Nancy Pelosi just proved that Democrats are the Party of projection with these five words about Donald Trump

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats are always guilty of the outrageous accusations they lob at Republicans.

Nowhere is this more true than with Donald Trump. 

And Nancy Pelosi just proved that Democrats are the party of projection with these five words about Donald Trump.

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a disaster for the country.

The border crisis is now a full-blown national security threat, inflation is still high, the economy is shaky, and crime is soaring in cities across America.

Aside from his failed policies, Biden’s age and declining mental faculties are also a top concern for voters.

Polls have found that over three-fourths of Americans already believe he’s too old to serve another term in the White House.

And the latest Gallup poll found that Biden has the lowest approval rating of any President since Jimmy Carter.

“During Biden’s third year — which extended from Jan. 20, 2023, to Jan. 19, 2024 — he had an average job approval rating of 39.8 percent in Gallup polls,” The Hill reported. “Biden, whose current job approval rating is 41 percent, fared the worst in polls of all Presidents’ ratings since Carter, whose third-year polling average was 37.4 percent and who lost his reelection campaign. Carter’s third year in office included some historic low points, including the Iran hostage crisis, soaring gas prices, and double-digit inflation.”

Since Biden knows he doesn’t have a chance if the election is fought on the issues of the day, he’s resorting to fear-mongering about Trump and his supporters for his re-election strategy.

But the reality is that Biden and the Democrats are guilty of every crime they claim Trump committed.

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) showed that Democrats are the party of projection during a recent interview on KTTV-LA News at 6 PM.

“First of all, he [Trump] has a cognitive disorder,” Pelosi said. “It wasn’t that he just had a slip of the tongue of using a name one time for another. Anybody can do that. But he was making a case.” 

Pelosi was referring to a recent campaign speech where Trump accidentally mixed her up with former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

Of course, Joe Biden, not Trump, is the real senile candidate in the race.

But Pelosi is trying to project Biden’s flaw on Trump.

She then launched into a tirade about January 6 where she even projected her own failures that day onto the former President.

“But really more dangerous than getting us mixed up, more dangerous was his charge that we were not accepting his troops,” Pelosi said. “We begged him for hours and hours, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, to send the National Guard and he wouldn’t do it. His underlings, the Secretary of the Army and the Acting Secretary of the Defense wouldn’t do it.”

In reality, she rejected Trump’s request to bring in the National Guard. 

Pelosi then made one final projection by accusing Trump of thinking he is above the law.

“He caused a big problem for our country, and he is not above the law,” Pelosi said. “He should pay a price for that. And he should never step foot in the White House for any purpose whatsoever.”

The politicized Biden Justice Department has given Hunter Biden preferential treatment every step of the way.

Democrats can’t defend Joe Biden so they are trying to project and deflect to win the White House.