Maxine Waters just said the “I” word again and it left Nancy Pelosi fuming

Nancy Pelosi has been trying hide Maxine Waters from the TV cameras.

Every time she’s trotted out on MSNBC or CNN Waters makes a fool of herself.

But that didn’t stop Waters from making a statement that could cost Democrats big time in the Midterms.

Talking heads in the fake news media have been openly speculating about impeaching President Trump since even before his inauguration.

Maxine Waters was one of the first Democrats to jump on the “Impeach 45” bandwagon.

She has made impeaching Trump her only goal in life.

And she just went on a Twitter tirade that may have proved Trump’s suggestion that she is “low IQ.”

Breitbart reports:

On a day when top Democrats like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tried to downplay any talk of impeaching President Donald Trump, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) declared that it is Congress’s “responsibility” to impeach Trump for “high crimes.”

Pelosi has previously said that “any discussion of impeachment” would be a “gift to Republicans” and claimed on Wednesday that impeachment is “not a priority” for Democrats.

But after Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to various campaign finance violations on Tuesday, Waters could not restrain herself, tweeting about impeachment hours after Pelosi signaled to Democrats to downplay the issue.

President Trump’s approval ratings have been holding steady in 2018 despite constant negative press coverage.

And his approval among Republicans is at historic highs.

So every time Democrats utter the word “impeach” it will drive more Republicans to the polls in a race that will be determined by voter turnout.

If Democrats win in November they will almost certainly make good on their promise to bring impeachment proceedings, a move that would tear the country in half.

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152 Responses

  1. Lymon Smith Jr says:

    Sister Maxine and sister AOC two women after my heart. They would make Great Presidents. Waters have seen her day; she will not make it. AOC will be in the Oval Office within 20 years.

  2. Major says:

    Just another case of demoncrats getting away with whatever they want! It’s a sickening disgrace!

  3. Jerry Moore says:

    Maxine Waters is the lowest trash of the black race
    African Americans you better wise up and get rid of the trash

  4. Jerry Moore says:

    Be careful politicians you start taking law into your own hands may be the next in toilet bowl

  5. David Gilsdorf says:

    “X-laxine should forced to resign. She is a real life nut case.

  6. Harley Gordon says:

    Her name is Maxine? Gee, I thought it was Exlaxine. After all , the only thing that comes out of that things mouth is crap.

  7. Ollie says:

    Isn’t her husband a crook in banking business. Shut your big fat mouth!!!

  8. Archangel III says:

    Ah yes… Mad Maxine… The truest of true hatred, the inciter of riots and violence against Republicans and Trump supporters, the epitome of Lies and false accusations, the number one constituent of racism, the ravenous supporter of social communism, and last but not least, a true anti-American…
    Ah yes… Mad Maxine… just the congresswoman we need to be re-elected to the House… Wake the hell up California… she is done just as much nothing for her district as Nancy Pelosi has done for hers.
    Trump/Pence/House Majority… MAGA/KAG at full throttle November 3rd 2020!!

  9. Joe Bob says:

    For Muddy dark Waters….I say use the H word and string her up! She’s the most ignorant person in congress

  10. Joe Bob says:

    For Maxine £laxine muddy Waters….I say use the H word and hang her Turkey neck ass

  11. JT says:

    Politicians like Maxine Waters need to find work at McDonalds. Their only goal in life is to fight Republicans on everything even if it is good for the American people. Voters should take note & stop voting her in to help America, because she is useless.

  12. Greg says:

    Maxine water head is another democrap that is almost too stupid to know which end the food goes in,has done nothing to help or improve the state of her constituents but keeps on
    Promising the usual democrap line of free stuff from the government, the sad thing is that her constituents still believe her

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