Maxine Waters revealed the next fight she is about to pick with Donald Trump

Maxine Waters is spoiling to take down President Trump.

She’s plotting to come at Trump from every angle.

And she just revealed the fight she is about to pick with Trump, and it might be her most deadly yet.

Waters went on Anderson Cooper’s CNN program to add her voice to the chorus of Democrats clamoring to get their hands on Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Breitbart reports:

Waters said, “Let me just say this: We cannot believe anything that’s been said by this president or by Mr. Mnuchin. Let me just refer you back to the president of the United States, who has said over 16 times that he would release his tax returns. He confuses it by saying it’s under audit. It does not make any difference if it is under audit. He could release those tax returns.”

Copper asked, “The president has reportedly vowed to take this to the Supreme Court. Is the president’s tax returns, is that worth this kind of a fight?”

Waters said, “I think that’s a fight that the public wants us to fight. They want to see those tax returns. He said he would give those tax returns. Every other president has released those tax returns. And that’s a fight that we should have.”

Democrats believe either a smoking gun that will lead to impeachment or politically embarrassing information that will cripple Trump’s 2020 bid resides in those tax returns.

Both are unlikely.

But that won’t stop Waters from joining another politically motivated fishing expedition.

Even if the Democrats turn up nothing, the fight over the tax returns will allow the Fake News Media to re-play the Russia Collusion Hoax, where networks devoted hours of cable TV programming and newspapers wasted valuable print column space on baseless speculation about the most dire scenarios and consequences for Donald Trump.

The point is never to arrive at truth or to inform the American people of the facts.

The only goal is to drive down Donald Trump’s approval numbers so the Democrat nominee can emerge victorious in 2020.


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47 Responses

  1. Scott J Russell says:

    who even cares what this dumbass cheat has to say! nobody listens to her. NOBODY. she can play with her hair and polish those fake teeth all she wants but the ghetto stink will NEVER wash off her.

  2. helen says:

    investigate Maxim water she stole and empty the housing fund in LA . Before she lives and represent LA the poorest . district. she stolen the money until the fund have nothing left, and she also took the money $ 700,000 from the office fund to buy the house for her daughter.after empty LA Housing fund she bought a 4 millions house near BEVERLY HILL. WE have to investigate this big mouth..

    • Patricia says:

      It definately is the time for us to demand Maxine to turn over all her crooked business dealings and taxes as well! Hopefully our POTUS will force these to be turned over as well! Believe me, if this happens, she will turn from being black to an astounding pale white!

  3. Joel kruskie says:

    Right on target mark!! And Jack is a joke, a bad joke.

  4. Gina says:

    I have a few questions for the DemoRats …, and Rinos why wasn’t Obers crimes, and his birth certificate ever looked into, why wasn’t Hillary’s crimes ever checked out …how many bodies is it now I lost count. If the Republicans went deeper and started checking on both of these people publicly, they would be under the jail….pedo’s, murder, treasion…ect…. then maybe you can see a tax return!!!!

    • Joel Kruskie says:

      Well said Gina, we all know the mysterious deaths involved around the Clinton administration. This is like “crimes unlimited”, the swamp is even deeper than anyone could believe. Let us not forget Lois Lerner and the many others not currently in the news. Our only hope is that Trump and Barr can get it done before the end of 2024.

  5. Myrtis says:

    I would like to find out how many and who in the Democrat and Republican party receives funds from SOROS. He seems to fund so many of the open border group of the Congress of the United States!

  6. Robert Higginbotham says:

    If Maxine ‘Mad Max’ Waters had any brains she might be dangerous but all she is, is a big mouth with fake hair. Considering all the unethical and illegal activities she has been involved with during her 28 years in the House she probably should in prison.

    • Erroll Evetts says:

      I agree Robert 100%

    • Richard says:

      She needs to watch out because her words could have a repercussion. If she wants to push for tax returns I would like for her and every Congress man and woman to release their tax records for the past 13 years and an audit be done on them.

    • KATHY says:


    • Art L says:


  7. john thompson says:

    I need Maxine’s address so I send this inbreed mental mutant some I Q points if I gave her 75 points she would then have a total of 12 I Q points.. how can an idiot moron stupid sow like her get elected? oh “” I know how, she is from the moron district. where every body wears JAMES BROWN WIGS.

  8. Mark says:

    Tell the ugly old pos hag in the James Brown wig to show us hers 1st and expkain how her and husband ripoed off bank hiw they became wealthy since entering congress and dayghter veing psid ilkegakky ou if camoaign funds why is she one with most ethics violations in Congress. She is a low I Q dumbass about 1 percentage point above the kindergarden pos from Bronx AOC (Always On Crack)

  9. Ton says:

    What a disgusting hateful individual.

    • june Burgess says:

      got that right let s see HER tax returns as well as Pelosis, did either one of them claim all the perks they received as income or did they hide the extra s income and not pay taxes on them.

  10. Steven says:

    The only thing that the Democratic parties are doing to there self’s are definitely destroying there self’s of the ignoreins on stupidity. And now there getting caught up on all there sceams and lined there pockets with American people’s money. And all the frauds that they’ve astablished while they said. They would uphold the Senate and House of the United States of America and now the truth is getting out. They’ll never be trusted again. And the left wing out take heed. Carma does catch up with you.

  11. Tom R says:

    It was Karl Marx’s tactic to “ accuse your enemy of what you are doing to cause confusion.

    In America, we are innocent until proven guilty.

    What we need to do is have a law passed that anyone who accuses someone else without smoking gun evidence must be investigated with the exact same intensity of their accusers and if they are found guilty, they should pay the penalty for both their offense and the one they falsely accused someone else of!

  12. Cliff says:

    After listening to her TOTALLY INSANE rantings, ravings, and PUBLICLY calling for VIOLENCE AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP and any of the people that voted for him, (the VIDEOS PROVE IT) this DEMOCOMMUNIST POS should be REMOVED, ARRESTED, TRIED FOR TREASON, and HANGED like any TRAITOR should be. (Isn’t his considered “hate speech”) Or does THAT only applied to conservatives?

  13. Mark Hopkins says:

    Something that damn ugly and stupid should be in the zoo, not in congress. How low our government has gotten to allow animals, communist morons and savage muslims as our representatives. If it wasn’t for President Trump our country would be a failed third world $hithole.

  14. Karin says:

    The person who sicked all those people on the supporters of Our President thinks she will take Trump down with her insanity. I really think she should see a shrink. This is the most deceitful living being on the planet at the present time. She is even worse than Putin, Kim, and Maduro combined.

    • Jack says:

      …both you and trump ought to see a shrink!!! “trump’ is the most deceitful white boy that l know

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        What’s with all the white boy $hit Jack? Are you a black boy? Jack doesn’t sound very “black”. Shouldn’t your name be Tyrone or LayBrown or some made up crap by parents that can’t spell? As for lies, the dimoRAT party is nothing but lies, subterfuge and big screeching mouthes with no brains behind them. Go to some commie post Jack, they might believe your stupid rhetoric.

  15. libra says:

    This is such a waste of time, money and effort. The demomarxists should all be fired for dereliction of duty.. They were elected to legislate to make things better for this country and now we have hordes of illegal alien third worlders and many criminals and tons of illegal drugs pouring into my beloved country and they are persecuting President Trump for a coup they hatched up against him.. I believe he is the only one working to better the American people. He works tirelessly and donates his president’s salary to charities. WHAT IN THE HE** ARE THESE SO CALLED LEGISLATORS DOING TO PROTECT US FROM THIS ALIEN INVASION???The tactics of these invading caravans comes straight from the Communist party USA right out of Chicago. They are funding, and arranging and recruiting invaders. They are enemies of the USA. Clean out that nest of commies working to destroy this country.

    • Jack says:

      …you and trump’s supporters are working to destroy this country. We will clean out all of you white boys and girls club’ commies.

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        Oh Jack, is your last name Ass?you have an appalling lack of intelligence as well as an extreme lack of credible information. I’m white, you want to come and try to “clean me out”? You and your fascist/communist ilk are welcome to try. True communists calling conservatives communist, that’s the hoot of all hoots.

        • Jack says:

          …call me what’s you want!!! You lack intelligence and credible true facts…trump is a liar and conman, indeed a low life white garbage boy, moreover, a fascist too. You are fuller of it white boy…l am in your neighborhood… let’s meet, so, l can turn your ass up side down. Put my foot in your ass.

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Well Jack, your stupidity really shows. You’re in my neighborhood? I seriously doubt it. We don’t have any stupid, perpetually angry Africans around here. We may possibly meet on the battlefield some day, but I can guarantee it won’t go in your favor. You go ahead and keep swallowing that fascist/communist leftist diarrhea that Maxi Pad Muddy Waters and all her incredibly stupid power mad cohorts spew. You’ll all be drowning in your own $hit soon enough.

  16. I can see where someone’s “Birth Certificate” means more to our country than a tax return !!

  17. Nate Paris says:

    The next time Waters opens her pie-hole it best be filled with facts and evidence to prove her facts. Until then YOU (Maxine Waters) are better seen and not heard.
    On which this information is free so listen closely,”It’s better to be thought a fool, then to speak and remove all doubt”.

  18. Jesse says:

    I say if they want Trump’s then they should also put theirs out for America to see. If Trump did not use every loophole that MAD MORON Maxine and Congress gave him he would be a LOUSY businessman. Trump knows the tax system and how to LEGALLY use it to his advantage. So I say if Trump must show the world his tax returns then every Democrap should have to show theirs to all America.

    • Cliff says:

      If they want PRESIDENT TRUMP’S TAX RETURNS,…. FIRST… lets see FRAUD OBUNGHOLE’S REAL “birth certificate”, (not a “photoshopped FAKE”) “college transcripts” and all the other “information” that was HIDDEN, SEALED, and protected by large amounts of MONEY (MILLIONS) paid to Lawyers, so the AMERICAN PEOPLE could not see the FRAUD that was perpetrated on them.

    • Jack says:

      The New York State Governor will soon sign into law…”Trump’s Tax Returns will need to be ✋ hand to Congress’s people, for all Americans to see…trump is a conman!

      • Mark Hopkins says:

        Hey Jack Meoff, the N.Y. state governor ain’t $hit. He has absolutely no power over federal authority. In fact, since they’re trying to get the President’s tax records, they should make every one of the communist leftretard obstructionists disclose all of their tax records for the American public. That way we can see exactly the kind of thieves and extortionists they really are. It’s the communist left that’s stealing from the American people and trying to usurp our rightful government and destroy our Constitution. Too bad there are so many morons that still worship the ground these demons defile.

  19. Dave Miedema says:

    Hey, Maxine! James Brown just called. He wants his hair back.

  20. Steve says:

    Have her turn in her true tax returns first ! , Oh that’s right , she can’t because she is a organized crime street criminal skank POS !

  21. Mike says:

    Let’s see her tax returns, along with the democrats, for the last 10 years!!
    Makes you wonder what we would find?

  22. Jerry says:

    Waters has a big mouth especially when she is in trouble herself. I don’t think she will be running that mouth to much longer. That goes for many more of her crooked friends.

  23. David Muench says:

    She can good ahead and try William Barr is getting well involved now with all of this nonsense and the chips will fall very hard on the ones who are involved.

  24. Tim says:

    Everyone I’ve talked to is sick and tiered of the bs that Democrats are peddling! I think waters Pelosi Schiff shumer and the rest should move to Cuba or Venezuela take the rest of your group and go take abc iham and Cuomo too

  25. David Muench says:

    She can good ahead and try William Bar is getting well involved now with all of this nonsense and the chips will fall very hard on the ones who are involved.

  26. Dominic says:

    When is this nutball going to be committed???

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