Nancy Pelosi picked a fight with Republicans that is going to end very badly for her

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi likes to think she is politically invincible.

But Pelosi is about to get a major reality check.

That’s because Nancy Pelosi picked a fight with Republicans that is going to end very badly for her.

Joe Biden and the Centers for Disease Control outrageously reimposed a mask mandate claiming vaccinated Americans and children in grades K-12 needed to wear masks.

The administration seized upon the corporate-controlled media’s fear campaign over the delta variant to force Americans to wear masks and lay the groundwork for vaccine mandates.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy ripped the unscientific decision as power-mad bureaucrats looking to live in a “perpetual pandemic state.”

“Make no mistake – The threat of bringing masks back is not a decision based on science, but a decision conjured up by liberal government officials who want to continue to live in a perpetual pandemic state,” McCarthy wrote on social media.

Reporters asked Pelosi about McCarthy’s broadside against the absurd new masking rules.

“He’s such a moron,” Pelosi responded.

McCarthy and Pelosi do not like one another.

The media treats Pelosi like a political genius because they buy her communications staff spin and they worship Pelosi ideologically.

But these new masking rules did not play well even among Biden and Pelosi’s allies in the corporate-controlled media.

New York Times columnist Brett Stephens blasted public health officials like Dr. Fauci for having no credibility due to their lies about the origins of the coronavirus.

Another column in The Times blasted the administration’s messaging on masks claiming the Centers for Disease Control wasted its credibility.

The Biden administration going backwards in the coronavirus and surrendering to hysteria and panic will not play well across the country.

And it could be one reason Pelosi has to hand over the Speaker’s gavel to McCarthy next year.

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