Nancy Pelosi got her hands on this letter that made her realize it was all over

Nancy Pelosi gave in to the passions of her base to impeach Donald Trump for a second time.

Now Pelosi got some bad news.

And Nancy Pelosi got her hands on this letter that made her realize it was all over.

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund wrote a February 1 letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi outlining what he knew about the run up to the riot as well as what happened that day.

Sund’s letter obliterated Pelosi and the Democrats’ argument that Donald Trump incited the riot by making it clear that the riot was a preplanned attack.

In his letter, Sund described the rioters as a violent mob unlike anything he had ever seen before.

“When the group arrived at the perimeter, they did not act like any group of protestors I had ever seen. Unlike other heated protests, these protesters did not simply congregate to angrily voice their grievances. As soon as this group arrived at our perimeter, they immediately began to fight violently with the officers and to tear apart the steel crowd control barriers, using them to assault the officers,” Sund stated.

Sund described a well coordinated attack carried out with military precision, tactics, and equipment.

“It was immediately clear that their primary goal was to defeat our perimeter as quickly as possible and to get past the police line. This mob was like nothing I have seen in my law enforcement career. The group consisted of thousands of well-coordinated, well-equipped violent criminals. They had weapons, chemical munitions, protective equipment, explosives, and climbing gear. A number of them were wearing radio earpieces indicating a high level of coordination,” Sund added.

The evidence continues to pile up that the rioters that attacked the Capitol on January 6 were not some spontaneous mob whipped up into a frenzy by Donald Trump’s claims of a stolen election.

Sund’s letter is documented proof that the riot that day was a premeditated assault that was planned long in advance of Donald Trump’s speech.

And that simple fact destroys the argument that President Trump incited the riot.

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