Nancy Pelosi couldn’t believe her eyes when a massive poll gave her career-ending news

With President Trump in office, Nancy Pelosi is having a difficult life.

Despite being Speaker of the House, she can’t accomplish much of anything.

And Nancy Pelosi couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw a massive poll that could be career-ending news.

Nancy Pelosi was ecstatic when the so-called “whistleblower” came forward, and she finally got the support necessary to begin an impeachment inquiry.

At the start, she saw surprising levels of support, largely due to the fact that the claims from the “whistleblower” had not yet been thoroughly debunked.

But now things are turning around, and in the past few days a poll from Morning Consult/Politico shows that impeachment has fallen from 51 percent support to 47 percent support.

Breitbart News reports:

A new Morning Consult/Politico poll released Wednesday shows public support for impeaching President Donald Trump has fallen significantly since Democrats pushed through a resolution authorizing the “impeachment inquiry.”

Morning Consult reports:

As House Democrats begin to release transcripts of closed-door testimony and prepare for public hearings as part of their impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, public support for impeaching the president has fallen.

The latest Morning Consult/Politico poll found that 47 percent of voters favor the House voting to impeach Trump, down 4 percentage points from the share that backed it in an Oct. 11-13 poll. At the same time, 43 percent of voters oppose the House impeaching Trump, statistically in line with figures from the four other polls conducted on the issue since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced her support for the impeachment inquiry in late September. Each of the surveys have a 2-point margin of error.

The parties remain dug in, with 4 of 5 Democrats supporting impeachment and a similar proportion of Republicans opposing impeachment, the poll reported.”

This is a very significant change, and shows Pelosi is beginning to lose the fight for public support.

These polls are generally very flawed to begin with, but the fact that she has lost four points in just a few days is a very bad sign for her.

Do you oppose impeachment?

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