Kamala Harris just got shut down by this world leader

Kamala Harris stumbled through a disastrous trip to Central America.

Harris suffered negative press coverage and setbacks at every turn.

And now Kamala Harris just got shut down by this world leader.

Kamala Harris traveled to Central America on her first big diplomatic mission as part of her charge to address the “root causes” of illegal immigration.

Harris blamed climate change, poverty in the Northern Triangle and the lack of an amnesty bill in Congress as to why the number of illegal aliens pouring into American is reaching levels not seen in 20 years.

But the leaders of the actual countries in question have a different idea of who is to blame.

Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei told Fox News reporter Sara Carter that Joe Biden’s policies were to blame.

Giammattei told Carter that when Joe Biden promised to reunite families in America, the coyotes and smugglers immediately were able to sell citizens of his country that now was the time to head to America.

The Daily Mail reports:

‘You can see that humanitarian messages were used here by the coyotes in a distorted manner.

‘They said that they were going to support family reunification.

‘So the coyotes came and took the children and teenagers to the United States.

‘And the border filled up. Not only with people from Guatemala, but lots of people.

‘That’s why we have suggested that the messaging be clear.’

Kamala Harris’ trip to Central America was such a fiasco that even CNN called her out on how badly it went.

Even foreign leaders, who depend on the United States for aid and other assistance, were telling Harris to her face that Harris was wrong and it was Joe Biden who caused the border crisis.

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