Joe Biden made one big blunder that will cost Chuck Schumer his job

Photo by Mobilus In Mobili CC BY-SA 4.0,, via Wikimedia

It’s crisis mode in the Democrat Party over the state of play in the 2024 Election.

The realization has now set in.

And Joe Biden made one big blunder that will cost Chuck Schumer his job.

Republicans need to win two seats to flip control of the United States Senate.

Democrats hold three vulnerable seats in the ruby-red states of Montana, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Republicans were already favored to win control of the Senate based on the fact that former President Donald Trump would score landslide wins in all three of those states and his coattails should carry the GOP candidate to victory.

But now Democrats are worried about an expanded map with races in Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

At least one Democrat Senator confided to a reporter from The Hill that President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline will be a major issue with swing voters.

“In all of our lunches, it’s never been discussed. It’s kind of amazing,” the Senator told the publication, “But I don’t think that means that people aren’t worried about it. Look, I worry about it.”

 “I’m less worried about his ability, I’m assuming he’s going to do [the job] but I’m worried about a lot of people in the country,” the Senator added.

This anonymous Democrat Senator’s concerns are well-founded.

An ABC/Ipsos poll showed 86 percent of Americans think Biden is too old to be President.

The Senator told The Hill that their colleagues “quietly acknowledge that the age issue is a big problem,” but that it’s “too late” to find a new candidate since the primaries are already underway and the filing deadlines have passed.

Another Democrat Senator also confessed that Biden’s handlers are really running the show so they aren’t worried about the government going off the rails.

“The general sense of folks is that we’ve hitched our wagon to Biden, that he’s delivered a lot in partnership. It may not be Biden himself, but it’s his team. Right? And we’re already into the primaries,” the second Senator stated.

What could cause Democrats to break glass in case of emergency and dump Biden?

An episode like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) suffered when his brain froze in the middle of a press conference.

“If there was something super obvious like there was with Mitch McConnell,” the senator concluded.

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