Kari Lake is going to trial and Democrats are TERRIFIED of what could happen next

Kari Lake’s fight in the Arizona gubernatorial election is not over.

That’s bad news for the Left.

And now Kari Lake is going to trial and Democrats are TERRIFIED of what could happen next.

Maricopa County Superior Judge Peter Thompson ruled that two of Kari Lake’s legal claims contesting her 17,000 vote loss to Katie Hobbs can proceed to trial.

One of the points of contention in Lake’s lawsuit challenging the election results related to printer tabulation malfunction on Election Day.

Lake claimed it was intentional, but Judge Thompson ruled that her legal team must prove it as well as show the resulting error affected enough votes to change the election result.

Fox News reports:

The two counts that Judge Thompson ruled can go to trial involve printers malfunctioning on Election Day and ballot chain of custody. Lake claimed printers that malfunctioned were not certified and had “vulnerabilities” that made them “susceptible to hacking.” She also claimed the printers malfunctioned because of “intentional action.”

Judge Thompson said Lake must prove at trial that someone interfered with the printers in violation of Arizona law, that the interference caused her to lose votes and that those lost votes affected the outcome of the election.

Judge Thompson also allowed Lake’s challenge about the ballot chain of custody to go forward because the dispute was over a matter of facts and not law.

“As for the chain of custody issue, Lake claimed employees of the county’s ballot contractor violated the ‘County Election Manual’ when they added ballots of family members and also failed to secure an ‘Inbound Receipt of Delivery.’ Judge Thompson said whether the county complied with its own manual and applicable statutes is a dispute of fact rather than one of law,” Fox News reported.

While Judge Thompson did dismiss eight of Lake’s ten challenges, she celebrated the ruling.

Americans need to have confidence in the outcome of elections.

Judge Thompson allowing Lake’s legal challenge to proceed will allow her supporters who raised questions about the 2022 results to know their objections were given a fair hearing.

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