Nancy Pelosi couldn’t believe her eyes when a massive poll gave her career-ending news

With President Trump in office, Nancy Pelosi is having a difficult life.

Despite being Speaker of the House, she can’t accomplish much of anything.

And Nancy Pelosi couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw a massive poll that could be career-ending news.

Nancy Pelosi was ecstatic when the so-called “whistleblower” came forward, and she finally got the support necessary to begin an impeachment inquiry.

At the start, she saw surprising levels of support, largely due to the fact that the claims from the “whistleblower” had not yet been thoroughly debunked.

But now things are turning around, and in the past few days a poll from Morning Consult/Politico shows that impeachment has fallen from 51 percent support to 47 percent support.

Breitbart News reports:

A new Morning Consult/Politico poll released Wednesday shows public support for impeaching President Donald Trump has fallen significantly since Democrats pushed through a resolution authorizing the “impeachment inquiry.”

Morning Consult reports:

As House Democrats begin to release transcripts of closed-door testimony and prepare for public hearings as part of their impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, public support for impeaching the president has fallen.

The latest Morning Consult/Politico poll found that 47 percent of voters favor the House voting to impeach Trump, down 4 percentage points from the share that backed it in an Oct. 11-13 poll. At the same time, 43 percent of voters oppose the House impeaching Trump, statistically in line with figures from the four other polls conducted on the issue since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced her support for the impeachment inquiry in late September. Each of the surveys have a 2-point margin of error.

The parties remain dug in, with 4 of 5 Democrats supporting impeachment and a similar proportion of Republicans opposing impeachment, the poll reported.”

This is a very significant change, and shows Pelosi is beginning to lose the fight for public support.

These polls are generally very flawed to begin with, but the fact that she has lost four points in just a few days is a very bad sign for her.

Do you oppose impeachment?


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81 Responses

  1. This Dumb ASS CUNT wants to Impeach the Geratest President in thed Histotry nof OUR COUNTRY.

  2. Go to Pelosi Neighborhood …Take a Look at the People…Without speaking to one Person,you will know why she gets ELECTED time after time…Pelosi breeds the lowest form of life on the Planet…Where Drug Dealers ,Whores,and Pimps ,are respected more than Police Officers…

  3. Dennis Wall says:

    Nancy Pelosi has “Wet Brain” Syndrome!
    That is my honest opinion!

    What Complications Can Occur from “Wet Brain”?
    In addition to the potential for death or coma, Wernicke-Korsakoff )AKA: “Wet Brain”) syndrome leads to permanent damage to the brain, which affects a person’s memory and thinking skills. A person may have difficulty with social and person interactions. The loss of coordination and issues with gait associated with the disorder can lead to injuries.
    Those who have the “Wet Brain” condition can develop permanent alcohol neuropathy, which affects the nervous system. People with Wernicke-Korsakoff “Wet Brain” syndrome tend to have decreased lifespans. Thank God!

  4. marty Gannon says:


  5. The Golf says:

    Nancy Pelosi should be tried for Treason.

    • Culper Ring says:

      O? How many United States serviceman casualties does Nancy Pelosi have under her belt? How many United States civil officer casualties does she have under her belt? What are the names or monikers of the entities that Congress declared war upon but who are being aided and abetted by Nancy Pelosi? We know that she can be an insufferable political hack at times, but when has she ever done, commissioned, ordered, commanded or orchestrated any of the above? When?!

      “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

  6. SANDRA TAYLOR says:


    • David says:

      Considering that the left has tried to impeach every GOP president since Eisenhower, at least she is maintaining tradition.

      They can vote to impeach, but a) it’s not apt to be successful, b) the people of both left and right are sick and tired of the leftist bs, c) people are deserting the left in droves (especially minorities who are now “woke”).

      At state levels, the tide is turning against the DemWits. There will still be die hard Dems who have lost the ability to use reason and logic.

  7. Culper Ring says:

    Support is falling because Adam Schiff’s approach to the matter has the appearance of going full-Kafka. “Never Trump” crowd probably legitimately wonders if Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are trying to cover up Joe Biden’s corruption rather than expose every factor of corruption linked to the relationship between the United States government and the Ukrainian government, whether any factor pertains to Donald Trump’s presidency or not. How do they expect to depose the Trump administration without also tarnishing the Obama administration?

  8. Let’s just throw lies to make the base turn away from the impeaching of Trump.. This nation is completely divided.Are we starting to pay off our debt?? Trump is anti-Christ

    • mary says:

      Trump is more pro-Christ than any other leader we have ever had.
      Trump 2020!!!

    • Chenz says:

      Fred you need some truth-n-news instead of that b### s##t youve been listening to. I do agree were divided. Lets build the wall down the middle and you pay for the illegals

    • Granny Neets says:

      Does this mean you will end up for eternity WITH TRUMP. Wow!!! interesting -the choices one makes on earth to be forever bound by them. Are you familiar with ANT-CHRIST? ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO STAY WITH THAT BELIEF AND JOIN TRUMP THERE? I am sure you will be sooooo surprised to find him absent and trying his best to reach down from his place to rescue you. Do be careful how you judge others.

    • Raffa says:

      You have to be one stupid individual to say that Trump is anti Christ.Look at the democrats agend.

    • PDW says:

      fred the Brain dead

      Facts and truth is what’s turning people away from the impeachment coup.

      adam schiff went on national tv and completely and utterly lied about Donald Trump phone call to the Ukraine president. When called out on his lies, it becomes a parody .

      adam schiff is holding secret inquiries behind closed doors, deciding on which witnesses can be questioned. Cherry picking which parts of the testimonials will be released to the public.

      Meanwhile Adam schiff is restricting what questions the republicans can ask and what witnesses the republicans can call.

      This is all about making Donald Trump look bad to the American people without going to the senate for a trial.

      If the impeachment coup goes to trial in the senate, which the democrats don’t want. Then the real facts and truth will be made known to the American people. Because adam schiff won’t be controlling the impeachment coup process anymore.

      The American people will not be so forgiving to the democrat party. They will lose so much of their support base.

      The democrats are totally responsible for dividing the country. They blame the white Americans for all the racism that exists. While implying that coloured people are victims.

      Donald Trump is against the abortion of babies.

      Donald Trump is against the endless wars that kill people on both sides.

      Donald Trump is for improving the living standards of Americans.

      So where exactly is Donald Trump being the anti christ.

      You are nothing more than a typical democrat Trump hater who is perpetuating the lies through racism, bigotry and intolerance using intimidation, bullying and violence and harassment.

  9. cathleen says:

    Who’s letting the ILLEGAL criminals go free and out the back door so ICE can’t touch them??? LIBERALS that’s who,>> they would rather have no law and order in this Country than keep law and order with what’s right and safe for the citizens in America. Get these CORRUPT people out of office everyone! Wake up before we, as Americans have no rights for law and safety in this Country.

  10. cathleen says:

    Instead of the Dems and Republicans trying to work together for the good of this Country, the people such as nancy pelosi are so focused on a so called impeachment because she and countless others are so focused on their hate of Trump, they’ve become so blind with hate, they don’t even realize how this is going to bite them in the ass later on when the American people remember this and they’re voted out of office! Go play grandma nancy, and STOP harassing OUR PRESIDENT! TRUMP 2020

  11. Jerry Young says:

    The impeachment sham will not only end Pelosi’s speakership in the House but it will in the reign of Congressional Democrats and maybe even put them in prison for treason along with Barr’s and Durham and Horowitz investigations as well. Every since the Dems activities in the Russia hoax, the Mueller probe, and now the Ukrainian and whistleblower probe, they have been failing and now the last straw to break the camel’s back is falling. I almost feel sorry for them. I said almost!

  12. Jan13 says:

    I know of about 300 so called representatives, both democraps & RINOs I’d rather see impeached. I’d rather have 300 Donald Trumps over what is in the Legislative branch. At least President Trump is for the American citizens; he isn’t trying to take away our Constitutional rights on a daily basis. The way it looks now, illegals & criminals have more rights than we do.

  13. Sue says:

    Just like the Democrats to ask for a poll, but when you try to click it, the ‘yes’ button to stop impeachment doesn’t work. My, my, my. Who would have thought that about the Democrats? Oh, wait. Everyone.

  14. renato says:

    the liberal democrats number one weapon is the main stream media (msm ) because the media is the
    one who spread fake narrative so that they can gather the support they need to proceed to impeach
    the president but once the support starting to evaporate they try find an scapegoat or to divert the
    attention something else until it died down and they pretend that nothing happened. THAT WHY

  15. Barbara Cook says:

    I have been against this impeachment process from the very beginning. Nancy Peloise and her corrupt and crooked Democrats are still very mad and pissed off because their girl lost the Presidential Election back in 2016. They think they are going to be able to remove President Donald J Trump from the White House and they think they will have a better chance at winning the election next year. Peloise is a disgrace for Speaker of the House for the corrupt and crooked Democrats PERIOD.

  16. Natives arn’t the only selected with the opportunities of Government handouts. As first people of this great country or Nation we are not the ones who administered this offer. The Government set this up and forced us to make these choices. We didn’t take the offer on a silver platter. If we didn’t accepted what they wanted or sign their treaties the consequences would not be good. Trust me, this was not by our choice. Now we have this big terrible mess that out Democrate leaders brought upon themselves. We allowed our choice of leadership make fools of our elected party. It is time to “undue” the process. Whatever it takes! Our President foresees a prophecy ahead. My heart tells me it is a good solid choice. First we must take care of this swamp that these reptiles are congregating and conspiring to take over this country! This will not happen! EVER!

    • ih8reps says:

      Yeah YOU never approved of anything in the past, you’re just pissedoff ALL native people weren’t wiped off the face of the Earth, because only WHITE people deserve to live and or govern according to YOU anyway.
      YOU’RE POTUS foresees a prophecy ahead, just remember he’s YOU’RE POTUS not OURS, this MONSTER only represents the RACIST American’s not ALL AMERICAN’S.
      Anyway what’s this prophecy he See’s ahead is it a massive purge of NON WHITE PEOPLE, or just NON CHUMPSTERS and does that include all men, women and children who disapprove of this MONSTER.
      You’re heart must be extremely black and cold if you think this MONSTER could even come close to making a good solid choice in anything.
      And OMG just watch out for this so called conspiracy all you idiots talk about run now run for the hills run away run as far as you can the Boogeyman is coming to get you run now grab you’re guns start gunning down any and all humans that might just look like the enemy doesn’t matter men, women or God forbid children remember you better get them too God forbid if they grow up to be LIBS GUN THEM DOWN NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE EXTERMINATE THEM ALL NOW.

      • Chenz says:


      • reconviper1 says:

        You are a prime example of why the left must be nullified. Brainwashed moron.

      • PDW says:

        I believe that Mr Underwood is a Native American. I also didn’t read anywhere that Mr Underwood stated that minorities or coloured people should be exterminated.

        Nor did I read anywhere in Mr Underwood post that only white people should live or govern.

        In fact your post had all the traits of a adam schiff comments.

        You are nothing more than a pathetic, narrow minded bigot who hasn’t reached an level of education to be able to decipher post with an comprehensive and intellectual understanding .

        Instead you completely lied and made up false claims to satisfy your low esteem and self confidence issues.

  17. h8aliar says:

    You guys are so full of it. Nothing will end Nancy’s career. She resides in a safe, insane, district and will be elected as long as she wants to stay in office. She can be defanged somewhat if the house goes republican in 2020 but, there is only a 10 to 15% chance of that happening.

    • reconviper1 says:

      We are not waiting on San Francisco liberals to vote her out, she has committed enough crimes to put her in prison for the rest of her miserable life, if she isn’t hanged for treason. She is named in a sealed federal indictment along with Schiff and many others ( rinos too).

  18. If you wonder why the democratic party is as it is, all you have to do is watch Nancy Pelosi walk across the room to get to the microphone. You get the picture, then you know.

  19. This communist and mafia daughter will walk away and be 40 million dollars richer…pretty good considering her take home salary is less than forty thousand a year!!

    • reconviper1 says:

      She has a cell at Gitmo waiting for her. It will be filled in the not too distant future. Wait and see. These people are stupid, they did not count on a president who cares about the rule of law, they expected that pathetic excuse for a human being Hillary Clinton to win so they didn’t bother to cover their tracks. Now their chickens are coming home to roost and unsealed indictments are in their future. Trump has all the dirt on these crooks and that is why they are trying anything to get rid of him. It is not going to work, he is going to take them ALL down.

  20. Susan says:

    This is Not an Impeachment! They are trying to overturn the Will of the American People because they don’t like the results of the election!! And if this is done as a Coup like we all Know it’s being Done!? Then this is the Start of the next Civil War! And I believe it will start in Virginia! Because right there the New Democrat Leader there has decided to Take away ALL THR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SO THEY CAN ALL BE CONTROLLED PROPERLY! It is coming!!! And so are we! We will not have our second amendment rights taken away and will fight for them! This guy in Virginia had better take a look at the second amendment again! Because he has already started dictating!!!

  21. Rick says:

    This satanic B needs to be hung by her ta ta’s for ever!!

  22. Leon H King says:

    God bless the United States of America,and our President Donald J Trump!

  23. JIM BETHEA says:

    This is not an Impeachment ~ even the Democommies admit this ~ This is Coup #3 ~ Mueller had no Collusion ~ 4 other investigations found no collusion ~~ Nadler & Schiff couldn’t find Obstruction ~~ so now it’s “I heard someone says….” ~~ “In my opinion I took the call to mean….” ~~ Pelsoi – Schiff – Swallow Well are busy in DC trying to “coach” everyone that Commie Brennan is sending over to them as alleged witnesses ~~ However, they can’t even remember their own lies….Look in the closet because George Soros and Obozo are hiding in there!! lol

  24. Joe L. Ward says:

    What does this lying beeoch think ?

  25. Laughin atyou says:

    As with everyone of these li st Ralph democrats plots to o overthrow the government or trash some less liberal person these intolerate bigoted racist liberals get found out. Once again they are being shown to be the sleazy scum underhanded asses they are.

    Liberals should not move ear north eastern washington of idaho. We will screw with you. We despise your worm riddled brains and we do not care how much money you have we will screw you up.

  26. Zaw Soe says:

    Pelosi is a Bitch Italian drunken old dog. Must be Exterminated like Rats. This old DemoRats Monkey and her all DemoRats must removed from all Governments offices and burned in Hell. God Bless U.S.A.

  27. Desert Fox says:

    She is another phony Catholic and should be denied last rites by the Church so she burns in Hell for eternity. We, the real American people want to see this disgrace to all good Italians in this great country, charged, prosecuted, jailed, and her lifetime pension taken from her—-that would really hut!

  28. Dan Winright says:

    Sex orgy.over 75yr olds.drunk and drugged.@ PM Congress steps.

  29. Peggy says:

    Polls are only to manipulate your mind! Don’t believe them. It’s probably closer to 75% against impeachment!!! TRUMP TRAIN 2020

  30. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Nancy’s demoncook party is the only party in our history that punishes success and rewards failure.

  31. GREGORY Keller WHITE says:

    N.P. is so deserving of all this bad talk about her being such a huge lier, cheat, demon, evil, mnon spirited, ugly face rotten no good for NOTHING BITCH. SHE will be SEVERLY PUNISHED for what she is doing to herself and her so called SQUAD. NOT SQUOD. SH E has betrayed her own PARTY and they are just as DUMB as SHE IS, In 2020, they will all FALL ON THE KNEES begging for FORGIVENESS, IT IS and WILL BE WAY TOLATE FOR THAT. So in 2020 , we the vast majority of the American REPUBLICANS will take TRUMP all the way back to the WHITE HOUSE with 60 % of the votes in FAVOR of this AWESOME GENTLEMAN, and also take back the OLD HOUSE and throw out all that HATE and start a brand new HOUSE with POSIITIVE ATTITUDE GOP.

  32. Rex says:

    Nancy should move to the dementia palace with no pay and no retirement. She made millions while making government a career. She needs no money from the people to support her.

  33. Mb says:

    Pelosi needs to just leave instead of designing curtains for office
    She has not accomplished anything for WE the TAXPAYERS except take, take, take and not do anything but whine, whine, whine

  34. Mb says:

    Pelosi just should stop putting up nice curtains and pay more attention to WE the PEOPLE!
    She is not worth the money taxpayers spend on her
    Leave Nancy LEAVE

  35. Rex says:

    Redman you are having pipe dreams.

  36. The RedMan says:

    This is all the fault of white racists that pretend to be Christians when it suits them politically. They are all liars and deceivers. Do not trust anything these white racists say. They formed the KKK, they owned the plantations, they segregated the colored folk and made them drink from their own fountains, they burned crosses, and now they make coloreds dependent on uncle Sam for their next meal ahahahahahahaha

    • Will Penny says:

      Wannabe Redman , seems you don’t like whitey , no matter what side of the river he may be standing on . You don’t like the liberals because of there free handouts to all you Bro’s and you don’t like conservatives because you just hate crackers period , that’s the truth Racist Wannabe a redstick , now isn’t it . You got your education and your degree because of the white man and your not over in Africa running from the Loins and Tigers . How lucky you are , for they would be trying to eat yoh ass . Now where would you rather be , here in America or over in Africa running for yoh life , from the tigers and Loins ?

      • The RedMan says:

        Where would I be? I be running from your loins.
        I don’t want no part of your loins Lil’ Willy Peeny.
        Go show that junk to someone else ahahahahahaha

      • thomas e coles says:

        Tigers and lions and headhunters wouldn”t eat his ass. THey would spit it out like the trash he is.

    • John Pobiedzinski says:

      Also known as the democrap party

    • Thaddeus McKeown says:

      Redman Your The Dumbest Person Walking On 2 Legs You Don’t Know History , It Was Your Belove DEMONCRAP PARTY THat Founded The KKK After The Civil War It Was The Same Demoncraps That Own Slaves In The Past You Need To Be Banned Your Stupid Hate Mongering Commets Need To Be Blocked Your One Sick Person The Type That Votes For Criminals The Run The Demoncrap Party SHUT UP AND GROW UP

    • Paul Aldredge says:

      It’s so hilarious that, YOU, a Liberal, are spending time pointing out the crimes of Democrats. THEY wanted slavery to continue and they formed the KKK! The slave-owners still have you on the plantation, running around, and groveling. There were a large number of BLACK slave-owners, why aren’t you whining about them?

    • cathleen says:

      Redman, sounds like you’re the racist, it’s called REVERSED RACISM

  37. Donald Gorum says:

    Nancy Pelosi aught to resign from the House of Representatives!

  38. Dan Moriarty says:

    Nancy is no Catholic and she sucks bananas!

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