Michelle Obama sat on stage and said something horrible about Trump

Michelle Obama is back in the spotlight.

And it’s not for a good reason.

She sat on stage and hurled a nasty insult at Donald Trump.

Michelle Obama appeared in Boston to speak at a forum for empowering women.

Naturally, she launched into a rant about the 2016 election.

Obama declared that Clinton was the most qualified candidate in the race and that her husband’s Presidency was like the “good parent.”

The Hill reports:

“The Obama administration “was like having the ‘good parent’ at home,” the former first lady said. “The responsible parent, the one who told you to eat your carrots and go to bed on time.”

“And now we have the other parent,” Obama added. “We thought it’d feel fun — maybe it feels fun for now because we can eat candy all day and stay up late and not follow the rules.”

During the wide-ranging discussion, Obama also offered praise for Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic nominee and the first woman to secure the nomination of a major U.S. political party.

Clinton was “the best-qualified candidate,” Obama said. “She wasn’t perfect, but she was way more perfect than many of the alternatives.”

These remarks were a direct slap in the face of President Trump.

Americans thought Hillary Clinton was only qualified at selling her influence to enrich herself and failing upwards in politics.

In her husband’s first term, Clinton presided over the disastrous attempt to enact government run healthcare.

As Secretary of State, she championed the war in Libya which led to the Benghazi terrorist attacks, rolled over for Russia with the disastrous rest button and supported the disastrous Iranian nuclear deal.

Michelle Obama could not be more wrong.

The American people judged her husband’s Presidency – and Hillary Clinton’s qualifications in the harshest of terms.


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189 Responses

  1. Timothy Toroian says:

    Yeah, both of you tried to be the “good” parent telling us what to do. Actually, more like Brezhnev telling us what to do and what we couldn’t have. Hillary not “perfect”? That is hilarious! She wouldn’t know decent perfect if crawled up her butt and spun around 3 or 4 times.

  2. helen says:

    don’t worry about the trash. destroy America

  3. helen says:

    don’t worry about the trash. stolen trillions from American to give to hte Islam Iranian.

  4. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Mitchell Obamarx and his wife Butfuk H Obamarx need to disappear.

  5. Timothy Toroian says:

    Starting to sound a bit like it takes a frigging village crap with the good parent horse hockey. You’d be better off as an orphan than having Barak and Michelle as surrogates.

  6. donald says:

    michel just wants some of trumps big stick, sggghe is getting tired of the brown stuff on her stick

  7. roger brown says:

    hey mike, when you’re on stage keep your legs crossed, no pee,pee popping out. face, legs, under arms shaved. mouth closed, buck teeth won’t show and you won’t say something stupid.

    • CrawfishFestival says:

      That guerilla cant help itself. The clothes this FOOL wears shows how delusional it has become. It looked liked Moms Mabley during 2008 presidential campaign, and now resembles Oprah w a Big Butt, Buck teeth and Wighats – from LOOTING the US treasury as its own Cash Reserves.

      That hermaphrodite belongs in Prison.

      • Suzanne says:

        Hermaphrodite? That’s one I haven’t heard before. I believe that Michelle Obama is a man masquerading as a woman. There was a recent appearance in which he stood on a stage with real women, or should I say towered over them. In a carefully crafted scene where he’s the only one being photographed his careful hair and makeup job and feminine clothing make it harder to see (although not impossible) that this is a man. But when he stands next to a real woman the difference is glaring. The guy is huge. Arms, legs, hands- there’s nothing feminine about him. Passing him off as Obamas “wife” was the biggest con job ever perpetrated on the American people.

  8. Ernst says:

    President Obama was the perfect parent if you want your sibling to hate each other; he was maybe the most divisive President ever. As to Michelle Obama, she would be the Wicked Witch of the West, except that she is too nasty and too ugly.

  9. Timothy K. Toroian says:

    Does still have a license to practice law, anywhere?

  10. Jim says:

    I do not care what that POS, waste of air says. It has no standing anymore and is breaking a Centuries long tradition of not saying anything bad about those in that position before or after you. One can and should expect nothing less from this classless POS. It better be careful as the powers of the Obamas and Clintons and the Democrat Party had diminished greatly and they might just come up with an expose of it’s birth, sex, friends, “marriage” to Obama and the “birth” of those two girls, plus true info on Obama himself!

  11. Eyesonyou says:

    Michelle Obama sat on stage and said something horrible about Trump

  12. Shelba J Holmes says:

    So far as I am concerned Michelle Obama is proof positive that you can take the trash out of the gutter but you cannot make the trash into a silk purse. The truth is that Barrack Obama got elected to office because he was black. It certainly was not because of anything he had EVER accomplished in his life. Furthermore, he was no more “ready” for the Presidency than Trump is. Obama had not done anything at all but be a “community organizer”, which is polite English for “rabble rouser”

    • Valentina says:

      Obama never won. All votes were rigged. Plus he was born in Kenya and Muslim. According to the law only American born can be presidents ! Obama was selected! Not elected. I pray they will recount all votes one day so he can go to prison. He was selected as an African muslim to start the filling of Europe, Canada and America with Islamic migration via UN that he signed to replace all of us with. He even purchased tens of thousands of guillotines in fema camps for the slaughter Hillary was supposed to start plus millions of plastic huge 3-4 body coffins . You can watch YouTube via google to verify it. Democrats and media are owned by the elite and Soros is the executor. The democrats are the paid puppets. That’s why they want open borders! Not for Latinos but Islamic migrants obama filled in Latin America so as to speed the takeover from all sides. Obama smuggled
      Over 2 million Somalians are in Michigan & Minnesota already

    • dandy says:


    • Jim says:

      That was a mistake that most Americans believed,,,,,But THE BIG ZERO IS NOT BLACK!! He IS MULATTO ,,,, NEITHER BLACK NOR WHITE! EVERYTHING ABOUT HIS LIFE IS, and HAS BEEN A LIE! Last summer he stood on his native soil, and said, “I AM THE FIRST PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES THAT WAS BORN IN KENYA!

  13. Art says:

    I remember from my collage days reading that when you hate someone or something for a long time, the brain produces toxins that cause psychosis. I think all liberals suffer from that. Nothing else explains their stupidity or behavior, except of course being dropped on their heads. In a nut shell, they are delusional crasies obsessed with themselves like The Obamas.

    • Valentina says:

      They are typical extremists of racial hatred. They’re not even married. He’s s Kenyan born Muslim gay and she’s a transgender woman with two borrowed girls. Now each borrowed ( daughter) is worth $270 million!!! Plus the Obamas or Barry soetoro and Michael have 9 trillion missing from the USA treasury! The rest of the spent trillions went to Islamic countries as charity or mosque renovations and definitely funding al Qaida Isis al shabab and Taliban while destroying Muslim african countries killing millions so as to create Muslim migration as western replacemnt. Meaning, he signed with UN to fill all western Christian countries with Muslims to take over from us. Our fate was planned. Guillotines were purchased by obama so fema camps are full plus millions of coffins ready so Hillary would start the slaughter. You can research on google and YouTube . Obama never won elections. Votes were rigged big time & innocent Americans believed it. Barry soetoro is a Kenyan born Muslim gay and not married. She is transgender with two borrowed girls . They stole trillions from the treasury and deep state is using them to keep hurting America and Soros is the executor of the USA destruction. Media and democrats are owned by the elite to destroy us! That’s why they want Trump out

  14. Enzo says:

    Joan rivers was correct. No way in hell is that a real woman,

  15. Anastasia says:

    Mrs Obama is one of the most clueless and classless woman to have served as First Lady. She is showing the world her ignorance in criticizing the Presiddnt of the United States. No dignity and respect. In addition she uses poor judgement if she thinks med Clinton had the best credentials. She couldn’t even due her job as Secretsry of State and betrayed Americsn Citizens and was never tried for her errors. Best thing Mrs Clinton should do is retire from public service and sit back and pray for forgiveness

  16. ernaldo says:

    Why would anyone expect anything but monkeyLike blather from the mouth of mike the mooch? Worst first dude ever!

  17. Bob Knapp says:

    If Michelle had an ounce of class she’d have congratulated President Trump and quietly left the scene to return to doing whatever she did before Barack got into politics.

  18. Wyatt says:

    In the middle ages there was a device called a ‘Brack’ , it was made for women who talked to much . The Mooch needs to be fitted with one . She is an embarrassment every time she opens her mouth .

  19. michael says:

    the loser trump should be exposed for every fraud he is, at least michelle obama had a real concern for u.s. citizens which the current moron does not seem to have!!

    • Judy says:

      No Michael The Obama’s care for illegals who are NOT U.S. citizens they’re breaking the law, welfare people looking for a handout and scamming the tax payers, playing the race card, giving money to our enemies, letting adult perverts use the bathroom with little girls,… Michelle admitted she was never proud of America and if that’s how she feels so does Barack. Trump’s ENFORCING the law trying to keep the U.S. safe from people who want to destroy America and all liberals can do is call Trump a racist. Their favorite excuse for everything.

      • SHERI COOPER says:

        I like the way you refer to perverts!!! The BIGGEST of which is Trump. How ANY supporter of that sick foul disgusting pig of a man, Trump, can say anything regarding perversion when this sleazeball has been one of the worst offenders the country has ever had to put up with!!!

        • cliff says:

          If ANYONE is PERVERTED it is OSCUMBAG and his transvestite so–called “husband”. These two have bamboozled the AMERICAN PEOPLE for the last time and if you READ the comments, YOU are definitely in the MINORITY. with your COMMUNIST LIBERAL SNARKY “comment”. That FAT TRANNY cares for no one but herself and the MONEY “IT” and “IT’S “husband” STOLE from the taxpayers with endless “vacations”

          • CrawfishFestival says:

            BigMo’s secret Trip to SPAIN w her friends would not have become known if it were not for her drunken STUPORS constantly toasting to the US Taxpayers, and her outrageous spending habits – reported to the media by the hotel employees that she treated as SLAVES.
            World Leaders labeled Michelle Obama as a VACATION JUNKIE.

            To think this SCUMBAG was flying around the world, as a representative of The United States of America, still makes me physically ill = TOTAL TRASH.

            It should be given a bill to pay, when going way over-budget – for travel expenses – for the office of the US Presidency.

            Pelosi signed off on all of it – who is another FREAK of Nature – w extensive travel expenses – who has become a multi-millionaire while in office.

        • Judy says:

          Have you forgotten about Hillary’s husband? He had affairs over and over while president and married to your corrupt hero, liberals love him and hate Trump who may have had sex 20 years ago. You don’t consider Obama allowing men to use the same restroom with young girls perverted? That’s on you

          • cliff says:

            Not only did OSCUMBAG try to turn this country into a Pervert like HE IS,…..HE is ‘”married” to another “MAN” that makes “ITSELF UP” like a “woman” and has “SEX” with “IT” if THAT isn’t perversion, and SICK what in the hell is?

        • Mi says:

          Try to wean yourself off of the liquid diet of msm bottle of lies. It is all you feed on.

    • Marla MacDougall says:


      • Dee says:

        I Agree with every word you said, she also let scum bags into the White House, I wonder what her children thought? I’m planning to read her daughters “Mommy Dearest”book when its published. Michele is all mouth with no substance.

        • Proud Trump Deplorable says:

          Michael Obama said Rihanna was a wonderful example for her daughters. Really? Have you seen how she grinds on stage half naked, and her so-called songs are so full of filthy language they should be against the law. If that is what the Odumbas think is a good role model, that says a lot about how they think.

          • CrawfishFestival says:

            Michael Obama was asked what woman in history would she like to be = “Beyonce”!

            Can u believe this loon said that?

            It couldn’t say, Harriet Tubman, bc Bigmo looks too much like her = gruesome.

        • CrawfishFestival says:

          One of the rented girls, legally changed their name to not be associated w them.

          There is a story about it – waiting in the wings.

          More than likely, when the Obamas hit GTMO.

      • CrawfishFestival says:

        It should move to Zimbabwe……and share its wealth.

    • Denton says:

      Well said. Thanks for posting b

    • Richard Husted says:

      michael, really?!?!?!? It is interesting that you share a name with the pre-Moochie as well as her anti-American politics…..are you also of the same anti-American color and ethic persuasion?????

      • Denton says:

        Another racist post.

        • cliff says:

          IS THAT all you Communist liberals have is the “R” word” every time you disagree?? THAT “CARD” has been worn out by people like you. (and the MORON FRAUD (and his “MINIONS” that INFESTED OUR WHITE HOUSE FOR 8 YEARS) Grow up and go back to your parent’s basement “safe space” and play with your crayons and coloring books. If there was anyone “racist” it was that TRANSVESTITE thing sitting “IT’S” fat rump on the Stage trying desperately to be “relevant”

          • Denton says:

            Ignorant post

          • Denton says:

            bigot type comments.

          • Marla MacDougall says:

            That is the reply that all liberals fall back on, “you are a racist” Agree with your post Cliff!!!

          • Sandra says:

            They have more than the “R” word. They also have Nazi, Hitler, Stalin (guess they can’t spell Mussolini) and so on and so forth.
            The left is always the one crying ‘bully’, but they are the biggest bully of all. When they can’t use fact and/or reason – they resort to NAME CALLING! (sorry to shout at you)

      • Denton says:

        racist post.

        • cliff says:

          MORON…Go back to your safe space and suck your thumb. Let the adults talk…LOL!!!

        • Judy says:

          So the ONLY reason someone dislikes the Obama’s is because of the Obama’s skin color? Why do you hypocrite liberals hate Trump? Time to learn a new excuse crybaby. Al and Barack’s safe place children are having a pity party, better hurry you might miss it.

    • Denton says:

      Great post
      The truth

    • ernaldo says:

      Poor michael gets more shrill with each post, the sign of a homo….On that note, I’d wager stupid mike’s tongue is no stranger to bathhouse hussein’s exhaust port….

  20. WHO is talking “parenting” when it is supposed to be about POLITICS, man oh man, HOW DERANGED can ONE be…???? Oh, I forgot, the LIBNUTS…..!!!! CONFUSING reality with DREAMS…..but HOW dreamy is THIS crap…..???? As usual, DOESN’T make any SENSE….!!!

  21. john says:

    No “N” word needed here the Gorilla is the real deal.

  22. Nick says:

    That fat gutted whore. She doesn’t mention
    her mother that lived off the government,
    living in the Whitehouse. I think everyone
    was right, he was born somewhere other
    Than the U.S.

    • Proud Trump Deplorable says:

      Her/his mother still lives off the Government. They arranged for her to receive a full retirement for life because she was a care-giver for the Odumba ‘kids’ in the White House. Mom in law draws a six figure retirement for living free for eight years. Just another abuse of the office.

    • CrawfishFestival says:

      The hermaphrodite also acquired a PENSION for its mother, although the obamas claimed Mrs. Robinson was around to take care of the girls.

      The Obamas surely shut that old fool down, after Mrs. Robinson called to a radio station and stated her daughter would make a better President than Obama.

      Mrs. Robinson’s next visible mistake, mouthing off to the attendants, when visiting the People’s Republic of China, that let it known they could not wait until Obama’s family left China, bc of their arrogant behavior, ill-manners, and lack of respect for themselves for the manner in which they dressed – during their visit – and for the State Dinner.

  23. zee says:

    Back in my day, a 2nd grader could figure this out & would know. ‘o’ the Worst in USA History to date.

  24. GySgt. Lew Souder, USMC/Ret. says:

    Michelle Obama and her husband were probably the worst people ever to live in the White House….
    They were Hugh mistake, the people who voted for him are paying for it now – correcting 8 years of Obama is going to take time to correct… Trump can do it….

    • Richard Husted says:

      Semper Fi, Gunny, the only savior of this former Great Republic is at the least 16 years of Republican power in the WH and Congress……

  25. Sara Horvath says:

    The Obummers were the worst. Of course she would be biased towards her husband, that’s a given. They’re nothing but terrorist sympathizers who betrayed our country and should never have been in the white house

  26. Tom E. Gunn says:

    I have no doubt that “The Moocher” actually believes what she’s saying. In which case that only confirms how their unbridled arrogance has destroyed their ability to recognize the truth. This is an epidemic affliction among liberals, and especially Democrats like the Obamas and the Clintons. They simply can’t admit to themselves that millions of Americans finally wised up to the irreparable damage they were doing to this Country. It galls them even more to have to admit to themselves that Trump’s policies are working.

  27. Thomas Goss says:

    I HATE this gorilla bitch and wish it would just DROP DEAD.

  28. Jon says:

    who cares what Michelle Obama says she is a nobody married to a nobody.

  29. Connie says:

    The only reason BO ( I love to call him that!) got elected was the American people trying assuage their self-imposed guilt: “Let’s elect an unqualified black man so people can’t say we’re racist.”

    • Deb says:

      I love calling him BO-BO or the twosome as BO & MO. BO was a multiracial hybrid–remember he was Asian, white, with some black thrown into the mix. There are many whites who have no guilt at all so I honestly do not understand why many white people had any self-imposed guilt.

    • Ha, just UNQUALIFIED …?? He ISN’T even a TRUE born American = U.S. citizen, just a TRAITOR, needs to HANG for HIGH TREASON…..!!!

  30. Nancy Tomaso says:

    Michelle Obama’s problem is that she likens government responsibility to parental responsibility. It is NOT the president’s job to tell us when to go to bed. It is not Congress’s job to tell us to eat our carrots. It is that attitude that will destroy this country. I am an adult and I can make my own decisions and I have the maturity to take responsibility for the consequences.

  31. C Bodway says:

    She does not know what she is talking about….She is the wife of a Community Organizer..whatever that means. America was asleep when Obama was elected…He won because he is black and that was a novel thought to the uneducated people…what did they get? Lots of problems that President Trump has to fix.

  32. RB says:

    Was the stage big enough?

  33. Teresa Roberts says:

    They were both the worst thing that ever happened to our country. They have divided and degraded our country so badly that I hardly recognized it after 8 long years.
    Although we were very unhappy during this time, we never did the ruthless and terrible things the Dems r doing to President Trump and certainly never used the language you hear now. We had respect for the office of the Presidency even though we disagreed. We were also tolerant of people which the Dems r not. Grow up n start acting like Proud Americans instead of spoiled children who didn’t get their way.

  34. I read the headline and said “Of course she did, because that is all she ever does! She doesn’t know how to do anything else. Every other President and First Lady for over 200 years, has gone away when their term was over. They don’t go on tour and start badmouthing the next President and First Lady. But Obutthead and the Mooch? Show once again that they have no class what so ever. I just wish they would go away and STHU!

  35. Bender says:

    Hahaha the most uneducated Putin puppets post here. Thanks for showing us Christianity is the largest hate group in America. If it is real hell is going to be very crowded with all u fake Christians. Lock up, report, or murder anyone who’s opinion differs from yours Putin is so proud of you all

    • cliff says:

      What is YOUR problem you communist MOOSLIME LOVER???…Can’t get over the fact there was ABSOLUTELY NO “russian” involvement with PRESIDENT TRUMP’S or do you just listen to the “Fake news” communist lying “network LIBERAL MEDIA. Better open your eyes and get way from the Lying liberal “networks” for a change.

      • Bender says:

        Yes if I only watched FOX news then I wouldn’t know about the Guilty pleas. But I suppose lots of rich white guys plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit. Have fun in your little bubble while Trump destroys the rest of our jobs and ruins our standing in he world.

        • cliff says:

          I guess apparently you are staying in “LIBERAL” mode because you don’t seem to be “seeing” all the GREAT THINGS this PRESIDENT has done, UNLIKE the GAY, MOOSLIME FRAUD that did his best to destroy our country…Perhaps you need to MOVE OUT of the United States and go to …lets say NORTH KOREA. THEN you will find out what REAL “oppression” is.
          If you don’t like hearing the TRUTH on “FOX” news try OAN they also tell the truth without the COMMUNIST LIBERAL SPIN and LIES you seem to like to hear. I guess the communist propaganda networks (like CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC ABC,) makes people like you feel “better”.

        • Joeyounger says:

          Ruins?????uh…what jobs is that bender?…the ones Butch and the Bitch gave away to China and India?…for the first time in my Mfing life I’ve got a good paying job where I’m not afraid it’s gonna be given/taken from me and shipped overseas…you can say all you want but Mr. Trump don’t sound one bit like he’s gonna do what Butch did….All I’m hearing is what he’s gonna do for AMERICANS…f***k them communist. Muslim sympathizer!!!and last but not least f**k that racist racist misogynist lslamaphist crack whore Clinton and her shunning black cousins the Obudahs…

        • Proud Trump Deplorable says:

          Are you kidding? There weren’t any jobs before Trump. He brought them back after Odumbo ruined the market. The unemployment rates are at all time lows. There are more jobs than there are people to fill them. You need to burst your bubble and get some fresh air. Our standing in the world has greatly improved because of Trump. He is making up for the apology tour that Odumbo went on.

        • Proud Trump Deplorable says:

          Are you kidding? There weren’t any jobs before Trump. He brought them back after Odumbo ruined the market. The unemployment rates are at all time lows. There are more jobs than there are people to fill them. You need to burst your bubble and get some fresh air. Our standing in the world has greatly improved because of Trump. He is making up for the apology tour that Odumbo went on. He accomplished a lot more than Odumbo ever did like meet with North Korea, get some NATO members paying their share, taking on the UN and their anti-Israel stance, moving Embassy to Jerusalem, getting out of the stupid Paris Accord and Iranian give-away nuke agreement that the Senate should have voted down. Guilty pleas came after DOJ/FBI morons destroyed people, took all their money, threatened them and their families, ruined their lives and gave them no options except admit they reworded a simple answer on a question that didn’t mean anything. The rigged “investigations” are designed to destroy people, not try to get to the truth. All Left wing tricks. Your bubble must be out of oxygen and your brain cells are dying. You would know all of this is you watched FOX.

    • Judy says:

      Bender Yeah ‘educated’ bent brain, Putin and the Russians are the only reason Trump was elected, Putin rigged all the voting booths because he wanted an American president who’s strong on protecting America instead of a corrupt crazy woman who only concern is herself and gave Russia American uranium. And Christians cut peoples heads off on live television, blow themselves up, burn people alive… to murder Muslims, not the other way around. Keep cackling psycho, you’ll always have a room at the asylum

  36. Ernesto says:

    AMERICA!! I won’t lower myself to calling this Racist, Radical, Brainless, did you see her face?? Well … I will just add …. FAT PIG TO THE LIST!! Guess the Racist idiot has been eating to many hair burgers, and hot dogs on the side …. and staying away from the carrots, and “The responsible parent, the one who told you to eat your carrots and go to bed on time.” Has never been there to watch her stuff her face!! Hahahahaha

    https://youtu.be/AdA046RyBzw You’re The Worst President Ever” – Four Star Admiral Criticizes Obama

    • Mark H. Giles says:

      If Michelle was naked and bent over to pick something up she might get mistaken for the hind end of a horse that lost its tail!

  37. F C Hilnbrand says:

    This POS First Lady is a joke. She and her husband were the WORST President and First Lady to be in the White House EVER! And they have the guts to say HILLARY should have been the next President. This just goes to show EVERYONE how far their heads are up their butt holes. Now you know why everything stinks when they are removed from there resting place.

    • cliff says:

      The “first lady” was no “lady” to begin with how about first TRANNY? That would “fit” better.

      • Deb says:

        LOL! I will always remember Joan Rivers: ‘Everyone knows that Michael’s a tranny’. Didn’t she say that just a few months before she ‘died’ in the hospital?

        • cliff says:

          Isn’t that “amazing” how when the TRUTH comes out ABOUT DEMOCOMMUNISTS, the people that “know too much” “die” mysteriously?
          The “clinton crime cartel” comes to mind as well as Ms.Fuddy the one that wrote OSUMBAG’S “birth certificate” and just “happened” to be the only “casualty” in that “plane crash” Anyone else see a “pattern” here???

  38. Denton says:

    Most of the comments here are the most racists and ignorant I’ve ever read. Shame on you.

    • F C Hilnbrand says:

      BUT we speak the truth. Some like you have a hard time facing the truth.

    • cliff says:

      HOW is telling the COLD -HARD TRUTH “racist”?? Is THAT all you “progressive” liberals got is “playing” the “RACE CARD”??Give it up those TWO were the most “racist” “pair” to ever SCAM and fraudulently worm their way into OUR White House and should have NEVER been allowed NEAR the place to begin with. Anti-American MOOSLIME SCUM.

    • Carol says:

      Denny–Go away you Troll. The Race Card ain’ gonna work no more no more…hahahahaha

    • Judy says:

      Denton Do you consider Michelle and Barack to be racists? They taught “Don’t trust white people, white people are the problem” ……had the biggest race hustler, riot instigator in America, Al Sharpton as a close friend and consultant . The most racists ignorant people on the planet are hypocrite liberals.

  39. Joe says:

    Ouch! The truth hurts.

  40. Jerry says:

    Do you know how to get a monkey out of a tree?WAVE AT IT.because he is eating a bananna with the other hand,or picking her ass

  41. Pete Wieckhorst says:

    I believe there would be nothing wrong with having a Man, that happened to be Black, as President. But that was not the case with Obama. I also believe this country does not have any woman that is ready and capable of being the President. And I am sure that there is no woman, that may happen to be black, that is ready to be President; and in particular I do mean Michelle Obama. The Obama’s NEVER should have been in the White House, in any capacity. They did NOT understand or did not care to do the job that that Barrack Obama had been elected to do. Instead they both went off on a racially motivated vendetta that has almost ruined this country, and probably insured that it will be a very long time before this country try’s another such political experiment.

  42. Jerry says:

    Do you know how to get a monkey out of a tree?WAVE AT IT.because he is eating a bananna with the other hand.

  43. Beverly says:

    Barack Obsma was not a President…he was an infiltrator of the Muslim Brotherhood!!

    • Mikhail Vaynberg says:


    • F C Hilnbrand says:

      I want to know why this POS got elected 2 times. NO I did not vote for him even once. I knew he was BS from the first time he opened his mouth.

      • cliff says:

        Not “WHY” …TRY “HOW”….. VOTER FRAUD…Soros “touch screen machines” that were “caught” changing votes (just like the LAST “election”) ‘dead people”, VOTER SUPPRESSION with “new black panthers” standing out side voting areas with nightsticks, multiple voters, illegal immigrants “voting” ALLOWING an ILLEGAL FOREIGN FRAUD to “run” (thank the DNC for that even though as a “senator”, OSCUMBAG said HIMSELF he was not “eligible”) The “list” goes on and on.

    • Violet Baker says:


  44. John says:

    What racist nonsense you folks puke.

  45. ernaldo says:

    Whatever, and MOOCHelle (mike) is an ugly, knuckle dragging chimp.

  46. Ron says:

    In terms of lack of love of, respect for what the United States stands for and has stood for since it became a nation, his damage to the standing of the United States in the world community…I could go on and on, he is without peer.

  47. Michael D says:

    I am so sick of the people we have elected into office taking there agenda to take care of themselves. If you take a look at the 2012 election the illegal votes made him president why do you think all the blue states refused to give up there voting information to the voter fraud committee . I think that we the people should ignore the Obamas an instead of protesting for more gun control we should be protesting that our law enforcement start doing there job an fire the people that were responsible for not doing there job an protest that they take legal action against the Clintons Obamas Eic Holder an the whole Democratic party that is involved

  48. rita bressem says:

    all i can say is phttt m. obama. get out of town you are history – stupid to pay these persons money to appear and trash mouth .– yep including hillery eeeek

  49. BILLY miller says:

    michelle obama, is just your typical negro, brain dead & belongs in Africa.

  50. Rich Kenny says:

    Michelle (ie Mike) should be arrested and tried for “impersonating a female…( and not well). When are we going to hear the last from her/him and his husband?? I think enough time has passed that we can sweep them under the carpet as useless trash and the dust of time…. If we can’t get totally rid of them could we at least sew their mouths shut!!! PLEASE….

    • Donald Rowe says:

      Apparently the tide is still out on that subject. I’ve watched several of her speeches and her oportunities to speak as when she receives some award for something or other that no body in their right mind would care about and I really can’t say for sure just which way the adam’s apple swings.

  51. Who cares what this America hating Obama’s thinks or says. Her old man was the worst President America has ever knows. Thank goodness President Trump has wiped out Obama’s legacy.

    • Moma says:

      I agree with you 100% . We sure don’t need any of the trash that she has to say. As my mother always said trash is trash no matter who they are.

    • Donald Rowe says:

      Speaking of wiping out someone’s legacy, Obama was having a whole lot of people’s past wiped out. Taking stories out of books of several of our past generals and important people and having statues removed from places of honor after having stood there for, centuries, sometimes. A concerted effort should be undertaken to root out all of those recommendations and get them changed back. I know of several places where there was a round-about in the center of town that is now empty of a statue of someone from that town that fought and died in some war. It’s now gone because someone, or even a couple of someones complained about it.

    • Carol says:

      Donald–Big Mike dresses right front….

  52. Bob Hunt says:

    My feeling is that Obama would not make a pimple on our current President! As a President he was a colossal failure, all talk and no substance!

    • Michael says:

      Michelle and Barack ought to grab hold of that vine and swing their black asses back into the jungle where they came from, their new slogan, “Bananas are Us”.

  53. Mike H says:

    I am not a presidential historian. But has there ever been to in the office that have been as disruptive as the two Obamas.? I cannot recall there being two Un American as these two.How could Republicans or Democrats allow any of this to happen?They’re probably too old not to worry about it. But our kids are going to be in this problem for many years.I have hope that all Americans will wake up. I just hope it’s in time.

    • Marla MacDougall says:

      I agree about the Obama’s, and it would have been even worse if crooked Hillary had won. We are very very lucky that she did not.

      I do not know how to start a new comment page, so I am just adding to this one.

      This morning I sent an e-mail to ABC Corp office about Jimmy Kimmel and what he keeps saying about our First Lady, Melania Trump. I told them they needed to make him say he’s sorry for making fun of her accent, and then fire him. That I would be boycotting ABC shows until he is reprimanded and gone from the station.

  54. Martin says:

    Let them think your a jerk, but then don’t open your mouth and remove all doubt.
    In truth, President Trump should practice this adage as well. Stop the tweeting, your not in high school.
    All these folks talk way too much.
    In today’s mainstream walking softly, while carrying a big stick would be quite effective.

    • cliff says:

      PRESIDENT TRUMP “tweets” because he is basically BYPASSING the LAME STREAM MEDIA and talking DIRECTLY to the AMERICAN PEOPLE without being “censured” and his words TWISTED and “SPUN” by LIBERAL “progressive” anti-Trump so-called journalists. Can’t handle the TRUTH? I suggest that you don’t read his “tweets” and rely on “outlets” like “FAKE NEWS” CNN and MSNBC to feed you full of COMMUNIST propaganda.

    • Bob Hunt says:

      Martin, I believe the President uses twitter so he can get the word out without going through the main stream media who hates him and would put their own spin on anything he says. I felt as you do about all the tweets until I saw what the “Media” were doing!

    • mar says:

      You need to find a dictionary and look up the difference between your and you’re

  55. Eric says:

    All you can do is ignore them. It takes time, but if the Americans just pay Barry and mike no mind, they’ll get the message.

  56. Buck says:

    I wish she would take her husband and head back to the jungle from once they came.

  57. Elizabeth says:

    She is taking the wifely stand trying to make her husband look good by trashing Trump she has to face it sometime that her husband was not a good president and accept the fact that Trump is doing what he said he would for all the people that voted for him

  58. Bob Knapp says:

    If she had even an ounce of class she’d have congratulated President Trump and quietly left the scene to return to doing whatever she did before Barack got into politics.

  59. Thomas Goss says:

    When is this gorilla bitch going to do the world a favor and DROP DEAD/

    • Johnny says:

      The no good gorilla ???? is speaking just like the moron she & her entire family are. Go plant your garden & dig a big hole & jump in

  60. Marie says:

    Michelle’s ego has gotten the best of her. She was the worst First Lady ever and her husband will go down as worst president and hopefully they will put him and his cronies in jail.

  61. Denton says:

    What she said pales in comparison to the lies Trump has told and continues to tell. He cheated on all of his wifes and he is cheating on you.

    • cliff says:

      #1 “she” is NOT a “she” #2 Please enlighten us with all the SUPPOSED “LIES” PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS TOLD and #3.. Unlike clinton who did his “cheating” in the “ORAL OFFICE” PRESIDENT TRUMP’S ALLEGED INDISCRETIONS are NONE of YOUR, or OUR business, and is between his wife and him. #4 oscumbag is a GAY MOOSLIME that “cheated” the whole country with his fake “family, FRAUD, lies, and stomping our CONSTITUTION.Take your LIBERAL “comments” to another COMMUNIST site you will be more WELCOME THERE.

    • Marla MacDougall says:

      You need to pack up and get out of the United States. President Trump has not told one lie and he does exactly what he says he will do.

      GET OUT

  62. People for Trump says:

    Time for MOOCHELLE to shut IT’S TRANNY PIE HOLE and fade to BLACK !

  63. Gary Oplt says:

    A pure picture of corruption and the right hand of evil to America. Her lying means nothing today’s news except to liberal sycophants.

  64. Van says:

    Barack and his man of a wife Micheal, need to be prosecuted along with George Soro’s for fraud, treason and espionage.

  65. john says:

    shes as stupid as her husband, muslim obama, duct tape works wonders,

  66. Susan Dix says:

    What a disaster Hildabeast would have been.
    Everyone dodged a bullet when she lost.
    It is a miracle that we still have our country after 8 harrowing years under
    Obammy. He was the worst president ever. He released Gitmo prisoners,
    gave billions to our enemy, Iran, and was very weak in foreign policies.
    He was unqualified, and should never have been president in the first place.
    The Clinton crime cartel should never have made it either. I am so happy
    with President Trump and what he is doing to MAGA after such a disaster.

  67. Robert Weiser says:

    Were is your law license mooch?????

  68. Vern says:

    MO (appropriate I think) was the worst 1st we’ve ever had which matches BO’s standing. She should certainly know about the “other parent”, she’s the poster child. What a horrible person, must have been a horrible attorney; lost her license to practice & I believe that was in Chicago where everything goes except honesty.

  69. Mike H says:

    What kind of voting public would ever put these two individuals in the White House. These two have the utmost hatred for our citizens and our country. Their goal from the start was always that our country would be invaded. And for the most part it’s happening. Hopefully President Trump will put a stop to it I hope it’s not too late.

  70. DRLJR says:

    Mr Obama was the worst person to act as President. And Mrs Obama is like all “Progressives”. They promote the “do as I say not as I do” routine. Remember, Mr Obama fails both citizenship requirements and nothing he did or ordered is valid. And remember he is a citizen of Islam and his loyalty and hers is to Islam.

  71. Joanna says:

    And how many times did she dog Hillary..Oh the hypocrite..and such a fake person she is..The Obama administration kept Americans in poverty and racial division 24-7….They never had America’s back..and now all their dirty deeds are being brought to light..Especially how racist she really is..Funny cause her husband is mixed with white..Which one brainwashed which one with all this hatred…Their is enough evil in the world and she needs to stop.

  72. Marla MacDougall says:

    Obama was the WORST PRESIDENT we ever had. We can all THANK GOD that Crooked Hillary did not win, we would not have had a country left.

  73. Tim Toroian says:

    Does she mean the “good” parent who let his family get abused and slapped around and didn’t do SQUAT about it? Other than run her mouth and piss off kids eating lunch at school what the Sam Hill has she done in the past ten years or so??

  74. Rick says:

    Wasn’t it on day one the woman announced “I didn’t think much of this country until my husband came to power”. That is when I really started looking into who is this guy. He was manufactured by the communist party Chicago. How is it that all records of his are sealed?
    He really should be in prison Guantanamo. But America (Congress) has run out of tough guys who supposedly work for We the People.
    Day one told me America is in trouble claiming to have elected it’s first black president. Even that is false he is biracial not Black. I don’t remember anyone asking this racist at what point in your life did you give up your whiteness? MAGA Donald !! We’re all in!

  75. Suzanne says:

    Isn’t it time we stopped paying attention to the Obamas?

    • cliff says:

      AGREED, BUT, as long as the lame stream COMMUNIST media propaganda machine is in business spreading their LIES and putting the SCUM in front of a camera, as well as “interviewing them constantly to keep the LIES going, we will have to endure CORRUPT OSCUMBAG’s rants until we see him (as well his his MOOSLIME “minions”) swinging on the end of a ROPE for being TREASONOUS TRAITORS to OUR COUNTRY !

  76. Roy says:

    Shes still a liar and a disgrace to OUR country not hers AMERICA IS DONE WITH THE DEMACRAPS AND THE OBAMAS. We will recover from this mess.

  77. Mike says:

    Who spends about a third of his time flying to hishis refuge in Florida to golf, meeting and dining with Fox and friends? The person who was supposed to be draining the swamp!
    What about his corrupt cabinet members in particular Scott Pruitt and his lobbiest lackies!

    • cliff says:

      Your “rant” sounds just like all the REST of the corrupt COMMUNIST LIBERALS that always TRY to “cover” for the OISCUMBAG’s that WERE the most despicable and CORRUPT GAY “couple” that ever bamboozled the American People. Get over yourself, and move along…Your “queen” HITLERY LOST…PERIOD…. OUR PRESIDENT WON ..deal with it, or MOVE to a communist country.

  78. Judy says:

    The woman who hated waking up in the White House, was never proud to be an American, taught that white people are the problem, blame, make excuses, play the race card, never grow up…- the voice of liberals every where.

  79. Mike H says:

    By far. His record speaks for itself.

  80. STEVE FLOWERS says:

    OBAMA! He did everything to destroy AMERICA! He reintroduced RACISM after we the people were working to resolve the issue, He introduced MUSLIMS into America for them to take over AMERICA, look at what the MUSLIMS have done to Europe, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Brussels and other countries, the MUSLIMS are out to destroy humanity! Read what they have done over centuries.

  81. Lee says:

    They were very disloyal to the American people. They spent more time using Americans tax money to go on multiple vacations. He spent most of his term golfing all over the U.S. leaving his Democratic idiots to do his work. They are the Biggest Losers the both of them. They should return to Kenya where he was born.

  82. MARK says:


  83. cliff says:

    First “LADY”???? How about first TRANSVESTITE named Michael Robinson that bamboozled the American People into “thinking” that “he” “she” “IT”…IS ONE?
    Just OSCUMBAG attempting to keep the LIE alive. SICK, PERVERTED SCUM…GO AWAY…

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