MSNBC broke a hard truth to Joe Biden that Democrats needed to hear

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia

MSNBC is not known for leveling with its viewers.

It’s the destination for Democrats to get their daily diet of Trump outrage.

But MSNBC broke a hard truth to Joe Biden that Democrats needed to hear.

MSNBC admits Biden is in deep trouble in Michigan 

146,000 Muslims voted in Michigan in the 2020 Election.

Joe Biden won 69 percent of the Muslim vote.

He carried Michigan by 154,000 votes that November.

That history had the crew of MSNBC’s Morning Joe panicked over the results of the Michigan Primary where more than 100,000 Democrats voted “uncommitted” in protest of President Joe Biden not backing the terrorist group Hamas’ call for a ceasefire of Israeli military operations in Gaza.

“They need to be worried about it,” co-host Joe Scarborough said of the larger-than-expected “uncommitted” vote. “They obviously need to be concerned about it.”

Scarborough told viewers that young voters and Muslims were turning against Biden over Israel and that it would be difficult to win them back.

“They also though need to service these voters and stay in front of these voters between now and then. Again, it’s eight, nine months — a very long time in politics. A lifetime in politics,” Scarborough continued.

“Across America, young voters are breaking dramatically against Israel and what Israel is doing and, again, a generational shift that will haunt Israel, I think, for a for decades to come if they don’t get right [and] figure out a better way to execute this war,” Scarborough added.

Every public poll taken of Michigan since November shows former President Donald Trump in the lead.

And over on MSNBC, Biden’s normal cheerleaders are terrified that the results from the Michigan Primary show he has a far steeper hill to climb if he wants to mount a comeback than anyone thought.

Joe Biden attempts to appease the terrorist group Hamas

Biden and his handlers can see the flashing red lights indicating danger in Michigan.

In the days prior to the Primary, Biden staged a bizarre photo op at an ice cream store where he predicted a ceasefire by the weekend when the Muslim holiday of Ramadan would start.

“I hope by the beginning of the weekend, I mean the end of the weekend. My national security adviser tells me that we’re close, we’re close. It’s not done yet. And my hope is that, by next Monday, we’ll have a ceasefire,” Biden declared.

Hamas swiftly rejected this ceasefire proposal.

“We are not interested in engaging with what’s been floated, because it does not fulfill our demands,” Hamas official Ahmad Abdelhadi stated.

Left unsaid is the fact that Hamas carried out the October 7 terrorist attack and slaughtered 1,200 innocent people during a ceasefire.

There would be no military operations ongoing in Gaza if Hamas accepted the state of Israel and dropped its genocidal ideology that demands wiping Jews off the face of the earth.

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