Loretta Lynch gave this one order that proves she is a criminal

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s corruption is only now coming to light.

And it is bad news for the Obama Deep State.

That’s because an FBI official testified Lynch approved this one order that proves she is a criminal.

Congress finally made public transcripts of former FBI lawyer Lisa Page’s closed door testimony from last summer.

Page was a Deep State operative holding key positions in the FBI’s investigations into possible Trump-Russia collusion and Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

And Page dropped a bombshell that could have big implications for Loretta Lynch.

Page testified that the Obama Department of Justice – which was run by Loretta Lynch – ordered the FBI not to charge Hillary Clinton.

Breitbart reports:

Transcripts of Page’s closed-door testimony in July 2018 were released Tuesday by Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) on Tuesday, which included the following exchange with Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX):

RATCLIFFE: So let me if I can, I know I’m testing your memory. But when you say advice you got from the Department, you’re making it sound like it was the Department that told you: You’re not going to charge gross negligence because we’re the prosecutors and we’re telling you we’re not going to …

PAGE: That is correct.

RATFLIFFE: …bring a case based on that.

From the moment former FBI Director James Comey cleared Hillary Clinton, Americans smelled a fix.

Fake News media outlets lied and claimed this was just a conspiracy theory and that the FBI really found no evidence of criminal behavior.

Now we know their tall tale was the real lie.

Hillary was guilty and should have been charged.


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86 Responses

  1. wayne says:

    In My opinion it goes past Lynch right to the man in the white house at the time Obama !!!

    • Dora says:

      Isn’t it funny how the liberal are constantly looking for obstruction of justice in the Trump Administration. When the real obstruction has been with the liberal party for 8 years.

    • Robby Dunbar says:

      Wayne You’re RIGHT

    • Albert Witte says:

      I completely agree with you on that. Everything thing that was done, was done at obammy’s direction! Everybody involved should be tried and convicted!

    • Bud Grounds says:

      I can tell you for certain that when Congress approved her nomination for Attorney General, a lot of us knew she would be a rubber stamp for Obama.
      You can also be sure that any decision she made regarding Hillary and the email, the call came from Obama or one of his staff so it would be CYA for him.
      Since she has been cornered, will she expose where the order came from if it wasn’t her decision.

  2. trapperwv1 says:

    Give her immunity and instruct her that she needs to tell all, she was forced to do this by the Kenyan and had to to protect her job.

    • Dog soldier says:

      Right on Trapper,
      Ever notice that Enormous butt n gut of Lynch’s.? She looks like a copy of Alley OOP. Ugly creature. Bill Clinton paid her off on the Tarmac meeting, plus a weight loss membership. Which she never used.

  3. It’s a damn shame that the well connected always seem to avoid prosecution a lot of it is because the bias liberal media gives a free ride to any liberal black or white politician,they just don’t persue it like they do if it were a republican,the bias liberal media will play a major role in the decline of our country.

  4. Don says:

    That’s an easy one. The whole Dumbascrap party is criminal and it’s rubbing off on the RINOs. Actually, it should be labeled a terrorist organization.

  5. John J says:

    Investigate, MY ASS, the proof is all around the bitch, arrest and prosecute!

  6. Julia says:

    We heard all that, already. All of them, starting with Loretta Lynch, Comey and the others of FBI. The DOJ, a lot of them, Covered it Up. Loretta knew better than to meet with Bill Clinton. Right on our nose. We all know (we are not stupid) she was not to meet, as Hillary was on investigation. No matter, what they talk about. Yes, liars.! Hope the new AG, will be a man of Trust. And do his Job. Send all behind Bars.

  7. Janice Hamman says:

    Stop investigating and start the hangings. We know at least some are guilty of treason, and we know who.

    • Neta says:

      Exactly – I’m sick of investigations. Even if found guilty, no arrests are ever made. A few long prison terms would stop a lot of the corruption.

  8. Frank Romo says:

    Line them up, sentence to the harshest penalties that can be handed, strip them of all titles, I’ll believe it when it’s on trial…

  9. No, it has always been “Common Practice” That you keep Checks and Balances. When you have A Republican President and A Republican Leaning Senate? WELL, You naturally VOTE IN an Democratic House? BUT, With what has happened to the Democratic Party? The Muslim Anti-Semitic Hostile Take Over. THAT WAS A MISTAKE. That can be rectified in 2020 with a Straight Republican Ticket. …. ROOT OUT THE OBAMA “DEEP STATE” CLEAR THE SWAMP!

  10. Chief Kickabitch of the Slap-a-hoe tribe says:

    Obama Bin Laden, Loretta Lynch Her and Eric Hold Me because I gave guns to Mexican drug cartels all need to be prosecuted, found guilty and sent to prison to meet Bubba.

  11. James P Hutchins says:

    lynnch comey the clintons are the scum of the Universe and are traitors to America and the American people clinton is a crook and a Evil doer who is an enabler who lets slick willie to have sex with all the the women that loser can do the obama administration is corrupt they are all traitors and need to indited and convited for the crimes against America and the American people.

  12. dlmstl says:

    The Dems and Deep State will go to the mat to protect her. Best thing to hope for is to shine the light of day and get it in the record. She skates off into retirement, just like Lois Lerner, with a cushy, golden parachute, funded by taxpayers. These kelptocrats spend their entire careers suckling on the Federal sow. Look at the Clinton’s and Obama’s, classic grifters of the first magnitude.

  13. RidingOn says:

    If this testimony was given in July 2018 and the Committee knew then that the investigation and resulting conclusion were corrupt, why has nothing been done about it? What is the purpose of the investigation if not to correct the wrongs?

  14. Paul Basherian says:

    Loretta Lynch just another stooge for Clinton and O bum ah. Time to be hung from a rope for being a Traitor to the USA. Oh, I can’t say that. OK, you should shot by firing squad. that’s better. now I’m politically correct.

  15. A S K says:

    We have known from the start this Black Muslim was a con and a criminal. No one believed the story of secretly meeting Clinton in Phoenix on the tarmac to talk of grandkids farce of an excuse while Hillary was supposed to be under investigation. Prosecute her for her crimes now!

    • Irritable Bill says:

      Agreed and would add that if Lynch was a “Close personal friend of the Clintons” as she asserts were her reason for her tarmac conversation with Bill…then that is grounds for recusal…why was she even on the case? Because that would be clearly unethical = illegal to begin with.
      Also her finding of “No intent” is wrong at law and an illegal finding as there are no provisions in the statutes for a finding of intent at all or any thing else of a mitigating nature. She is only there to determine if Hillary did it or not, which she did, and then if that’s the case, which it was, Lynch is required by law to refer her to a trial by Grand Jury, and they will determine the extent of intent or anything else.
      The whole thing is bogus and the corrupt Lynch should be jailed. It is not a small thing she has done, disbarred and jailed.

  16. NOBODY says:

    put in prison where she and Cliton both belong, the Dem’s think they are above the law we need to show them and others they are not. send the perv’s and thieves, lairs what going to happen, we the smart public won’t stand for it

    • Jim says:

      Was there one, just one, honest person in the Obama administration? It just seems that everyone in that administration was corrupt and rotten to the core.

      I pray that dozens from that administration go to prison but I get discouraged thinking they will all go free. Dear God, don’t let these criminals go free in this world. I know they will not be able to manipulate Your justice system but Lord, please let us Americans see justice here and now.

      • Robby Dunbar says:

        Sorry Jim
        Nothing is going to happen to any Democrats

  17. George says:

    Sounds like we need an extra large firing squad to rid the country of all the treason in our politixs.

    We have to clear the swamp at all costs.

  18. Bill says:

    I would rather have a double dose of the CLAP than have anyone from the Obama administration involved with life in the USA OR AMERICAS business in the world.

    This has never been posted. If you think so, your full of CRAP!

  19. Bill says:

    I would rather have a double dose of the CLAP than have anyone from the Obama administration involved with life in the USA OR AMERICAS business in the world.

  20. Rocky says:

    Care to take any bets as to if Loretta Lynch will ever go to jail over this?
    Whoever said crime don’t pay has never met the Clinton’s.

  21. Marina Romano says:

    I believe in Karma. All the horrible things they have been saying about our great President Trump will all come back to bite the corrupt liberals in the ass. Thank God that our president is a strong man. They have been trying to break our president since he came into office. But they will never win. God is behind our president.

    • Peaceful says:

      I agree. God and Jesus are with President Trump and I’m grateful for it. A normal man or woman wouldn’t be able to stand up to the hate he’s experiencing. Let’s keep Trump and his family in our prayers. The left hates the president because he is messing with their money from fake global warming claims and stopped Obamas real estate win for the elites in Cuba.

      • Peaceful says:

        The elites in America thought when Cuba opened up under Obama that they could get the best real estate deals for the biggest old mansions. It was supposed to be the next big coastal paradise.

      • Norine Levy-Hughes says:

        “GOD is a judge who is perfectly fair. HE is angry with the wicked everyday…The wicked conceive evil; they are pregnant with trouble and give birth to lies. They dig a pit to trap others and then fall into it themselves. They make trouble but it backfires on them. They plan violence for others, but it falls on their own heads. I will thank THE LORD because HE is Just; I will sing praise to THE NAME OF THE LORD MOST HIGH.” (PSALM 7) I send this WORD OF GOD TO MANIFEST and expose then Destroy all evil powers Coup and all connected, that are operating against GOD’PLANS-AGENDA, and OPERATING against The WHITE HOUSE-PRES TRUMP, and OPERATING against us genuine loyal AMERICANS, and us who are ALMIGHTY GOD’ People. ALL WILL BE TOTALLY DESTROYED QUICKLY, NOW. GOD’ JUSTICE, FAIRNESS, HONESTY, TRUTH WILL BE REVEALED. No Weapon that is formed against us shall prosper. We are one nation under GOD. In JESUS NAME FOREVER I DECREE AND DECLARE.

      • Ege Shegava says:

        Well, they’re gonna wear him out UNLESS some of you fuc-ekekererss do something to really HELP HIM. Get off your fat ase-e-e-s-s-s.

    • Ted says:

      Karma is fine and maybe your right that eventually they will get theirs, but it’s more likely they’ll die of old age in. their mansions first.

  22. Daniel says:

    The reason Hillary was not investigated and charged is simple. They started the investigation on Trump to buy time. What is the statute of limitations on Hillary’s crime. If they can get the clock to run out they are home free.

  23. John Galt says:

    She is a black liberal democrat who protected the Clinton crime family. She will get a pass.

  24. mykpyp says:

    I feel like I’m a psychic…I predicted all of this as soon as this whole Russia mania burst on the scene. I knew, and know, that Obama micro-managed the government for 8 years. He knew EVERYTHING that was going on. And if Trump had not won the election, we would never have found out just how deep Obama’s deep state government COLLUSION ran. Still waters run deep. I’m NOT a psychic, I just know how smiling liberals in power work!

  25. DR Richard says:

    throw that ugly fat biotch in prison with hitlery sappy comey obunga baldy brown oldsome and the whole gang of corrupt assholes and for life –and not here but on a deserted isle of Guiana as in the movie Papillion

  26. As though we all did not suspect all along that Lynch, this black Asshole, was corrupt all along and did everything in her power to keep Hillary from going to jail…especially that hideous “FakeNews” airport meeting with Bill Clinton… Eric Holder, the first African-American Attorney General to be held in ‘contempt of court,’ is followed by the Second African American AG who is just as corrupt…when will voters get a clue that giving Blacks an inch they will take a mile…corruption is in their genes! It’s proving to be their way of receiving “Retributions.”

    • Pat says:

      But obama was just bragging a couple of days ago that’ at least there were no scandals or investigations when he was president” Ironically, he was right, because HE MADE SURE ALL THE WRONG DOERS WERE NOT INVESTIGATED OR CHARGED!!! ALL THE WHILE HE WAS PUTTING MUSLIMS IN PLACE IN OUR GOVERNMENT!

    • 2004done says:

      Pardon, but it isn’t “black” that causes corruption, it is following Matx, Lenin, Trotsky, and other NYC leftists in the democrat party [Not to forget big gov’t RINOs]

    • Peaceful says:

      No need to be racist. Evil is evil and comes in all colors. But if you follow the money you will find that Soros, a rich white male is paying for the Dems corruption because he believes in a One World Government and the Dems support that belief. Why do you think they are trying to take Fid out of everything. Read revelations and all that’s happening now is there. Soros even wrote a book called ‘International Government ‘. We need to fight against as good folks who want to leave a better world for our family members. If not, God help us.

      • Peaceful says:

        Take GOD not god out of everything. Oops. Sorry.

        • Peaceful says:

          Dems are endeavoring to take GOD out of everything not Fid. Let’s stand strong and not let that occur. As long as we fight against each other the Dems know that conflict keeps us too busy to fight against their evil agenda. Antifa-reminiscent of brown shirts of Hitler’s time.

    • Geronimo says:

      This is what happens when we allowed “those of African persuasion” to be in charge of anything in the government . Barak Obama was the first negro President and look at what happens!

  27. Paul Jarrett says:

    What goes around comes around and I hope that the Judgment that they gave Paul manafort manafort that they themselves would face the same thing with no mercy and full extent of the law because their corruption is way deeper than a made-up charges against manafort

  28. MR FRANK says:


  29. Daniel Mount says:

    Anyone that was in the Obama administration is dirty both Democrats and Republicans because some of the Republicans did their part in the corruption.

    • Nancy says:

      McCain was one of them but he’s dead now but probably still votes along with the democrats and against Americans as he has always done, being the RINO ahole he truly was. No hero, just a zero.

  30. William Merrell says:

    Another of obama’s dingleberries.

  31. Michael says:

    I knew that Tarmac meeting between slick Willy Clinton and Lying Loretta Lynch was not about golf and grandkids….Slick Willy never did ANYTHING that wasnt beneficial to Him and that Scum wife of his Crooked Hillary.. Lying Loretta Lynch, plus Slick Willy, plus Crooked Hillary…do the math….that’s 3 strikes against America…I down, bottom of the 9th, Obama in the batters box…The box “C Pepsi in the hole..Dirty Maxine Waters taking practice swings… Trump on the mound for the make America Great again team….We need 3 outs Mr Trump

    • JIM says:

      Every swinging prick that was in Obamas Administration should probably be hung for being a traitor to their country, including Obama even though this is not his country.

        • Jack Schiht says:

          Ya’ll know that nuthin is gonna happen to any obama clinton cabal member. Never has. Never will. No one in authority to prosecute a former First Lady and two former presidents has the courage to do so.
          We all knew this anyway, and they all continue to operate to remove Trump from office, and they know they will get away with it. Not even mild criticism.
          It’s very sad that the members of Congress and the judicial system are complicit in this coup.

          • smokey says:

            get enough people behind our protest and something will work. They should fed to the pigs along with the Muslims in Congress, the Senator from Hawaii, Waters, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the bastards involved.

          • Norine Levy-Hughes says:

            “For what GREAT nation has a god as near to them as THE LORD OUR GOD IS NEAR TO US whenever we call on HIM.” ,(DEUTERONOMY 4:7. I call on ALMIGHTY GOD FOR HIS HELP AND GUIDANCE TO US HIS PEOPLE AND TO THE WHITE HOUSE-PRES TRUMP. GOD’

      • John T Koszalka says:

        Every one of them. Rice, Rhodes, Jarret, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Powers, Kerry just to name a few, I’d also go after the stooges in the staff. These creatures are morally corrupt, Once you put them under OATH IN A PUBLIC HEARING they will start throwing one another under the bus just like Comey threw Lynch. These are very evil creatures, and you NO DOUBT will get the QUEEN OF LIES CLINTON, and the LIAR IN CHIEF OBAMA being the conductors of this attempt at overthrowing a sitting PRESIDENT. God Bless President Trump. #MAGA

    • Fay Butler says:

      I think so, too, Michael. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall in her plane. They said they discussed grandchildren and I bet they can’t even name them and their ages.

  32. Robby Dunbar says:

    All DEMOCRATS should be investigated

  33. Adam says:

    Why wasn’t Secretary Nancy Pelosi charged for using campaign funds to pay off her husbands indebtedness from bankruptcy.
    President Trump It time to investigate Congress with the Attorney Generals Office looking for collusion.

  34. Nate-ncp says:

    That last sentence got me. “Hillary was guilty and she should have been charged”.
    She’s still guilty and why can’t she still be charged! The Democrats have been trying for over 2 years to get something on President Trump and there nothing to be found—NOTHING.
    Now you have testimony that implicates former Attorney General Lynch, Hillary and Obama and nothing can be done? I DON”T THINK SO! This 2 tier justice system is about to crumble to rubble. Don’t tell The American People, ” well the statute of limitations” limitations my ass. They broke the law. Face the consequences. MAKE AMERICA BELIEVE AGAIN!

    • rafael says:

      That’s the cheapest Democratically way of doing and breaking the law what’s good for the Goose is good for the gender lets get the whole US citizens to let the congress to start acting in the proper manner of the law and put them in jail for being part of the crime, WHATS THE MATTER AMERICA? Have we been blinded by the Dumcrats, they are communist!!!! LETS WAKE UP !!!! and act upon them

  35. Linda H says:

    I knew she was a crook when she met with Bill Clinton to talk about their grandchildren. She is so deep in coverups she can’t climb out.

    • Hugh Turner says:

      And nothing will happen. Soros and the NWO will no allow it. There has already been enough exposed for jail time for all of them

  36. Lynch is just a crooked dem…….need to prosocute fbi doj and all the crooks..
    the dems have been so crooked all these years need to throw all that is guilty in jail Hillery too

  37. Karin says:

    Just like She told Comey to call it a “matter”. Why are we finding out about this almost a year after the item mentioned here was known? Just another cover-up.

    • Clif Thorburn says:

      That would be because the Demtards obviously had something on Sessions and Rosenstein was a Deep State plant who wouldn’t touch the dirty Liberals. Sessions and Rosenstein should have been fired long ago so a true AG could come in and start uncovering the mess. The midterm elections might have even went against the Dems if the truth had came out before they took place.

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