Jon Stewart sat for one CBS interview that will turn your stomach

Photo by Jim Greenhill, via Wikimedia, CC BY 2.0,

Jon Stewart is attempting to be relevant again in American politics.

His Apple show was a ratings disaster.

And Jon Stewart sat for one CBS interview that will turn your stomach.

The Problem with Jon Stewart on Apple TV was canceled with little fanfare.

Stewart returned to political commentary after several years away from The Daily Show, and the show could not get any ratings.

Also, Stewart reportedly clashed with Apple’s leadership because he wanted to do stories critical of the Chinese government, which is a huge benefactor for Big Tech companies like Apple.

After his failed Apple show, Stewart returned to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show as an executive producer and a weekly host.

Stewart recently appeared on CBS to talk about his return to cable television, and the hosts fawned all over him.

Gayle King said, “Jon, you do have a unique ability to call out both sides when you see that they may be fluid with the truth is how I’m trying to say.”

While Stewart will occasionally poke fun at the Left, the overwhelming bulk of his ire is for the Right.

Even people who are not fully on board the “woke” agenda get torched.

For instance, moderate liberal writer Andrew Sullivan, an HIV-positive gay man who has been stumping for same-sex marriage since the 1990s, was accused by Stewart and his “woke” staff of being a racist.

Tony Dokoupil followed King’s lead and said, “And a unique allergy to the idea of both sides. You want to call out the truth.”

Stewart responded, “I think it`s, it’s a question of, you know, what, what are the axes that we’re working off of? I think generally you like to work off of the difference between corruption and integrity as opposed to Right and Left or Democrat and Republican. And if you focus on integrity and try and expose what you think is absurd or corrupt, it’ll find its way to wherever it finds. But those are the parameters that you’re trying to use.”

Vladimir Duthiers added, “And satire is still the way you can do that?”

Stewart replied, “It’s—for me, I think it’s probably the only way I can do it because I don’t really know how else to do it.”

There is plenty of “absurd” and “corrupt” to go around on the Democratic side of the aisle, but Stewart uses most of his energy going after the Right because he is a leftist.

But CBS, which is under the Viacom umbrella with Comedy Central, wants people to think that Stewart is right down the middle and simply calls balls and strikes.

This is how the Democrat Media Complex operates.