Joe Biden sent his teacher union attack dogs after Ron DeSantis with this chilling plan for kids

The left’s obsession with using children as political pawns is getting worse.

And Democrats thought they saw a way to use kids to hurt Ron DeSantis.

So Joe Biden sent his teacher union attack dogs after Ron DeSantis with this chilling plan for kids.

The teachers unions and the Democrat Party are one in the same.

They are entirely beholden to one another.

So it’s no surprise American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten pushed the Biden administration’s universal vaccination mandates.

Weingarten appeared on CNN to push to vaccinate children under the age of 13.

Weingarten said:

“I think that there is a hesitancy right now, no pun intended, because we don’t yet have a vaccine for kids who are 2 to 12. I’m hopeful that that’s going to happen soon. But vaccines are a way of life.”

All available scientific data show that young children are not at risk for the virus in any significant way and they are not major vectors of transmission, either.

This has been known for a year, yet Weingarten and other leftists are obsessed with forced shots and injecting kids under the guise of safety.

Weingarten used her appearance to attack Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, accusing him of spreading “disinformation” as she carried even more water for “union Joe.”

“[W]e have to get through this terrible misinformation and the confusion that’s set up when you have a governor in Florida who has somebody at a press conference who goes through complete disinformation as the governor is standing right there,” the union honcho declared.

Weingarten made clear she’s acting as a hack political operative on behalf of Joe Biden, with the “disinformation” smear projecting her own behavior.

DeSantis has promoted vaccine choice.

The corporate press even attacked him for ensuring Florida’s elderly had the option to get vaccinated early on because they were actually poised to benefit from vaccines, with less potential negative impact.

Of course, the left’s narrative was that DeSantis took action because it was an active voting bloc.

Democrats are irate that DeSantis dares challenge draconian mask and vaccine mandates, which have shown no efficacy in slowing the spread of the virus.

They couldn’t care less about the kids, and they make it painfully obvious every day that what’s driving the left is their thirst for more and more control over Americans.

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