John Roberts delivered Donald Trump a defeat that left conservatives up in arms

When Donald Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Republicans thought they had a durable conservative majority.

But conservatives just got some bad news.

And that’s because John Roberts delivered Donald Trump a defeat that left conservatives up in arms.

Chief Justice John Roberts delivered conservatives another defeat when he sided with the court’s four liberals in striking down a Louisiana law requiring abortion clinics to have hospital admitting privileges.

Roberts claimed the decision had to stand because the court ruled four year ago a similar law in Texas and struck that restriction on abortion down.

Roberts wrote, “The legal doctrine of stare decisis requires us, absent special circumstances, to treat like cases alike. The Louisiana law imposes a burden on access to abortion just as severe as that imposed by the Texas law, for the same reasons. Therefore Louisiana’s law cannot stand under our precedents.”

In that 2016 case, Roberts voted to uphold the Texas law with Justice Anthony Kennedy providing the deciding vote.

But in 2020, Roberts changed his vote and claimed the court could not overturn past precedent.

Chief Justice John Roberts is turning out to be the biggest disappointment for conservatives in decades.

Roberts’ only guiding principle in deciding cases is trying to please the Fake News Media and the Democrat Party so they don’t write and say nasty things about him.

In all the big cases Roberts is now a reliable vote for the Left.

And he is a permanent reminder of the failed legacy of George W. Bush.

Donald Trump won the 2016 Republican nomination running against the failures of establishment Republicans like George W. Bush.

Trump would cite Roberts – who betrayed conservatives with the 2012 Obamacare decision – as example of the type of judge he would avoid nominating.

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