One politician who threatened to “nuke” gun owners just made a terrifying demand

Just months after insinuating the government would “nuke” those who refuse to comply with gun control laws, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) announced he’s running for president.

His radical gun control agenda goes above and beyond even some of the most extreme Democrats.

And the terrifying demand he just made will make any gun owner’s blood run cold.

Rep. Eric Swalwell officially announced his campaign for president on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

In his announcement, he put enacting radical gun control front and center.

And in an op-ed published in USA Today, he expands on exactly what he meant.

Titled, “Ban assault weapons, buy them back, go after resisters,” he describes a situation that should horrify any gun owner.

When Swalwell refers to “assault weapons,” he’s talking about virtually all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, which are the most popular firearms on the market today.

Instead of banning new sales, he also lays out a massive operation to pick up every single one, at a cost upwards of $15 billion.

In announcing his intention to ban possession of these firearms, his proposal would go even further than the infamous “assault weapons” ban under former President Bill Clinton.

As he writes in USA Today:

Reinstating the federal assault weapons ban that was in effect from 1994 to 2004 would prohibit manufacture and sales, but it would not affect weapons already possessed. This would leave millions of assault weapons in our communities for decades to come.

Instead, we should ban possession of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons, we should buy back such weapons from all who choose to abide by the law, and we should criminally prosecute any who choose to defy it by keeping their weapons. The ban would not apply to law enforcement agencies or shooting clubs.

This comes after Swalwell told a pro-gun activist that, if there is resistance, the government has “nukes” to use against defiant gun owners.

Rep. Eric Swalwell would be the most radical anti-gun president in history.

He has no regard for the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, and is willing to outright say he’s fine with killing them, if need be, to see his radical anti-gun “utopia” come to fruition.


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277 Responses

  1. bud says:

    If guns are outlawed then only outlaws will have guns. what’s he going to do put one hundred million of us in jail. Come to my door and see what you get.

  2. Pat says:

    What is the walking talking rectum saying now I’ll take your guns and throw you in jail HAHAHAHA this nut miss his calling he should be a comedian

  3. Bud says:

    The guys an ass hole and proves it every time he open his mouth.

    • Robare says:

      I REPEAT. What are the qualifications for the position of President of the United States of America? I seriously doubt if any of the Liberal wannabes could manage a 7-11 store let alone run the Greatest Country in the World. No matter how many of these jerk-wads jump on the wannabe list, there can only be one for President Trump to embarrass.

    • Robert Ewing says:

      He should bring his nuke. We’ll cram it up his worthless arse, and blast him to the moon.

    • T. Bell says:

      You nailed it Bud. All “DUMPACRAPS” are ass holes !

    • DaveL says:

      Nah, He can’t be an asshole, an asshole has a use ! this idiot has no use except to hold targets for police qualifications !

  4. Pat says:

    He’s a lightweight that’s going nowhere this guy is so easy to predict democrats read from the same script what a bunch of losers
    Not one of them can carry trump jock strap as far as taking my guns away go ahead my day
    TRUMP 2020 trump jr 2024

  5. Roman says:

    Mark Hopkins: You have gotten again into name calling, being offensive and abusive. Your behavior is a poor reflection on yourself and your intellectual abilities,. When you loose an argument, because the facts contradict your bigoted uninformed views, – then you throw a hissy fit. I just wish you would grow up and learn to handle a legitimate debate with respect to other points of view, which are protected by the First Amendment. If you can’t learn to be respectful of others, go and obtain professional help to obtain some anger management therapy.

    • Mark Pearson says:

      I think it was Cal Thomas who noted “you’ve lost the argument as soon as you resort to name calling.”

      • Roman says:

        Mark Pearson: Thank you for letting me know. It was an insightful comment by Carl Thomas. I had not been aware that it was he who made it. However, it has influenced my thinking and my behavior when I hear or read abusive offensive comments and name-calling.

    • Mark Hopkins says:

      I don’t have discussions with communists. I’m not “politically correct” and never will be. There is no win or lose in these posts as neither side will convince the other. You can say anything you want to about me, you’ve got that right. I’ve also got that right. When you idiots finally get your communism, you may find that having is not as satisfying as wanting. I personally don’t give a rats ass what you commies think, except as it impacts freedom loving TRUE AMERICANS. Yes, I hate all of you, because you won’t stop until we do have a civil war. The next one is going to be on you “democRATS” just like the first one.

      • Roman says:

        Mark Hopkins: Your comments and your attitude just prove that you don’t have the intellectual capacity to hold an intelligent discussion. Not only do you get into offensive name calling, but you make totally false allegations, as a diversion tactic, and do not stick to the issues being discussed. You just proved that trying to discuss with you anything is just an absolute waste of time.

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          Well Roman, you keep harping on my intellectual capacity. I’d venture to say it’s far above yours. At least I’m not a communist moron that wants to disarm all Americans and leave them at the mercy (or lack thereof) of a totalitarian communist government and all the criminals that will still have theirs. I’ve done a lot of things in my life that I’d be willing to bet are far above your pay grade. You just have your panties in a bunch because I call you commies on your stupidity and insubstantial “facts”. So you see, you’re calling me “stupid” by calling into question my “intellectual capacity”. I don’t dance around technicalities, I’ll just call you stupid outright, and as I said before, I don’t have “discussions” with communist morons.

          • Roman says:

            Mark Hopkins: As I said earlier, you are offensive, you don’t have respectful manners, are impervious to logic, and you do not have the capacity to hold an intelligent discussion. It is my waste of time to discuss anything with you.

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            My intellectual capacity is just fine Roman, I’m just impervious to your type of “logic”. Your right about the “respectful manners” part. I definitely don’t respect communists that are hell bent on destroying our nation. In fact, when the SHTF, I fully intend to show you commies just how disrespectful I can be.

          • Roman Hruby says:

            Mark Hopkins: For your information, I am no communist and I strongly oppose communism. But, with your intemperate language, devoid of logic, not to mention respect for opposing points of view (protected by the First Amendment). I do not intend to have any further conversations with you – as I don’t want to stoop to your level of name calling.

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            LMAO! OK Roman, you go ahead and take the high ground. I guess my opposing point of view isn’t covered by the first amendment because I’m not a liberal. Are you a “democrat” Roman, cause you sure don’t sound like a conservative? If you’re a “democrat” you ARE a communist. They’ve proven themselves to be communists time and time again, and not “just” communists, but also fascist totalitarians. They’re the ones starting the trouble, maintaining it and then whining and crying when true Americans fight back. DemocRATs have proven beyond the shadow of doubt they are mentally ill mental midgets with no true compassion or empathy for anyone except themselves, and that’s actually just greed and a lust for power. I’ll take my chances any day with armed conservative American citizens over the stinking demonRATS, “government” or “citizens”.

        • Roman says:

          Mark Hopkins: No, I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I am an independent, what some people call a “radical moderate”. I abhor communists, right-wing fascists and extremism of all sorts. I abhor intemperate language, violence and calls to violence. As part of approach to politics, I weigh each issue on its merits – and strongly dislike sweeping generalizations about Democrats calling them the epitome of all evil and the same about Republicans, the epitome of all evil or conversely regarding supporters of either party, as the ultimate in all goodness and righteousness. For America to ever be great, it is necessary to work with all people – although one can never please the extremists on the issues., Calls to Civil War is an absolute abomination in my mind and certainly counterproductive to making America a Great Country.

    • Blue says:

      He didn’t Lose the argument he only disagrees with you, You name called him with your judgement talk, seems like he’s got your number.

  6. The day he gets what he wants, will be the day the Civil War will begin. This is what Adolph Hitler did, think about it.

    • Felipe says:

      He should get what he’s asking for? A filed lawsuit against his dumb ass! For a Terrorist Yhreat against the American people! Especially. To nuke us and kill us! He said,”KILL US!” If that is not a death threat? I’ll eat my toenails! Charges need to be filed against him from every gun owner or by Judicial Watch or some other big gun organization? This Natzi crap needs to stop now!

  7. TexRancher says:

    This idiot is declaring war on the largest, armed , standing army in the world!

    God, Guts and Guns made this country the greatest in the world!

    Keep his picture for future reference!

    • Nate Paris says:

      That’s hitting the nail on the head!

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      I read in WWII a Japanese Admiral was planning on invading America, however, he said, behind every blade of grass is a gun….. right own and he chose not to invade America….. WE THE PEOPLE will not give up our guns……

      • The traveller says:

        You are right. It was Yamamoto, who was Western educated and trained, that said not to invade the mainland. Too bad they didn’t take the first hint. They had to get a second hint to lay down their arms. More likely, it was their pride that got hit in the kazoo.

        • Felipe says:

          This fruitcake never was in a Military situation? If there was a draft? He’s be in Canada! Like other draft dodging cowards who I ran into in the Sheet Metal trade. Many now retired! But. I always heard how stupid anyone in the Military was? How smart they were? Stinking coward’s ! Just like this Swalllow prick!

        • Felipe says:

          This fruitcake never was in a Military situation? If there was a draft? He’s be in Canada! Like other draft dodging cowards who I ran into in the Sheet Metal trade. Many now retired! But. I always heard how stupid anyone in the Military was? How smart they were? Stinking coward’s ! Just like this Swalllow’s prick!

      • Raquel says:

        You are right, they didn’t invade America bc they knew that every Americans were armed…over my dead body they take my guns

  8. Felpie says:

    Eric Swallows is so delusional. He’ll never get past first base. Never! He’s a nobody who has nothing to offer. But. Pain and misery!

  9. Felpie says:

    Eric Swallows is so delusional. He’ll never get past first base.

  10. This idiot must not know just how many veterans have fought for our freedom.

    What planet does he live on?

    He surely won’t get my vote.

    He can try to pry mine out of my hands after I fill his yes sir re with hot lead.

    He will never get himself elected because he will die first if he tries to disarm
    Americans, that is a fact Jack!!

    • anniefawn says:

      In the 20th century 170 million civilians died AFTER their governments enacted and enforced gun control. Gun control leads to a Police State. Actually gun control is aiming with both hands Everything else is politics.

  11. Betty Sakai says:

    Eric Stalwell is not unlike millions of other ignorant and unprepared citizens. His actions say he fears weapons, but obviously he has no idea about why the 2nd Amendment is in the Constitution. Eric’s stupidity is clearly fascist and presents a clear and present danger to our liberty. In towns and cities all across America, those who are educated must inquire of their school district whether students before they graduate are being required to pass a class in authentic (not Common Core) U.S. History, and also pass an 8th grade test on the U.S. Constitution. Hillsdale College makes basic courses available that teachers and parents can use. God save us from ignorant leaders.

  12. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Do NOT stop shooting until you KNOW your enemy is dead. Do NOT give them the chance to recover. Do NOT turn your back to an enemy. Do NOT toss your weapon in order to ‘fight like a man’. Kill your enemy like the vermin he, she, gay, xgender, leftist, traitor. whatever is.
    Leftists MUST DIE.
    Peace, schmeace. VICTORY!

  13. Yank says:

    Rep. Eric Swalwell, you reprehensible Nazi pos! The headline of this post said this should make my blood run cold! It does NOT make my blood run cold, Rickie, it makes my blood boil! Nuke the ones who resist? Have you ever, EVER read our Constitution? Spoken like a true Nazi, Rickie boy! How proud you must be! I know if Hitler was still around, he would most certainly be proud of you! Read the Constitution! There is one part in the 2nd Amendment that is written just for the likes of you! Read it and find out!

    • Nunyer Binnis says:

      Are we sure his name isn’t really Swallowell? Demand his tax returns. Demand ALL Democrat’s tax returns. Turn their tactics back on them. They HATE that. Read ‘Rules for Radicals’ and do them to leftists.
      Piss them off so badly that they commit suicide. It’s for the children.

  14. JonathanC says:

    Hitler murdered 13 million people and died in 1945.
    Stalin murdered 40 million people and died in 1953.
    Mao Tse-Tung murdered 70 million people and died in 1976.
    In 2016, Hillary Clinton ran for Absolute Dictator of the United States, and if elected she would have had the power to murder 100 million Americans in 100 days AT THAT TIME (the Supreme Court being the critical path). And i can throw our 12-story-tall County Court House 100 times as far as i can trust Hillary Clinton with that kind of power . And i am not strong, either.
    The bad news is that genocide is coming to the United States. The First and Second Amendments to the U.S. Constitution kept genocide out of the United States for the longest time. The Democrats have a cure for that.
    So the big question is: WHO CAN/WILL STOP GENOCIDE? The answer is: THE SAVING REMNANT. The Saving Remnant are those who will protect people when the government is murdering people. And the Saving Remnant can save the population from COMPLETE extinction.
    A Saving Remnant does not happen by accident. A POINT MAN has to get the resistance started, by taking a determined stand against evil, against SUPPOSEDLY SUICIDAL odds, and remaining unkilled. Once the Saving Remnant takes shape, they will want to keep the Point Man unkilled, in order to help the Saving Remnant to grow.
    My first action to resist against genocide was a MOST HOLY VOW: That i would rather to die or to be murdered rather than to KNOWINGLY (1) PARTICIPATE IN the murder of innocent people, or to KNOWINGLY (2) ASSIST the murder of innocent people, or to KNOWINGLY (3) CONDONE the murder of innocent people. And if i cowered and did nothing while the murders and disappearances were happening around me, then i was condoning the evil. I had no choice but to resist.
    I started resisting covertly by writing anti-genocide graffiti on walls, and silently collecting/manufacturing weapons. My overt resistance was demonstrations and protests. And if i had to resist alone, and die alone, I STILL WOULD HAVE DIED WITH HONOR, which was one thing the enemy could NEVER truthfully claim. And deep down, even the enemy KNEW that they had NO HONOR. And the reason i would have died with honor is because the enemy would have killed me for having done the right thing. After six long, interminable months of what seemed to be resisting alone, both the enemy and me saw that other people were also resisting! The Saving Remnant had been born! AND, i did NOT have a gun when i took my vow. The Saving Remnant eventually brought that genocide to a halt. FOR ONCE, the good guys won!

    • Gregory O Hamlin says:

      God has let communism and fascism exist so that we can see,hear,touch and feel the results of this anti God mentality.It is just pure evil.A government based purely on the greed and power hungry few that in order to keep it they literally have to terrorize the entire population into giving in.A disarmed population can not fight back.It’s a crock of bs that taking our guns is for the safety of the public.Bull.The public at the hands of psychotic criminals is not safe.Those libcoms are psychotic.

    • Rowdy says:

      Every since I was a child I heard, to do unto others as you would have them do to you. It is now time for the Left Wing Nut Democraps learn what that saying truly means, and we need to start dishing out all of the things that they have done to us right back at them. Since they want to dis arm America then I demand that they disarm themselves and all of the armed security that is all around these nut case polititions, and mega millionairs that keep funding these Left Wing Nuts. Lets force the issue on them that they are forcing on use. President Trump is right, since all of the sanctuary cities, counties and states demand free boarders then they need to be the ones that support all of these people that they want to flood our country, And when all these places get flooded with illegals, their will be plenty of places and jobs for all of the good hard working conservatives to go and be safe with their 2nd amendment firearms. By the way all of the sanctuary places need to give up all of their fire arms, the Left Wing Nut Democraps demand it. They should be so happy when we allow them to have their way in their little part of this country that they are destroying.

  15. steve evans says:

    Hitler (democratic party) said the easy way the take over a country, is to take away all their weapons. The (communists) (democratic party) know that they can not take down America by a head to head fight so, what do they doing to take us down, they destroy us from within and that is what is taking place RIGHT NOW folks. remember your history or we are DOOMED to repeat it ( HERE AT HOME AND RIGHT NOW ON YOUR DOOR STEP) !!!

    • Greg says:

      Praise the lord and pass the ammunition.Soldiers will do what is ordered.We need to pray and ask for the help of God.We will also have to do our part and stop the lefts crazy antics.The left have left their heart,soul and mind in the hand of Satan.They are Demonic and souless.

  16. Pat says:

    Two hundred and fifty millions Americans are locked and loaded these fools really think we are going to give are guns up that’s why we have guns to keep government in line there’s a old saying when the government no longer fears the people you have chaso TRUMP GREATNESS PRESIDENT IN HISTORY

  17. Dianna says:

    will anyone who “guards” him have to give up their weapons? or would his people be exempt? this is a CRAZY person! wake up America & pay attention to what’s slowly happening in our country!

  18. Truckman says:

    there is no chance that any of them can beat Trump without cheating and that will start a war

  19. Bill E. Bob says:

    So this porcine excrement is the left’s very best “best of the best”?? Gee, I thought that Jo Jo Biden was their best!

    • Notalib says:

      I live in Ca. This guy is a light weight but should not be discounted. Ca. produces some of the worst, and some of the best [Reagan] leaders ever. Mostly the worst. If you see a politician from Ca. pay attention. We have quite a few really good Conservative one but far too many like this jerk and Pelosi. All liberal, all want your vote and your money to spend on things like illegal aliens. As long as you pay for them.

  20. Pat says:

    Don’t let this loud mouth fool you he knows he doesn’t have a shot in hell to become president he’s only saying what soros told him to say as far as taking my guns let me say this HA HA HA HA I needed a good laugh

  21. Idiot , Imbecile , Dingbat – you name it – This ” Individual ” is the Epitome of BrainDead x Won’t even make a dent in the Group

  22. Stella says:

    Not only he is an idiot, but the man (?), He is from California, you never know, will NEVER be President. All these Demrats, Hollywood idiots and the rest who anti guns give up their body guards (armed), no more Secret service for members of Senate or Congress, and no walls around their mansions.

  23. Sue Rich says:

    Who on earth wants a president like Swalwell, who only chose the gun control issue because it’s in the Democrat limelight? Do your research Swalie. 80% or more of Americans know how important guns are to keep intruders at bay and keep America from being overrun by its own government and to keep our country out of the hands of enemies, both foreign and domestic.

    • glock19fan says:

      It’s more than that. Think about when Hitler was invading surrounding countries. All guns in Europe were registered (and probably still are) so the Gestapo (Gehaime Staats Polizei or “Secret State Police”) seized the registration lists and went door to door. Anyone who didn’t hand over the gun or was unable to for whatever reason was shot and killed on the spot. That is what Swalwell has in store for us. He may as well say, “Sieg Heil” (“Hail Victory”). We certainly do ***not*** need that creep in the White House and I am surprised that California voters are not reacting. He should bemade subject to a recall election such as did away with a former crooked mayor of San Francisco.

      • G NATHAN says:


  24. Danny Noble says:

    Swalwell has threatened to use nuclear weapons against American citizens – why is he still in congress and not in irons? That is a legitimate terrorist threat from someone with the juice to make it happen. You remember Madonna threatening to blow up the White House? Any difference? Both leftist loons with the money to follow through with their threats.

  25. Patriot says:

    They are going to need a bigger clown car.

  26. Joe says:

    There are still a lot of Republicans in California. This year, the Republicans need to get off there ass and go vote. NO EXCUSES. If you don’t vote, you are a traitor. If you plan to vote for anyone other than Republicans you a traitor. No Third Party B.S.

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Pray that Our wonderful President “dumps’ 20,000 illegal aliens into San Francisco and “wakes up” the voters that can TOSS THE BUMS (demon-rats) OUT.

  27. Frank says:

    People like Rep. Eric Swalwell is one of the reasons we have the Second Amendment. This rabid dog makes Hitler look sane. The First Amendment gives this jerk the right to say what he said, the Second Amendment was written to prevent morons like him from carrying out his plan.

    • Nick says:

      I invite the sh*t eating bastard to come get my guns. I am an American and Im not scared of little assh*les like Swalwell.

  28. Michael Groves says:

    Hey Eric Swalwell, you be right there on the front lines. Please! Nathan you asked how one man in Congress can demand this. Easy, our gutless, cowardly Republicans leaders are allowing him to talk this way. Have you seen our side putting up a fight at all? The Republicans are to busy back stabbing President Trump.

    • Nick Byrne says:

      I agree with you 100% Michael. We have put a bunch of queers and little girls in high places running our government who will sell the whole damn farm for a low price. The raghead in Congress was right about one thing: It’s all about the Benjamins. That is all they care about; money and power.

  29. He NEEDS to be NUKED…..BECAUSE he is “the” PSYCHOPATH, NOT gun owners…..!!!!

  30. Jodi says:

    Under the U.S.Constitution, Americans have the right to keep and bear arms. I will not vote for anyone who wants to take away my Constitutional rights. I’m NOT a felon and have done nothing that would cause m e to have my right revoked.
    Instead, he needs to stop illegal immigrants from bringing illegal guns and drugs across the border.

    • FEDUP says:

      Jodi, That’s pretty funny OBUMMER gave those guns to the illegals across the border. AGAIN proof of how idiotic the Demo-rats have become the last 10 years.

  31. Joe says:

    “From my cold, dead hands.” I am not afraid to die. I am a veteran of the Naval Amphibious Forces! Eric Swallwell, (D-CA) you are a traitor! You have violated the Second Amendment! You are unfit to serve.

  32. Dave says:

    Hey, Eric, come and get my rifle personally will you !! PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE !!!!!

  33. Pete says:

    Give Herr Eric Swalwell a chance and he will become America’s Fuhrer! First he will go after your guns and give you whatfor with Krystallnacht! What could be worse than listening to this blowhard going on and on ala Hitler in his heyday speechifying before adoring Nazi crowds for hours on end!

  34. The traveller says:

    Don’t try that in the Deep South, Wyoming, Montana, Oklahoma, Texas, NM, or AZ. Our sheriffs abide by the 2nd Amendment.

  35. Beebe Kent says:

    And the Libs call Trump a loose canon with his finger on the red nuclear button.

  36. Denny says:

    He announced his run on a comedy show because this guy is a real joke. He doesn’t believe the Mullher commission’s outcome, after 2+ years of investigation, and even suggested that they were somehow “gotten to” by the Trump people. This turkey is a paranoid schizophrenic & instead of being in government, he would best be interred in a nut house. This meatball is just one of the faces of the looney Democrats … there are more

  37. Van Livingston says:

    Article 1 section 9 of the constitution, no ex post facto laws shall be passed, even if they could legally pass a ban, they can not make it affect the guns that are already out there.

    • 1-MAC says:

      They did it with bump stocks

      • Danny Noble says:

        Man bump stocks are useless crap that makes any gun less accurate. Let them have their toy victory. There are other trigger bolt-ons that do the same thing if you just have to waste bullets.

        I shoot quarter size groups at 100 yards with my mini 14, one shot at a time, thru iron sights using 67 grain bullets. It doesn’t like the 55 grain as much.

        • Irish1919 says:

          Problem is we the people should give them nothing. They first take an inch then want it all. Bump stocks should never had been banned. What automatic weapons aren’t already banned. These ass wipes want to take all our weapons. I say if they even try there will be a 10 million man march on our capitol. This country can no longer be allowed to exist if they take away any of our constitutional rights. If they can’t uphold the constitution they have sweared to protect they should be impeached or better yet jailed.

        • Russell says:

          100 yards quarter grouping you go eyes better than a eagle or hawk. I cant see a quarter at 20 yards.

      • Ronald Dun says:

        The “bump-stock” bit really sucks- I don’t own one and never wanted one… but what puts me off about it is that a president can make a legal article ILLEGAL by a stroke of his pen.. no vote, no public or Congressional input- the whole thing smacks of illegality and tyranny. So what is next on the list- semi-auto firearms made illegal by presidential fiat???
        Thomas Jefferson said: “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” How applicable are those words today?
        This country is in civil war and the sooner “everyday people” realise this and respond, the sooner the healing will begin. Not holding my breath tho…

        • Irish1919 says:

          Yes and Jefferson was an agnostic. Now we have Muslims who hate America and the so called 100 new members of left wing commies I. Office. When will America say enough is enough and vote out all these traitors.

  38. Frank says:

    This guy is the closest thing to “Brain Dead” that I have ever seen or heard.
    How does someone who obviously never read or understood the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence ever get elected to anything. I hope he doesn’t have children, it would be a crime to let someone this stupid to breed.

    • ardvark says:

      He is a democrat, so it is only natural for him to be an idiot also!

      • Marie says:

        He is a DEMON RAT. Spell it right please/.

      • Stella says:

        Not only he is an idiot, but the man (?), He is from California, you never know, will NEVER be President. All these Demrats, Hollywood idiots and the rest who anti guns give up their body guards (armed), no more Secret service for members of Senate or Congress, and no walls around their mansions.

    • Fed Up says:

      Just showing their true colors. With G. sorus backing them up. He has been kicked out of his own country for this same venom. He is the true head of this “SWAMP” Why else would anyone say to nuke their own citizens. Come and take IT! Traitors!

  39. donn Edmunds says:

    they can have my semi autos but first I will give every brass casing I have empty

  40. Jodi says:

    I will not vote for this person. You don’t punish law abiding American taxpaying citizens by taking away one of their constitutional rights, the Second Amendment, because people break the law. You punish the people who break the law.
    That’s as bad as giving welfare, food stamps, MediCal and education to illegal immigrants who break our laws entering our country illegally.
    They don’t pay taxes but the American taxpaying citizens get the bill.

  41. Rickster says:

    People like this need to be taken out before they cause problems! Being paid for by morons like George Soros ! The stupidity on democraps side gets deeper as the days go by!! You wont see these puccys going door to door! Cops would get shot and walk off the job! Milatary would do it either! Youd see a March on Congress democraps by gun owners dragging them to the streets before shooting them!! Lots of blood in the streets! Keep it up and find out the hard way!! Like the stupid move New Zealand did over a mosque shooting! What’s happens when women try to rule! No common sense! Guns had nothing to do with it!! Like banning spoons cause your ass gets fat!! Your hand put it in there! Your brain told it too! Morons!! Brainwashed idiots!

  42. Stephen says:

    What’s really happening here is a guy trying to get big time media attention so he can get some poll numbers going for him. He knows full well that his idiotic proposal has no chance of going anywhere even in a Democratic-controlled Congress. But he will get attention, and folks like us will do what he wants us to do: get mad, write blogs, give him lots of press play.

  43. While I DO NOT HAVE A GUN there are members of my family that are hunters and I would not follow these laws that are against the 2ND Amendment

    • RJOGuillory says:

      ….I understand the “qualification” of your opinion, related to relatives who are “hunters”. But please do not allow the corrupt government, it’s supporters and those who wish to crush our natural freedoms to box you into narrow constitutional-corners such as “hunting”. That’s not what The 2nd Amendment is for, as much as they would like to dilute it down to “hunting”. The 2nd Amendment is the relief valve to tyrannical, corrupt government. Never let them take that right away from you, through the milk-toasting of the right to defend yourself, against anyone…especially against corrupt government.
      RJ O’Guillory

  44. Glenn says:

    Until today I had not even heard of this Swallow Well. Sounds like a pansy in California.

    • Cliff says:

      Why do we have Morons like this in office ?? Dem’s are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel ! Dem’s should be fired for NOT doing the Job they are being paid to do !!!

  45. Mark Pearson says:

    What does this clown wan to do to us that he is so afraid of an armed citizenry??

    • Fed Up says:

      Uh, taking your guns is the the way commies take over a country. Ask Venezuela ,They have warned us ,this is what happened to them.

  46. FUZZY says:

    Dear Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA)
    Seems No ONE agrees with your statement about taking our guns.
    We all agree you are a Traitor to the USA, your job is to protect the Constitution .

    Please Resign.

  47. John J says:

    Somebody, please put this chimp back in it’s cage

  48. John Galt says:

    He is just another of the herd of wackos that are running for president as Democrats in the next election. This is wonderful!! It will guarantee the re-election of Donald Trump. It also might destroy the Democrat Party forever.

  49. Mike says:

    I am sure their will be plenty of places he will be worried about his health when giving his anti gun speech.

    • anniedawn says:

      I am from California and I can’t stand this arrogant little pimp who thinks he walks on water. He is one of the far leftists who doesn’t care about the people. In the 20th century 170 million civilians died AFTER their governments enacted and enforced gun control. When you take all citizens guns away you have a police state. Gun Control is aiming with both hands all else is politics.

      • Nate Paris says:

        I’m realizing this nipple-head Swalwell, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and other dim-witted idiots elected in California may not be elected by The People of California (are there that many idiots voting in California?), But by special interest groups with lots of money that is given to these falsely elected nit-wits to pass laws that best fit there needs and not The Peoples? In other words, they could give a rats ass less about you The people, your just there to be taxed more for any of all screw-ups!

  50. marleen davis says:

    His initials tell about him: E S. Stands for Egotistical Slimball. I have an idea. Some of us need to get together and dress up as “his” guys confiscating guns and want all his weapons. Lets scare the heck out of him. Arrest him and really frighten the crap out of him. That would be really a great way to teach him the tyranny of which he speaks.

  51. Ernst says:

    Eric Swalwell is a prime example of the poor quality of person the Democrats are offering as leaders. Swalwell is no leader. He is a simpering little puppet without individual thought or strong character. As a potential leader, he is terrifyingly inadequate.

  52. Pat says:

    This is just another brain dead coup by the Democrats to force American citizens to give up their self defense arms for us be free citizens. With no weapons, we cannot revolt against them. We would be led into slavery for their control and total wealth. They think we are stupid and cannot see into their evil schemes. THEY are the stupid ones. We will prevail and do it without them.

  53. Charles W Arnold says:

    2nd Amendment America’s Original Homeland Security Since 1791. STAND AND FIGHT against the anti gun Democrats.

  54. cliff says:

    he is as stupid sob.
    without guns,we wouldn’t be a free nation.

  55. Truckman says:

    let him along come to get my guns himself and see what happens if he will not come don’t send anybody else

  56. William says:

    This guy is completely out of his mind. Seriously. He’s going to “nuke” gun owners who don’t abide to strict gun control laws. Is that not just a bit over the top? Ok, Wile E Swalwell. Are ya gonna purchase that there nuke from ACME? What a spectacular D-BAG!!

  57. Al says:

    Swallow well can run, but he can’t hide the brain dead nimrod can come for my guns but he will remove them out of my cold dead hands! I just hope hes in the group that come for mine but you know that chicken s*it communist punk will never be in a battle he’ll have his useful idiots do it!

    • Drew says:

      And then what Bad Guy?

      • Michael says:

        Revolt it’s as simple as that. It’s time y’all got your wake up call

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          Agree 100% Michael. It’s about time for Civil War II. This time we need to burn the rot of fascist/communist liberalism from our nation completely. Destroy it right down to the very idea of it and never allow that corrupt, evil rotten ideology to exist here again.

          • FUZZY says:

            I hate anyone against the Second Amendment of our Constitution . They are true traitors and fascist . We Americans believe in Freedom and have paid a heavy price to keep it.
            Here’s the Question : Why don’t we Vote them out of office??
            This is EZ to do. But someone is voting for them and many people Don’t vote at all. Be Heard VOTE!
            it is EZ and simple to do.

            I can not understand a USA citizen not voting , if is the most important thing we do.
            Vote the Bad People OUT.

  58. John says:

    Smelwel is a little fagget

  59. John the Deplorable says:

    The people of California needs to drag hat brain dead communist out of office and tar and feather him he is a twit a little communist he should just move to Europe he may be happy there thank God that bastard don’t live in Reno Nevada
    Swell well if you see this comment you’re A disgrace to this great nation

  60. Henry Naizer says:

    OK Patriotpulse – Where is my 2nd Amendment Comments by the Founders which I posted about 2 minutes ago.

  61. William Barber says:

    They will have to pry my guns out of my bloody dead hands. I guarantee I will take an army of them with me! Bring it on!!!

  62. Jay says:

    It’s great so many American Patriots responded to this article.
    Lock and Load people!!!
    Save America! Trump 2020 — our only hope!!????????????????????????????????????????

    • D.A.N. says:

      I wonder what he would think if the police told him he had to go out there and try to get them first himself? There are a number of ex-military/military dependents/others that have ex-military weapons that would be turned on him in an instant. And the bullets flying at him might even be ex-govt too. And he’d better be wearing a Level 4 plate in his bullet proof vest as he might find that some of those rounds would be armor piercing. Of course if he got some of us mad, he might just be on the receiving end of some Russian, Japanese, Italian, Greek, Pakistani, or British military ammo just because he wouldn’t be worth wasting the good stuff on.

    • John the Deplorable says:

      This is are country we the people my Dad fought for this country during the Korean War. So the way I see it I will too against foreign and domestic terrorists. So smelwell can try but he is just a little fag I bet he could punch his way out of a wet paper sack. He is just the lefts little bitch. And a punk. All the left are a bunch of traitors to this country of ours.. they all need to be tried for treason and I mean all of them. Drag them out of their offices and take them into public and brand them with hot tar and feathers the traitors they are then hang them all. Problem solved then we can start fresh and the New Democratic Party would think twice before screwing WE THE PEOPLE because then they would know that we mean business. Let them try to do what ever they are trying to do they won’t win. We not only have the military on are side we also have all the law enforcement they will stand with us. Their will be some that will try to follow orders but the majority will be on WE THE PEOPLES SIDE. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS STAY STRONG PATRIOTS.

      • Drew says:

        Sick !! And then U bring God’s Name into ALL this Sickness & Verbal Attacks on People U kniw NOTHING ABOUT. Maybe it’s TIME TO LOOK inward at Yourself.
        So much Hatred & insults from People on this Website. Not Necessary.

        • Vicki says:

          You sound like a little pansy yourself. We know Swalwell too well. He talks big about over riding our second amendment rights by confiscating our guns. That’s all we need to know. Just let him try. It won’t be us who are sorry. You better stay home though, might upset your sensibilities.

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          Yeah Drew, so much hatred against fascist/communists that hate us and want to enslave and kill us. So much hatred for the communist bastards that want to end our freedom and national identity. So much hatred for the demonRATS that would turn our country into a third world dictatorship where only the dictators are allowed to have personal property. Yes, we know them; we know all about them. They are the disciples of Satan, the evil cancer that is destroying our nation. They must be purged with fire. They must be destroyed completely from our country. If WE THE PEOPLE can’t do it then God surely will.

        • FUZZY says:

          I simply disagree with anyone that wants to change our Constitution. This is the basic instrument that Keeps US Free. anyone wanting to take our Rights away is my enemy and I have the right to disagree and vote against them.
          Not sure why you don’t like ” GOD BLESS AMERICA” but you better hope HE does.

          • Roman says:

            Fuzzy: Please explain to me why many other western democratic countries, such as the UK, Canada, Australia, France are free a- and they are not governed by the US Constitution. My point is that may be the US Constitution is not a sacred instrument essential for an effective functioning of a free and democratic country and can be amended as necessary.

        • CB says:

          Do you say the same thing when you troll liveral pages too? It is far worse on “the other side”.
          Only Liberals are allowed to have their 1st amendment rights?
          If some idiot come to my neck of the woods and start confiscating weapons, good luck. Once you get out of the suburbs it gets quite the well armed folk.

  63. wilddog says:

    It’s kind of funny he came to my state, a stand your ground state, to kick off his nonsense of stupidity. But then he did only go to the counties that are heavily democrap.

  64. NOBODY says:

    only a fools (which should stay home) would will cost more then 15b bucks no to say how many lives would be lost trying to collect those guns from normally good and honest citizens will turn in to a blood bath onboth sides…..

    but again their dummies

    • trebor says:

      Didn’t he say turn them in or I’ll kill you. Sounds like a threat to me. Not put you in prison, KILL YOU. This is a nation created by men who carved it with the guns they had in their homes and this is why we have a RIGHT to own firearms , not to hunt, but to defend against an oppressive , repressive government. It was done before and it can be done again. The guy is not only an asshole but an idiot.

    • Drew says:

      Not take guns from Honest law abiding CITIZENS,. .. JUST FROM FOOLS & STUPID PEOPLE.

  65. Bender says:

    Wait a second why doesn’t he try thoughts and prayers after another 10000 kids are killed it’s got to work.

  66. Tony Bell says:

    It slays me to see just how monumentally stupid some people are. Hillary calling half the country deplorable is a good example that comes to mind. This fool Swalwell has no idea the idiocy of the stance he is taking on guns. Doing so and expecting to win a presidency is just stupid.

  67. Barb Brown says:

    That RACIST hag waters thinks she is God and all will bow down to her…WRONG>> She bucked the line at Reagan National airport to grab a cab leaving behind a long line of nearly 100 people waiting for cabs..Who does she think she is NOBODY..Self important lib… To bad someone didn’t tackle her and make her wait her turn…Her time is not any more important than those folks….She should have made time in her schedule for wait time for taxi…DUH!

  68. Tetvet says:

    yes another nut case with no nuts but a big lying mouth.

    • Michael D Bryant says:

      I heard she had to use 50 lipsticks ???? to cover those lips and mouth ???? with all the wrinkles looking like the tide is going out….
      Her command of the English language is a joke… The person that put her in the chairman’s position should be put in jail..

  69. Gregory Sullivan says:

    As the old saying goes:
    “Fear The Politician That Fears Your Gun”

    • Amen! This is WHY our Forefathers made sure that they added the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution! They just fought from repression from the British and they were NOT going to allow any Stone headed politician to Take OUR Guns away, EVER, Again! This is the reason I keep a gun. I do not want this California Demoncrat even thinking of using a Nuclear bomb to take our freedoms away! WHY is he even qualified to be a Representative?

    • FUZZY says:

      How perfect and How Correct is that saying.

      You know if the citizens have no guns to protect themselves from the government then the GOV. WILL take us over and the people will be political slaves.
      Just look at other No Gun Countries.

  70. jack says:

    this guy is a joke. watch him get votes from all his family members only. When he opens his pie hole, nothing intelligent ever comes out.

  71. Blue says:

    These democrats are guaranteeing a victory for President Trump in 2020!

    • Jeffrey Cahoon says:

      I believe the 2nd amendment was formed to give the citizens the right, the duty, to take up arms against our government should they become tyrannical. And disarming the people is a tyrannical move! We the People will NOT, EVER, give up our weapons! We have put up with the crap the gun grabbers have tried to this point, but if this IDIOT Swalwell tries this Adolph Hitler crap on us, he will be in for a world of hurt! But alas, he will NEVER make it to the White House! I live in his California district, I did not vote for this IDIOT, and I hope that his people will see the light, and not vote for him either!

  72. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Democrats are EVIL, either by choice or by STUPIDITY.

    • Drew says:

      My issue us not about Guns,.. its abt Who & How individuals get them SO EASILY, & THE TYPE OF GUNS, IN PARTICULAR,.. ASSAULT & MILITARY TYPE WEAPONS. These Weapons are made fir One Purpose,.. KILLING PEOPLE.

      • Elaine Collins says:


    • 2004done says:


  73. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Gun owners have people like him’s number and are ready to put up a fight to save their God given right to own them. If he wants to challenge them, it will a battle that will end up probably bloody with him being the looser.

    • Roman says:

      Gregory Sullivan: I never saw where the Bible ever said people have a “God given right” to own guns. Please let me know. I only thought it was the Second Amendment of the US Constitution . And we know that the Constitution is not exactly the Bible – and in fact, the Constitution can be legally amended.

      • Gregory says:

        The founding fathers believe the right to bear arms was granted by God as they were God fearing Christians who wanted to protect this country from an atheistic dictatorship. Maybe when the bible was written at the time guns were available, Our Creator would’ve approved of it.

        • Roman says:

          Gregory: You are just speculating – and inferring intentions to God without any proof.. The Bible says nothing about guns. Your earlier comment said “it was your God given right” That is a distortion of the Bible.. And, did Jesus not say, if someone strikes your cheek, then turn your other cheek.? Jesus did not say you have a right to possess weapons to defend yourself.

          • Gregory Sullivan says:

            Back in those days the only weapons that were available were slings and arrows which caused less than 10 percent of murders then. Jesus knew this and that’s why he issued his saying, “turn the other cheak” comment as he knew that his comment would’ve caused very few of them.

          • Roman says:

            Gregory Sullivan: My point is that gun ownership cannot and should not be justified on religious grounds. You may want to justify gun ownership on constitutional or civil grounds. But, please do not drag God into the discussion – because, if anything, Jesus’ message was that of love, compassion and forgiveness – and not violence. And, if anything, Jesus’ message undermines your argument for gun ownership

        • FUZZY says:


          Our GOD does approve of guns WE HAVE THEM.
          if it was not so , there would be No Guns.
          and Thank GOD we do, or WWI & WWII we would have lost

          • Roman Hruby says:

            Fuzzy: You are ignoring Jesus’ teachings of love, compassion and forgiveness. Instead, you are making statements not supported by the Bible. You are making those statements just because they are suitable to your views, even though Jesus’ teachings were completely different.

      • D.A.N. says:

        Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

        Luke 22:36
        Man has a god given right to self defense and the first ten amendments are not to be changed. under any condition.

        • Gregory Sullivan says:

          Then on what grounds should justify gun ownership besides the second amendment to our constitution?

          • Roman says:

            Gregory Sullivan: I could only firmly justify gun ownership on the grounds of the second amendment. It might be possible to try to justify it on the practical grounds for self-defense, if the state is not able or is not willing to protect its own citizens.

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            There are several scriptures in the Bible that condone owning weapons and admonished people to defend themselves and their families. Guns didn’t exist at the time but swords, slings and bows did. The Romans didn’t disallow their subjects from owning weapons. Guns are the weapons of today and God does approve if he is the God of the Bible, and he is. The 2nd amendment and God’s word are in agreement. The “government” is far more dangerous than the street criminals and the police can’t protect you. The police arrive AFTER the crime has been done in most cases. We have the God given right to protect ourselves and our families. We also have the Constitutional right to do so. Roman just bought into the communist narrative that gun ownership is “bad” which is absolute BS. The only way to stop those bent on doing you and your family harm is to be well armed and proficient in their use.

          • Roman says:

            Mark Hopkins: You are selecting and interpreting the Bible inaccurately. Please tell me which passages condone ordinary people having weapons. Jesus’ message was love, compassion and forgiveness. He said if one strikes you on the cheek – then turn the other cheek. He never said anything about having assault or semi-automatic weapons. As well, I would like to ask you a question – so that we can think outside the box, Do you really believe the US is the greatest country in the world? If so how do you explain that many western countries have a much lower crime rate than the US, while restricting – some very severely – gun ownership? Is it because the people there are somehow morally superior to Americans – I don’t think so. It may be worth looking at those countries and look at their best practices in handling this issue. As well, how can a modern democratically elected US government, with all its checks and balances as well as being subject to regular elections, become a tyrannical government? I look forward to hearing from you – and obtaining your comments regarding these questions.

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            I didn’t interpret anything wrong. There’s no ambiguity about what is said in the Bible. I’m not going to get into a long winded discussion with a communist who’s already made up his mind that all conservatives are wrong and you hold the only logical reasoning. The other countries in the world don’t have much lower crime rates, they have “different” crimes. They’re also set to spike very soon as they’re becoming overrun with muslims, their illegal alien problem. The American Communist Party (democRATS) have already proven what kind of dictators they’ll be. Liars, baby killers, killers of senior citizens, stripping us of our first and second amendment rights, hell, the bastards will do away with the Constitution entirely. Yeah, I’ll really trust those rotten SOB’s to make my decisions for me. If you want a little biblical knowledge ( which you will interpret to suit your ideology), go to American

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            One more thing – This is NOT a democracy. The United States is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC! Most of Europe is collapsing because they’re democracies, because citizens can’t protect themselves, because their idiot “governments” are allowing hordes of muslims in. They have WW3 in the making over there and we have Civil War II in the making over here. As for assault weapons in the Bible; what the hell do you think their swords, spears, bows and slings were? Those were their “assault” weapons. An “assault weapon” is any damn thing you assault someone with. The AR15’s and many modern sporting rifles just have a different look than Grandpa’s rifles. They function exactly the same. I guess that makes them scary to the communist would be dictators.

          • Roman says:

            Mark Hopkins: I am always astounded how quickly you get into name calling, with out any basis, when different viewpoints are expressed and when inconvenient information is put out. You are so angry that you don’t seem to want to hear anything other than your extremist views. Please look at the facts – and then form an opinion and not vice versa selecting only convenient facts.. Yes, most other western developed countries do have lower crime rates than the US. For example, in Canada, a society in many ways similar to that of the US, the crime rates are roughly only 40% of those in the US – and they control effectively possession of dangerous weapons . And, Canadians are not worried about tyrannical governments, as Canada is a long-established democracy that works. And, no Europe is not collapsing and is not overrun by Muslims. Sure, every country has its problems – but according to credible international studies, people in many countries in Europe are happier than Americans. The Scandinavians countries and Finland, do particularly well as far as happiness is concerned. But, I don’t think this information will make any difference in your mind – you are just too full of hate and resentful anything that does not fit into your preconceived ideas and will just go on a tirade against me making false and offensive statements .

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Roman is another communist moron. Nothing you say and no amount of logic will change his diseased fascist/ communist “mind”. He’s fully indoctrinated into the neo communist mindset. He should move out of our country into one of the European or Canadian utopias he thinks so highly of. He’ll come back at me with more of his communist BS I’m sure, but I’m not a weak minded neo commie like he is. Take your “facts” and shove em up your ass Roman.

  74. The Redhawk says:

    Personally I INVITE SWELLED HEAD to come and Get my gun … personally and drive his own AMBULANCE HERE !!!

  75. Robert Morrow says:

    I hear about Guns and how the fake news support Slime Politicians like this nut Swalwell (D-CA) Gun deaths are a piker in comparison to deaths from poison drugs approved by the FDA, drugs that kill over 100,000 each year so Slime like this one can get his palms greased with Payola from the Pharmaceuticals. To make my point here is a quote from one of their own. “THE THING THAT BUGS ME IS THAT PEOPLE THINK THE FDA IS PROTECTING THEM. IT ISN’T. THE FDA IS PROTECTING THE PROFITS OF THE CORPORATION THAT PAY US AND THE POLITICIANS!” Herbert Ley, M.D. Former FDA Commissioner.
    The Pharmaceutical Industry, now leads all other in Fraud against the Federal Government and of Course the murder of Citizens. The FDA is responsible for thousands of Dead Americans and yet Slime like this and those in Congress do NOTHING. Why, because they do not want to lose the Payola that greases their Palms and go after Guns. Once Gun are banded from the honest Citizens million more will die, like world history has shown. Think of Turkey, Soviet Union China under Mao, Hitler, Germany, Cambodia and on and on, that millions die for they have no self protection against Criminals and Slime ball Congressman in ruling class. To add to the murdering of People the FDA and your Slime ball Congress person allowed Poisons for profit by the food processor which make people Sick. Here is one of many, AZODICARBONAMIDE, which is outlawed in most countries. What is this, well a synthetic chemical additive which is used in the production of plastic & very toxic. Yet allowed in the Bread products. There thousands more if one can still read the labels on the products, but with common core many cannot read above “See Spot Run”. Wake up America and do not let these Slime Steal Your Protection. I am 90 years old and refused to swallow these poison and over the years has tossed or destroyed these poisons. I know that most will ignore what I have written or even bother to search it all, but will vote in these Slime that fall on their knees in Worship of the Party Bosses.

    • The Redhawk says:

      PIN SWALLED HEAD rather see CRIMINALS arriving ILLEGALLY OWN guns ….. but this DUMBASS talks the NAZI talk of tyrants who FEAR Citizen with guns who might not want to be TREATED by TYRANTS like PROGRESSIVES NEO NAZIS LIKE HIM want to do

    • Jeanine Girard says:

      THAnk you for your wise words. I worry about what’s going to happen in this country with our crazy, politicians. We need the 2nd amendment. It’s our right to protect ourselves and our family from radical politicians.

    • Mark Hopkins says:

      I read your post Robert and I agree with you. We have flat out murderers running our “government” and it’s agencies. They don’t care what they do to us right now, but their day of judgment is coming soon.

  76. Lee Long says:

    Hey you lowlife gun grabber I got some real bad news for you and it’s called the Second Amendment which in case you don’t know any and all gun laws that you have already put on the books restricting people from getting guns it is a clear violation of the Second Amendment which states the right to bear arms shill not be infringed it doesn’t say in this case it can be or is that case it can be it specifically States shall not be infringed but I know why you’re doing it it’s because of the subsection in the Second Amendment the one that states when we the people grow weary and tired of their governments and institutions of this country we have the right to dismember disembowel are overthrow by Force of Arms and at the end of the Constitution it also States any infringement on this document constitutes an act of treason and is punishable by Death

    • Drew says:

      My issue us not about Guns,.. its abt Who & How individuals get them SO EASILY, & THE TYPE OF GUNS, IN PARTICULAR,.. ASSAULT & MILITARY TYPE WEAPONS. These Weapons are made fir One Purpose,.. KILLING PEOPLE.

      • Spencer says:

        If it isn’t full automatic then it isn’t assault or military type. Full automatic simply means, “one pull on the trigger will fire until the magazine. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW IT LOOKS.

        • D.A.N. says:

          Actually not true Spencer. Military weapons can and have been bolt action and semi-auto also. Not just selective fire. I have one right in front of me right now that is semi-auto and it came from the US military. And it doesn’t shoot a wimpy round either. There are rifles currently in military use that are bolt action.

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            True D.A.N., M1 Garand, M14, even Remington and Mossberg shotguns are military weapons. As has been said before: Any weapon used to assault someone is an assault weapon, assault knives, assault baseball bats, even assault cars and trucks. That’s just a catchall term used to disarm law abiding citizens of their Constitutional rights. The left is inundated with power mad morons.

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        Well Drew, you obviously know $hit about the Constitution. The 2nd amendment was added to the Constitution to protect us from a radical oppressive “government”, whose purpose would be to enslave us or KILL US. This is exactly what the fascist/communist democRATS are trying to implement now. We have the RIGHT under Constitutional law to possess ANY gun the military uses, including full auto assault guns. This right does not apply to criminals and the insane of course, but all law abiding American citizens. Only criminal aspects of the “government” and criminals in general want to disarm law abiding American citizens. It makes them easy prey.

        • Michael says:

          And when they declare their new ” we can’t have Guns”laws, We the People” become criminals. So WHO decides who can have an AK47, M16, M14, SKS, and a long list of other weapons of war .
          The second amendment does not say we have to use muzzle loaders. We have a right to have the SAME weapons as the military. Not slingshots and water pistols. THE SAME WEAPONS AS THE MILITARY!!!! Single shot, simi auto, and full auto. Tanks and war planes, and ships, as well as armor pearsing . What part of “Shall Not Be Infringed ” do all you people NOT understand. The Government has NO right to curtail our right to ANY weapon what so ever!!!! ******SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!!!******

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            True and correct Michael, but the ugly cancer of fascist/ communism has metastasized in our government and populous. It has to be burned out or it will destroy our country. This may well be the last battle for freedom. We must win or the United States and all freedom in the world will cease to exist.

  77. Estell says:

    Leave our guns alone. We know that you won’t take them from democrats or illegals so you can'[t have ours. You just want us unprotected so you can kill us off. Won’t work.

  78. gary b vogt says:

    Best thing I can say is ‘elections have consequences’. This nutcase can vote to take you guns and make gun laws and if there were enough of them, make that happen, to hell with the constitution.

  79. Mike says:

    You get my lead first SFB. You in the wrong country, Punk.

  80. william says:

    Let him come to AZ… He’ll get a taste of 2nd amendment!!

  81. Scotty says:

    Bring it fool, I’m locked and loaded.

    • Drew says:

      U don’t sound like reponsible Gun Owners.
      And both of You, ..if U survive, …
      will be held Accountable.

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        All of us gun owners feel that way Drew. We will protect our Constitutional rights, it’s our duty as American citizens. We will not lay down without a fight if it comes to that. We will not be slaves to an out of control radical, fascist/communist “government”. We are the last “free” country on the face of this corrupt, sick cesspool of a world. Those of us that still cherish freedom will NOT go down without a fight.

  82. Cecelia Henderson says:

    Wow, I’d be embarrassed to be a Democrat today. They don’t even sound like Americans, in fact many of them are suggesting outright attacks on other Party members and even “nuke” them is necessary. Have you ever heard an American candidate stand up and threaten to kill millions of other Americans because they don’t agree on one issue? This man is insane and scary.

    • Gene says:

      hey that whole damn party is scary as hell. I would like to know what country or world they were brought up in.

      • Randell says:

        Nutswell is definitely a Hitler protege who has an agenda to disregard our 2nd amendment rights by disarming law abiding Americans. Once you give up your guns to a tyrannical government your nothing but a slave to that government. People wake the hell up, there are many more politicians in our government that are just like Nutswell everyday they are working together to introduce new gun control legislation. Our forefathers warned us about these tyrants that only care about their self interest while ignoring the rights of the American Citizens.

  83. David J. says:

    I am glad that all of the Democrats running for President are running on gun control regardless of how radical they are. It will mean their defeat at the ballot box. For years, we gun owners have stated outright that what Democrats really want is to open our borders and take away our guns. Rarely did ANY of them come right out and say anything remotely like that. They would always use the loaded phrase “common sense gun control.” They had plausible deniability. NOW, they are outright stating they support these two radical positions and it is scaring the American voters. Democrats will likely lose power completely for a generation or two. Look at the blow they took starting in 1994 after the Assault Weapons Ban became law. That is what had them scared for so many years to actually state publicly what they wanted to do. I’m in Missouri and we just voted Claire McCaskill out of office. Why? A spy in her camp got her to tell the truth about what she and Democrats want to do to gun owners on a hidden camera. McCaskill lost to Hawley by 5.8 points even though she “spent $34 million, compared to Hawley’s $7.4 million, while outside groups pumped in nearly $77 million more,” according to! Now Democrats are for some reason thinking that broadcasting to the world that they want to take everyone’s guns will somehow get them into the Oval Office. We shall see on November 3, 2020!

  84. mykpyp says:

    Just going to the ballot box in November, and casting your vote can stop this nut right in his tracks. The only support he’s get is 15% of the voting base, if THAT! I sure pray for heavy turnout next year. And the Fascio-Communist Democrat Party HAS to be STOPPED! VOTE VOTE! VOTE!

  85. James C Green says:

    That’s the end of his political career! He must not realize we gun owners are huge in numbers and very adamant about protecting our God-given, Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms. And we “Vote!”

  86. Morton says:

    He should die of cancer along with all members of his family

    • Charles says:

      Most likely he and those like him will die from a severe case of lead poisoning, 150gr at a time. At least it will be quick, about 2700 fps. But I’m just wondering jf anyone will miss him. If you do, stay calm, reload, try again. Nah, folks, I’m just kidding. I know I would never even really seriously try to shoot anyone. Ha-ha-ha, just kidding, ha-ha-ha-ha. Now don’t any of you easily disturbed crazy people do something dumb. Besides, the way the demon crap party is going they will kill each other off pretty soon and save us some expensive ammo. I wonder if they really do eat their young?

  87. Morton says:

    He should die of cancer

  88. Kara says:

    With this statement he is assured he will be a NO-TERM president. What a platform to hang you hat on. He says his parents are republicans so I’m sure they may not vote period rather than have to vote against. Is he crazy to put such out as there cannot be any doubt that he will lose big town.

  89. glock19fan says:

    What a creep! We need enforcement of U.S.C. §18-242, Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law.” (I have also seen it written as 18 U.S.C. §242). The law is already on the books but is ignored.

  90. Justin Case says:

    The communist democrats have not seen RESISTANCE until they try to change the Constitution of the Republic.

    • Statesman Patriot says:

      They won’t know resistance until they try to take our 2A away!
      Problem is 70% of the populace will willingly comply!
      So it will be up to us 3% sheep dogs to protect the 90% sheople from the 7% wolves.

  91. Lifetime Vet says:

    He can come and get mine when the bill passes. BUT….. he’ll have to wade through mounds of hot spent brass to do so. That’s only he survived try go get there first. You see, I’ve figured out something that I’ve thought for a long time. Politicians are long on mouth and short on guts. They’ll send another with guns to take our guns. Those are the ones who will tell youvtheyre just following orders. It didn’t work during the Nuremberg trials and doesn’t work now
    As a vet we’re told to follow lawful orders. It’s left up to us to decide what is lawful and as we’ve seen in the past, laws may be lawful but unconsitutional. If they’re unconstitutional then the law is invalid and thus unlawful. Anyone following someone who would ignore that fact would be a criminal at best and a war criminal at worse. Anyone who would turn their back on the freedom guaranteed in the constitution to follow a law that violates the constitution is not following orders they become bullies and enjoy the feeling of power over others. So yeah he can ban the and he can try to confiscate them but it only happens when intelligent ppl stop thinking and blindly follow idiots. In this case being an idiot is gonna hurt bad. So yeah he can do that, or try to do that. Wonder how that’ll work out for him. As for me, well, I canceled you it won’t work out well. He forgets we are a Constitutional Republic. The limits set in the constitution are for the government not the citizen. The government gets its power from us. We gave it that power Andee can remind it also. Contrary to what the courts and politicians would have you believe.

  92. Gerry Johnson says:

    Assuming Stallwell is venting an anti anything resembling a weapon position, my response is I respect your right to vent until you threaten to FORCEFULLY TAKE my rights. You can be elected to be President (good luck) or GOD & have every nuke in the world & IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN – DUMMY!

  93. Justin Case says:

    The resistance has not yet seen “THE RESISTANCE”.

  94. Tomas Flores says:

    Enforce the current gun laws and confiscation will not be necessary. Non-enforcement of current laws is responsible for current gun related crime. More guns laws will not change a thing if the current laws are ignored by the police.

  95. Pete says:

    Eric Stallwell is dangerous and must be watched carefully because small minds given great power become ruthless and blood thirsty!

  96. He’s definitely a nut case, he has no clue how many people have guns, and the smart thing to do is stop mentally unstable people from getting guns, start with the gangs, and all felons, which I know felons still get guns from black market, I’m too smart to listen to a demobrat moron.

    • Randall Hart says:

      I agree, also, no illegal should own a gun or weapon.

    • Janet says:

      I bet he won’t come and take weapons away. Nor would he give up his armed security. Radicals like him hide behind locked doors and have others do the dirty work. If he wants my guns, let him show his ignorant self at my door, alone and without armed people to help him.

      • L C says:

        People like this clown Swallows-well, Adam Schitt, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler and other liberals seem to go way out of their way to prove Trump right every day.

    • Milton Wiseman says:

      Common sense in this man’s case is absent. A great comment though. Any crime committed with a firearm should bar THAT person from ever owning any firearm again and add 10 years to any sentence they receive. As Americans we have the right to own, possess and carry firearms without permission from the nanny state, state of federal, that’s the law of the land. The Constitution is our permit.

  97. N says:

    Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  98. John says:

    That is the only thing that stands in the way of the Globalist . Once they get our Guns they will take away our Freedoms. with over 65,000,000 guns in the hands of law abiding citizens here in the U.S. that’s what really scares those Chichen S%^& Cowards , and rest assured the criminals will not give up there weapons .

  99. John Choiniere says:

    How did this individual ever get elected?
    That is the scary part.

  100. Dennis. says:

    Wow another nut case wanting to our President. Keep him in Calif. at least. The liberal state that not so liberal after all. Now that he is a politician he probably has his concealed 9 mm near by. Let us hope that he has just one term and gets set off to Disney Land as a dog catcher.

    • Steve says:

      let’s just give California back to Mexico…including all their screamingly liberal politicians……..actually we’d probably have to pay Mexico to take California, but in the long run, it’d be worth it. The land of fruit , nuts, illegals, and liberal crooked politicians.

  101. Dennis Sumner says:

    Anyone been to his house? I’d be willing to bet he has a framed photo of uncle Adolf in his den.

  102. John Bloxson Jr. says:

    It is past time to remove theses Treasonous snakes from office they did not take the oath of Office in Good Faith but are contemptuous evil DemoCommunist pigs and should be looking for another Country they can infect with the Globalist Evil andc get out of America! These people will never assimilate they look only to dominate.

  103. Ange Burlile says:

    He needs to be removed for threatening the American people! He will Never be President.

  104. If this dirtbag gets in then may he be the first one shot, better yet let’s hope he gets it sooner! A life unworthy of life .

  105. GregTorchia says:

    Oh the smell of napalm in the morning //it smells like victory/ 1776

  106. FEDUP says:

    When you spray “Raid” around your baseboards the last Cockroaches come from behind the wallpaper. Here is another Californian for the DEMO CLOWN wagon !!!

    • Johnny Van Dyke says:

      We do elect some sperm donors don’t we ? I bet he was elected in Feinsteins area, they produce more clowns than Barnum & Baileys circus. Lots of inbreeding.

  107. Jack says:

    Swallow well may bit off more than he can chew.


    If you want mine,you better bring yours!! I WILL NOT GIVE UP MY FIREARMS!!!!! As Charlton Heston said, FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS. If this clown wants a revolution, try taking our guns. I dare him. It will not end well.

  109. He should be out. Be dangerous lock him up!!

  110. donn Edmunds says:

    He really wants a revolution in this country doesn’t he
    Can one even begin to imagine how many dead citizens and law enforcement people there would be if this were ever attempted
    then after law enforcement is gone yes there are thousands more gun owners tan cops the, government would be next
    think most in law enforcement would be on the side of the citizens
    maybe another french type revolution
    that is a scary scene to even thin k about

  111. Gideon Rockwell says:

    There is no such thing as an assault weapon. It is a false term created by the left wing and their minions in the left wing propaganda machine{Formerly known as mainstream media}. To own firearms is not a privilege but a divine right bestowed on mankind by our Creator. No person, politician, black robed legislator on the bench or tin horn wannabe dictator can take that right from us. In fact all laws hindering us from buying, owning, possessing, and carrying firearms are illegal and very likely treasonous, since the Founders stated numerous times the people are the last line of defense in this nation. So anyone who dislikes the fact that we are a armed society is welcome to exit the nation by plane , train boat or automobile take your choice.

  112. mwood says:

    bring it on there are more gun owners than communists

  113. Don says:

    How about putting a NUKE up his Ass and hit the destruct buttion

  114. Bill says:

    Forgive him, he’s a Damocrap!

  115. Ronald C Watt says:

    Why is this communist allowed to walk freely much less hold a political office?

  116. bagster53 says:

    until you ban blacks from owning guns , and deport all gang members , your gun laws ain’t worth the paper they are written on ,criminals don’t o’bay the laws so why should i , it just shows the stupidity of our represenitives in d.c. , iu sware they have to have someone wipe their a$$ after taking a $hit

  117. way to kill your campaign before it starts (asshole)

  118. stephanie wilson says:

    freaking lunatic!

  119. Caesar Meledandri says:

    Here he is again the clown of Congress. The most despicable member from the “great” state of California deciding that it is okay to abandon the amendment that provides Americans from owning weapons. Look at the countries that have confiscated all weapons from their members especially Hitler’s Germany. WOW !! This is guy is a supreme MORON.

    • SGT Preston says:

      Right on, Brother, although “despicable” isn’t nearly bad enough to describe him. If these Libtards don’t like our Constitution, then they can feel free to leave and go to Cuba, or Iran, or wherever they want to go as long as its AWAY FROM HERE

  120. Steve says:

    Damn , these NWO scum-criminals keep crawling out from under rocks !

  121. Cliff says:

    Any “politician” that tries to circumvent the CONSTITUTION, and Bill of rights is going AGAINST their SWORN OATH OF OFFICE and should be REMOVED, or RESIGN IN SHAME. The 2nd is a GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to protect ourselves from a TYRANNICAL “government” and CANNOT be removed by mere POLITICIANS . (LIKE HIM)

  122. David Muench says:

    All I can say to this nut case is a rhyme from I friend I worked with years ago who was in the Military his weapons told the platoon this and I quote, ” Two to the chest and one to the head then you’ll know the scum bag dead”.

  123. David Muench says:

    All I can say to this nut case is a rhyme from I friend I worked with years ago who was in the Military his weapons told the platoon this and I quote, ” Two to the chest and one to the head then you’ll know the scum bad dead”.

    • David Muench says:

      Please remove this if you can. I meant bag not bad sorry.

    • AFGus says:

      Nothing like “nuking” your campaign before it even gets started. I usually don’t like using the word retarded, but this guy fits the moniker so well, I just have to in this case. Swallowswell is “retarded”!

  124. Mark Hopkins says:

    If this Jackass moron is ever elected, it will have to be by illegal votes. If Swallow well then went on a gun grabbing frenzy he wouldn’t last a month before someone with a nice 50 caliber sniper rifle took him out. Any moron with the audacity to imply he would have American citizens nuked is not only a fascist/communist but also extremely dangerous to have in government in ANY position. What he deserves is life in gitmo for being a terrorist.

  125. Nathan Paris says:

    Come On Man! How can 1 American (a congressman) make a statement, I’ll nuke those who don’t obey the gun law(s)? His gun law? He may as well take my address now and begin to load up! He’s not taking my firearm. He can run his mouth all he wants, but watch out for who you threaten. The answer to you Mr. Congressman is NO! I think you should read your mini-Constitution hand book you are suppose to carry with you at all times.

  126. Rodney says:


  127. George says:

    Another nut-case…

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