??” was directed to do.

    • robert woody says:

      Roger Stone should be cleared of this nonsense after the crazy use of force

    • Gregory says:

      It will backfire when the people that watch national news wake up from the libscam news that has them in a tv coma.I don’t know how to start one but Conservatives need to start a National News service.On tv and radio.Magavines also..We need to get the conservative message flooding the market.

  70. Edward Finley says:

    It certainly looks shady! It is pretty obvious someone leaked this to CNN!

  71. zee says:

    WTF ! 29 armed Gestapo in 17-19 vehicles.
    6 am – CNN 0n site. 29 ‘paras’ Take 1 Man SLEEPING.
    > I’m livid.

    • zee says:

      ps. Mueller et al = EVILE to the Bone.
      > & the ‘groupie dissidents’ on this site
      Have the ‘braindead’ thoughts, they will be
      Saved by Dems (When SHTF) & take pleasure in
      ‘trashing’ POTUS.

    • Dee says:

      I firmly believe God places and removes those He desires as to His plan for the nations. Do not know what God’s plans for the US but was told over 20 years ago that our nation not mentioned by name in the Bible so leave that up for guess . Know that God is in charge and the end time is coming closer and closer for those not believing in the Son of God, Jesus. All not following Christ, will pay but we followers as to His word and deeds will be taken home. But need to inform of the belief of many many of followers of Christ, the belief is God but Trump into office and also has put Netanyahu into office in Israel. Jesus was planned and the end has been planned just read the last Chapter of the Bible, and read the true things God let John see with his own eyes and tried to write in what he knew in the first century. The things where what we know of now and beyond. Prepare yourself for the wrath coming. If your smart, wake up and seek God before you are left behind. The last 7 years are ahead

      • Estell says:

        We wouldn’t be mentioned by name in the Bible. We weren’t a country yet. But there are hints as to what the different countries not mentioned by name are. Unfortunately, we will go down at the hands of the gestapo. Pelosi and the rest of the democrats want that. The good thing about that is they will go down and have the greater punishment. Also, Israel will destroy Damascus, Russia will destroy Isrtael, and the Vatican will be destroyed . This is in the Bible although Israel and Damascus are teh only ones directly mentioned. You have to study the books of Daniel, Jeremiah, Isaiah and Revelation to understand this. But the democrtats will be taken down by God.

        • zee says:

          >Israel (ashkenazi) ahem Should Not Take Down
          Damascus( but ‘who’ AM ‘i’ to say).
          >Russia Should Take DOWN Israel
          (but who’ AM ‘i’ to say).
          > Vatican Should be TOTALLY Destroyed.
          (but who AM ‘i’ to say) W/All Due Respect]]]
          > READ ‘ Vatican-Moscow-Washington-Alliance.’
          boom. (free download -IF googie Google
          Hasn’t censored).
          > ‘IT’ has been Said @ ‘erudites’ That US is
          ‘the harlot’___

          • Stan says:

            You are more than a little bit wacky in the things you say. Much of it makes little sense – – perhaps to you it does, but many times others have NO idea what you are talking about.

          • CodeWalker says:

            Stan, you only say ‘that’ b/c You +
            Do Not ‘know’. Many DO ‘Know’
            re what i ink. So ‘cut’ the ‘ridicule’ .
            >If you do not ‘understand’, then Ask
            for further explanation. No ‘prob’.
            > You are not a ‘codewalker’ for sure.
            > 0pposition to Sovereign USA , ink &
            ‘speak’ Wacky’ – much more than i could ever dream of. Maybe ‘know’ re ‘CodeWalker(s)’.


  72. Bill says:

    Mueller is a stupid corrupt asshole.Aftertwo years he still has not been able to bring down Trump; all the while turning his blind eyes to the corruptness of the Justice dept. and the lying leaking bastards in the FBI. Chris Wray is covering their ass and turning a blind eye to all of them. Sooner or later Hell is going to reign down on their ass and they will all pay dearly. This is the United States of America and justice WILL prevail.

  73. iwojimafan says:

    That type of arrest is what NAZI Germany DID. As a retired Police Officer, I FIND THIS APPALLING TO Arrest Roger Stone who I’m sure would have turned himself if Heinrich Himmler Mueller head of the DemocRAT Party’s Gestapo. This is a BIG STAIN on the FBI to use such GESTAPO TACTICS. They also used the the same GESTAPO TACTIC on Paul Manafort .
    What the Hell is this Country coming to when we have a Gestapo Unit operating for the DemocRAT Party and he Can’t be Fired since the LYING NAZI NEWS MEDIA especially MSNBC aka the MORON SCUMBAG NAZI BULLY CONSPIATORS AND CNN aka the COMMUNIST NETWORK OF NUTS.
    ALSO WHY DOESN’T THE ACTING AG put NAZI MUELLER DOWN. All he has to say is that I MUST be Notified of any Arrests involving any FBI Office in the Country and there will NOT be any use of a SWAT Team without my okay.
    As for CNN, there explanation makes about as much sense as the Dog AteMy Homework. If anyone believes they weren’t Tipped Off, I have a Bridge in Brooklyn that I am sure they will buy

    • Linda says:

      I agree with you 100%. I think it’s time to get Rosenstein out before his time is up. He continues to let Mueller get his way and tearing our nation apart. Mueller is as corrupt as they come and no doubt he is right in with the Democrat in trying to get Trump out. There has been no collusion that he has found in almost 2 years, time he closes his books. What a mess is has done.

  74. John says:

    This is just what’s to come if true Americans do not get behind and support our POTUS and MAGA. The only way we can really stop this govt. corruption is to vote and re-elect Trump in 2020. We cannot trust our DOJ, FBI and Congress especially the Democrats who controls the House and will reject anything that Trump and most Republicans put on the table. Trump needs to go forward with the Emergency Funds and build the Wall/Barrier and additional security to stop these illegal immigrants and reduce crime, drugs and improve the American job market for US legal citizens. As a veteran and proud American Mr. Trump has my support which is the way it should be for real Americans.
    God bless America and our POTUS.

    • Deb says:

      Yes and we also cannot trust the vote 2018 proved that unless we pverwhelm the fraud the commie democrats will do

      • Larry Sawell says:

        Separate local and federal elections. Require 1 of more, picture government ID’s. Judges or not, a firm cutoff date and time for voting, and deadline for voting counts submitted to vote officials electronically with a firm deadline for turning in paper ballots. If discrepancy exists between paper ballots and electronic count, then declare the electronic count as the official results. paper ballots appearing after the official deadline should be impounded and turned over to the FBI for investigation and should not be counted in an official tally. Security cameras should be installed at each polling place directed towards the check-in table. Federal ballots found at any other place other then an official polling place or counting center should be declared as evidence at a crime scene. Absentee voting: ballots should be accompanied by the voters signature and photo of voter with said ballot in hand.

  75. Rivahmitch says:

    The Obamanoid/Clintonista gestapo strikes again. What a horrible day it will be for them when they get their just comeuppance.

  76. Faith Matsuoka says:

    I haven’t trusted Mueller either from Day 1. I think it was ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE and COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY to go after Stone the way he did this morning. I have even less respect for Mueller, if possible, after that happened. What is our country coming to? I think it is partly due to our letting so many have such terrible attitudes toward our President and it is getting worse and worse. They are blind to anything good he does. They are absolutely being childish and irresponsible. (With Polosi being the worst.)

  77. Arthur says:

    Just keep supporting our president no matter what is said……he is a true american….and 100% for our country

    • Betty says:

      Wrong, arthur. The only Truth About our president is That He is a Two Faced Pile Of TRASH & An INSANE IDIOT who is only 100 percent intent in getting His Selfish, Stupid, Stubbon,Sick Minded Way, Something Clearly Seen by All True Americans Everywhere Except Those Asshole Kissing republican Retards of mr.WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE.

      • tom says:

        I feel sorry for you, Betty. You are very sick. Anyone who hates so much is mentally ill. You need to see a Doctor soonest.

        • zee says:

          Betty/Diane. You Still DON’T GET ‘IT’
          re 1 World/New World 0rder.
          > YOU ARE NOT SAFE When SHTF.
          > REDIRECT Your Strong Energy
          To ‘The LIGHT’ 0k ? YOU Can Help !

          • zee says:

            ps. POTUS IS NOT
            1World/New World 0rder
            Globalist. ( a ‘satanic’
            ‘hate campaign’) LEAVE IT (dark
            energies) ]]]
            > You Must Understand ‘this’___

          • Roger says:

            Zee, your head seems filled with illuminati and other “world order” conspiracies and you seem totally paranoid. Perhaps you need to get out in the fresh air more instead of focusing on dark ideas from paranoid minds.

          • zee says:

            Roger, you are blind. GHWB talked
            re New World 0rder. Roosevelt, =
            “The New Deal” etc.
            >’ illuminati ‘
            Historically Around Many Yrs. Here’s one for ya = “Skull & Bones” hmm. Was that Yale or Harvard? Ask John Kerry/ GWB etc. Know
            History, that’s All. Igorance Always Reply W/ Ridicule.
            > Fresh Air? LOL . Have worked 0utdoors for 30+ yrs 7/365 ! haha.
            >Anything Else. ? Am Here to Help
            ‘edumacate’ sheeple. Don’t be one.

          • zee+ says:

            ps. Roger. thnx for comm. Shows you are
            ‘thinking’ . Not sure About What’ .
            > If you scroll down a bit, you will see some Real Kraap. Posted 0ver & 0ver’ by the same Real Wacko’ person. I see more True Wacko names here.
            > Good Luck.

          • zee says:

            ps. 1 more comm Roger, what do you Call
            Stone’s Deep State Gestapo Raid ?
            > i’m done w/you . heh_

      • Paul Jarrett says:

        Betty spoken like a true blinded sick liberal. You aren,t capable of truth

      • Freddie says:

        Betty,Betty,Betty,I guess you didn’t get the help that I suggested you get and that you so desperately need.You obviously have a serious mental condition,that if not treated ASAP,could lead to even more delusional paranoia and crazy thinking.You are a sick lady,Betty,sick,sick,sick,I hope you are not to far gone to get the help that you need,it’s out there!!

      • darlin says:

        And you think what is going on with the democrats is not suspicious? You apparently are blind as a bat, stupid or one of the Gestapo group!

      • john lee says:

        wow you are the height of stupidity beebop Betty. The name calling is a reflection of yourself.

      • DMG says:


      • Cliff says:

        APPARENTLY You are cursed with TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME and blind with HATE. Better seek MENTAL HELP before you head explodes. You are a prime candidate to be committed to a mental institution for a VERY LONG “rest” before you hurt someone or yourself.

      • Karen says:


      • Jan says:

        Betty you are a complete hateful moron. What is wrong with you a no common sense idiot. So much hate you believe such idiotic stuff. You are going to regret all you nonsense you pedal.

      • Brenda Martin says:

        Betty really nuts , I bet u loved Obama and his tranny wife ..all he did is was have parties an invite all the News and journalists to watch him dance ! Buy them off . He never did one thing good . Cause more racial problems in this country.And give illegals food stamps, cash assistance ,medicalcare ,jobs …why wouldn’t they want to invade this country .Our President is Great and a true American. ..

      • eugene edwin rodammer says:

        You are out to lunch AND VERY stupid, Betty

      • Brian says:

        Betty there is a boat leaving to another country today be on it !

  78. vicky Huss says:

    Mueller’s ‘TEAM”, ‘Screwed up, on ‘this one’! The fact, that the CNN ‘Crew”, was ‘On-Site’, at the time of the ‘Raid’-will ’cause ANY Judge, to ‘Throw the Case out’! Unless, of Course, the Dem’s, ‘demand’, that “Legal Justice’, in this Case, is ‘Irrelevant! More, evidence, that We, the People’-have, absolutely, “NO VOICE”, anymore!

  79. Pamela says:


    • Alan Wakefield says:

      AMEN AND AMEN! Well said!

      • Margaret says:

        I can say at least 1 thing, no one is safe, the gestapo will raid your house, take whatever valuables that you may have, take your weapons and put you in jail. If you have money you can maybe get released, but the common citizen does not have that kind of money and the gestapo knows it. More houses are going to be raided. History DOES repeat itself, just sometimes in different places. God help us. Pray for this country and the innocent people.

    • Bob says:

      You are correct in everything you wrote. It is time to stop this farce of a Special Counsel now because it should never have been set up in the first place. Special Counsels are supposed to be set up whenever a crime has been committed. Collusion with Russia is not a crime. If it was, Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller would be in prison now because they colluded with Russia to sell them 20% of our uranium. Time to terminate the Mueller Special Counsel. Come on Mr. Barr, when you are confirmed and as your first action as Attorney General, this should be your goal. Do not let being a friend of Mueller get in the way of justice for the nation. This has been a witch hunt from the start and everyone knows this. Time to terminate this disaster. Every person tried by this criminal body has been convicted of lying to them. How do we really know whether they actually lied to anyone? The Special Counsel is unlawful.

    • Jo Ann says:

      I totally agree that this is crap but you need to make sentences that make sense and not just keep running your thoughts and opinions on helter skelter.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      You are spouting another BS conspiracy that has been debunked many times, even by Fox news: Shep Shepard of Fox Debunking Uranium One BS

  80. Rob says:

    Obama’s mother, Stanley Anne Dunham was an America Hating Anarchist, so is her son! School friend, Eric Holder was a domestic terrorist with the group that kidnapped Patty Hearst, the SLA!
    Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorn were Domestic Terrorists!
    This was a coup, plotted by Ayers, to destroy America from within, now it’s the Deep-Hate

  81. Rob says:

    Obama’s mother, Stanley Anne Dunham was an America Hating Anarchist, so is her son! School friend, Eric Holder was a domestic terrorist with the group that kidnapped Patty Hearst, the SLA!
    Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorn were also Domestic-Terrorists! Ayers Parents put Obama through Harvard!
    This was a coup, plotted by Ayers, to destroy America from within, now it’s the Deep-Hate

  82. Clarencehartley says:

    mueller likes deep pocket clients. I will think that way, until maybe there is something in his report.

  83. Rob says:

    The DNC knowingly supported a coup brainstormed by Bill Ayers, to put a foreign born, hood rat, into the White House!
    Ayers Parents put Obama through Harvard!
    This is an attack by the treasonous left still going on since Obama was fraudulently inaugurated!

  84. Rob says:

    Mueller and Fraudulent Obama’s, corrupted FBI, are Criminals, attacking people at will, without any resistance!
    Hey, Kenyan-Born, Obama, there was an election, you and HRC, lost, Bitch!
    Someone in Law-Enforcement, that isn’t corrupt needs to step up and end this communist activity!
    Obama was ineligible to run for POTUS that is the only news!

  85. Louis says:

    Why would you send an army to arrest Stone for the charges? What good does it do to have CNN there to film it? Just big show trying to make things look worse than they are.

    • Where in HELL is the NEW FBI Director ?? Sitting on his butt like the last AG getting a BIG salary that NONE of those bigshots deserve–doubt if either could crawl out of a foxhole ! To send an ARMY like that is just remarkable meaning they REALLY don’t run their Departments or KNOW what is going on within their Departments! I bet we really wouldn’t NEED over 50% of those people working for the government!

    • Duane G Lorsung says:

      What do U mean Duplicate comment Stone deal just started??

    • Clarence Hartley says:

      My father always told me that every one has their price. Cash, cash or high office. Or all 3. All of our justices, FBI, CIA and Justice department were and are still thinking that Hillary would be president and they were preparing to move to higher levels
      Our swamp cleaner knows what he is talking about. I believe that he and O Connel need to be closer. While I am an old man and couldn’t t. Recall our Senate leaders name spelling, I am quite clear on the rest of it.

  86. Frank Galus says:

    Collusion between Muller and CNN is dangerous. He Can’t find Russian collusion with Trump and he refuse to look at Hillary and her croneys where it is easy to to expose. The reason not to look in Hillary’s brothel because it will lead to his. FBI buddies being indicted .

  87. Rolando Perez says:

    CNN The Rag of Deep State Corruption Crew Covering Up For The Washington Elite Swamp of Traitors….. Mueller and His Scab team of Lawyers trying to Fabricate a case Againsts Trump for Two Years… Yet the Prime Criminal the Clinton Crime Family still at Large!
    No Duplicates Here!!!!!!

  88. Rolando Perez says:

    CNN The Rag of Deep State Corruption Crew Covering Up For The Washington Elite Swamp of Traitors….. Mueller and His Scab team of Lawyers trying to Fabricate a case Againsts Trump for Two Years… Yet the Prime Criminal the Clinton Crime Family still at Large!

    • PETE KENNEDY says:

      Absolutely fact. But the reason for the raid was to frighten and scare anyone that would send money to
      Stone’s defense fund or to defend Stone.

  89. J says:


    • Richard says:


  90. Tom says:

    Mueller’s days are numbered. THIS is the reason why the investigation for no reason keeps going on. Mueller KNOWS that as soon as the investigation ends HE will then be investigated. Therefore, for temporary relief of this fear he keeps breaking the law even more. When 2020 arrives the GOP will then own the Presidency, the House, the Senate AND the Supreme Court. Mueller will be looking for a Country with no extradition.

  91. al says:

    And we call this living in freedom. The FBI gestapo from obama days. He has got implants deep within. What a sorry state we live in. OH my, OH my…………………

  92. Jim Knight says:

    Time to start boycotting all of CNN sponsors @

  93. Deborah says:

    Oh, really……………….. A “hunch”. I have a hunch you are lying through your teeth. This is just way beyond believable. You were fed the information.

    It is a wonder POTUS can get anything done at all. All the deep state and corrupt media( merchants of chaos) have done since he was elected is lie and obstruct. I don’t know that anyone else could have stood up to all of these attacks and obstruction the way he has. And yet he has somehow managed to do some very good things! My hat is off to him.

    There are those who are mostly constructive and those who are mostly destructive. Those who can only destroy are pretty far gone. Know them by their fruits. Helpful and producing good things? Or just being destructive? Look without preconceived ideas and prejudice and then decide.

    • Jan says:

      Deborah, I agree with you wholeheartedly!!! Since Stone got that treatment for lying to Congress, when will Hillary, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Strzok, and the rest of those henchmen get indicted for doing likewise?

  94. Mully says:

    Oh! And what perfect timing to have CNN to set up their cameras and video and audio (must have taken them an hour) so they could film the dramatic raid in the darkness of the FBI arresting Roger Stone and dragging him out of his house like a common law breaker! What excellent timing! On Cue!!! clap clap clap!

  95. Richard says:

    Oh God forbid if and when an investigation is allowed to begin on the democratic side of this with the Mountain of evidence, not just rumors and accusations; then the house of cards will really start to fall. That’s why they are so dogmatic on bringing Trump down, Can’t be bought, keeping and fighting to keep his word, exposing and draining the swamp (pus). We are in a real war for our countries life. The wall blocks the “Corridor” from illegal aliens (Please notice the word Illegal) Human Trafficking and Drugs. Certainly will not stop all that comes or goes out from our country but will most defiantly make a huge dent. Then take the lobbyist, the Special interest groups (PAY to Play) that have corrupted our politicians with wealth and power (both parties) and once you see how far they have sold out then you see why they hate our leader. Exposure Sucks!

    • Tim says:

      Mueller is the most dishonest person in the US.You people in the FBI should be put in jail long with Hillary. You have had 17 months to get your job done. Why don’t you go nd check on the illegal votes in Texas. You are about ready to have a civil war. You have sold out the US.

  96. Sherry L Chase says:

    Corruption Runs Deep…. Is there any way to find out if obo, Killary and Mueller kept the$$$$$ from urainum one deal? Boys! Seems like they are trying to keep from themselves being investigated. Skeltons need to start coming out of the closet…. Drain the corrupt swamp and Lockum up….

    • William Tye says:

      FBI Does Not Know How to Polish Their Image
      Holy Cow, he lied to the Special Prosecutor Mueller. So the FBI is notified and they surround this dangerous lier and bang on his door in the early morning hours. They even took the time to notify CNN so they could be there to shine. After the humiliation of a public arrest, they let him go on his recognizance for a whopping 250K bond. It would not surprise me that the FBI would use the same tactics if, Mueller wanted to indict someone for spitting on the sidewalk. Shine on FBI, you really know how to disgrace the badge. The Democrats and Media know how to play you FBI Boys like a Fiddle. No Shame.

      I bet no one in the FBI though to send 2 FBI agents to Roger Stone’s door in the middle of the day, Identify themselves and advise Roger you will have to come with us, you are under arrest here is the warrant? You know Roger is one bad dude.

  97. Beth Mulvihill says:

    They acted like the Gestapo and had their CNN propaganda machine running high for prestige. Hope it backs fore on them big time.

  98. Sandpiper says:

    Robert Muellar was the Director of the FBI from 2001-2013 and was directly involved with Uranium One,
    so he’s blaming everyone else for Russian Collusion to point the finger at someone else. Really Third Grade behavior if you ask me.

  99. Tim McGuire says:

    Who the hell is running the Justice Department? Who the hell is running the FBI. If I were running the Justice Department I would have the FBI Director in my office at 8 am the next morning and tell him in very simple terms that this type of partisan “raid” behavior is over and that any more FBI participation with regard to corrupt Mueller activity must be first cleared with me before hand.

    • Bud says:

      That would be Rosenstein in the DOJ; The person who appointed Mueller, illegally I might add, as Special Counsel. The plot originated from the White House and Obama put Brennan in charge of setting up the phony charges for the investigation. The Director of the FBI has been silent through all this and not objected to the obvious evidence of collusion by Rosenstein and Mueller. I said several months ago that Mueller is dragging this out trying to get obstruction of justice charges against Trump because he knows the Inspector General has the goods on him and will be in legal trouble. It may not go anywhere until the elections in 2020 because the Democrats in Congress will obstruct any movement to indict both Mueller and Rosenstein.

  100. This kind of arrest takes place in totalitarian countrys it should not happen in the US.
    Stone had no weapons and posed no serious threat. it was a demontration of Meullers power.
    His inquiry need to end NOW! He’s come up with nothing after 2 years.

  101. Barbara says:

    CNN nothing but a bunch of dirty dogs. The camera’s showed up an hour before the Gestapo arrived.!!!

    • Gretchen says:

      Just proves Mueller is a snake who is in cahoots with cnn and the demorats. He needs to go away. The fbi is just as bad.

  102. Al Pambuena says:

    CNN is great at fake news…but their news instincts has just been to push the same robotic garbage against trump and follow the Kool aid that they are told to….the number one enemy against CNN is the truth…and their poor ratings show it ..

  103. Ann says:

    I think these raid tactics are very scary, it’s what happens in other unstable countries, why do they have to do these early morning raids? I wonder why they haven’t raided Hillary’s home, it’s proved she lied to everyone! Such a double standard. Mueller has spent enough taxpayer dollars it’s ridiculous.

  104. Jackie says:

    First of all they never should went to his house with guns drawed like he was a desperado he hadn’t robbed a bank or commenied muder. Yes CNN was tipped off tfbi showing off for wrong resons. A old man and death wife . Why wasn’t his lawyer noteifyed instead of CNN I don’t care what they say it was a set up. We all know CNN is a Trump hater and so is FBI and they both work for the democarts. Muller had to give the ordor and he should be investigated over it it was senseless and discussing. Muller is a lap dog for democarts we all know that. They only after him because of Trump or their hatedred fo him. I can’t see why it’s let go on Muller needs to be investigated and so do the democrates. When are we republicans going to do something about we have a voice let’s us it. Muller is out of hand so is the democart party. No where have I read that the democarts is the only one has rights where do they get the idea that what they say goes.

  105. Titus says:

    Absolutely correct! Mueller by his history and actions was corrupt from the start. He
    gathered his pro-Hillary Dems. around him as they all worked to malign President Trump as they made up stories. As one fails, they promote another which might have a chance under the leftist press.
    To send the Gestapo FBI into a man’s house when he would have come in with his lawyer
    Is not only an invasion, but a draw of publicity for Mueller’s games. Time to end this over-
    reach and crossing the line waste of tax payer money. There is more veracity of collusion
    On the Dem. side with Hillary and others. Investigate them, Mueller, Kerry and their members.

    • TJ says:

      Always conspiracies with you Rep. Pretty pathetic..

      • D.A.N. says:

        Facts TJ, not conspiracies. The only conspiracy here is the Hillary supporters fake story that started this whole witch hunt against Trump. The Hillary supporters in the FBI, DOJ Fusion GPS, and Steele are the real conspiracy. An attempted coup to overthrow an elected President.

  106. Craig Murphy says:

    How does one notice unusual grand jury activity? Were people going in and out for pizza? Grand juries are in theory secret and sequestered, so how would CNN know that there was an indictment unless someone from Mueller’s team or a member of the grand jury informed it. But even if a member of the grand jury did, it doesn’t necessarily follow that an arrest warrant would issue right away. Sometimes, there is a delay especially if there is no flight risk.

    The FBI should have known that having CNN there would stink like last Wednesday’s blue fish. On top of the pile of fish it’s already accumulated, this does not auger well at all.

  107. Barbara says:

    Mueller contacted CNN, one slime in bed with another slime!! They’ve been caught red-handed, time to pull the plug on these sneaky weasels!! President Trump has had them dead to rights this whole time!! Drain the swamp, build the wall, end gov’t handouts to the world, basically. MAGA

  108. GySgt. Lew says:

    This arrest is one of the biggest screw ups that Mueller, FBI and CNN/fake news has don’t during Mueller’s investigation started. You can’t TRUST any of them – they are all corrupt and should be locked up..

  109. Terry says:

    More likely that their common master tipped them off.

  110. jonathan says:

    this is the S.O.P. for the lawyers working with herr muller ve of za S.S. just follow the orders of our dear leaders. and herr muller is the head of the democrat Gestapo witchhunt .
    again this is giving the Good and honest F.B.I. agents another black eye in the public’s view of a once reputable agency of the justice system.

  111. Bessie says:

    They have looked into Stone for 2 years plus, just mow can indict for lying. Think truly a creation of crime

  112. Harold says:

    The Democrats need to be careful lest they set off a civil war because of their maniacal quest for President Trumps impeachment.

    • Linda Anthony says:

      The Dems and liberal media are a bunch of scumbags that need to be reigned in. How much more can they try to destroy America.

    • TJ says:

      If there’s a Civil war it will be the Reps biggest nightmare and will have the burden of taking this wonderful country back to the 1800’s…insanity on your part…..

      • D.A.N. says:

        If there is an uncivil war, there won’t be any Dems left.

      • TJ, if a civil war starts, you looney libs will get the major ass whooping you deserve. The silent majority will only take so much before it’s go time. We have tried and tried to play nice with you whiney mentally deranged government lackeys for years but your corruption and lies have gone on for far too long.
        Be prepared cause you will lose, little boy.

  113. Justsaying says:

    Blackbooted FBI. Why am I not surprised. The FBI have as much trust and credibility as a Black Mumba. The FBI now serves their swamp masters so beware of the FBI

  114. walter siebert says:

    Lets see how CNN weasels it’s way out of this one, They’ll claim it was a hunch, well I got a hunch and with all the no name sources I think my hunch is right !!!

  115. David Anthony Lelli says:


  116. Cookie says:


  117. Carlos says:

    Es una conspiración comunista. Esto es evidente. Hay muchas gentes que deberían estar presas, empezando por Mueller.

  118. Yvonne says:

    what a hoax.This Mueller investigation is a joke.We already know that’s all a lie,read most of the papers on what Ohr had to say.How can this happen in our country?

    • Alexander Marinesko says:

      Wish Mueller would start looking into congress (D and R), bet there’s a gold mine waiting……..

      • Titus says:

        Why trust Mueller with any more investigations? Time for a true investigation of the Left, bottom up.
        Put a time frame and scope on that investigation.
        Too much money spent on a too long investigation done by corrupted staff led by Mueller.

    • Chrustine says:

      Yvonne I agree. The Mueller “investigation” has so far proven that the Hillary campaign and the DNC and all those crooked FBI officials COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA AND CNN To influence the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. This is extremely disturbing in every level.
      The people who voted for Donald Trump and Many MORE no longer believe this is an “investigation.” this is government at its worst. Nancy pelosi and those fighting to FRAME THE PRESIDENT do not believe that the laws and constitution apply to them. What matters most to them is power and president Trump cannot be bought. They are absolutely TERRIFIED OF THE PEOPLES PRESIDENT.
      TRUMP 2020

  119. Betty Hicks says:

    Uur justice system has broken down now it looks like a communist country. Who can we trust anymore? it is frighting.

  120. Karen Martin says:

    This s toral BS , why the hell is it this Robert Mueller can do whatever the hell he wants! He’s stalling for more time because he ghas nothing! Two years nothing!

  121. George says:

    Mueller has the letter first & so does the word MAD-MAN! Maniac for short. Wonder how much cash $$$$ they paid Mueller to be tipped off? Why were the not more deliberate with the 33,000 E-mails from Hillary Clinton? Simple the SWAMP!

  122. SGT Preston says:

    Amazing that Mueller felt the need to intimidate Stone to the extent that he sent in his ‘Jack-booted storm troopers” to raid Stone’s house. I expect he would have been allowed in even if he just knocked at the front door. No, welcome to the age of the government “shock troops” who will attack with no notice, any and all who are opposed to government control

  123. Bill says:

    Mueller and the corrupt Gestapo F B I can all go th hell and burn.

    • Sherine says:

      AMEN and we all know someone from MUELLERS group informed CNN definitely a set up.

    • mgsgt usmc says:

      I am with you. They are all lawyers and seem to to bealive they have the god given right to lie cheet steal to win .

      • Betty says:

        Congratulations, mgsgt usmc. In everything you said above, you just described d. trump, AKA CRAZY donald,That LYING LUNATIC, to aT. On,y,the Word is LIARS, Not Lawers & Cheet is Instead Spelled Cheat. However, what else can expected from another republican Retard

        • darlin says:

          Get over yourself Betty. You are trying to convince people with a brain not brain dead democRATS. It won’t work.

        • Ahaha Betty. Your grammar is atrocious, lol. Honey, you don’t like Mr Trump, we allll know this but it’s your OPINION and my OPINION of you is that you’re an uneducated moron.
          I hope you don’t have a stroke or something from all that hatred. You need to get some counseling before it’s too late 🙂

  124. Paula Bois Brady says:

    Shameful double standard. Go get Hillary.

  125. Diane L Revard says:

    I think Mueller is a patsy. And he is backing down from lying. He’s afraid to be in contempt of court. I don’t think that there is anything he has to add to their witch hunt. That may not be a popular way of thinking but I think that’s the bottom line. He has nothing and that’s why the Democrats have postponed the hearing. They are furious.

  126. Diane L Revard says:

    The Democrats want us to hate. They don’t care what we hate, just as long as we hate something or someone. They like kaos and all it brings. The more sensational the better. The more outrageous the more they thrive. Don’t people on the left get it. The Democrats want us to hate each other. They don’t want us to find common ground.

    • Bender says:

      Yes hate immigrants hate people of color hate women. No wait that’s rethuglicans

      • Lola says:

        HA!! So true, Bender. Look how they even hate members of their own party who don’t agree everything Trump spews. Their venom to “RINOs” shows they are about vilifying others except their cult leader.

    • reality check says:

      No, Diane, Trumpers chose to hate on their own. Most of these posts here are either laced with unproven conspiracy babble and/or just spewing hate for CNN, MSM, Mueller, the FBI, Dems, and any republican that does not agree with you 100%. I have never seen such venom – – you have it for other GOPers. No one makes you hate, you chose to as you choose to not face the mounting evidence against Trump and all the evidence of his illegal activities, like campaign crimes.

  127. Randall M says:

    Mueller is the drain plug to the swamp. Pull the Plug!

  128. Igor Stankowitz says:

    Mueller is a perfect example of the Wash DC insiders sucking every dollar of taxpayers funds it can. All ready approaching 2 years and $25 Million of taxpayers dollars, is it possible this facade can go on for several more years?
    This entire affair of the Mueller investigate is a blatant display of the corruption and mis-spending of taxpayers dollars.

  129. rick says:

    Considering Roger’s age a phone call in the a.m would have accomplished
    the same. “Okay so how much is this going to cost me”? 250K… you’ll be back for lunch!
    Roger your plan B Join Corsi’s lawsuit and sue for some amount like 100 Million.
    Don’t BARR the door!!!

  130. AMERICAN ERIC says:

    Here’s where I’m at………
    If you are a DEMONRAT you are worm food to me.
    I will not consider you my fellow citizen;you are my enemy!!!
    Democrats are traitorous communists !!!

    • theolddog says:

      Coming from the likes of YOU, this leftie Democrat considers that a high compliment indeed.

    • Diane L Revard says:

      We’ve got to stop the hatred somewhere. They are people who have feelings. They have a different way of looking at things. But they are human beings. The blind hatred has to stop.

      • Dr. J. D. says:

        Good point, Diane! We are fellow citizens, and the truth is that most steps that are taken come after a compromise. Making fellow citizens into enemies is exactly what Putin and other adversaries want. We were strongest when we pulled together like in WWII.

        • scooch 'the' pooch says:

          Still ‘twisted’ jd. There IS NO ‘we’
          When it comes to PATRIOT vs/ NON-PATRIOT “fellow citizen” >You are NOT a
          PATRIOT ‘fellow citizen’.
          > YOU A LIBERAL X-treme LEFT
          fellow ‘brainwashed’ citizen.

    • Nina Simmons says:

      I just read a couple of post that has to make me agree with you. Two people who posted about how right and how smart Pelosi is and that Trump needs to go. My God, don’t they have eyes or brains to figure out that Pelosi is part of Obama’s team to destroy America.

      • Allan Terry says:

        Check your copy of our Constitution and you will see that Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House, is THIRD in line for President. If she can get Donald Trump impeached and removed from office, that leaves only Mike Pence in her way. She is controlled by the likes of George Soros, willing to do almost anything to grab more power! If that doesn’t scare you, than nothing will.

  131. Nancy Berry says:

    Hocus Pocus, all of the sudden magically CNN’s dreams came true…FBI just happened to be there for a raid and arrest of Mr. Stone! Is it any wonder why We the People don’t trust the media, specifically, CNN , who “claims their reporter just had “good instincts” and followed grand jury activity,’ huh! AS IF!! Wonder who notified CNN about the raid??? The Mueller Gang or the FBI’S .?? Curious-or & curious-or!

  132. Barbara Cook says:

    Muller is a snake in the grass, just like all of the corrupt and crooked Democrats in office.

    Muller is under such pressure from all of the corrupt and crooked Democrats, because, they want Muller to find any kind of evidence on candidate Trump, now President Trump and his whole campaign, now his whole White House administration, with colluding with the Russians during the 2016 Presidential campaign, so that they will have a reason to impeach President Trump and remove him from the White House, so that the corrupt and crooked Democrats can remove President Trump’s presidency from history. They are hoping to be able to remove President Trump and they are hoping to be able to put their failed girl or their failed candidate in office, so that everything can go back to way it was with former Obama in office.

    The corrupt and crooked Democrats don’t like these changes in the White House and the Government. They want to be totally in control of how the Government is ran, and they want to stay in control of every American citizens lives.

    I have never trusted Muller from day one. I will be glad once and for all once Muller has been reined in on his perjury traps. He has past his main investigation to start with.

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