The Oscars’ TV ratings just reached a new low

Hollywood celebrities gathered last night to present each other with awards.

The 90th Annual Oscars was filled with anti-Trump hate and jabs at Vice President Mike Pence.

But the early numbers are in and the celebrities’ sanctimonious moral preening blew up in their face.

Variety reports:

Live viewership of the 90th annual Academy Awards ceremony was down significantly from the 2017 telecast, according to preliminary Nielsen ratings for ABC’s nearly four-hour telecast.

The 8 p.m.-11 p.m. portion of ABC’s telecast averaged an 18.9 household rating and 32 share in Nielsen’s metered market overnight ratings, which cover about 70% of U.S. TV households. That’s down about 16% from the 22.5/37 rating generated by the 2017 Oscars.

As Patriot Pulse reported, movie theater attendance hit a 24-year low in 2017.

This is the bread-and-butter of the movie industry as box office revenue is the largest income driver for Hollywood.

But in just another way that shows how out-of-touch Hollywood is, none of the last 15 best-picture winners were the highest-grossing films the year they one.

And most of them failed to crack $100 million – which goes to show that the Academy is more willing to hand out awards to movies that make political statements.

It’s no surprise the Oscars ratings are dropping like a rock.

The Academy brought back left-wing shill Jimmy Kimmel as the host after he bombed in 2017 by going on an anti-Trump tirade throughout the show.

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90 Responses

  1. Hollywood was established by a Corrupt Entity to pat each other on the back as well as driving the Middle Class of the USA on a downward spiral.It is run by a group of Pedophiles and sex slavery etc.It’s time to take back our Society from the arms of the Elites that feel money and power is the ultimate end !!!!!

  2. Robert says:

    Three of the last four films I saw were made by Clint Eastwood. The fourth was American Sniper. I save a lot of money for more worthwhile projects. Thanks Hollyweird.

  3. Bluebirdturd says:

    The last movie I saw in a neighborhood theater was The Way We Were. It was OK but I found out later that the actors were Demo Commies & I haven’t been in a picture show since. I watch a lot of movies from the 1930s, 1940s 1950s on TV & my Computer.

  4. Robert says:

    In the last ten years, to the best of my recollection, I’ve seen 4, maybe 5 movies; The 15:17 to Paris, American Sniper, & Gran Torino. You get the idea. I have not paid any attention to hollyweird in longer than that.

  5. deerflyguy says:

    The Oscars were good back in the post WWII days when all the old time patriotic actors returned from the war, in which many of them fought. They remained watchable until all those old actors died off and were replaced with these liberal zeros we have now! That’s the real problem that Hollywood has – no patriots left anymore! Just liberal, communists that think they know what’s best for America! If only they would look into their own past and see what the answer to real success is, they would answer their own questions. America loves its patriots! America sticks by them! These losers in Hollywood today are piss poor examples of evolution and proof positive that man did screw apes!

  6. Jim says:

    I object to your calling the Holly Weirdos
    a…. holes. Anuses are useful if inelegant. I prefer calling them Hemorrhoids, of no use to anyone, but a real pain in the hiny

  7. Beverly Petrovic says:

    So true tc. i hope they take the awards off the air and Kimmel too. So horrible to talk politics on an emmy awards show??

  8. tc says:

    I hope these dirt bags will leave this country as they said. Kimmel is a real a- hole!!

  9. tc says:

    I agree! Hope these dirt bag’s leave the country as they said. Kimmel is a real asshole.!

  10. James F M Baur Jr says:

    That is a unique, and true, statement. How perceptive of you. My sentiments, exactly, and then some. Thanks for the good laugh.

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