Mitt Romney made Trump’s blood boil with this tweet about John McCain

Mitt Romney showed his true colors.

The former failed Presidential candidate stabbed President Trump in the back.

And Romney made Trump’s blood boil with this tweet about John McCain.

Recent reports revealed the shocking role McCain played in trying to frame Trump for collusion with Russia.

McCain’s most trusted aid peddled the fake news Russia dossier to reporters and McCain personally handed a copy to disgraced former FBI Director James Comey.

Trump ripped McCain on social media for this betrayal.

During an Oval Office meeting with the President of Brazil, a fake news reporter asked Trump about his comments and Trump followed up by saying he wasn’t a fan of McCain and that the late Arizona senator committed an unforgivable act of betrayal by voting against repealing Obamacare.

Mitt Romney – the leader of the never-Trump RINOs – attacked the President on twitter.

Romney tweeted:

Romney never criticizes Democrats.

He sat silently while Democrats embraced murdering babies born alive after surviving abortions.

Romney made no comment about Virginia Governor Ralph Northam allegedly dressing in blackface.

But the only thing conservatives can count on Mitt Romney to do is play to the applause of the Fake News Media attack on the President of the United States.


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151 Responses

  1. Mike Hunt says:

    I fear Mitt’s temple garments are too small and chocking off his brain’s blood supply.

  2. Barbara says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who dislikes McCain. Everyone treats him like such a hero, yes 5 yrs in prison in Hanoi is bad, however, he was never a Republican! I can’t stand Romney either, he is in the senate to spy…he cannot be trusted.

  3. Joyce McReynolds says:

    For some reason, Billionaires are all Democrats. I do not understand that except that they are for World Government and believe corporations should have all power and control as we are nothing except taxpayers.

  4. tim says:

    no way man fox is now hired Paul Ryan?

  5. White Beard says:

    Just saw in breaking news the Mueller Report is finished and turned over to Attorney General Barr.

  6. Warmblood says:

    Romney is an Enemy of the party should be tossed out. No Balls, sheep in Wolfe clothing.

    • Danny R Macdonald says:


    • george says:

      i guess that Romney run on Republican ticket because he new he couldn’t win on Democrat ticket, just as several of the Republicans do!and i don’t think McCain was a hero either, he was an Idiot as far as I’m concerned, but that’s just my opinion!

    • newhon63 says:

      Romney. Hahahahahahahahaha. He ran against Obama bin Laden, who is just a Chicago thug who is not allowed to wear men’s underwear because his wife has the wee-wee in that house. Probably has a saddle he wears so Manchelle can ride him like a mare. Romney. “I am going to run a clean campaign. Not going to throw mud or anything like that. I am just going to make my speeches, turn my head left, right, left, right and blink a lot because he likes the way it makes the lighting look like it is flashing.”

    • gerald d bailey says:

      amen to that comment,

      god bless america and the great state of texas

  7. Tink says:

    romney is a 0 as a person! Could not lead baby ducks to the pond!!! He is an absolute FIDIOT, NOT MISPELLED!!!!!

    • newhon63 says:

      They invented the Missionary position specifically for Romney. He passed a hooker on the street and she said ” Hey honey. Want a blow-job?”

      He thought his hair was still wet from the shower.

  8. Tink says:

    True True, could not have said it better myself!!!! You go girl!!!!

  9. Larry Gaines says:

    Romney is a asshole loser

  10. Ann Chadwick says:

    To think that at one time I put a yard sign up and contributed to Romney!!!! ugh…. Never again! For SURE the Utah voters got hoodwinked this time around! Hopefully NEVER AGAIN!

  11. Aurelia says:

    Mr.Mitt Romney,you must to know that the man disappear but his action remain. Under President Donald Trump,all political actions of John McClain oz disgraceful.
    He and you are jealous on President Donald Trump,because he is WINNER and you both are LOSERS.

  12. The Redhawk says:

    Not surprising at all that Mc Cain and Romney who both LOST to Obama are “MIFFED” with TRUMP who WON against the Obama SUCCESSOR….Mc Cain ran a DUMBASSED Campaign on Repealing and replacing ODUMBOCARE and then in a fit of “pettiness” voted against repealing it….and Mitt who did not have the GUTS to SLAM Obama on the Last Debate over “RUSSIA” showed a WIDE ” chicken Streak” and LOST A WON ELECTION …..SO any SURPRISES HERE???

    • CONNIE FULTZ says:

      Obama was such an American Traitor, that Trump was the logical choice for President! But, no person is a saint. I voted for McCain and Romney, who are very nice and conservative. And married once! Not multiple times. I don’t agree on EVERY issue with any President of political person. However, Trump is “righting” the many “wrongs” of Obama, who, in my opinion, was never qualified to be President.

      • sluggo says:

        Hmmm…well, Connie, not that how many times someone is married should matter, but…do you know about the lying McCain’s FIRST wife?

  13. Dan says:

    Lol…great content in your message !! Couldnt agree more !! One world order agents (cummuntist) in conservative clothing !! Thinkin their changing hearts and minds on this side ….well it’s not working AT ALL!! SEE YA ON THE BATTLEFIELD!

  14. Who cares about Romney in Utah?

    • David says:

      No one I know of. I have no time for cowards or wolves in sheeps clothing. They need to get of at the next stop. The reason they hate Trump is because he is trying to do what is right. The law says the border is to be secured. Trump dont need to take illegal votes so he dont need the border open. He is trying to close it so the crooks cant use the illegals to get in office.

    • george says:

      no one cares in Utah, but he’s a spoiler for the rest of the states, when he votes!

  15. Carl says:

    For decades now the republican establishment RINO’S have been stabbing it’s voters in the back long enough. We must unite and be smart enough to recognize a RINO and make sure he is not elected to office like Utah did with RINO Romney.

  16. mamabear says:

    I offer this challenge to anyone who has the tenacity to take a closer look. Try looking into the Viet Nam
    records of McCain’s service to HIS country. He gave in and signed a declaration of guilt after being tortured for days, left in a cage without food or water. If you look closely you’ll find that he was no more a hero to his country than any other soldier who were also POW’s . I have no idea of the horrors he went through as a POW, do you? Who knows what anyone would do under those circumstances, you don’t either. But to declare him a hero. Where are the other thousands of heroes that suffered the same treatment under the same circumstances? Are they named heroes to our country. Most came back to hatred, signs degrading them, shouts of them being anti American for serving in this war that wasn’t called a war. The people that sent them were not shunned, degraded, and rebuked by their own people, although they should have been.

  17. A S K says:

    It’s apparent why Mormons don’t like Mittens Romney any more than most Americans. Mittens ego and his false perception of himself and reality will keep Mittens forever out of touch. I’m with the Mormons and President Trump, on this one. Mittens just isn’t good enough. TRUMP LANDSLIDE VICTORY 2020

  18. Jim says:


    • Dan says:

      Lol…great content in your message !! Couldnt agree more !! One world order agents (cummuntist) in conservative clothing !! Thinkin their changing hearts and minds on this side ….well it’s not working AT ALL!! SEE YA ON THE BATTLEFIELD!

  19. John J says:

    Good friends stick together, asshole why don’t you go with him

    • CHUCK says:

      People should do some some research on Mcstains military history before calling him a hero. I F THEY DID THEY WOULD BE CALLING HIM MCSZERO..

    • Vera Morgan says:

      Yep you got that right wish they would join him .but he needs his but fired and charged with something he think he’s a mother pretty boy.when all he is … a array of in my book there is still more of him noon the white house to lie and say on a president that’s taking all the bill carp that’s been dished out,and still trying to help us from being swallowed up by the deep dark hole we are sitting on the side of god,

      Why can’t the rest of the American see what they that hillary,pelosi Maxine and all the other corrupt botched are trying to do to us. They all need in front of a foreign squad.with the name tractor hanging over their heads.

  20. mike dar says:

    The rich, elitists have zero self awareness these days, Romney with no awareness he is seen to be as only another John McStain masquerading as Republican and Conservative.
    When Utah pushes him back out for betraying his voter base.. do you thick he will become self aware?

  21. AFGus says:

    Romney is nothing but a RINO a-hole, and everything he tweeted about McStain is 1000% false! McStain should have been Court Martialed and sent to Leavenworth after he was released from captivity, and he would have been if not for his Admiral Daddy and Granddaddy. Screw you Romney!

    • Ruth says:

      Court Martialed for what? Don’t be like the folks that haunt CNN and MSNBC. They make up “facts.” McCain was offered early release from the Hanoi Hilton because of his father and grandfather. He refused the early release because he knew they would use it for propaganda. He was punished for his refusal. I believe McCain lost his way when he became a senator. His refusal to support overturning Obamacare was wrong. I’m angry that he and his aide got involved in the dossier attack on the president. But I hope that folk on the right will behave better than those on the left. Don’t let your anger lead you astray; don’t throw around statements that are false but make you feel good. It’s bad for you, for all of us, and for our country.

      • george says:

        just roll over and play dead, like always, let the public think they are telling the truth, so they will vote Democratic, just like always!that strategy always works!

      • CONNIE FULTZ says:

        All of you whiners, with no merits yourselves.

        • sluggo says:

          I voted for both McCain and Romney because…the truth is…they were both better than the racist, Kenyan born, lying liberal democrat muslim, obama, who simply hates ALL white people, Christians, and America.

          But, NEITHER of them are even close to being as good a patriotic, pro American president as President Donald Trump.

          I proudly voted for, and support President Trump…and will proudly vote for him again.


  22. Jan says:

    I was blown away how great Mc Cain’s funeral was and he had the nerve knowing that it had to be approved byTrump. It did not hurt Trump that he wasn’t invited to the funeral it just showed Mc Cain thought he was something he wasn’t but a trader he showed everyone he was. Romney will never do anything for the people of our country. He also think he is special jerk. I can think of other names that would fit him better. Your wrong again I haven’t said anything about the two of them together.

  23. Jan says:

    I was blown away how great Mc Cain’s funeral was and he had the nerve knowing that it had to be approved byTrump. It did not hurt Trump that he wasn’t invited to the funeral it just showed Mc Cain thought he was something he wasn’t but a trader he showed everyone he was. Romney will never do anything for the people of our country. He also think he is special jerk. I can think of other names that would fit him better.

  24. Wondering Woman says:

    No surprise here, folks. no name JM and Mitt Romney are birds of a feather that flocked together, with a bunch of other politicians to become Deep State Establishment traitors, who are still working hand in hand with the new world order to keep our southern border open for the new world order paid pawns of invading illegal aliens to crash our economy!

  25. Ernst says:

    Mitt Romney is a royal a..hole. No doubt he knows of the poor record of McCain as a soldier and as a Senator. Romney is only lauding McCain as a way of stabbing at Trump. Really, Mitt Romney is a jerk of unique proportions.

  26. Kris says:

    Mitt Romknee ran against Obama in a race it was his to LOOSE, and he sure as Hell did!
    If Mitt the $-it had challenged Obama with the same vigor he has attacked President Trump
    he would have beaten Barrack Husein Barry Obama and elected President. But he chocked
    and now uses every chance to be the RINO that McStain was!

    • James says:

      Romney is a tool of the global banking oligarchs. He best toe their party line or he will wind up dead, as so many others have.

    • sluggo says:

      Very true, Kris. The racist, America hating obama had a miserable, four year record of lies, corruption, and an anti American agenda that ANY half way decent conservative Republican could have easily attacked and defeated…even with the racist, 95 percent negro vote for obama. But, Romney was too gutless and politically correct to tell the truth because obama was a negro muslim, and fight for the American people, and OUR country..

      Romney has become, like the traitorous McCain, bitter, mean spirited, selfish, anti American, political scum.

  27. Charles says:

    Mitt and McCain have two things in common. They were both sorry excuses for a Presidential candidate and both were Jerks.

    • T-pac says:

      I would say the right thing about these two RINOs but this site ShadowBands people so they are no better than all the Lib-nut sites

    • Mike Miller says:

      Mitt still is. What they have in common is they both could not achieve what Trump did the Presidency. And neither could get past their loss. Just face it Mitt your a loser and always will be. Your own niece is even distancing herself. Notice she dropped the Romney name.

    • Mary S. Roberts says:

      Right on!!!

    • CONNIE FULTZ says:

      I don’t see you elected. Easy to point fingers, when you are just below average yourself!

  28. N says:

    DS traitors are everywhere!The evil corrupted lib demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party & minions!Don’t forget RINOs(Moran,Murkowski,Portman,Toomey,Wicker,Blunt,Alexander,Lee,Collins,Romney, Rubio,RPaul, etc)they’re just as bad!Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

    • Gerard says:

      You forgot Paul Ryan. Rand Paul shouldn’t be in there. He agrees with Trump on a lot of issues. He’s a libertarian and the only reason why he voted against his national emergency declaration is because if Trump does it then a democrat President can do that and will for every little thing like the 2nd Amendment. Saying gun murders are a national emergency. You know they will.

      Trump can get the money somewhere else. Why doesn’t he ask his Billionaire friends to pony up some money?

      • James Mercogliano says:

        Gerard you are a Moron The second amendment is in the Constitution it would take an act of congress and the President to get rid of it not to mention that the Supreme Court will surly have something to say about It.

      • sluggo says:

        That’s ridiculous, liberal logic, Gerad. Saying an America hating liberal democrat president “might” do the same thing as an excuse to NOT stop the Mexican invasion is like saying we should be “nice” to murderous muslims so they won’t kill so many of us.

        Besides, the racist, America hating obama already orchestrated, and brought in hundreds of thousands of illegal mexican aliens with his illegal “DACA” executive order, and just look at the mess he created, the financial drain on American taxpayers, and the coming increase of “gimme gimme gimme” lying liberal democrat fascist voters when they get their “amnesty”…which everyone knows, especially those south of the border…is coming.

        Rand Paul SHOULD ‘be in there” for voting against President Trump’s…and America’s…self defense. Americans are being murdered daily by these invading savages. If THAT is not an emergency, THEN THERE ARE NO EMERGENCIES!


      • Joyce McReynolds says:

        For some reason, Billionaires are all Democrats. I do not understand that except that they are for World Government and believe corporations should have all power and control as we are nothing except taxpayers.

  29. Richard says:

    There are a few things that I didn’t trust en McCain. 1. He rejected the Health Care Bill and was the reason it failed. 2. Excepted money for his foundation from G.S.
    3. Voted against the Second Amendment a couple of times. 4. If I remember correct he was against the border wall.

  30. Beth Mulvihill says:

    Romney is a Rino Democrat in disguise! A pretty boy! Another self centered greedy corrupted globalists politician!

  31. Ann says:

    Mittens was a democrat calling himself a republican in taxachusettes he kissed nazicrat butt all the time Also mittens did not mind the President campainging9 for him he is as much a traitor as mccain was

  32. Roy Parcell says:

    Mitt Romney is just like John McCain Both Are Rino Crooked & Corrupt Fat ASS Democrats. Their Are 12 That Are Republicans That Voted Against President Trump.They Run As Republicans But They Are Really Are Democrats Some Of Theses People Up Re-election In 2020 Lets Get Them OUT OF OFFICE

  33. Bill says:

    I was on the Forrestal for 2 years, 11 months, and 28 days and was discharged in 67′ Let me tell you what really happened, and yes, 134 men died, 8 men were blown overboard, and never were recovered. And, 348 men were hurt some severely. The people who put the rocket on the plane must put a pin in the rocket . Now Just before takeoff (on the cats) the pin is pulled out. The Pilot was (not McLaine) checking his switches, and fired the rocket into another plane and a domino effect happened, and a hole was put aft it went down past the hanger deck and several decks past that. Smoke was everywhere. It was determined that NO pin was ever put on the rocket. The pin circumvents the rocket from being fired . It never passes the mind, and I’m still in theropy. This is what really happened!

    • Michelle taylorr says:

      I heard about this before and it was as you say.

    • sluggo says:

      Well, Rob, like you, I served, and am now retired Air Force. However, having a bit of knowledge in just how military “investigations” are performed, the fact that McCain had the ancestry that he did most probably had a MAJOR effect on the “final decision” into what “really happened” on the Forrestal…kind of like how Crooked Hillary Clinton has been caught numerous times in the last forty years in actual lies, theft, corruption, and even “mysterious” deaths of those who cross her…yet has NEVER been prosecuted or gone to jail for any of her obvious crimes.

      McCain was a poor cadet, finishing very low in his graduating class…a poor pilot, who, given a different “pedigree” most probably WOULD have been court-martialed for crashing multiple planes…and a lying, corrupt, selfish, mean spirited politician. He did little to nothing for his own state of Arizona to stop the flood of illegal mexican aliens, he got caught up in a financial scandal, “The Keating Five”, where all the others went to prison, but NOT McCain, and, from then on he could NEVER be counted on to vote as a “conservative” unless his vote didn’t really matter. He used the term “maverick”( trying to identify with the ’80s movie “Top Gun”, most likely) to excuse his continued support of democrats over conservatives when his vote mattered, saying he was “reaching across the aisle”…AND, his hatred for Donald Trump showed clearly by his traitorous vote…AGAINST AMERICANS…when he voted against the attempt to repeal obama-care just to spite President Trump. McCain was shallow, mean spirited, and a very bitter man knowing that he COULD and SHOULD have beaten obama, but didn’t fight for it, yet Donald Trump met his America hating challenger, Crooked Hillary, head on and beat her with the support of the TRUE American patriots that love this country…something John McCain didn’t have the guts to do.

      I know for a fact that McCain, as the head of the senate aviation committee, “fast tracked” an unscrupulous deal to allow American Airlines to buy Trans World Airlines, allowing pilot pensions to be stolen, captain seats to be taken away, resulting in an immediate 33 percent pay reduction, flight attendants, mechanics, and baggage handlers to be terminated…all of which the head of American Airlines, a despicable man named Don Carty, SWORE to McCain on televised CSPAN hearings, WOULD NOT HAPPEN. The lying McCain said, on tv, that if Carty didn’t keep his word…IF people lost their jobs, or captains lost their well earned seats…, Carty would be back in front of the committee to “answer for it”. But, ALL those things DID happen, and McCain never did a thing to help out the fired TWA employees. Some of the flight attendants who had been there for a very long time, committed suicide over losing everything, and having to “start over” again late in life. I personally lose over $27.000 dollars each year that passes.

      Best bet…McCain took a multi million dollar bribe…like he did in The Keating Five scandal, allowed American Airlines to “pull a fast one” on the employees of TWA, and caused marriages to fall apart, houses to be lost, college students to have to withdraw, and some distraught people to kill themselves…all because John McCain DID NOT protect them as he swore he would. The same could be said about thousands of innocent Americans who have been murdered by illegal mexican aliens that John McCain did NOTHING to try to stop them from getting into OUR country.

      I have read what others say, who, like you, also served on the Forrestal, and their stories are different about McCain’s actions that day, his reputation as a “show off”, and how the rocket actually got released. One thing is for sure…McCain finished very near the bottom of his class as a cadet…McCain crashed multiple airplanes on simple training missions, McCain voted AGAINST repealing obama-care while campaigning to REPEAL it…and McCain DID stay in captivity for many years during the Viet Nam war…but, even then, some of the men that were also there, did not agree with the story that came out of his captivity, and refer to him as “Song Bird”…so, one will believe what they want to believe.

      John McCain was NO “hero” to me…and I’m VERY GLAD he’s dead.

  34. RIpete says:

    Romney and McCain are/were birds of a feather being silver spoons. Without their daddies and family fortunes they would be non-existant on the political scene.
    Would McCain have graduated Annapolis if it were not for his daddy?
    Would Romney have the ability to buy his governorship in Massachusetts if it wasn’t for his daddy?
    Both individuals were Rhinos and hated Trump before he became president and worked against him from day one. McCain was involved with the “dossier” purchased by Hillary Clinton and it is reported he gave it to Mitch McConnel, again trying to disparage and destroy the President.
    It’s unfortunate that the McCain family insists that the Senator be raised to sainthood. It is also unfortunate that President Trump responds to the bitterness both families have for him.

    • Gerard says:

      McCain=Benedict Arnold.

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        Maybe he should be called Benedict Obama as he was a traitorous bastard as our former asshole president.

    • sluggo says:

      Personally, I LIKE the fact that President Trump DOES respond to the continued attacks by Meghan McCain, the lying bastard Mitt Romney , and the unscrupulous fake news”reporters” who continue to ask such disrespectful questions of him.

      President Trump won because he “takes no quarter” and “gives none”.

      The swamp creatures just don’t know how to deal with true transparency…they’ve never seen it before.


  35. Alert! Don’t answer an email from that communist bitch or bastard who calls him or herself “Betty” as that person was put here by the communist Dimwitcrat party and possibly George Soros to taunt people as us for supporting Donald Trump.

  36. Michael says:

    Lets see, creepy old bastard criticizing the President about another dead creepy old bastard. See not everyone thought McCain a hero. Only real ignorant people did, like Romney or as I like to call him Rummy.

  37. Kat says:

    It’s time for some of the POWS tell what McCain did, also the other incident of the wet start be made public.
    Frankly I’m tired of people like Romney holding McCain up on a pedestal. It might make his 2nd wife and daughter shut up.

  38. sherry greenlaw says:

    His sealed file should be declassified so everyone can see for themselves he is not the hero everyone thinks he is. His file got classified only because his Father and Grandfather were both Admirals in the Navy and talked to the President at that time to classify it.

  39. MARK DOIBAN says:

    OH: Mitt Romney! Not bad actor, but in real life ,
    He is most bad,very bad person,soooooooooooooo Jealous and huge
    GOLLIWOG !!!!!!!!!

  40. Lola says:

    Mitt was right, we don’t verbally abuse Senators who have been dead for 7 or more months. It is better to keep one’s mouth shut even if you thought McCain a bad person, than to take the CLASSLESS position of a president who does not uplift, but constantly attacks and ridicules. Trump may have money, but he has zero class – – bragging in the NY Post of the sex in affairs he had while married. No wonder his father sent him off to military school then had to rescue failing Donnie over and over.

    This article said Romney says nothing about Democrats – – which is wrong. He commonly stood up to Obama and others and was a strong critic of Democrats in the past.

    • Gerard says:

      By attacking a fellow GOP Romney is handing the 2020 election to the Communists. Romney is a deep stater and a Communist. He threw the election to Obama just like McCain threw the election to obama in 2008. Both Benedict Arnold’s. Trump is calling a spade a spade. Just because a person’s dead doesn’t make him a good guy.

      “Mitt was right, we don’t verbally abuse Senators who have been dead for 7 or more months” So I guess Mitt doesn’t talk bad about Hitler because he’s been dead for so long.

      • Lola says:

        Gee, Gerald, was Hitler an AMERICAN SENATOR like McCain!? No one said McCain was good or a hero, just that we should know when it is classless to open our mouths and drag people through the mud who cannot defend themselves.

        • sluggo says:

          If telling the truth about McCain’s bitter vote AGAINST repealing obama-care, and trying to hurt President Trump by joining in with the Deep State traitors, and pushing the known to be totally false “Russian Dossier” that Crooked Hillary, obama, and the rest paid Steele to fake, then McCain SHOULD be “dragged through the mud”.

          Facts are facts…and facts don’t care about John McCain’s false “hero” reputation.


  41. Bmene says:

    He also is the worst enemy of the working people as he cares nothing about them unless ofcourse they are of his religion or Devilrat party.

  42. Betty says:

    So what, In the totally Uncalled For Verbal Attacks on the DEAD John McCain, CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump has certainly been lately showing His True Colors. an OVAL OFFICE BLOND ORANGUTAN APE, mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM, mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE, a BRAINLESS, HEARTLESS, SOULLESS, PISS ASS PIG!

  43. John Sherwood says:

    Sorry that Romney wasn’t able to join McCain o his last journey.Could have gotten rid of two garbage dummies at one time.Both of them are worthless RINO’s!!!!!!

  44. John Feeney says:

    Hey Romney, what the Hell are you doing? Trying to give the White House to the Demoncrats?

  45. Dawn says:

    Romney a fake Republican. He is just pissed he lost to Our Great President

  46. jw says:

    He’s still the little puke he was in Michigan as he was as a kid. He’nothing but a loud mouth coward that tries to be a man but can’tje’ the perverbial tattle tail, that runs with his tail between his leg’s

  47. Darth V. says:

    Sh*t Wrongway, John McLame, and Lindsey Grahamnesty. Three white RINOs that need to be extinct. And the sooner … the better.

  48. Joseph Morgan Sr says:


  49. DR Richard says:

    Roamney needs a punch in his stupid face–look great with missing teeth–and he can Roam into oblivion

  50. ada says:

    He’s a closet democrat.

  51. Yank says:

    I have to admit, if I didn’t know about Romney or McCain, I would have believed what Romney said about McCain! However, I know that McCain was not many of those flattering things Romney said about McCain. I’ll let it go at that.

  52. R. T says:

    He is a carpetbagger just like his friend Hillary and will always go left when the right needs him.

  53. Joseph Morgan Sr says:


  54. Ed McDonald says:

    Romney is still a big LOSER !

  55. Tim Toroian says:

    Mit and his father have the same problem, they were brainwashed!

    • Betty says:

      Hey, tim, at least MIT & his father have brains to wash which is certainly more than can be said about an Oval Office INSANE IDIOT, a presidental PISS ASS PIG!

      • Pat Orr III says:

        Betty you are the piss pig whore, crawl back under yous rock and SHUT UP!!!

        • Stella Beard says:

          Pat don’t waste your time on BETTY, she was a failed abortion baby and now she is here to spread her sad hatred for being alive. She sounds like one of those people who water their lawn with an umbrella while it’s raining. You can explain things to her, but sadly you can’t understand it for her, that is if she is a she, know what I mean. She is another lost soul.

  56. nathaniel says:

    honesty among hypocrites? is akin to love between porqupines.

    • Hydro says:

      Romney is a Democrat – pleaded with Trump to help him win his senate seat and reverted back to exactly who he was before – a Leopard never changes its spots. Romney is an ungrateful spoiled brat . The 12 Senators that voted against Trump need to be replaced in their next election – everyone of them voted against the will of those that elected them. I believe there are more that would have voted against Trump but knowing the measure was already passing weren’t man or woman enough to vote their true self. I hope everyone looses next time. It is up to us the voter to remember their betrayal and send them packing.

  57. Wanda Frost says:

    Romney is a dumb ass and as dumb as McCain was. Romney needs to shut up. We the great America people have told him over and over again we can no stand him and he still doesn’t get it.

    • Brady says:

      he never will, he thinks he’s god’s gift to the world. Again he looking in the wrong direction, look down. McCain was not his friend, he has no friends.

      • Hydro says:

        McCain betrayed his fellow POW’s – he killed many sailors because he threw a temper tantrum – he should have been at a minimum charged with man slaughter – he was no hero – if it wasn’t for his father he would have been dishonorably discharged and been sentenced to a cell. Quit making him out to be a hero – he was far from it

    • Betty says:

      Amen to that. Romney is a worthless turd.

  58. stephen anderson says:

    what do you expect from a state that gave us Teddy Kennedy, Fauxcahontas and the asswipe-Romney!!

    I can smell dead clams and fish from here, and liar RINO’s are like dead seafood!

  59. Joyce says:

    I am absolutely livid that I wasted two Presidential votes on McCain and Romney. Neither one deserved to be President and I am overjoyed that they weren’t elected. Those two would sell us down the river in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. At least we don’t have to worry about McCain anymore. I hope that the voters in Utah will open their eyes to see what a big mistake they just made by electing Romney. He really doesn’t care about America.

    • Rob Markle says:

      Well we ended of with Obama I dont think he would have done worse than obama

    • Stella Beard says:

      Romney is a TRAITOR to the Republican party, a DISGRACE to this Country and the Citizens of this country. How the hell the people of Utah voted for this POS. He is a hypocrite just like McCain became after they lost the election for President (looters). These 12 rhinos who voted against President Trump MUST be remembered next time they are up for election. Maybe with some luck they will switch to the Demrats and we finally true Republicans will be elected.

  60. Bender says:

    Wow you and the cult leader are petty people. Anyone who puts country or people in their district or state before party is a traitor? Keep following sheep the evil plan won’t work without you.

    • Hydro says:

      Why because she told the truth – if there is a sheep to be identified – just go look in the mirror – Bender – you Democrat’s are all like minded – My family was mostly Democrat when the ones elected stood for something instead of the snowflakes like AOC and the Jewish hating Muslim elected – you belong in their company.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        My father used to be a republican when they stood for something – – hard work and at least showing some class. You don’t kick an opponent when down and you don’t mutilate the body after they have passed. Bender, as usual is right, what Trump did, WITHOUT PROVOCATION was very petty.

        When are many of your going to wake up and realize that Trump’s nasty, petty behavior is the fruit by which he should be judged, and that Trump’s idea of the “Best people” have been convicted, plead guilty, or had to leave office due to scandals. Eventually the students at Trump “university” woke up to Trump being a scam, con artist and sued him (and won). Cults do a LOT of damage, be they religious or political. Will many Trumpers wake up one day and realize that Trump is a con man and a criminal.

        • Lee Long says:

          Traitors are the ones who say Trump is a Trader I don’t see any Democrats trying to keep their promises but I do see a lot of trying to destroy this country

        • Stella Beard says:

          Dr. JD, your dad WAS, the operative word. You sure didn’t learn anything thing from him, your words, he was a good Republican. People like you is why Trump was elected as our President, he is not a politician, he is an outsider and you and these traitors can’t handle it, because he has shown and is doing a great job for the people of this country. WTF are talking about “without PROVOCATION”, how would you or better yet your father would react, how about McCain ran on repealing Obama care, giving the fake dossier to the FBI, oh and I can go on. He served this Country, but so are my husband and my son 31 years. He was no more a hero than anyone who served and sacrifice a hell of a lot more. Get your facts and then put your brain in action, before you open your pie hole. You sound like a sad person.

  61. Lora Bradford says:

    Romney and Paul Ryan on Fox and in Senate boycott both thru are NOT good honest Republicans

  62. libra says:

    I do not know who Romney was describing–heroic, honorable– was it not McCain who sent an aid to deliver the infamous lie of a dossier?. It was revenge because the citizens of the USA knew his war record and did not want him near the oval office. WET start Johnnie–Songbird Johnnie. McCain was supported by taxpayers his entire life from his first breath to his last. Ad up the millions on the Forrestal inferno he caused and the planes he crashed and his bottom of the class at Annapolis–Favored treatment because his father and grandfather were admirals and career Navy with influence. McCain was not honorable.

    • Brady says:

      Sure wish I had said that, who really knows what went on in those 5 years. Maybe it will come out. His girl is mad, so what , the best she can do is the view. She wouldn’t even be there if it wasn’t that she turned on PRESIDENT TRUMP

    • Rob Markle says:

      Bravo spot on. dont forget the scandles

  63. Dee says:

    Has been a longtime ! Some so call Republicans members , compromise colluded with Radicals leftists to ruining this nations , our rightful Government , no wonder our higher court’s legislators never comes up a real real solution for everything , instead to argued & dealing with a Compromising solutions to the Communist & Communism ! dumb lot of moneys from our taxpayers feeds funding , to aids we call enemy’s , trying to finds Compromise ways to workout the nonpartisan programs , are those 3rds country’s really buying it !! Instead turn around to spying stolen & bits you by pieces, also lose lot of our peoples life’s couldn’t get the jobs done & also lot of increasingly budget deficits in crisis , there is no long terms solution to post ! just because gets by ruined of self ambition self promoting attitude to the jobs ! worse in the new century that’s politicians can do from both sides , like DEMs & Some Republicans Rino candidates ! we all have it !! times to get serious! clean the House , let this country do it’s real potentials , not Mitt not McCain not even closed of those scandal after scandal coverup corrupted DEMs , by so call for the wrongful peoples by the wrongful party’s ! America’s needs make a realistic changes ! this is changes will go’s to the rightfully peoples who’s really a patriots that respect & proudly serves it’s country — that’s the United States of America nothing but “America “ 。

  64. Tim Toroian says:

    Yo, Mitt you dumbass, how would you react if somebody did that to you? A long time ago when I was in college in Lansing<michigan and Mitt father was Governor and had just returned from Viet Nam claiming to have been "brainwashed" I wrote an editorial for the school newspaper. The Detroit Tigers had lost the last game of the season which kept them out of the World Series. I titled the piece, "Tigers Lose and Romney Returns". The school got a call that somebody didn't appreciate that.

  65. Rob says:

    John McCain may have been a good friend to Mitt Romney and the fact that he honors him as a friend is noble; however, he should remove his head from the sand (I was being polite) and remember that John McCain was solely responsible for the horrifying atrocity aboard the USS Forrestal Aircraft Carrier on July 31 1967, where McCain’s cocky maneuver of doing a “wet start” of his plane would go on to kill 134 sailors, in the deadliest loss of life the Navy has ever seen. But because of McCain’s daddy being a 4-star admiral, the entire incident was buried, and the Navy never officially put blame on anyone for the tragedy. Astonishingly, McCain would not only be allowed to continue serving in the Navy, but would go on to be responsible for the deaths of numerous other men, in a scandal that has been successfully buried for decades. This certainly exempts his hero status.

  66. Marty says:

    Now if only the Utah voters would just open their eyes. It discussted me to see the mostly conservative voters actually vote for this POS.

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