New York’s mayor just threatened Trump with a jaw-dropping lawsuit to keep illegals out of his city

As the author of The Art Of The Deal, President Trump knows how to get things done.

He can even trick his enemies into doing the unthinkable.

And the mayor of New York City just threatened a jaw-dropping lawsuit to keep illegals out of his city.

President Trump is serious about stopping illegal immigration.

But left-wing officials are fighting against him every step of the way.

Currently, one of the ways they are doing this is by trying to prevent border officials from detaining illegal immigrants awaiting trials.

But if they succeed, Trump has a plan to get back at them.

He is planning on sending those illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities for release.

One of these so-called “sanctuary cities” is New York City, and as it turns out, the city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio doesn’t like the idea one bit.

In fact, he is threatening to sue the Trump administration if they send illegal immigrants to New York City.

Breitbart News reports:

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio threatened to sue the Trump administration if it sends illegal immigrants to New York City, a “sanctuary city.”

“It’s illegal. It is just plain illegal. We will meet him in court. We will beat him in court,” de Blasio said, according to the New York Post.

President Trump on Monday tweeted, “Those Illegal Immigrants who can no longer be legally held (Congress must fix the laws and loopholes) will be, subject to Homeland Security, given to Sanctuary Cities and States” He said on Friday that his administration was giving “strong consideration” to the idea.”

He said on Friday that his administration was giving “strong consideration” to the idea.

Isn’t it ironic that Democrats are all for illegal immigration until thousands of illegals are dumped in their backyards?

De Blasio isn’t alone in his anger.

Singer and actress Cher went on an angry rant about how her city of Los Angeles should take care of their homeless population before taking in droves of illegal immigrants.

But this comes after she announced that her businesses would be willing take Dreamers into their homes.

Democrats are clearly hypocritical on this issue.


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145 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    Build a 5mi by 5 mile pen on the border with one way door to Mexico dump all the illegals there let mex provide the food for any who won’t leave the pen.

  2. Priscilla Owens says:

    The Democrat Party is nothing but a lying bunch of hypocrites . They call evil good and good evil. Their minds are are corrupt and they are blind to the truth. We should never elect them to any position. Most of the news media is nothing but Fake News. I do not watch it at all. It’s a waste of time.

  3. ALAN says:

    Wow! A lot of people are not happy about this situation. The border must be closed, that is a fact. How do we do it? One suggestion. The President makes an announcement that the border is closed. Any one attempting to breach the border will be labeled an “enemy combatant” attempting to invade our nation.
    Troops and border guards: Ready! Aim! Fire!
    Children? Send them back from whence they came.
    Damn it! If these people- so many of them- do not like their leaders, band together, build an army and free themselves. Looking for a hand-out? Look to your own land!!!!!!

  4. Zaw Soe says:

    I am not racist but African Vudue Max Water Never should not be in Government Office . She belong in Los Angeles Zoo Keeper, to keep up cleaning Animal Feecie. She will do a Job. Please remove from her office Now.

  5. N says:

    Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  6. NOBODY says:

    do it Trump… do it, to hell with the law, dem’s don’t respect the law unless they benefit from it, then that’s a different story

    there’s nothing criminal about sending the to places like NY. , Ny. just wants to pollute the rest of the country with dioceses,
    unlike what the Dem’s and Rhino’s do….. every rhino that’s in my district, I’m vetoing against even if I have to vote 1 time for a Dem…..

    • june Burgess says:

      So suck it up snowflakes, we have to deal with it and so do you

  7. Lisa says:

    They need to go somewhere. They are here now, and can’t be deported at this time. If they are not cared for, the rest of the World will have no reason to respond to Trump’s ideas concerning refugees or humanitarian issues ever again. That would make HIM a hypocrite, and he’s in the wrong party for that!? Can’t the previous barracks be used that Obama built? Take care of them and bill the original countries if possible. Or, do as stated and let the title “Sanctuary Cities” be used to offer Sanctuary!? Are the sanctuary cities now gonna change to another name better Describing themselves?

  8. John Nice says:

    Democrats are not just clearly hypocritical on this issue. They are clearly hypocritical on every issue this country faces. We are 100 years late on calling them out for what they are.

  9. The Redhawk says:


  10. The Redhawk says:

    Will we ever see that DE Blasio will ever EXPLAIN the “SANCTUARY” definition he gave the NYC TOILET??? Is “SANCTUARY” supposed to offer refuge to what he determined as “OPPRESSED” Illegal People from Central America ???? or can BIG Bird Jerk be saked WHY NOT?? and whether the term BIG HYPOCRITE applies to him and the Coastal KOMRADES also???

  11. Sue says:

    You made your city a sanctuary city. Are you now saying you don’t want that? Why not? What’s changed? Trump is giving you what you want. And if this is the course you now want to take, what’s stopping you from removing the sanctuary city status?

  12. chris says:

    This would be fantastic and hope Trump actually does it, nothing illegal about it and I am sure Americans would be more than happy to donate millions to pay for transporting the illegals to these sanctuary cities.

  13. Slick says:

    Stop the madness! What happened to the US quotas we set? We are already full!!!

    • DHConner says:

      Call 1-202-456-1111 and tell the President exactly what you want him to do, and that is what he said he would. Be a man of his word or be quiet, one of the two. If everybody who contributes to this page would do that, and all their friends and family too, that would be loud and clear message he couldn’t miss. It often takes several tries to get through, and you may have to wait a few minutes, but it’s damn well worth getting your $100.00 in there. You speak to a real, live human being – a volunteer who is doing both the President and our nation a service by fielding calls from real live people who’ll spend a buck or two to let him know exactly what you think. Don’t be long-winded ; short and sweet, or sour, as the case may be.

      • ALAN says:

        BRAVO! BRAVO! A voice of great reason! We cry, we curse, we writhe in pain as the Devil’s followers- the Communist DNC- ruin our country, our culture and even try to kill our God. Then we go watch TV. Do what DHConner says. Go to the source! Tell our President we love him and support him and tell him to do two things: 1). Shut down the damn border. 2).Outlaw the Demon-crap party, charge them with treason and do what Fidel would do!!!!!

  14. George Horvat says:

    “What!!” Why would these illegal lovers not want those that they love to placed in a city where they will feel safe rather that somewhere else where they would feel threatened? Ya just gotta wonder!

  15. RufusVonDufus says:

    But, but, but, that brain dead moron loves em he said. What a hypocrite!

  16. Susan says:

    Why are the Democrats fine with them flooding into the Border states then!?!? What is the definition of “Sanctuary Cities and States” I thought they would Welcome EVERYONE of the Illegals and Criminals!! They are the ones who went to court to become a Sanctuary City or State and it’s time to call their bluff!! It is time for the Border states to share the love!! Get ready DiBlabio because they are coming and they Expect nothing but the Best!! They will be needing housing and Food and Water and clothes!! You had better get busy you Hypocrite!!! You wanted them and now you get what you wished for!!! Why would you be taking this to court!?!? You Fought Hard to become a Sanctuary City!! Whats the matter don’t want them in your backyard!?!?! Now do you see what we have been trying to tell you!! You only did this Sanctuary City to piss off Trump!! Well time to pony up Fat boy!! If you are indeed a Sanctuary City then you will be getting ALOT of them you should be Happy!! You Win!!!

  17. Earl Ingling says:

    If the Democrats want “sanctuary cities “ send em all the illegal immigrants. They wanted,give it to em. Everyone that’s commented on this article,remember to vote them out of office if you don’t want a sanctuary city in your state.

  18. leo says:

    Sanctuary cities are a violation of federal law simply should not actually exist in the 1st place giving aid and comfort to the enemy invading army is treason using illegal aliens as political prisoners simply is not legal either but in their infinite insanity and quest for absolute power they will stop at nothing

  19. Scotty says:

    Hey Bill, don’t want illegals in your city? Neither do I. Maybe we should stop them at the border! Just sayin.

    • DHConner says:

      With a 185 grain Scenar bullet from .300 Winchester at 1,000 yards. A very, very close match to the, until now, preferred military snipers load. Fertilize the desert, feed the coyotes and vultures too. Hey, they gotta eat. I do not advocate this, nor do I intend to do it. Just seems like the right thing to do when you are being invaded by two legged vermin. The border is the proper place to stop them, as you say, Scotty. So many clear thinkers on this site-I wonder how the ACLU permits it to exist. After all, they do have the final say on all laws, publications, and media, don’t they. I’ve been told the US Supreme Court is the ACLU’s premiere mouthpiece. Over the last 20 years, it certainly appears to be. maybe I’d better be more careful of what I communicate. They might get the crazy idea to call the FBI on me for some of the things I say. But only somebody really crazy would actually do that themselves. That’s why we have an army and other state sanctioned organizations: to do our killing for us.Far more efficient, and thorough too.

  20. John J says:

    Demo vomit hypocrite!

  21. Neta says:

    So he is saying it is illegal to send illegals to his city and he will sue the Trump administration! Okay, so how is not illegal to refuse to obey immigration laws but totally illegal to take in more of the people he is illegally protecting from the laws of the United States?

    • anna says:

      He is a DOUBLE STANDARD demonRAT. he wants them but only is they jump fences, swim the rivers and sneak in the back of vans, BUT when Trump wants to HELP MR> DeblASSo gets all the illegals he wants he wnats to STOP IT, Trump is helping him GET VOTES, Now anyone with an ounce f brains can NOW SEE the ways of the demonRATS. They are no good, evil and vicious. WAKE UP AMERICA

      • george says:

        let him sue, he is a complete confirmed idiot, he wants the people to be allowed to enter our country, send them to him, let him feed, take care of them, he can sue all he wants, let us take it to the Supreme Court????????????

    • Tracey says:

      Amen! I am so sick of the democrats double talk and double standards! And sick of everyone saying they have the right to be here! Maybe they do if they do it legally and are these idiots forgetting about half these children are kidnapped to get into our country then trafficked as sex slaves. And what about the gang bangers and drugs grrr… so sick of the ignorance already!

  22. Alexandria O Cortex says:

    Mr. Blazio-Cortez should get his way and prevent illegal aliens from entering the infested swamp of New York but in return, Deblazio should be sent to his favorite place, Russia with a no-return tick.

    • george says:

      let him sue, he is a complete confirmed idiot, he wants the people to be allowed to enter our country, send them to him, let him feed, take care of them, he can sue all he wants, let us take it to the Supreme Court????????????
      how can this be duplicate, first time post i guess the dems are blocking again

  23. cjg says:

    interesting how the whinnie liberal cry baby democrats cry about getting this country back on board lock out illegals. yet they want them to cross and when it comes to bring the turd bird terrorists to their state they cry like babies.
    talk about 2 faced hippocrits

  24. john t. sr. says:

    These Lib. SOB’s
    like to see illegals come thru the border, just too mess with our president . When it comes too more in their city’s they hate it. President Trumps revenge can be a real big laff on them. now, ain’t that too bad. Mr. President, follow thru!!

  25. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    It does not matter where CV he ships them they will be a burden to all taxpayers, no detention, no trial their guilt is obvious, immediately ship them back to the toxic waste pool they oozed out of.

  26. Kamkoz says:

    I say drop them all in Hollywood since the elites want open boarders. Let them pick up more needles and feces off the streets. Cover their faces with masks to deter the smell of urine.
    Give them what they want. The hotter the weather, the better it smells. Roll in it like a pig pen. Embrace what your mouths have been screaming for. And when a few of you die from multiple stab wounds? Nah…who cares so much. Right ? Like totally !
    I hear Beverly Hills is full of high class, well maintained lawns. Softer pillow for them to camp on. Might want to open those mansion doors for them to go to the bathroom, otherwise you’ll have to teach them to clean up their own poop. Give them little doggie bags, scented ones. We all know how well that’s doing so far in San Francisco ……

    • Nate says:

      I think the sole-called elites in Hollywood are already side-stepping around feces and puddles of urine in the streets. I suppose they can handle more? These “Sanctuary Cities”? Be careful what you wish for? You may just get it!

    • Larry says:

      New York City mayor hates Mexicans & South Americans

  27. Jim says:

    Kind of funny.He said let illegals go.Just not hear.Well guess what.I don’t want them in the country.

    • Diane says:

      Let’s get one thing straight. NYC doesn’t belong to himself & the slug he’s married to, taking up space in Gracie Mansion. It belongs to the CITIZENS who have to put up with his garbage, but not for long.

  28. william couch says:

    SO!! The “WOP” can’t handle it!!

  29. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Why is the mayor of New York City opposed to this? He is a dyed in the world supporter of Illegal immigration. You’d think that he would be delighted to let them come there by the thousands hmmmm. Maybe it would put such a burden on the taxpayers there in providing illegals with free food and housing to them that the voters would vote that idiot out of office.

    • ALAN says:

      People, let us not lose sight of the real plan. I’ll call it the Chicago Plan- where we vote early and often and the dead rise from the grave to vote.
      The Demon-craps want to flood the country with illegal aliens; get them on the voter rolls; make them beholden to the Communist Party (that is the real name of the Demon-craps) so they can be in power for a hundred years. Sort of like the Institutional Party in Mexico reigned. Do we have the clear picture now? Tell Donald to place troops at the border and close ‘er down!!!!!!

      • Trudy Hand says:

        I agree, Alan close it down !!!

      • gandolf White says:

        The only way to close the border down is with a wall. There aren’t enough military or others to physically stop all that come through the porous border. The border is almost 2000 miles long. Only a very high fence will stop the illegals.

        • Ronald C Watt says:

          A good place to use the millions of fully automatic weapons and billions of hollow point bullets that Obama bought up to use onus when the world order started to round us up for the Fema holding camps.

        • patricia says:

          Also in israel they dig down many feet deep underground to keep people from digging their way under the wall they have built. I saw a photo of a man shoving kids under the wall where they have one on our border and pushing them through the dug out portion. They’d better either do this or put down a lot of cement around the wall Someone I know who worked for the DEA said the drug cartels have dug under the wall where there is one and drive cars under it in a tunnel they dug out.

  30. ALAN says:

    Ah! Sweet hypocrisy! True colors shown: Communist Red! Liars.
    Well, Bill, how does it feel to have you own fecal matter thrown back at you?,

    • Martha says:

      Why do they brag about being sanctuary cities if they don’t want the illegals that they’re helping come here illegally? Shows just how stupid they are. Why should other cities HAVE to take them when they are not sanctuary cities? That does not make sense to me. He can sue all he wants but I bet he wouldn’t win because how could it be illegal to deliver the illegals to HIS city instead of to another city that doesn’t brag about how they “welcome all illegals”. What a bunch of low life dupes.

      • Trudy Hand says:

        Martha, if you place all of them in the same city, it will look strange come election time. Because they can not show over 100% on the voter rolls. Then officials will know illegals voted in the election .

        • Lisa says:

          That’s a thought!? But the Dems will CONTINUE cheating then too. It’s what they do. It’s who they are. If Trump doesn’t take a handle on it now, oh well…….

  31. snooky6677 says:

    What’s the matter Bill the asshole you don’t want your illegal immigrants to come to New York, while you stupid people don’t want to close the border so you get what you wished for open bordors and illegals coming to visit you at your mansion. They will just love it there in New York in your mansion.

    • Evelyn Johnson says:

      Amen I like your comment

      • ALAN says:

        I like that, too.
        It is one thing for the coastal liberals to talk crap; it is another thing to have to eat it. I hope they all have seconds.
        (Yes, even you, Chicago! I’m bailing…..)
        You go! MR. PRESIDENT. YOU GO!!!!

  32. Beaulah says:

    My question to the President and all who pretend to be Americans. Why are you announcing your plan to send them to sanctuary swamps? In Phoenix, the huge buses full of illegals, are arriving daily. I dont recall Az taxpayers being informed that we had a choice to say…h3ll No! Just send them there, in the wee hours. Too bad. President, start suing them! Oh, also send them to Congress’es homes. No Democrat should ever receive a tax refund.

  33. John Bloxson Jr. says:

    These DemoCommunist all are True Hypocrites. Mayor De Blasio, as well as Governor Quamo. Bit so is Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, Californicate Governor Gavin Newsom, and the Female Mayor of Oakland ALL are DemoCommunist Hypocrites!

  34. Gene Moore says:

    If the Mayor of NY City -does sue- STOP-ALL MONIES coming from the FEDERAL Government-NO TAX money at all.!,; then listen to the citizens howl at the MAYOR.

  35. Cecil says:

    send twice as many now to NY

  36. Michial Lawrence says:

    These hypocritic liberals are all for sanctuary, as long as it is someone else’s city that gets over run with the illegals. BUT, not in their city. They are all right with some small city (that may not be able to afford it) taking the brunt. It is okay for them so long as it is someone else paying for it.

  37. Steelie says:

    No ‘OVERFLOW illegals’ To Sanctuary Cities?
    ‘Sanctuary cities’ WERE MADE for ‘illegals’
    W/ city etc. ‘Leadership’. &&& NOW, they ‘BackWash’ ???
    > illegals Should Take NOTICE. The ppl that Said
    ” Come In,” DO NOT WANT YOU !!!

  38. Tetvet says:

    If oboomer flew in the somalians, muslims to different cities in our country, I don’t remember his majesty asking the people or letting us know. Oh he did after the fact and his demoncrat snakes in congress at one of his informal dinner parties. Just like they passed the wealthy healthy care bill after it was signed by all and then read.
    Now why is it that our President Trump can’t do the same by executive order. Well it seems that we have quite a few traitor republicans in our party that are interrupting the real party members from moving forward. In others words our GOP is as split down the middle and most of the time their are more holes to leak by. The demoncrat snakes are connected by glue, scum, slime, and peanut butter the worse of all spite and personal greed. Unfortunately the GOP should be joined by respect, passion to our Constitution, Bill of Rights and most definitely WE THE PEOPLE of these UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, i respectfully must add PATRIOTISM. I ask all who read this comment to look at their congressman / congresswoman and picture them answering yes to each item, If any one answers no. That is a problem. If I am wrong then as a Combat Vietnam Veteran I have believed each item from the first day in the military till today. Even though when I arrived home in 1968 with many other Vietnam Vets. were treated like slime, called baby killers, murderers, hitlers, spit on, and much more. I walked into a bar in my old neighbor and was refused to be served. I still follow the following: LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

  39. How can the mayor of New York think it is just fine to send illegals to all of our homes, but not to his? Who does he think he is? Call me crazy , but he has been welcoming them, with open arms, until our President said something about sending them to sanctuary cities. Now all of a sudden, he is going to sue President Trump, if he does send them to his city, now the people can see his true colors. Just like all of the Dems the only people they really care about are”Themselves. “

    • Roger says:

      Giving the “finger” to America’s President is more important to Comrade de Blasio than his supposed support of ILLEGALS.
      He MUST be a bigger hypocrite than HITLERy.

  40. S. says:

    You can’t have it both ways. Either NY is or is not a sanctuary. So stop bring a hypocrite, say it isn’t and Trump won’t send them here. This way you don’t have to sue but be quick about it.

  41. Richard Lynch says:

    They should be busted into the elite Hollywood hills and be able camp in big mouth celebrities front lawns…take that sancuary… where are your open arms??

  42. DR Richard says:

    send them all to de fongoolio’s house –asshole needs a punch in his face –hypocrite

  43. Daniel Mount says:

    What’s the Matter? you did say that New York is a sanctuary city?

  44. walter says:

    open season

  45. Betty says:

    Doing the “Unthinkable” is certainly something CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump’s is best at like the INSANE IDIOT & CONCEITD WALKING, TALKING PILE OF CRAP He Has For Sure Publicly Proven Himself to be time & time again!

    • Charles says:

      Betty, why is it so bad to ship them to the cities that want to harbor illegals anyway? Hell, no one else wants illegals so send them to sanctuary cities where they are protected.

    • Mike Hunt says:

      If only the cankled drunk was elected instead of PRESIDENT TRUMP! Keep blubbering, whining and soiling your puzzy hat! You are proof that our first male president in decades is MAGA!!

    • Jenney says:

      Betty it must be past your bed time! If you are for open borders and no wall the step up to the plate and open your home

    • Joe Know says:

      The Democrats are the ones that demands they come in so they are the ones that should have to deal with them. They asked for it when they refused to let Trump stop them.

    • terry says:

      It is NOT betty, and the troll is paid well.

    • Bill Beveridge says:

      Betty. Your obviously a left winged Democrat. You should take some illegals into your own home. You want them here to vote for your party of choice, so shouldn’t you be responsible for a family or two. They live in your garage. You could make a dollar or two everyday off of them. Come on lady. Put you home where your mouth is.

    • Carbine Williams says:

      Betty,why don’t you take them is as you’re a liberal cretin who loves illegals

    • roger says:

      He has proven to be America’s President and a very very good one at that. Look what he has accomplished with the FULL FORCE of the media, the doj, the fbi, hollywierd and the dnc fighting desperately against him EVERY SECOND!!!

    • Gayle says:

      And the majority of Americans LOVE him for standing by his words, putting Americans first, enforcing the laws instead of breaking them. Too are invited to leave and claim another country as your own if this country isn’t good enough for you.

    • Bill says:

      OK, Betty, I’ll talk to the President and tell him to make sure your city gets at least 10,000 illegals and if you give me your address I will make sure you get at least 100 to set up a tent city in your yard! YOU WANT OPEN BORDERS AND FREE TRAVEL ACROSS OUR SOUTHERN BORDER YOU GOT IT!!!!~!

    • Nate says:

      Betty, You still have that “hard-on” for Trump!

  46. I have tried to post a comment Patriot Pulse several times. Why has it not been posted?

  47. Rod Brillantes says:

    Just Do It! Catch ‘Em and Release them into the Sanctuary Cities! ASAP… No Questions Asked… Give them (Liberal Politicians, and FAKE New Reporters) what they so emphatically and publicly asked for.

    Run ads that actually show video clips of the Liberal Democratic Politicians and FAKE News Reporters that support Sanctuary Cities and stated their personal beliefs that they will protect all who want in and shelter them from US Citizens, including President Trump, who don’t want them to be allowed to stay… Just Do IT!

  48. ARJAY says:

    If YOU are a sanctuary state/city/community, you should be REQUIRED to take ALL the ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADING ARMY MEMBERS that YOU are REQUIRING us to let in.

    Not only that, but YOU should be REQUIRED to pay for their upkeep, NOT the U. S. that is TRYING to keep them OUT!!

    You can’t have it both ways.

    YOU want them here, YOU take care of them, not US!!

  49. Bill E. Bob says:

    How do you say scumbag hypocrite in Italian?

  50. Cabin 1954 says:

    DeBlowsio, Why are you so racist towards illegals? Let’s see, they are just here for a better life. They are running from their homelands in fear of their lives. They just want to work and provide for their families? Mr. DeBlowsio how could you be so racist towards these poor people? Why are using them as pawns in your political game after giving so many sanctuary in your city? Don’t all the others deserve the same sanctuary status? Republicans and conservatives should be yelling from the housetops about how evil you are for not wanting these poor people and telling everybody how racist you are. OH that is right, you are Democrat and only Democrats get to throw the ‘racist’ word around.

    • Joe Know says:

      People like Soros are paying to have them ruin our lives. They should be yelling about what a dumb democrat your for believing that garbage. If you support them so much go get you a buss load to take care of. Racist!

  51. Jean says:

    I believe that Trump should be able as president ship all the illegals back to Mexico. They do not want to be American citizens so why come here. My grand parents became Americans so why can’t they. They want everything free. The big problem is Soros. He wants to destroy America. He has plans to rig the 2020 Election.

  52. Demaggots suck says:

    de Blassholeio, you moronic pile of s**t! If you want their votes so bad, why don’t you put some up in your own home? You can provide shelter and food to them. And even though a vast majority of them are thieves, rapists, and murderer, I doubt that any of them would want to rape your wife.

  53. Michael Groves says:

    It is so hilarious to see Liberals twist, and contort themselves in refuseing these Illegals now that President Trump is treating to send them to sanctuary states, and cities. Mr President, do it. Jam this right down their throats. OH and Mayor Bill De blaso, go ahead and file that law suit. The President can show how for months you’ve been shooting off your mouth, and passing laws that help the Illegals. Now when it’s time for you hypocrite to put your money where your mouths are, it’s a different story? Now President Trump should help you all live the dream.

  54. Brian says:

    De Blasio can be foisted on his own petard. Trump has enough video of De Blasio threatening to sue the US government for attempting to stop illegals. Also his own comments directing the police not to cooperate with ICE. It would be interesting watching him being questioned on the witness stand explaining his “new position”.

  55. Nancy says:

    All illegals belong in every sanctuary city they want them they should get and keep ? No funding either.

    Just threatened the President? Isn’t that treason? What next?

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Sanctuary Cities are acting illegally by enticing illegals into cities (and eventually allowing Them to vote illegally) and using funds meant for citizens. Real Americans support Our President’s plan to with hold federal funds from Sanctuary Cities & States and the officials of those cities & states should really go to jail for not upholding Their Oaths of Office. Just for votes to remain in power these pigs have been willing to sell out Their fellow Countrymen and women—sad and very sick.

    • NATHAN PARIS says:

      Typical of Democrats. They won’t discuss immigration but they will criticize the hell out of it!

  56. Nancy says:

    He is one of those liberals who say “let them in,” but ” oh no, don’t send them my way. ” Move them all there.

  57. George Matteson says:

    Illegals should be in all the Democrats states ,they want here

  58. Doug says:

    They should be sent back where they came from ,,,,take care of our own people first

  59. Dennis Sumner says:

    I’m confused, isnt he one of the heroes who said everyone is welcome, legal or not?

  60. trebor says:

    I seem to remember Obamma sending plane loads of Muslims to cities all over the country. How does this differ. If Obamma had the authority why not Trump ?

  61. Mark J. says:

    Hey Democrats… Hypocritical much?
    You get what you want and now you’re going looney toon on what you wanted? Wake up voters! Two face D3monRAT Thug politicians are exposing their own hypocrisy for all to see…

  62. AlanS says:

    Trump finally got them – do they want the illegals or not?
    They say they do, but they really don’t
    But it is OK to have them go to border cities….

    Come on Dems, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!!

    Ultimate Not In My Backyard.

  63. Rebecca Rodriguez says:

    “Everytime I move in, y’all move away!”

    Eddie Murphy ~Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood.

  64. RONALD HATT says:


  65. Pat says:

    The worst mayor New York ever had
    This guy is so corrupt all the time this POS was in office what did he do absolutely nothing enough said

  66. who the F — is he to threaten anyone he loves illegals you teo faced SOB.

  67. Dear Democrats,,What is the matter,i thought you wanted the immigrants in this country…………seems
    like it is different if they move next to you………But you will get over it maybe…….Ypu might bitch and
    gripe some,But you are experienced you have done it for the last two years..Just thank what the
    DEMS are costing the tax payers by not being concerned……You need to grow up….a men

  68. Dear Democrats,What is the matter,i thought you wanted the immigrants in this country…………seems
    like it is different if they move next to you………But you will get over it maybe…….Ypu might bitch and
    gripe some,But you are experienced you have done it for the last two years..Just thank what the
    DEMS are costing the tax payers by not being concerned……You need to grow up….a men

  69. J says:

    Hey king Deblahblah, you and your demomaggots have been proclaiming you are sanctuary cities and you “welcome and protect” ILLEGALS who choose to come there. However, when you clowns find out that Trump is thinking about bussing them in, you go ballistic and scream “NOT IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!!”. How phony and hypocritical of all of you sleezeballs.

    Sounds a lot like when you did something very similar during the civil rights movement. At that time, you scumbags “welcomed” blacks – as long as “they” weren’t in YOUR schools or neighborhoods. As soon as “they” moved in, you moved out. Typical that you “talk the talk” but don’t walk the walk .

    Your true RACIST behavior has come out like a tidal wave. All Trump needed to do was rattle your racist cage and you ran like the low life dogs you are.

    • gary says:

      Think about it! Pretty soon all of whatever state illegals and muslims occupy can seep to other states and all of that state should be bordered. In other words California, Arizona will soon have to be bordered on the whole surrounding state to stop them from spreading all over America!

    • Moe says:

      You made my day brother.God bless you.

  70. J says:

    Hey Deblahblah, you and your demomaggots have been proclaiming you are sanctuary cities and you “welcome and protect” ILLEGALS who choose to come there. However, when you clowns find out that Trump is thinking about bussing them in, you go ballistic and scream “NOT IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!!”. How phony and hypocritical of all of you sleezeballs.

    Sounds a lot like when you did something very similar during the civil rights movement. At that time, you scumbags “welcomed” blacks – as long as “they” weren’t in YOUR schools or neighborhoods. As soon as “they” moved in, you moved out. Typical that you “talk the talk” but don’t walk the walk .

    Your true RACIST behavior has come out like a tidal wave. All Trump needed to do was rattle your racist cage and you ran like the low life dogs you are.

  71. Tom Hawk says:

    PHUK De Blasio !

  72. These democrats are a characterization of the selves. If they want to ignore the law they should do it at there risk. Please keep these law breakers safe from the law abiding citizens.

  73. Cliff says:

    What is the difference? There are a CRAPLOAD of ILLEGALS in N.Y. City already that “king” deblasio wanted there and encouraged to vote in the last presidential election. (along with “emperor” cuomo doing the same thing. )
    Send them ALL to N.Y. city. (and ALBANY) for that matter.These communist SCUMBAGS said to “let them in” so give them their “wish” and pack the cities FULL.
    MS13 GANG MEMBERS will have a BALL there. (they can compete with the “other” gangs that infest the ‘city” and are allowed to do what ever they please.

  74. ANI4ANI says:

    What law says u can’t spread the wealth around?

  75. Denis says:

    This is just one diabolical part of the PREMEDITATED PLAN to wreck and ruin the USA from the inside out. De Blasio is a MARXIST MYRMIDON who was conceived in his father’s rectum and is ,therefore, impervious to reason; lacking in a functioning conscience; and invulnerable to regret…all fortified by historic deprivation and. academic anemia

  76. Raymond A Martucci says:

    Deblasio you and the other democracts in the city have been bringing them here for years and just gave them free intuition over gold star family, now you don’t want them. Deblasio you and your democracts in this state should be getting sued by the citizens of this state and have you removed from your position you should be forced to pay back taxpayers money you been giving to the illegals. Deblasio you should take them like you have been and the city should go on its own and you and the other democracts pay their way

    • ANI4ANI says:

      U can’t b that unfair! there r other deserving mayors who need 2 get their share. IE: garcetti,scharf,, the new mayor of Chi town, Pelosi’s Sf needs a dbl dose ,SEA,BOSmost of NJ, & lets not 4get thethe dancing mayor of Philly! They r entitled 2 their hard working low paid Gardners & maids/butlers & illegal voters
      Also these people commit no crimes & enrich the diversity of the community.
      So I ask u 2b fair & send a minimum of 20k in2 all sanctuary communities.

  77. PatrickHenry says:

    The Mayor of New York needs his sorry A$$ kicked out of the Country!!! That WORTHLESS POS needs to leave America!!! He hates this country!!!! Send EVERY ILLEGAL to New York City upon capture at the southern border!!!!

  78. Denis says:

    Sponsors SHOULD pay! Those who want ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS to break into our country without permission should BE FORCED to adopt them in perpetuity at their perpetual personal expense until the ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS leave voluntarily or die.

    • David Rose says:

      After ALL THE RULES from the border come in … the dimwits might want to change their vote to NO on ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

  79. Thomas D says:

    “It’s illegal. It is just plain illegal”. Yeah moron so is ILLEGAL immigration but the dems are in favor of that, even though it is ILLEGAL. The dems/libs are so damn stupid. They want to allow all these illegals into our nation but they don’t want them in their backyard. Hypocrites and idiots !!!!!!!!!!

  80. Doris Lauter says:

    THe illegals have to go somewhere. Obam brought in Somalis to the northeast in the dead of night., so he didn’t have any criticism. If he can do it Trump can do it. Our southern cities are full of illegals, so it makes sense to bus them further north. All Nancy has to do is call for a vote to stop this practice, and she won’t.

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