Joe Biden stood in front of America and made one gaffe that had everyone fearing the worst

Joe Biden had a big night on Super Tuesday.

But Biden’s nine primary victories were quickly overshadowed by scandal.

And that became clear when Joe Biden stood in front of America and made one gaffe that had everyone fearing the worst.

Joe Biden attempted to capitalize on his Super Tuesday wins by continuing his momentum with a rousing victory speech.

But instead, Joe Biden crystallized in the minds of voters the concerns about Biden’s declining mental faculties, which led many Americans to believe Biden is senile.

The 77-year-old Biden began his victory speech by confusing his wife and sister.

This massive gaffe came after a video of Biden bumbling through not being able to recite language from the Declaration of Independence went viral.

If Joe Biden wins the election he will be the oldest President ever inaugurated for his first team.

Many Americans wonder how Biden will handle the rigors of the job as Commander-in-Chief when – what many consider – a light campaign schedule is proving too taxing for Biden’s fragile mental state.

Some Americans even wonder watching Biden tell a crowd he is running for Senate or confuse what state he is if these are signs Biden’s now suffers from conditions that affect one’s memory.

President Trump is sure to make Biden’s diminished mental state and fitness for the job a key line of attack should Biden win the Democrat Party nomination.

Biden may try to assure the American people he hasn’t lost anything off his fastball, but the video clips do not lie.

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77 Responses

  1. Betty Pinkerton says:

    IF (God forbid) Biden wins in November, it does not matter how senile he is. Just wait to see who his running mate is. THIS is who would ultimately be President. Biden would be found unfit in very short order and given the boot. THIS is what terrifies me most about his possibility of winning. GOD brought us President Trump. Surely goodness and mercy he would not take that away from us. He has so much more to accomplish, and when we get the House back in November, he will be able to do just that. PRAY!

  2. Carl says:

    No, I think the D’s ought to put up Nancy dearest (forget Hillary — aka Jezebel II) to go with Biden.
    Think of it: 2 bozos for the price of 1!

  3. you haters of those opposed to your ideology forget that as we age, our brain atrophies, so it is not uncommon for older people to have memory lapses; this, however, does not mean they have dementia or Alzheimer’s. Trump is worse in his speech and either he has dementia or no brain. In the book, Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis portrays an older devil teaching a younger one how to tempt people and one of the first tactics is to have a person believe what he is doing is not sinful – trump is good at that since he takes no responsibility for his actions and his followers are just as good or better than their teacher.

  4. Jimbo says:

    I figured out how Joe-mented beat Bernie and the rest of the Democrats. He told them all to vote on Super Thursday, and his own crowd Super Tuesday.

  5. Gayle Ostic says:

    First of all VP Biden has a stuttering speak impediment. Yes a real issue, which Trump has made fun of many times. Yet the all encompassing Trump trips over words, misuse words and makes mistakes all of the time. SO those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks. and this fake news source should be ashamed of itself propagating this garbage. Yet all of you Republicans complain the other new sources are fake news. You are the biggest offender.

  6. Carol says:

    I think he used drugs with his son Hunter. He sure seems whacko to me. You can take him, sanders,Pelosi, Chucky, Waters, Killary the two obozos, shifty shiff and the rest of the impeachment happy libs and give them a one way ride to Mars. No one would care!!

  7. zee says:

    Sad… Not funny. More like ‘scary’…

  8. Elizabeth McLean says:

    Have you noticed that he keeps mentioning Mr. O ? He keeps saying he knows Mr. O is behind him. Is that a hint that Mr. O will be chosen as VP? Think about it.

  9. William Rook says:

    LMAO! “Going” senile? He been there while VP! The comment was made IF he wins the democrat nomination Trump would use Gropin Jo-Jo’s mentality? That doesn’t do anything. Democrats will be expecting that! Throw everyone into a tailspin, Go in with what he would as if going against a valid opponent! I’m sure democrats have something worked out so as soon as Biden is shot down because of a comment is made by Trump they will have the excuse to the clause where another contender can That would be “opening the open door” for the other to step in and run. Do y’all know who that would be? Hillary and Michael have their eyes on this saying not interested, BUT, little comments and actions say something totally different! Sander’s is too much a loose cannon. Let Biden get in, ask him the normal questions as he tumbles through it! Proves Biden is unfit for President. democrats lost their touch– they are no longer able to produce a worthy candidate, et.. That embarrasses Biden from his OWN mouth, democrats are embarrassed because they are unable to keep their own team in line… Trump walks into his second term , the democrats get washed up by their admission, who could ask for anything more?

  10. Wicked Woman says:

    If Sloe Joe wins the Democratic nomination, you best believe it will be Deep State puppeteers pulling his strings. I mean no disrespect, but Joe is not capable of leading the U.S.A. nor whichever country he thinks he’s in…

  11. Jan13 says:

    I think Mr. Biden is beyond going senile, think he’s already there.
    Can you see him with the nuclear codes? Or facing down world leaders? Would be our worse nightmare fully awake.

  12. Old Joe is simply not in the right frame of mind to be running the country ! He’s declining daily and I just can’t believe so many American Voters think he can ?? What’s wrong with ther Dem voters in this country ???

  13. Bertha Hansen says:

    IMHO I think he may have Alzheimer’s. He made a comment recently about spending more money for Alzheimer’s research. Makes me wonder why?

  14. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Going senile? Sorry, that train left the station some time ago.

  15. William M Travers says:

    I believe that the Demoncrats will put Hilary as his running (hobbling) mate, and after he is inaugurated, he will step down and Voila! we have the first female President. Please, Lord God, NO!!

  16. linda says:

    Demos want him in the white house so they can manipulate and control him and make his decisions for him. Hes just a senile puppet they can take advantage of. Poor guy doesn’t realize he is being used and the voting for him is probably being rigged. They know they can’t control Sanders and he will go ahead and turn our country into a communist country. He admires Cuba SO MUCH! He should go live in Cuba (preferably Gitmo) and ‘live the Life of “FREE STUFF” in Cuba. He won’t be able to keep any of his promises for free stuff here. Hes just a lot of lying Hot Air!

  17. Sick of snowflakes says:

    Scott27 and Paul are stupid snowflakes who probably live in mommy’s basement. Go get a life and get a job!! Lazy Libby!! TRUMP2020 God bless America

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