Mark Levin dropped one bombshell that every Trump supporter needs to hear

Mark Levin is one of the most popular talk radio hosts in America.

Levin spent years supporting the conservative movement and pushing back against the Washington D.C. Swamp’s attempts to destroy Donald Trump.

And Mark Levin dropped one bombshell that every Trump supporter needs to hear.

In an interview with the Breitbart Daily News podcast, Levin aimed equal contempt for the Republican Party establishment as he did the Democrats.

Levin blasted establishment Republicans for trashing conservative activists on cable news and social media in order to virtue signal to the dominant liberal culture that pervades Washington, D.C., but at the same time rushing to take credit for the grassroots’ success stories like the 2010 Tea Party wave or Donald Trump’s victory in 2016.

“This is a bottom-up thing that’s going on, like the Tea Party was bottom-up, and one of the obstacles we always have is the Republican establishment. First of all, they take credit for all the success of the grassroots. They look upon Breitbart, or Blaze, or me; they sort of cringe at us, ‘Oh, we’re not like them,’” Levin began.

Levin also blasted the GOP establishment for mocking conservative media as the “entertainment wing” of the Republican Party while at the same time depending on Levin and other host’s audiences for votes.

“On the other hand, [Republicans receive] the benefits of what we build — the audiences, the information, the substance we provide them. [Our work] provides them with majorities often,” Levin added.

“They like the golden goose eggs, but they hate the golden goose of the conservative movement,” Levin concluded.

After Donald Trump left office, establishment Republicans searched in vain for a way to exile Trump from the party and prevent him from running in 2024.

Mark Levin is warning grassroots Trump supporters the GOP establishment still holds that goal and looks at conservatives with even more disdain than Democrats.

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