Mike Pence dropped the hammer on Joe Biden with this reality check

Joe Biden is making his closing argument in this election on the coronavirus.

That did not turn out like the Democrats expected.

And Mike Pence dropped the hammer on Joe Biden with this reality check.

In an interview with Breitbart News during a campaign swing through Florida, Pence hammered Biden on his failed leadership during the 2009 and 2010 H1N1 swine flu pandemic.

Pence noted that 61 million Americans contracted the virus and that Biden’s own closest advisor Ron Klain said the Obama administration did everything wrong and the administration only evaded overseeing a mass casualty event because of luck.

“The H1N1 hits, and another thing you don’t see talked about . . . they didn’t shut down the border from Mexico,” Vice President Pence stated. “So there’s no surprise Joe Biden opposed us shutting down travel from China. So H1N1 hits in spring 2009, their first year in office, and I’ll just quote Ron Klain, his chief of staff, who said, ‘We did every possible thing wrong.’ He said it was only a fortuity that the swine flu was not a mass casualty event. He said it was luck. Ron Klain said it was luck. It’s true, because they did a terrible job.”

If the swine flu was as lethal as the coronavirus, that would have equaled to the Obama administration watching two million Americans die.

Pence also hammered the Obama-Biden administration over the fact that during the swine flu pandemic, the administration ordered a stop to testing.

Democrats also hammered the Trump administration for the U.S. having four percent of the world’s population but accounts for 25 percent of the coronavirus fatalities.

But under Obama the U.S. accounted for 70 percent of the world’s swine flu deaths.

“I actually read once they actually stopped testing in the summer, so when it came roaring back in the fall, they had nothing. Now, thankfully, it wasn’t as deadly as the coronavirus. If It was as deadly as the coronavirus, we would have lost two million Americans. As it was, we lost some nearly 14,000 Americans, which was 70 percent of the global fatalities. You hear that sometimes about the percentage of global fatalities that were in the United States. That was 70 percent of global fatalities, during swine flu, which were in the United States,” Pence concluded.

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