One top Democrat admitted a big truth about Joe Biden that is bad news for 2022

Democrats are looking at a potentially disastrous 2022 midterm election cycle.

Party leaders are hoping for a turn around.

But one top Democrat admitted a big truth about Joe Biden that is bad news for 2022.

Failed 2020 Presidential candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke announced his intention to run for Governor of Texas in 2022.

O’Rourke lost a 2018 Senate race to Ted Cruz and bombed out of the 2020 Presidential Election.

This race is his last gasp for a political future.

Democrats face a difficult political environment in 2022 thanks to Joe Biden’s failed presidency.

Joe Biden’s open borders policy created chaos in Texas and played a large role in a recent poll showing just 35 percent of voters in the Lonestar State approved of Biden’s job as President.

In an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, O’Rourke tried to duck host Dana Bash’s question about whether O’Rourke would want Biden to campaign for him in Texas.

“This campaign in Texas is not going to be about Joe Biden. It’s not going to be about Donald Trump. It’s not going to be about anyone from outside of our state. This is going to be about the people of Texas and what the people of Texas want. I told you, they want the big things, like jobs, great schools, and making sure everyone can see a doctor, but they also want to see some confidence in their government,” O’Rourke began.

Bash pressed a second time and O’Rourke made it clear he did not want Biden to appear with him in Texas.

“It means that I’m focused on Texas and on my fellow Texans. Those Texans — those are the most important people. There’s no other politician or person outside of the state who can help change the course of this election for better or worse. That’s why I’m traveling to every part of this state, making sure that no one is written off and no one is taken for granted and that we keep the focus on Texas,” O’Rourke added.

Midterm elections are always referendums on the incumbent President.

The fact that O’Rourke does not want to be seen with Biden in Texas shows that Joe Biden is an anchor weighing down Democrats in purple and red states next November.

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