Megyn Kelly took on Hollywood in this epic rant

Photo by Jonathan Schmer from Pexels

Megyn Kelly’s had enough of Hollywood shoving their woke agenda down America’s throat.

It was time for some hard truths.

And Megyn Kelly took on Hollywood in this epic rant.

The Academy Award nominations always spark controversy.

Art is subjective and there are always more deserving movies and performances than spots for nominations.

But the latest Academy Award brouhaha had nothing to do with the debate over the merits of nominating commercially successful blockbusters for Best Picture or bickering over whose performance merited consideration.

This year the big fight was over woke identity politics.

The social media mob got a bee in their bonnet over the fact that Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig didn’t receive Best Actress and Best Director nominations for the movie Barbie.

Barbie received a Best Picture nomination, but what enraged the woke mob was Ryan Gosling getting nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as Ken.

Leftists with nothing better to do except whine online somehow felt these nominations were perpetuating the patriarchy.

This was too much for former Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

“It’s so ridiculous,” Kelly stated. “All the women we choose need to be nominated for the positions we think, otherwise, the f#cking patriarchy. That’s literally what they’re tweeting out.”

Kelly noted that Gerwig and her writing partner received an Academy Award nomination for best original screenplay and Barbie’s America Ferrera got nominated for Best Supporting Actress, but that wasn’t enough to satisfy the social media brigade.

“They made a movie about the patriarchy and the patriarchy kept them down,” Kelly joked. “Did they keep America Ferrera down? Because she seems really thrilled that she got this nomination for Best Supporting Actress. And Greta got a nod as Best Screenwriter. But it’s never enough.”

“That’s not enough, you see,” Kelly added. “You’re a misogynist unless you actually make Margot Robbie the nominee for Best Actress and recognize Greta in her directing role. And that’s just how life works.”

Identity politics are the dominant force in Academy Award nominations.

Several years ago, the woke outrage mob got offended that too many white performers received nominations and the hashtag #Oscarssowhite trended on Twitter.

The Academy changed the rules this year.

For a film to be nominated for Best Picture it must meet one of three criteria: having a storyline about a marginalized group, 30 percent of the supporting cast must be from marginalized groups or at least one lead actor must be a woman or minority.

The uproar about Barbie is just the latest evolution in how woke politics infected the Academy Award nominations and how absurd the bickering has become.