Nancy Pelosi just betrayed America with this coronavirus double-cross

Not every politician in American is fighting to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is chief among them.

And Nancy Pelosi just betrayed America with this coronavirus double-cross.

Nancy Pelosi blew up negotiations over a $1.6 trillion dollar economic relief package.

Pelosi descended on Washington, D.C. at the last minute and threw a stink bomb into the discussions by demanding

Republicans include a laundry list of long sought after socialist and anti-American wish list items.

Pelosi offered up her own bill that included $300 million for foreign refugees.

Breitbart reports that, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) plan to fight the coronavirus includes giving millions in American taxpayer funding to refugees living overseas.

“Pelosi, along with House Democrats, blocked passage of a coronavirus relief package for American workers, citizens, and small businesses in favor of their own plan that increases taxpayer funding to foreign refugees.”

The stated purpose of this bill is to provide relief for the American worker and economic system.

Instead, Democrats think they have Congressional Republicans and Donald Trump backed into a corner and want to squeeze every last drop of taxpayer money possible out of these negotiations to advance their open borders and globalist agenda.

But Democrats are running a big risk.

Every day they block this bill risks stock markets spiraling downward and Americans become increasingly anxious that their job may not exist in 24 hours.

If Democrats drag this on too long they risk destroying the American economy by plunging into a depression after time ran out to provide relief to small businesses and distressed industries.

And that would invite a massive political backlash on the Democrat Party.

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90 Responses

  1. Glenn Falzo says:

    Joe and Caroline Reed:Far Right? All you have to do is READ what she tried to slide onto the stimulus package! To name 1, Money for a Museum! And she’s for the American People? You and you friend better get your heads of the the sand!

  2. Alan W. says:

    “And Nancy Pelosi just betrayed America with this coronavirus double-cross.”

    Nancy Pelosi is the most “anti-American” now residing in this country. It’s a shame that we cannot find a way, to put her out of our misery!

  3. Alan W. says:

    “Nancy is no longer a viable asset/”…..Ron Giddix

    That may well be true Ron, but she is most definitely a visible ass!

  4. Margie says:

    I ask every Christian to Pray that the Lord ,Would change the Hearts of the DEMO’s , that are causing all these Problems to come into line , or , Be REMOVED from Office, All that will not stand with TRUMP “Our President “

  5. Charles F. Albert says:

    Nancy Pelosi , is mentally incompetent for the position she holds. With total disregard for the American
    People. She thinks she right and all the time she plays this game with American lives. She wants to hold the power because she knowns if the truth were to come out she is as corrupt as they come. So follow the Money
    trail and you will see. Wake- UP America!!!!!

  6. Ron Giddix says:

    Nancy is no longer a viable asset/

  7. A Seeker says:

    Her JEALOUSY towards our President and the GOP is beyond CONTROL! She is not putting OUR COUNTRY FIRST and ”FORMOST! Her ONLY INTEREST is upon HER POWER! SHE is BAD NEWS for the Good of our Nation! She is an Enemy within She must be dismissed ~ removed from t he Congress! and none of Close Associates and Advisors who are on the Government Pay- Roll must also be dismissed!

  8. Thomas Gill says:

    This is my second reply……..why won’t you post them ?? are you afraid of the truth??

  9. Richard F. Howard says:

    I have for a long time suggested the three biggest threats to our Planet and specifically, the USA, are … Economic Collapse, a repeat Solar Flare Encounter circa 1859 Carrington Event, and Islam. It appears the Coronavirus should be added along with “Pelosi Pollution”. “Plastic” is a strong contender. All but one are currently in process i.e. a repeat “Carrington Event” (Solar EMP Energy which will wipe out Global Electricity … indefinitely, and could happen at any time). Unfortunately, there is little man can do to prepare for or stop any of them.

  10. I DID leave a reply just minutes ago !!! I want to know why you are keeping my thoughts HOSTIGE??? THIS IS SAD !!!

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