Joe Biden’s approval rate sunk to a new low in this shocking poll

Joe Biden got some bad news.

Biden is about to take down the Democrat Party.

And Joe Biden’s approval rate sunk to a new low in this shocking poll.

The best indicator of how the Midterm election is going to be is the President’s job approval rating.

Right now for the Democrats, Joe Biden’s job approval rating portends certain doom for the Party.

The latest Selzer/Grinnell College poll showed Joe Biden’s approval rating sinking to a record low of 34 percent.

This represents a 3 percent decrease from the October poll, which showed a 37 percent job approval rating for Biden.

Breitbart reports:

The most recent national poll from Grinnell College showed that President Joe Biden’s approval rating was only at 34 percent. The poll found that only 34 percent of adults in the United States approve of Biden’s performance as president, while a majority, 52 percent, disapprove. There were 14 percent that said they were not sure how they felt about his job performance.

Biden’s approval was down further when compared to the October poll that asked the same questions. The October poll found that only 37 percent approved of his performance as president, while half of the respondents disapproved.

Biden’s low job approval numbers were driven by dissatisfaction with the state of the economy.

Just 31 percent of Americans approved of Biden’s handling of the economy, compared with 57 percent who disapproved.

A 40-year high in inflation and record gas prices caused Americans angst on the economy.

Thanks to Joe Biden’s trillions in new socialist spending and restrictions on American energy production, prices soared.

Biden tried to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin ordering an invasion of Ukraine for the surge in gas prices.

But Americans rejected the “Putin’s price hike” talking point.

That’s because Americans saw gas prices rise by around one dollar per gallon even before Putin deployed his army into Ukraine.

The American people judged Joe Biden to be a failure on the border, crime, inflation, the economy, Afghanistan, and now Russia.

If Biden’s approval numbers continue to hover in the gutter, it is impossible to see him running for re-election in two years.

Biden claims he has every intention to seek a second term.

But if Joe Biden’s poll numbers are still in the 30s or low 40s come 2024, Democrats are likely to force him to step aside rather than see him lose to Donald Trump.

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