Joe Biden wanted to run and hide when he got his hands on this shocking new poll

Joe Biden’s campaign is in uncharted territory.

Never before in his political career has Biden achieved this much success.

But that all ended because Joe Biden wanted to run and hide when he got his hands on this shocking new poll.

If Democrats want to win back the White House it will require them to win back the Midwest states Trump captured in 2016.

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda of building a wall, ending lopsided trade deals, and bringing troops home from foreign wars won over working class Americans and allowed Trump to flip 200 counties won by President Obama.

One Midwest state that Trump carried was Iowa.

George W. Bush in 2004 was the only Republican since 1988 to carry the Hawkeye State when he eked out a victory over John Kerry.

Trump won Iowa in landslide.

And despite all the fake news and Democrats harping about the President supposedly destroying the farm economy by confronting China on trade, Iowa appears poised to deliver Donald Trump another landslide win.

Breitbart reports, “The Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa poll shows President Trump tops Biden, the Democrat presidential primary frontrunner, 51 percent to 41 percent in support among likely voters. Eight percent of the poll’s respondents said they are undecided. Sanders trails the president 41 percent to 53 percent, while six percent are unsure about the potential match-up. The figures also show President Trump has hit 50 percent approval among Iowans, marking his highest rating in the poll.”

Iowa was one of Donald Trump’s “core four” states in 2016.

And it is a lynchpin of his strategy to hold the Midwest and the President in 2020.

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32 Responses

  1. cheryl jones says:


  2. Linda says:

    President Trump is the best President we’ve had in decades.

  3. Uncle Hoppy says:

    Jesus is not an earth worshipper and didn’t warn us about global warming. He warned us about HELL.
    Its not racist to call out Biden’s senility. Its obvious right on camera for all to see.
    Trump is not a racist because the KKK supported him anymore than Obama is a racist for having Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright support him.
    And finally, joseph strychasz is your typical example of the simple minded low information democrat voter.

  4. It amazes me how hateful and racist the radical right are – Biden is senile – all of a sudden you all have a medical degree in which you can diagnosis this condition: as a psychiatric social worker I administered the mini mental exam which can lead to a diagnosis of senility and only a doctor could diagnosis this. As we age, our brains atrophy and we lose some memory does not mean we have dementia. I doubt if any of you have any medical degree and would not be able to administer a mini mental exam. As for trump winning: do you honestly believe that the majority Hispanics, Afro-Americans, Native Americans and even Asians when he is a racist who is supported by the KKK and Neo-Nazi hate groups who perpetrated the murders of: Jews in their synagogue, Mexicans in their mall and Afro-Americans in their church and that seems to be okay with you – the legal Hispanics who vote do not approve of his wall or not allowing asylum seekers from the south to become citizens – the wall is the stupidest idea because the Atlantic and Pacific oceans provide easy access to our country. The majority of this migrants are parents who want their children to be safe from drug cartels, gangs and murder like any good parent would want. Instead of the wall, the money would be well spent on hiring more border guards and judges to process these immigrants. you forget more drugs come via ports of entry, not through the tunnels. Jesus would not approve of trump’s policies towards migrants, poor and the environment.

  5. Pam says:

    To Rolf Shulte — I rarely weigh in or respond to comments but you, sir, are delusional. It is scary to think you have a driver license, much less the right to vote. The country is not falling apart. Doesn’t matter how often you say it — it is not true. Trump has made good on more campaign promises than any other president in my memory (which is long). Any division in the country is due to the demorats. The list of Obama’s accomplishments is so short they are insignificant. A Russian colony? You are a joke.

  6. Rolf Schulte says:

    Barack Obama one of the worst presidents ever ? Are you crazy ? Your Donald Trump is clearly THE worst of all time ! Keep on turning everything upside down – does it make you feel good and important – while the country is falling apart, becoming a Russian colony ?!!

  7. The Redhawk says:

    TRUMP 2020-24>>> YEAH !! But did Biden understand this factual issue in his FEEBLE SENILITY status ir did someone :EXPLAIN IT TO HIM”????

  8. George says:

    Trump 2020 thank God for president Trump
    All of the Demon Craps AREN’T WORTHY of the USA, need to move to Venezuela China and Russia leave usa today!!!! Scum Demon Craps MURDERING babies media worthless bunch of Craps

  9. Wayne says:

    President Trump will win no Question. Biden cannot win he is a blowhard and has no brain to speak of!!! President Trump always uses the word People in just about every sentence. The Democrats, all they want to do is take away our 2nd amend and play with impeachment… Pelosi and Schumer is the same as Biden they are both blowhards and no brains. I pray to God everynight that they lose with a landslide… screw them!!!! Vote American and not Democrat!!!!! The news media well they can go to Hell in a hand basket. God Bless America and screw the Democrats!!!!! Trump is my President. I no longer recognize the Democrats as a political party… period and it makes me feel good!!!!!


  11. HH says:

    Sleepy Joe wants to cut Social Security so he can give free stuff to illegals. Not my idea of a good President.

  12. newhon63 says:

    @rolf So President Trump brought his daughter and son-in-law into government. They ARE working for the people, not fleecing them.
    The sons of Democrats mentioned are NOT in government, but benefiting by their parent who are acting like they give a damn. Their whole reason for being in office is to enrich themselves and screw the American people without spitting on it first, and without the courtesy of a reach-around.
    If you wonder what a “reach-around” means ask your sister what your Dad was doing those nights while she was screaming “No, Daddy!!!!”

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