One bombshell book revealed there are hidden video tapes of Bill Clinton in this ugly sex scandal

This is one scandal that won’t go away.

Rumors have swirled for years.

And one bombshell book revealed there are hidden video tapes of Bill Clinton in this ugly sex scandal.

In a new book Ticking Clock: Behind The Scenes At 60 Minutes, former 60 Minutes producer Ira Rosen claims that Ghislaine Maxwell told him now deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had tapes of Bill Clinton.

Rosen wrote that he begged Maxwell for any tapes of Donald Trump that Epstein may have made, but Maxwell would not budge because she would have to release Epstein’s tapes of Clinton and Maxwell thought that would damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The Daily Wire reports:

In his new book, “Ticking Clock: Behind The Scenes At 60 Minutes,” former CBS producer Ira Rosen writes of speaking with Maxwell in 2016, saying he asked for footage of Donald Trump that Epstein might have shot, only to have Maxwell respond, “If you get the tapes on Trump you have to do [Bill] Clinton.”

Rosen admits that at his meeting with Maxwell in early 2016, acting on a “hunch” that such tapes existed, he said, “I want the tapes. I know he [Epstein] was videotaping everyone and I want the tapes of Trump with the girls.” He writes that Maxwell replied, “I don’t know where they are,” tacitly confirming the tapes’ existence.

In the book, Rosen claimed Maxwell told him Hillary Clinton was far ahead of Trump and searching for tapes would only lead to Clinton’s demise.

Trump and Epstein did briefly know each other, but Trump kicked Epstein out of Mar-a-Lago for making a pass at an underage girl.

Flight logs show Clinton traveled with Epstein more frequently than he admitted.

Clinton insider Doug Band also stated Clinton traveled to Epstein’s private island.

There is no evidence Clinton did anything illegal while with Epstein.

None of Epstein’s accusers ever alleged Clinton committed any criminal or immoral acts.

But Ghislaine Maxwell appearing to confirm tapes of Bill Clinton existed and declaring that they could damage Hillary’s campaign are leading many to wonder what is on those tapes.

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