Planned Parenthood sent the dumbest tweet ever and no, it’s not a parody

Left-wingers love to claim that they are “pro-science.”

But when it comes to science that disproves their political beliefs – like the fact that babies have distinct DNA from the moment of conception – they run from it.

Now the leading abortion provider in the country, Planned Parenthood, made a fool out of themselves with this idiotic tweet.

Planned Parenthood spent $30 million in a losing effort to elect Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Now they’re expanding their political operations into other areas, including immigration and transgender issues.

It looks like the Planned Parenthood employee in charge of tweeting is in need of a basic biology lesson.

Planned Parenthood committed 321,384 abortions last year according to their own annual report and receives more than $500 million from taxpayers annually.

They claim their taxpayer funding doesn’t go to commit abortions, but anyone who’s ever run a business understands that money is fungible.

These people who abort innocent babies for a living want to own Congress, so they are spending another $20 million on the upcoming Midterm elections.

It’s clear that Planned Parenthood is waging a cultural war in America.


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39 Responses

  1. Gwyllm says:

    Cecile Richards is a soulless Reptilian. Look at me…I KNOW!

    • marleen davis says:

      Defund these monsters! I don’t want my tax dollars benefiting them. If they would go back to the old planned parenthood–planning with birth control by pills or by no sex, then OK but NOT BY ABORTION! These lazy, unresponsible liberats can’t be bothered–they want sex when they want it and damn the consequences. They don’t care about anything or anyone but themselves and PP caters to it and makes a profit from it. We need to stop it. If they can’t be bothered be responsible, we can’t be responsible for their actions and pay for it with our taxes!

  2. glenda LaFont says:

    They have no argument. Life begins at conception. It is learned in Med. School. What an evil organization, Planned Parenthood.

  3. KAZ says:



  4. Al says:

    It’s amazing someone can be so stupid. But wait, aren’t we the stupid ones, allowing Planned Parenthood to receive $500 million of our tax dollars annually. Hmmmmm.

  5. Phil F says:

    PP, the new Murder Incorporated.

  6. Dianna says:

    They are selling these tiny organs for profit from who? God did not say if you don’t want a baby then kill it. The Supreme Court Democrats think they are God along with the Democratic Party. Nancy Pelosi said “who needs God when you have the democrats.”
    That’s how they think. They yell for gun control but don’t care that millions of innocent babies are being killed. My friend was a labor and delivery nurse in a hospital right after Bill Clinton and the Supeme Court instituted late term abortion. She walked into aa delivery room and witnessed a baby being born. The doctor took a needle syringe and plunged into the back of the baby’s head. The baby screamed and cried then died. My friend screeemed and ran out of the hospital and never went back. She’s had to have therapy!

  7. Vasu Murti says:

    And the right-wingers deny science when it suits them as well! When it comes to animal rights issues, they deny or ignore the growing body of evidence: from The Pritikin Plan (1982), to The McDougall Plan (1983), to A Vegetarian Sourcebook (1983), to vegan author John Robbins’ Pulitzer Prize nominated Diet for a New America (1987), to Vegan Nutrition: Pure and Simple (1987), to Vegan: The New Ethic of Eating (2000), to The China Study (2005), to Please Don’t Eat the Animals (2007), to the DVDs Forks Over Knives and Vegucated (2011), to the documentary Plant Pure Nation (2015), to The Healthiest Diet on the Planet (2016), to the DVD What the Health? (2017), it is becoming increasingly clear the optimum diet for humans contains virtually no animal protein.

    They deny or ignore human anatomy and physiology: our DNA is nearly 99 percent identical to the gorillas and chimpanzees, and our teeth are completely herbivorous: we’re suited for a plant-based diet, but can adapt to flesh-eating if our survival depends on it.

    They deny or ignore economic arguments as old as Plato’s Republic: it makes sense to grow crops directly for human consumption than to feed them to animals.

    They deny ignore economic and ecological realities: the institutionalized killing of billions of animals has led directly to global hunger, global warming, the energy, environmental, population, and water crises. Why is it so hard for pro-lifers to accept that there’s a slippery slope between the killing of animal beings and the killing of human beings, via abortion and war?

    They try to sweep a serious moral issue, the ethical treatment of animals, which like pacifists and/or pro-lifers, indeed, like war and peace itself, a serious moral issue mankind has grappled with from Pythagoras to PETA) under the rug by dismissing it as someone else’s “religious belief,” forgetting that in past decades pro-lifers faced the same kind of discrimination from liberals: abortion was dismissed as a “Catholic issue,” a “conservative Christian issue,” etc.

    They deny or ignore vegetarianism as a worldwide phenomenon. Like pacifists and/or pro-lifers, vegetarianism, in itself, is merely an ethic, and not a religion. Like the pro-life ethic, vegetarianism has attracted some of the greatest figures in history: Leonardo Da Vinci, Count Leo Tolstoy, Mohandas Gandhi, George Bernard Shaw, Percy Shelley, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, etc. Like the pro-life ethic, vegetarianism has served as the basis for entire religious traditions: Buddhism, Jainism, Pythagoreanism, and possibly early Christianity all immediately come to mind.

    Early church fathers Tertullian, Clement of Alexandria, St. Basil, St. Jerome, St. John Chrysostom, etc. wrote extensively on the subject. Over 150 canonized Christian saints were vegetarian. Protestant reformers like John Wesley (founder of the Methodist Church), Ellen White (founder of the Seventh Day Adventist Church), and General William Booth (founder of the Salvation Army) were vegetarian, as were Quaker poets, pacifists, and abolitionists like Joshua Evans. The moral status of animals continues to be debated within Christianity today, as evidenced by the writings of Karl Barth, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, and current trends in animal liberation theology: Reverend Andrew Linzey, Reverend Marc Wessels, the late Reverend Janet Regina Hyland, Rick Dunkerly of Christ Lutheran Church, Baptist theologian Dr. Richard Alan Young, the late Dr. Stephen Webb, Reverend Annika Spalde, Dr. Charles Camosy, etc.

    My own experience with pro-life Christians is they adhere to a double-standard. They’re willing to cite secular arguments and/or secular figures when it comes to protecting the unborn:

    The federal government imposing a fine upon anyone destroying a fertilized bald eagle egg

    (Distinguishing fertile from non fertile eggs, is a SECULAR distinction between contraception and abortion as well!)

    It would be a crime to administer a drug to toddlers which prevents them from actualizing their higher learning potential

    Dr. J.C. Willke, former head of National Right to Life (who looked a lot like the character of Les Nessman from WKRP in Cincinnati!) attempting to make a secular case for personhood for the unborn

    John Morrow, a pro-life student at Rutgers University, successfully debating pro-choice liberals on USENET in the late ’80s

    …but secular arguments to protect animals are met with the cry “MOVE” !

    Can pro-choice Christians do likewise? Can pro-choice Christians cite biblical sound bites like “three times…” and “so much garbage” to exempt themselves from having to protect the unborn? Or do secular arguments overrule the religious?

    Can pro-choice Christians say, “Les, Les, Les…” or “So much Les….” ?
    Can pro-choice Christians say, “Morrow, Morrow, Morrow…” or “So much Morrow…” ?
    Can pro-choice Christians say, “Bald eagle eggs, Bald eagle eggs, Bald eagle eggs…” or “So much Bald eagle eggs…” ?

    Or do secular arguments to protect the unborn overrule unprovable religious beliefs in favor of killing?

    If secular arguments overrule the religious when it comes to protecting the unborn, why isn’t it the case when it comes to protecting animals?

    Why is it when it comes to protecting animals, pro-life Christians think they’re exempt from social progress?

    Aren’t pro-choice Christians similarly exempt from having to protect the unborn if they don’t want to?

    Or do secular arguments overrule the religious?

    • Gwyllm says:

      “Thou Shalt Have Dominion Over The Birds Of The Air And The Beasts Of The Field”. There, I countered your novel with one sentence, Tolstoy. Just be happy most of us don’t like the taste of dogs and cats, okay?

    • Gwyllm says:

      And I hate to tell any ‘pro-choice’ ‘Christians” out there but PICK ONE…you can’t be BOTH.

  8. Michael says:

    On what planet are taxpayers forced to fund an organization’s political ambitions? 100% of taxpayer dollars should be used for services only. Ban abortion and defund left wing planned parenthood.

  9. zee says:

    Appears to be ‘bot’ tweet. Nevertheless, PPH IS VILE <
    Hormone shots, vacc's , natural flavorings etc ALL Derived
    from 'Recycled' Baby Parts . Ugly UGLY Truth.

  10. Old_Fashioned_Conservative says:

    Well transgender “men” (who are females that got that way using male hormones – but not surgery)
    do have a uterus. No brain, but a uterus.

  11. David in MA says:

    Did everyone get this?

    “Planned Parenthood spent $30 million in a losing effort to elect Hillary Clinton in 2016.”

    “and receives more than $500 million from taxpayers annually.”

    Is this more “money laundering?”

  12. Jerry George says:

    How is it conceivable that it is legal that any business granted FEDERAL GOVERNMENT money be able to donate to any political election? If it is, they should have to contribute equally to each party or none at all!!!

  13. Anne Gerrard says:

    The answer regarding men with a uterus is probably no but some men had a uterus as a child, just as some women had exterior make organs. Hermaphrodite babies have evidence of both sexes so they are defined as the sex which they have the most prominent organs. So technically some men may have a uterus.

  14. GRIZZ MANN says:

    Margaret Sanger was a racist that wanted to limit undesirable races. Planned Parenthood even went so far at to adopt a NAZI program for their mantra. Auswahlfreiheit translates to Freedom Of Choice..

  15. CK says:

    I’ll bet not ONE abortion was ever performed on a “MAN with a uterus”. With as many abortions as PP claims credit for, you KNOW an abortion on a man would have made the news! Lord have mercy and come quickly.

  16. Lincoln Sorensen says:

    if they can afford to spend money on democrat campaigns why in the hell are they receiving funding out of taxpayers’ pockets?

  17. carol smith says:

    Stop trying to change what God has created! You can’t do it! There is only one God, and you aren’t it. It’s a good thing that God has patience. You have been given a chance to change. But His patience won’t last forever. When He decides to place judgement on your sorry souls, there is no stopping it. Then you will KNOW who was right. Hint. It wasn’t you!

    • Nancy Bernard says:

      I have watched a number of NDE videos of people who have died, then come back to talk about it. My mother was one of those and this was back in the late 30’s. Nearly all of them say that God does not look kindly on child and animal abusers, they saw them in Hell. While, when taken to paradise, there is a huge nursery, as far as the eyes can see, with angels and kind souls taking care of these beautiful babies. The babies are the aborted babies that were unwanted here on Earth. They went on to say that this is God’s most precious gift “I was with you in the womb.” “I KNEW YOU BEFORE YOU WERE BORN). All of these people came back, and changed their lives completely, the atheist and Muslim (some ISIS), became Christians, and now preach the Word of God. Abortion is a Cardinal Sin! These abortionist are as evil as their leaders BO and Killary. BO and Killary went so far as to approve partial birth abortion, a baby born alive, is left to die, no help from medical teams like a baby born too early to parents who will do anything to save their child. Either leave them to die, struggle for breath, and succumb to heartless people who don’t care if they die, or born alive, stick a scissors in their spin to cut the chord and kill them. This is murder, pure and simple. My son was given the option to learn how to perform safe abortions in Medical School, and he said NO! “I am becoming a physician to save lives, not take them!”

  18. Padi, Mari says:

    Stupidest thing (to date) I EVER heard!! And to think our taxes fund these morons!! They just need to shut’er down! 😣😡😠

  19. James F M Baur Jr says:

    How in the world did these idiots come to control 30 million dollars, or is it 300 million dollars?How is it that they are funded with taxpayer money? Wasn’t there a push, fairly recently, to defund Planned Parenthood? I’d actually bet my life that the majority of their money is spent on kickbacks, and other forms of graft. The very worst part is that there ain’t diddly squat John Q. Citizen can do about it.

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      Forgot to mention, as everyone knows, that you can’t legislate morals. You either have them, or you don’t.

      • jrhunt says:

        James F M Baur Jr Wrong James no one is born with morals,Morals are learned from their world view of morality,the Bible is the only source for for Morality that is acceptable to a Holy God,the Commandments are the standard of Morality that very few give heed to,that is a mistake that most will regret on judgment day,you say you can’t legislate Morality,sure you can,if you also provide the enabling power to keep those Moral laws,as Yahweh has done,he is our only law giver and legislator,we had better pay heed to him.

    • Jeffersonian says:

      Planned Parenthood spent $30 million on the 2016 elections alone. They receive over $500 million annually in taxpayer funding.

  20. Bob Knapp says:

    There is a better alternative to killing unwanted children: do not have unprotected sex. Simple, isn’t it?

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      Most people, it seems, are too “simple” to understand that concept. As my father used to say: “A hard on has no conscience.”

  21. Jeannie McCall says:

    If a man has a uterus, he is NOT a MAN but a WOman!! It is physically impossible for a true DNA XY man to have a uterus unless he was born a hermaphrodite. Only a true DNA XX WOman will have a uterus. Newsflash: there are only two sexes: Man and Woman!! Note the same thing in all mammals and birds and ocean creatures. Yes, I understand earthworms are the oddity, and a few other strange creatures, but for the most part it takes a MALE and FEMALE for procreation.

    • Shawn says:

      Some of these “women” have an XXY sex chromosome set up (that’s right — they’re a bit “freaky” having 47 chromosomes in their cells instead of 46 — or perhaps other setups besides XX or XY: Especially if they have XXXY or XXXXY, they may well have a uterus, since the amount of X chromosomes overwhelm the much smaller Y chromosome….

  22. Had E. Nuff says:

    “Pernicious Predators” is what they are; they are doing the Devil’s work of destroying souls that belong to God! They, their supporters and AMERIKA is about to be judged and it isn’t going to be pleasant but it will be just – just as Israel had been in the Old Testament for having turned their backs on Him too! All you Lefties out there have a very rude awakening coming soon and if that sounds un-PC I couldn’t care less, The Truth will set you free and that is what I be – deal with it!

  23. Janice W. says:

    That is a really ignorant statement. But can we expect from a bunch of people that murder babies?

  24. ernaldo says:

    “Some men have a uterus.”…….No, that would make them a dumbKunt!

  25. That is so dumb! But this comes from an organization of cruel murders. And why are the allowed on the one hand to receive money from the federal government and on the other hand give some of that money to political organizations?

  26. Jake says:

    We’ll have you looked at Adam schiff? I think he might have one, at least he acts as one!

  27. DEL says:

    Not their “First”, and from this, probably Not their last!

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