Nancy Pelosi is about to lose her job after she learned one terrible truth

It looks like Nancy Pelosi’s time in Congress is running out.

But how quickly the end is nearing took her by surprise.

And Nancy Pelosi is about to lose her job after she learned one terrible truth.

A new USA Today/Suffolk poll contained disastrous news for Democrats.

The generic ballot poll asking voters which party they wanted to see control Congress showed Republicans holding an eight-point lead, 46 to 38 percent.

“If the election were today, those surveyed say, they would vote for their Republican congressional candidate over the Democratic one by 46%-38%, an advantage that would bode well for GOP hopes of gaining a majority in the House and the Senate. In a president’s first midterm election, his party usually loses ground, and this time the GOP needs to flip just five seats in the House and one in the Senate to claim control,” USA Today reported.

The President’s job approval rating is usually the clearest indicator of which way the midterm elections will turnout.

In the USA Today poll, Joe Biden’s job approval rating sat at a dismal 38 percent.

That sets up Democrats for a landslide defeat in 2022.

The number of crises on Biden’s watch and as a direct result of his policies weigh down Biden’s job approval rating and by extension any chance of Democrats hanging on to the House of Representatives.

Americans are rebelling against the bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan, the southern border dissolving into chaos, skyrocketing inflation, and supply chain shortages.

Democrats responded to these problems by ramming trillions of dollars in new socialist spending through Congress that only grew government and created new welfare entitlements.

The polls for Democrats are not getting any better.

In fact, the public polling data shows the numbers getting worse.

If Republican congressional candidates win eight percent more votes than their Democrat counterparts, the GOP is looking at a wave election on par with the Tea Party route of 2010.

And that would bounce Nancy Pelosi from the position of Speaker of the House in humiliating fashion.

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