Obama went to a foreign country just to say one thing proving he hates America

For eight years, Barack Obama turned America into a laughing stock on the world’s stage.

He spent all his time apologizing for being the leader of the greatest country in the world.

And even after leaving office he’s continuing these antics by going to foreign countries just to talk smack about America.

Former President Barack Obama is in Brazil to speak at a conference.

During an interview in front of a crowd of Brazilians, he was asked to describe his hardest day in office.

The former President described the horrific 2012 school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

He went on to blast the Second Amendment as the reason for the shooting, while making up complete lies about U.S. gun laws.

Obama claimed that “our gun laws in the United States don’t make much sense,” adding the false claim that “anybody can buy any weapon” without any regulation, including “machine guns.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Former President Barack Obama told a crowd in Brazil Thursday that U.S. gun laws “don’t make sense” because people can buy “any weapon, any time.”

Obama‘s remarks came during an interview at VTEX DAY, a conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, after he was asked to describe his hardest day as president.

“The most difficult day that I’ve had was the day that there was a shooting in a school where 20 small children were shot,” he said.

“Some of you may be aware, our gun laws in the United States don’t make much sense. Anybody can buy any weapon, any time without much, if any, regulation. They buy it over the internet. They can buy machine guns.”

Anybody who owns a firearm knows that this claim isn’t true.

There are strict regulations on who can buy guns, and what types of weaponry can be owned.

Among the guns that virtually no private citizens can own are machine guns.

The National Firearms Act of 1934 made fully automatic weapons illegal without intense licensing requirements that very few citizens are able to achieve.

But even beyond that, many believe one of the main reasons America has remained a free nation is due to our Second Amendment.

Obama clearly has no idea what he’s talking about.

But that hasn’t stopped him from calling for gun restrictions in the past.


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166 Responses

  1. Mama says:

    I ‘know’ ev’ry 3-4 days limks get’old’ (like me( LOL)
    But hopefully some ‘return’ & Continue to Post.
    Even to Pres. / Congress/ AG . that’s all .
    God Bless.

    Mama June 8, 2019 at 5:58 pm
    & Posting to dimwits who visit this site.

  2. Mama says:

    H Lee June 2, 2019 at 5:33 pm
    Deuteronomy 23-2 is the reason that obama became a muslim.

    Mama June 5, 2019 at 10:09 pm
    oh god, Curiosity made me look that up.
    heh. ‘testicles’ crushed By whom ? Michael ? etc
    W/plenty ‘choom gang’ / & coke.
    &&& By PHOTOS , he was 0ut ‘of it’ Almost
    E’vry Day !.

  3. The other Tom says:

    Marty, I didn’t say that the perpetrators of the Oklahoma City bombing were conservatives, just that they were not leftists or Muslims. Please don’t attribute things to me that I didn’t say.

  4. The other Tom says:

    To Marty (and all the others who think that terrorism comes from Muslims or the left). The second deadliest terrorist attack in US history–the Oklahoma City bombing– was perpetrated by two white nationalists, not Muslims or leftists. OK, it wasn’t a mass shooting, but the victims, including many children, were just as dead.

    • Marty says:

      Tom, don’t know where you get the idea white nationalists are from the right. I’ve been a conservtative all my life and don’t know a single conservative who supports white nationalists. As a police dectective assigned to monitor white supremacy groups, I spent a lot of time on these POS groups. including ones related to McVey. You have obviously been reared in public schools where they teach white supremacy=conservatives. Couldn’t be further from the truth. But go ahead and spread this garbage, just shows how ignorant you really are.

  5. Mel says:

    Here are 957 well sourced examples of Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism,
    Clearly, this says is all about FAKE SEDITIOUS ANTI-AMERICAN TRAITOR obama.
    hypocrisy, waste, etc. Followthemoney.com

  6. K. Horwege says:

    Obama: once an ass, always an ass, and in reality not a true citizen by birth or otherwise!!! Barack Hussein Osama Obama!!! We know more about Millard Fillmore’s great grandmother than we know about Obama!!

  7. jack says:

    obama should be arrested for treson

  8. Twykes says:

    Let’s send all the illegals to Alaska land

    • Robert Hahn says:

      Twykes: Hello. Not Alaska. Send all the illegals to the blue states kalifornia, oregon, and washington state. THEN, all those three “states” will be forced to secede by the REAL USA, and then the REAL USA will have no more of the annual $ 200B to $ 400B costs to bear for the moocher illegals. THEN, the path of the Great American Southern Wall will be revised to “wall-off” the Eastern borders of those “states”, who would no longer be part of the REAL USA. Good riddance.
      Also, require that all illegals be checked for biometric DNA data so they can be flagged if re-entering the REAL USA or by their DNA from crime scenes. In both cases, if not immediately deported, they get transported to kalifornia. oregon, or washington state.

      AND, the illegals get caught by mandatory E-Verify if they apply for jobs.

  9. Twykes says:

    Is it true someone is planning to buy up all
    The land in Nicaragua .. Honduras .. and El Salvador
    To build those places up to be the largest
    Resort areas in the world. Have they already

  10. Alaska Woman says:

    Trump is the laughing stock.
    His lies have caused America considerable damage.
    He has insulted all of our akies.
    Obama was respected.

    • Mama says:

      NO President of ANY COUNTRY
      Should Go Around ‘Trashing’ the
      Country he Was President in, TO
      Another Country. NO OTHER
      Pres./Premier/ Dictator HAS Done This.
      0bama Is the 1st.
      Just Awful & Terrible.
      > & WHAT Damage has President Trump
      Caused IN Rebuilding USA.
      > No 0ur “akies” are Not ‘laughing’.
      ‘They’ are perhaps in ‘awe’ . NO MORE BS.
      0pen borders, floods of immi’s. How Many
      Have YOU Taken in & Pay for their needs.

    • CrawfishFestival says:

      Obama respected? By whom? John Kerry?

    • wilfred says:

      he was a disgrace to america every country he went to he was bowing like dumb person since when was american president ever bow down anyone can you tell

    • True Citizen says:

      Lying fool. Betcha you supported Palin too.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      What the hell is a “akies”?
      Ya the dems are laughing so hard, their pissing their panties….all the way to prison!!


      obama was and is a bad joke. Not cut from the same AMERICAN cloth I was cut from. When he made his first statement about the Police officer acted STUPDLY I knew who the real racist was, obama.

    • Tim says:

      Alaska woman,You are just joking, Right?? You can’t really be that stupid, or are you?

    • RobbyT says:

      Respected by a whole host of moron sycophants.

      • Jack says:

        “…Respected by a whole host of morons…”,
        as is the orange-haired baboon in the Offal Office!

        ‘Cept the latter’s “morons” mostly wind up/are in jail, or indicted 👍

    • mel says:

      Hahahaha obama was and is still is, a Treasonous, Corrupt,
      2 faced, Lying, Seditious, Nefarious Traitor. He made America the laughing stock and caused so much damage he nearly destroyed your freedom to allow you to still have your Asinine opinion Libtard!!! We excuse your idiotic remarks cause we know your brain is Frozen DEAD.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Obama wasn’t respected just tolerated…. Obama was and is the worst president ever elected (voter fraud). He done more to dismantle what America stands for than any other president…. Trump is trying to clean up the mess Obama left.

    • John Heaton says:

      Alaska Woman,
      Obama respected ? Seriously? By whom?
      Oh yeah I remember now, The Saudi King he bowed to at a State dinner. Then he was probably respected by the Iranian Captain on the vessel he commanded when Obama ordered a United States Gunship crew to stand down and allow the Iranian crew to board them. Hold them for an undetermined time mocking the U.S. the whole time. Certainly he was respected by the Ayatollah who received the billions of dollars in Gold and cash in exchange for ……oh yeah, nothing!!
      Alaska Woman, your post is funny as hell. Thanks!

    • Nora Mitchell says:

      Obama was a hypocrite and a BIG liar who only cared about himself and to hell with the country and the people. He’s badmouthing the US in a foreign country, again. How patriotic he is, uh? President Trump’s enemies are always accusing him of lying but what are his big lies. Just like impeachment, Democrat keep saying they will proceed, but why? why is he being accused of?. If you are a US citizen and love this country, like Mr. Trump does, vote Republican if you want to keep your freedom and rights. But if you don’t want to work hard, want hand outs and freebies from the government, illegals with more rights than you, etc., stay as you are.

    • Carla says:

      Obama is the reason the US is trillions of dollars in debt. You must not get real news in Alaska

  11. Candice says:


  12. Harry says:

    Hang him for Treason.How much longer are we going to have to put up with this ASSH___?

  13. H Lee says:

    Anybody can buy any weapon, any time without much, if any, regulation. They buy it over the internet. They can buy machine guns.” says obama. That is as much of a lie as anyone could tell. He should have said that he and holder and his administration particularly the BATFE sold/sponsored the sales of nearly 3,000 weapons to illegals and cartel. That would be so much closer to the truth.

    • Willa says:

      H Lee, as far as I know, you are wrong in your statement. When ordering a weapon on the internet you must have it shipped to a firearms dealer. Then you must undergo testing in order to pay for the weapon and move on out the door.

      • Candice says:


        • Nora Mitchell says:

          Exactly, Candice. Willa obviously didn’t understand, but the real truth and main thing here demonstrates what a liar Obama is. He’s such an idiot. Look what HLee is saying. So True, and so much hypocrisy. Of course he would never talk about all the crooked things he did or mistakes he made. I wish he would go to Africa and stay there forever. He’s not a US citizen. He doesn’t love this country neither does ugly Michelle. Leave the US alone Obamas!!!!

      • RobbyT says:

        Look. Obama was never revered for being a truthsayer. He lied like a rug to pander to his flock of ignorant victims and entitled slackers.

  14. H Lee says:

    Deuteronomy 23-2 is the reason that obama became a muslim.

  15. The other Tom says:

    Why does Obama need bodyguards? Anyone reading the comments here would know the answer to that in 15 seconds.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      It is time taxpayers refuse to fund body guards for former presidents and their family… they are no longer president, therefore, they should pay for their own security detail….. waste of taxpayers money.

  16. Mary says:

    Yes we know he hates America and our constitution amendments especially one and two but if he had spoke about how much he hated number one except with his friends the democrats he would have really sounded like he was unpatriotic so he had to sling mud on the gun controls. In reality he doesn’t want any guns in the hands of normal people just his terrorist friends he let in through into our country by his weak border policy. He is wanting a civil unrest here in America again.

  17. Don Poggendorf says:

    This “empty suit” is a pathological liar and is nothing more than a trained parrot or a myna bird that has been taught to just repeat what he has been taught and should be returned to the jungle he came from (Chicago)! This Manchurian Candidate made his living hustling other gay men. This pervert tried every thing in his bag of tricks and lies to destroy our country and now it is time for him & mooshell to move on to a country that has very high temperatures so they can get used to how hot its going to be where they spend their eternity.

  18. Daniel Stephens says:

    So maybe those former government officials who travel overseas to make speeches need to have those speeches and travel approved before they are allowed to leave, make it a passport requirement. They travel the world making bank on demeaning the United States, in many cases spreading false information, visit foreign dignitaries and speak to them about our foreign policy or how to use their foreign policy to garner more foreign aid. At the least maybe a limit on the honorarium they receive should be fixed, they pay for the security “WE THE PEOPLE” provide for them when they travel like such. Some are making bank and laughing in the face of all AMERICA. In many cases they are violating the LOGAN ACT and should be held accountable.

    • NOBODY says:

      Speeches yes, Travel no, we are a free people, we are not a communist state like they want. that being said, I can’t figure out who are the biggest liars Crooked hillary or him, both are despicable, as for him, I never would or will call him my commander and chief, and he should go back to his 3rd world country, I don’t trust the FBI, or CIA to vet him. and not to be politically controlled agency, this has been proven time over time, in the last 50yrs at least.

      hillary ( I ill not cap her name cause I liken here to Charles Manson. just as evil and vile murderess as he is)

  19. BD says:

    Turns out he was the worst President we have ever had, just about turned America into a third world country! What a lying piece of crap. Fully believe he is a Kenyan Muslim. He is a liar, don’t believe for a second he was born in Hawaii! While in office he bowed down to many foreign dignitaries including Asimo the robot in Japan, good grief, out of deference. Bowed to Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran, bowed to a Saudi King. Looks like he was tall in stature, so he bowed to everyone, but the ones that get me are his Muslim brothers, like America is subservient to Islam! The fact that he now runs to foreign countries to bad mouth America, I would love to hear he has been shot! Traitor!

    • scooch 'the' pooch says:

      “BathHouse barry” & probably
      didn’t take a ‘Real bath’ there.
      cough-cough. He Always looked
      stoned to the bone w/ aids. Even
      in ‘Presidency’.
      ‘Coke’ would have done him better.

  20. Gail Arneman says:

    This proves emphatically that Obama twists the truth whenever it proves a point he’s making, whether it true or not. Of course, while in the U.S. he had to be much more subtle as we know more than those in foreign lands. And there are those who followed him for his race than for his policies.

    • SweetOlBob says:

      All you said is very true. And in addition, he still plays the race cad very well. He never would have even made it to candidate status if he had been white. He was allowed to hide so many things about himself because to ask for the truth about them would have been declared a “RAAAAACIST” move by bigots.
      Even now,he seeks to belittle he United States in foreign venues just as he did with his praise of islam and all they have done (nothing) to help America.
      He is a biting fly in the milkroom ! His passport needs to be revoked immediately.

  21. Steve says:

    Yeah , well we hate the criminal , muslim , illegitimate “enemy president” even more ! He did all he could to destroy America so many ways – per saul alinsky’s “rules for radicals” & islamic barbaric cult / terrorists . If there is a hell – he deserves to be at the bottom of it ! I hope he ends in GITMO where he belongs , facing sentences over 10 years of many , many counts of high treason & sedition & theft of trillions of taxpayer funds that funded his various criminal acts .

    • D Sunkle says:


  22. Terry says:

    This is Treason. Arrest him as he’s coming back to the USA that he hates!

  23. cliff says:

    tar and feather,the sorry sob and then deport him.
    i wish i could say this,to his face.

    • Robert H Banning says:

      Pathetic little Turd ,cowardly little Kenyan boy. 3 minutes in a locked room with this Bitch ,all over!

  24. Colleen La Rose says:

    I wouldn’t loose a minute of sleep (in fact would probably sleep better) if all these liberal politicians were lined up against a wall & fired on. This seems like a suitable solution to these treasonous loud mouth greedy bastards!
    Just saying…….

    • Connie says:

      Yeah like anotherSt Valentine’s Day massacre 😁

    • SweetOlBob says:

      “Greedy Bastards” Does anyon know how much the little muslim fraud was paid and by whom, to use any opportunity to bash the United States ? I’m sure it was a substantial amount, but probably not enough to send the Mooch and her body servants on anotsher million dollar vacation.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      It would get everyone’s attention… America needs to wake up.

  25. Barbara Winters says:

    Yes, we know he hates America- he illegally tried yo ruin our country for 8 years- and is still trying. I hope he is paying his own way.

  26. Jack says:

    Best fix for this Trash is a burn pile.

  27. Bruce Porter says:

    can’t anyone take this sob traitor out? where are all the snipers?

  28. Helga says:

    Obama has been and continues to be the biggest detriment to this Country. He did his best to divide and spark scorn and hatred for America here and overseas! Why are these caravans so desperate to come to this Country if it’s as bad as the Left makes it out? Obama ranks even below Carter who was the worst President ( not entirely his fault) ever before big O!

  29. Albert Witte says:

    Obama lied his way into the presidency, lied through his entire presidency and continues to lie after his presidency. Those are facts as I see them! I just don’t understand why he is thought of so highly. He was and is a POS!

    • Hai says:

      He has been a rotten pos from top to bottom and will always be if AG Barr does not put him and his lackeys in jail for treason

    • Tom says:

      Obama became POTUS for one reason and one reason only, now first off, I will concede that Obama is a good public speaker, but the main reason that he was elected POTUS, is because he was black, but Obama and his family has hated the United States for a long time, in fact I heard Michele Obama make this statement right after Obama was elected ” I guess we will have to quit hating the United States, now that Barracks, is now President ” and those were her words, I heard her speak them, I didn’t read them somewhere, so like I say this is nothing new, the Obama’s have always hated the United States, now I can’t speak for their daughters, but they were young, and probably believed exactly the way their parents did.

      • Sharon Jenkins says:

        Obama is not black…. He is half black and half white….that makes him bi-racial… He choose to be a bad senator and president.

        • John Heaton says:

          In his book he self reflects about his white ancestry. He goes on to write that when his grandma and grandpa pass away, will he ever recognize his white race again? Ever! His words. More personally, I can’t think of anything he did for the black race ? Only to cause division between the two. He more often chose to side with middle eastern muslim ideology. As in the case when the school boy supposedly built an alarm “ clock “ and it more resembled a “ bomb “. He Tweeted to the future terrorist “ nice clock Ahmed “.

  30. David Kennedy says:

    Obama should be tried for treason. In all my life i have never seen or heard of an ex president say such anti american trash from his pie hole. Who cares what obama has to say? He was the worst, most insignificant president in history, did more to divide this great nation than he ever did to help it, and he is still the most pathetic piece of *hit o.n the planet. He should crawl back under his rock and shut the hell up.

    • pleazzer says:

      Total agree. Not only did he and Hillary commit TREASON by selling uranium to Russia who then sold to Iran. But Bengasi needs to be investigated for real along with many other crimes those two committed. I would also like to know how he went from very little money to a MULTI MILLIONAIR while being Pres. well trying to act as one and did a very poor job of it.

    • Tom says:

      Possibly after AG William Barr gets through with his investigations, there will be a lot of people facing charges, at least I, hope so, one of the best things that President Trump did was to fire Jeff Sessions, he recused himself, after he was appointed (which he excepted), and he should have been dismissed the very minute he recused himself from doing his job.

  31. John H Montgomery Jr says:

    I live in Panama, by way of Colorado. The people don´t understand a president bashing his own country.The countries that are not pro Trump/America are communist. Two or three. Brazilian President is pro Trump/America. Has turned his country around using the same principles as Trump. You are talking to people that one country over gave up their guns. Now eating out of garbage cans. He´s not fooling anyone. cans.

  32. wake up! says:

    W H A T ?!?!!!! First of all, Barack Obama is now a private citizen, and actually HAS “freedom of speech.” Second, we have the current occupant of the presidency who has gone to Helsinki and other places and criticized America and American intelligence and stood up for PUTIN!!! He praises Kim Jong Un, one of the worst murderers in the world than has the unmitigated STUPIDITY to go to Japan and side with North Korea and the missile launches that threaten JAPAN!! He let the Saudi Prince off without penalty for the BRUTAL MURDER of an American Journalist. And you are ranting about a little criticism of what a FORMER president said? Such hypocrites!!!

    • Jim says:

      Yo really should change your meds. You are delusional.

    • Joan says:


      • pleazzer says:

        You have to be a dem. How can I tell?? Because you have received so much gratification from them blowing smoke up your hoooooooo haaaaaaa.

    • Rico says:

      Are you not concerned that what obama said regarding guns, was flat out a blatant lie?
      Shame on you for your biased liberal comments!!! Private citizens, former American presidents, do not have the privilege of bashing their country while lying, without significant blow back!!!

    • pleazzer says:

      You really need to get on Amazon and buy a BRAIN.

      • Marty says:

        Libs don’t use their brains like normal folks do. They all thing with their hearts, not their brain.

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          No Marty, they use both at best. The Chinese character for “Sage,” a wise leader, combines the characters for BOTH heart and mind. A great leader should have both the intellectual capacity but combined with the caring about the people. A great general takes care of his troops and does not use them for his own vanity. Trump has lied to us continually and disrespects even members of his own party. His below-the-belt attacks on McCain, who passes months ago, shows a person of low class and little heart. I am not saying he should praise McCain, just, as president, learn what NOT TO SAY.

          • Marty says:

            Give me a break. If you can only cite McCain you are really hurting for an example. McCain started the war with Trump. He asked Trump for money, and when Trump refused, McCain tore into him. McCain was a horrible human being. He was personally responsible for the deaths of more than a hundred of his fellow shipmates. The only reason he wasn’t court martialed was because of his father. While he was a POW, his wife at the time was involved in a bad car accident and was seriously injured. This caused her to gain weight. When McCain returned from the war and found her in this condition, he immediately began screwing other women. He didn’t try and help her, he just put her out to pasture. McCain was a dirt bag. He was very pro Trump while asking him for donations, and when refused, he immediately became anti Trump. Yea, Trump is politically incorrect, he says what he feels and that is exactly why I support him. But McCain started that war, and trump simply finished it.

    • rafael says:

      wake up ( Idiot )
      You are a FOOL FULL of Hate . Go back to your satanic cave and stay there .
      Go wash your mouth with soap and water ; rinse it with H2SO4 .

    • Harry says:

      You are either a Troll or you fell out of a Stupid tree and hit every branch comming down. W AKE UP BUD!

    • John Heaton says:

      Wake up,
      Holy smokes! You really don’t sound well at all. Please tell us that your just looking for attention from anyone. Those thoughts can’t be real. Well, you succeeded in “ waking us up “ . lol Good one. Are you by chance an actor because you had me going for sure. Can you imagine if someone really thought the way you pretended to think about “ misunderstood Barry “ what a maroon! Lmao

  33. MARY E PIPPERT says:

    If this guy had any class he would just fade away.

    • Stuart says:

      CLASS is Something Obama was not in the past & & most definitely not in the Future likely to be accused of Having??

  34. Kevin Fant says:

    I thought that he wasn’t President anymore and President Trump needs to cut off his Salary and how we say here in the South, his wings needs to be cut .

  35. Love babies not kill them says:

    I am disgusted that Americans didnt put a bulliet in his head for high treason and everything else hes done to this country. He is a terrorist and hates everything about us. He wants our guns so he can give them to his pisslamic buddies and use them to kill as many of us as possible so they can take over our country. He doesnt deserve to live and neither do the dem terrorists. They disgust me. We need to rise up against them asap and make sure no more muslim pigs get in office or we will lose our lives and our country. Get armed and protect yourself.

  36. Mike says:

    This is the guy you all voted in to terms. Tell me how many screwed up people are in this country to allow this.I myself don’t know anybody who voted for that guy. Fraud maybe. What I can tell you he is going to go down as the worst president in history.

    • Ric B says:

      You are ignorant – – Barack Obama won handily BOTH times and still has a higher popularity than Demented Donald Trump. Have you not seen that two of the most respected people today by Americans if both Barack and Michelle Obama. Maybe your racial bias makes this difficult to see. At least Barack Obama was not helped by Russian interference.

      • Michael Dunn says:

        The only reason they were and are popular are ignorant people who feel entitled.

        Using the race card again and they are horrible people if black been brown or white. There is not one thing positive about them in any way.

        The Russian Interference u called attention to was on Obama’s watch. There is more proof of Obama and Hillary being In Russia’s pocket and look at Uranium One. They should bpth be tried for treason and of course Mueller was the head of the FBI then.

        Study and get facts and President Trump pits the USA first in all he does and Obama put the terrorists first in all he did and his so called wife is trash and completely useless unless you are looking for someone who hates America.

        Study before u make such stupid comments

      • mick hunt says:

        YOU are yapping from URANUS again.

      • rafael says:

        Ric B
        You are , really , f***** up .

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        You seem to be turning a blind eye to the crimes that crooked hilary & her posse have commited REAL CRIMES. But anyhow once again I’ll wallow in your stupidity & in that frame of mind. I personally thank Putin for waving his magic wand that changed all the votes & put in the best President in history as our leader. Please Mr. Putin, keep waving that magic wand so we can keep President Trump in office for a couple more decades.

      • Ric , I,do not believe drama bama won anything. I do think he was placed. Also, I have never thought for 1 second that michelle is actually his wife nor the two girls theirs. I, believe it has all been one big lying rig. The crooked creep has NEVER been popular as Trump. A person with an I.Q. of his being is not demented. You are of a mental blockage. bama was part of the Russian spy ring. Just wait.

    • pleazzer says:

      I agree Barack Obama is a scum bag and along with Hillary committed TREASON.

  37. Dawn says:

    I know when i got my gun and my gun permit i had a crap ton of papers and background checks and waiting periods to go thru so this just shows his ignorance but wait i think hes talking about all the thugs that dont do it legal so they want to make the legal owners look bad while the asshats of the usa get away with the non legal process. NOT ALL LEGAL GUN OWNERS ARE THE PROBLEM its letting the thugs of the usa break the laws and get away with it,and they want to take ours guns away. Start with the real problem and it might start to get the real problem in check.

    • William J Vital says:

      The politiciams should lead BY EXAMPLE. Take their guns and armed guards away FIRST. Stop the illegal firearms black market and make sure law enforcement can not sell/give away the firearms they get.

  38. Truckman says:

    the only place this nitwit should be is back in kenya just like the moment he was born there naked and broke living in a mud hut with his whole family that is over here along with his mate and her family children included and never allowed to leave its borders and also take the bitch that helped him get on the ballot nancy pelosi because without her he would never been vetted

    • lawrence f boni says:


    • Herbert Lubitz says:

      He is not amd never was an American Citizen and his office should have been impeached and still should be so he loses all his pension and health care. He is a Traitor and has done damage that only his impeachment can fix. It is proven that he is a foreign student only and was not born in America and had filled OUR government with foreign Moslim spies to infiltrate and destroy America from within just like the Moslims have been claiming, and all this Islamophobia is a creation of spies and traitors in Congress and the State House. We can get rid of all the traitors if Trump would just start with Obama and charge him with espionage and Treason, we can get rid of all the Democratic scum in office including Nancy and Chuck and the Moslims in all the Government offices as spies should be convicted and we Americans are holding the greatest power over the government but are too stupid to take the time to take back America from Foreign enemies of the State.

  39. hotrod says:

    this black mu-slimy need to be shot for treason. as does his husband mikey

    • Eileen Ross says:

      Without a shadow of a doubt, hotrod. We can only dream out it though.

      • R.C. says:

        Your dream is an American nightmare. When are you right wingnuts going to quit advocating violence? Have we not had ENOUGH violence in this country by our own citizens?

        • Jim says:

          Didn’t know ANTIFA was right wing

        • Marty says:

          RC, yea I do hear some on the right talking about violence, but that’s just talk. On the other hand, actual acts of violence are constantly committed by your friends on the left. Think the idiot who shot up the House softball game, nearly killing Congressman Scalise. He was a big time supporter of Bernie. Or almost every mass shooting going back to Columbine. They were all DemonRats or childrern of DemonRats.

          • R.C. says:

            THAT is just not true, Marty, in fact just the opposite. I agree that shooter at the softball game was an idiot (or worse) and I condemn that act of violence by a member of the left or Antifa. However, if you look at FBI statistics, you will see that right wing violence is even greater than from jihadists, and like four times the violence of left wing groups. Any violence from either side should be condemned . . . and that includes language that incites violence.

          • Marty says:

            RC, I’m not sorry to say you are full of crap. Look at every mass shooting individually. Every single one of them were demonrats or the children of demonrats. Please do show me which one of those shooters were conservatives, just one of them.

  40. bagster53 says:

    why is the kenyan freak still collecting a tax payer check, for 8 years i have said , the kenyan freak and his transy wife need to be in gitmo , with the rest of the terrorists , it’s really sad that republicans let the kenyan freak get away with his criminal activity , and where was the fbi to vet the freak , now that is an investigation that would have landed 100’s in prison

    • Claudia Bittner says:

      I certainly agree. The proof doesn’t matter to the Democrats.

    • MARY says:


  41. Scott27 says:

    Obama was an embarrassment? I don’t recall anyone in the world making a crying baby balloon of him flying over his visits to Europe. Just sayin’. And for you who continue to believe he was born in Africa… please. Do you also believe the world is flat?

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Excellent point and good to see your postings again, Scott27. After a year of reading conservative blogs like this one, it is clear to me that Trump supporters create their own truth – -bad mouthing polls that do not support their point of view and then turning right around and quoting the SAME poll if it says anything they do like. They have made up conspiracies like the garbage about Obama’s birth, about some “Deep State” which does not exist, and some “Uranium One” and other lies despite all the evidence to the contrary. Many of them do not believe in climate change, despite the growing legions of evidence from scientists. They are so ignorant, that even Trump laughs and jokes about them at times.

  42. Richard Ittner says:

    A great big chunk of white people helped elect a black man President ,just to prove they were not Racist. well well guess what, Obama was the biggest Racist on the Planet . neither he or his wife care for America. Thank God for Donald Trump someone who truly loves America.

    • R.C. says:

      That is not why some of us white people whole-heartedly voted for Obama – – it was because we knew he was the BEST person for the job. No ONE got Obama’s “cool” and he kept it unlike the Dufus Donald who has to be criticizing someone nearly EVERY day.

      You are being an ignorant fool if you truly think that Dufus Donnie loves America. Would a person who loves America defend out worst enemy, Putin? Would he be working a large deal about Trump Moscow and lie to everyone about it? Would he cheat on this taxes to the extent he paid no income taxes for eight years our of 10? Would he obstruct justice over and over like found by the Russia Probe (see PART TWO). Would he promise to present his tax returns and then never do it?

      • Jim says:

        I give Obamanation the credit he deserves. He did set up the economy in terrible shape so President Trump would have something to restore to the best its ever been. He did help to start ISIS and send Billions to Iran while they are chanting Death To America, and lots of other things. And he was/is a well spoken lying CON MAN able to fool the not to bright folks.

        • R.C. says:

          And who is the CON MAN who set up “Trump University,” which was nothing but a scam, a lie in the first place. I give Trump credit, he is a fine CON MAN, always claiming credit for himself, and never accepting the blame. But the financial truth about Trump is coming out and we see he lost money 8 years out of ten, and without depleting his Dad’s money, would have folded up his tent long ago. No one but a corrupt Deutshebank would loan him money, probably backed by Russian who wanted to control him.

          • H Lee says:

            Wonder why Russian donors sent approx 145 million $ to hillary’s Canadian charity during the campaign. Suppose they meant that for Trump?

      • H Lee says:

        No one believes you. obama had no qualifications. absolutely none. You ignorantly overlook facts such as him hiding his records before starting his campaign, His lies about his uncle, his hate for police and military, his refusal to honor the flag, etc., etc., etc., his cover ups regarding holder and obama’s sales of illegal weapons to drug cartel, his obvious role in lynch’s knocking down the possible charges against hillary, etc., etc., etc., You are the ignorant fool.

  43. big huss says:

    As he said it in a video I saw he was born in Kenya that’s an african country, he’s said it himself in that video so he never should have been elected as of our president, I agree with Jack 100% just send this nitwit-clown back to kenya along with his family please don’t forget about them, they need to go too.

  44. Joe says:

    Barry , go to a country that doesn’t have an extradition policy with the US

  45. L. Spinney says:

    Our legal system is in the trash! A.g. Barr has a great opportunity now to reconstruct it.
    BHO is a traitor, and needs to get in line for his turn at being molested every day.
    The brothers are waiting!!

  46. Latimer Spinney says:

    Our legal system is in the trash! A.g. Barr has a great opportunity now to reconstruct it.
    BHO is a traitor, and needs to get in line for his turn at being molested every day.
    The brothers are waiting!!

  47. Dee says:

    Trump was right ! also I’m right in the beginning . Obama never likes America because ! he was taught by a radical American’s Mom & Original born raise from a Terrorism country . All he want’s to do is sneak in coverup & be educated as lawyer , try to studying act hard understand how to convert this nations by brainwashes those selfish unsatisfactory viewers & politicians in this societies , which’s mostly people’s likes to listened a beautiful hidden lied , to support his ideology agenda , to enriched his 8 yrs presidency . he never thinks about this country’s values & principles . he has plans ! which’s changed used the freedom without limited alone with other’s radicals helps , to tunes this country becomes it’s owns world ! That’s why he never like this country’s !!

    • Marlene says:

      That, along with his actual birthplace, is what made him ineligible to be President of America.

      Nancy Pelosi is responsible for that disaster that almost destroyed America. She should swing for that right alongside him. She is a traitor too.

      Our Forefathers were wise enough to make the requirement of birth in America AND LIVING SO MANY YEARS ON OUR SOIL. THEY KNEW THAT LOYALTY CANNOT BE SPLIT.

      Thank God for President Trump in rebuilding Our Country and fighting traitors every day.

      BTW Did you know that barry hid a lot of his crimes by printing money? Had he not done that, he would have been exposed much sooner. That act devalued all your savings.

  48. Art Crosby says:

    I Really Hateee that MF.People would say he was a patriot,What a freakin JOKE!!

  49. You people should be ashamed of yourselves! Just another GD conspiracy theory site! You stupid un-American POS!

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Anytime you want we’ll give you a one way ticket along with that flimsy excuse for a president and Islamo-communist Barblockhead Oblah Blah who was as anti-American as they come who should be ashamed of his mother for giving birth to that cheap a**hole

  50. Marty says:

    Yea, obummer is a POS. But why do you yourself lie and say very few people qualify to purchase a fully auto weapon? Any law abiding citizen who is able to purchase a normal firearm is able to purchase a NFA firearm. All it takes is lots of money. You don’t do firearms owners any good by not being truthful.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      As the saying goes “fear the politician that fears you gun”

    • Han Solo says:

      Ummm, no, you CAN’T buy fully automatic. You can buy SEMIautomatic which isn’t the same. Some semiautomatic rifles can be modified to fire full auto, but most law abiding citizens won’t or aren’t able to make those modifications.

      • Marty says:

        Sorry Han, you’re wrong. All you need is to apply to ATF, pay them $200 for a transfer stamp. Actually, you go to a Class 3 dealer, purchase the fully auto weapon. The dealer usually helps getting you the paper work needed to get the transfer stamp. Takes up to a year to get the stamp. Then you take it to the dealer and take possession of the weapon. There are some states which don’t allow it’s citizens to do this, like Kalifornia. But most states do. The problem is the available full autos are very, very expensive and can cost 10’s of thousands of dollars.

      • Jondarmes says:

        “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.” BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  51. Rex says:

    Why does the coward need body guards? His betrayal of this country shows when he openly goes to foreign countries to trash our country with his treacherous words. I agree with Dianna take the guns from his body guards. What should he be afraid of if he is sooooo right. He is afraid because he is a traitor. I still believe that he is not a natural born American. Sooner or later the real truth will come out on that issue.

  52. Brenda says:

    Why the hell is he still walking free? There is something really wrong going on.
    With all the evidence on everybody nothing
    Why isn’t Muller not being charged for his part in the hoax?
    The longer this goes on spells trouble.
    I don’t know anymore. Sad l am loosing trust in everybody.

    • Bill says:

      I was just thinking that Brenda. The extreme left is tearing this country apart using the Media to advance their lies. Using the schools to advance their brainwash the children. Using Hollywood to advance their anti-God, Anti-American BS.

  53. Dianna says:

    take guns away from his “bodyguards”!

  54. Jack says:

    When is this nitwit-clown going to return to the jungle?

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