Nikki Haley was confronted with one fact of life that left her a trembling wreck

South Carolina Governor Nikki R. Haley, Photo by PDM-owner, via Wikimedia, public domain

Nikki Haley is mounting one last stand on behalf of the GOP establishment against Donald Trump.

It isn’t going very well.

And Nikki Haley was confronted with one fact of life that left her a trembling wreck.

The main reason that Washington, D.C.’s “Swamp” and the uniparty donor class rallied around former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is that she never met a war she didn’t want to march someone else’s kids into.

When she announced her Presidential campaign her chief complaint against former President Donald Trump was that he wanted to end the war in Ukraine to focus on securing America’s southern border.

She already wants war with Russia over the inconsequential territory in Ukraine.

Now Haley is demanding President Joe Biden start another war with Iran.

Iranian-backed proxies killed three U.S. troops in Jordan in a drone strike.

At a rally in South Carolina, Haley called for a new war in Iran in response.

“When have we ever let men and women sit there and take strikes like that, and do nothing to stop it? He’s done nothing!” Haley ranted. “He’s got to stop trying to get back into an Iran deal that doesn’t help us. And he’s got to start making sure that we show American strength.”

A Trump supporter in the crowd stood up and protested Haley’s call for another endless war in the Middle East.

“No new wars! I’m done with the military-industrial complex!” the Trump supporter declared.

Even though Haley expressly called for a new war with Iran, she falsely claimed she wasn’t advocating for another war in the Middle East.

“None of us want new wars. None of us want new wars,” Haley responded.

The Trump supporter pointed out that Democrat megadonors like LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman – who funded E. Jean Carroll’s bogus lawsuit against Trump – are backing Haley and that the American people understood that the “Swamp” supports her because she puts America last.

“We know who your money comes from Nikki. We know!” the Trump supporter shot back. “And we’re sick of the wars and we want America First.”

Haley’s team then threw the man out.

The Republican establishment used to foist warmongers like George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney on the GOP electorate.

But after Donald Trump won in 2016 those days ended.

Donor-class elites have never been able to cope with that fact.

Backing Nikki Haley’s campaign is their last gasp at regaining control of the Republican Party.

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