One CNN host couldn’t believe the results of this poll about Donald Trump

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CNN is where Americans who hate Donald Trump turn for their daily dose of propaganda.

Viewers were stunned at what they just saw.

And one CNN host couldn’t believe the results of this poll about Donald Trump.

Polls show voters focusing on Joe Biden’s failures

Left-wing activist and CNN host Abby Phillip had polling analyst Harry Enten on her show to discuss the latest round of survey data from the New York Times, CBS, Fox News, and the Wall Street Journal that found former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden by anywhere from two to four points.

Trump’s built the biggest and longest-lasting lead by a Republican candidate since 2004 and Phillip wanted to know if it was time to panic.

“Really, really, really bad,” Enten said in response to Phillip asking how bad the polling was for Biden. “There were four polls – four polls – that came out over the weekend and you’ll notice there is a lot of red on this screen.”

Biden and the Democrats are openly admitting they are counting on rigged show trials to deliver a criminal conviction against Trump to swing the election their way.

Enten marveled that polls showed a majority of Americans think Trump committed serious federal crimes – including 18 percent of Trump supporters – but they didn’t care because they just wanted to vote Biden out of office after his dismal performance on the job,

“Now, I’d like to dig a little bit deeper into the polling data. And this to me sort of says it all. ‘Has Trump committed serious federal crimes?’” Enten added.

“A majority, a majority of likely voters say yes, he did! Yet, he’s still ahead! How is that possible? Because look at 2024 Trump supporters. It turns out 18% of them say that Trump has actually committed serious federal crimes. And yet they’re still voting for him! When it’s numbers like this, I just wonder, what the heck are you gonna do if you’re Joe Biden?” Enten continued.

“It is stunning,” Phillip admitted.

Trump’s base holds steady

Later on in the show, Phillip went over the polls with her panel and they discussed the New York Times/Siena survey showing Trump leading Biden by four points.

In that poll, Trump retained 97 percent of his vote from 2020 whereas 17 percent of Biden voters defected.

 “The person who is eroding support is actually Joe Biden, according to this,” Phillip stated.

The poll also showed that just 20 percent of voters think Joe Biden’s policies benefited them whereas over 40 percent of voters reported that Trump’s MAGA agenda did.

Republican strategist Scott Jennings explained that The New York Times poll – which showed Trump winning 46 percent of the Hispanic vote and 23 percent of the black vote – meant he afford to lose some of the college-educated white voters who became Democrats over social issues during his Presidency.

“Trump’s base is there, it’s pretty solid, and not only that, if you look inside of The New York Times/Siena poll that Harry was just talking about, there’s obviously new people coming in. Trump was leading among Hispanics, Trump was tied among women, he had a quarter of African-American voters,” Jennings began.

“If those splits hold, there’s no way for Joe Biden to win because that’s a whole bunch of new people coming into the Republican Party, so you could shed some of the folks you were talking about if you’re replacing them with this multi-generational, multi-racial working-class coalition of people that never vote Republican,” Jennings concluded.

The polls are painting a grim picture for Joe Biden.

And even his cheering section on CNN is being forced to face reality.

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