Maxine Waters revealed the next fight she is about to pick with Donald Trump

Maxine Waters is spoiling to take down President Trump.

She’s plotting to come at Trump from every angle.

And she just revealed the fight she is about to pick with Trump, and it might be her most deadly yet.

Waters went on Anderson Cooper’s CNN program to add her voice to the chorus of Democrats clamoring to get their hands on Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Breitbart reports:

Waters said, “Let me just say this: We cannot believe anything that’s been said by this president or by Mr. Mnuchin. Let me just refer you back to the president of the United States, who has said over 16 times that he would release his tax returns. He confuses it by saying it’s under audit. It does not make any difference if it is under audit. He could release those tax returns.”

Copper asked, “The president has reportedly vowed to take this to the Supreme Court. Is the president’s tax returns, is that worth this kind of a fight?”

Waters said, “I think that’s a fight that the public wants us to fight. They want to see those tax returns. He said he would give those tax returns. Every other president has released those tax returns. And that’s a fight that we should have.”

Democrats believe either a smoking gun that will lead to impeachment or politically embarrassing information that will cripple Trump’s 2020 bid resides in those tax returns.

Both are unlikely.

But that won’t stop Waters from joining another politically motivated fishing expedition.

Even if the Democrats turn up nothing, the fight over the tax returns will allow the Fake News Media to re-play the Russia Collusion Hoax, where networks devoted hours of cable TV programming and newspapers wasted valuable print column space on baseless speculation about the most dire scenarios and consequences for Donald Trump.

The point is never to arrive at truth or to inform the American people of the facts.

The only goal is to drive down Donald Trump’s approval numbers so the Democrat nominee can emerge victorious in 2020.

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