Joe Biden just told every American what he thinks about the border crisis with this sick gesture

Photo by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, via Wikimedia, public domain

Joe Biden’s decision to open the southern border led to his downfall in the polls.

But he shows no sign of changing course.

And now Joe Biden just told every American what he thinks about the border crisis with this sick gesture.

President Joe Biden tried to pawn off a border betrayal that allowed him to traffic 1.8 million illegal aliens per year into America as a serious proposal to shut down the border.

Biden and a group of RINOs in the Senate – led by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Sen. James Lankford (R-KY) – conspired to draw up a phony border security bill to get conservatives to back a $106 billion foreign aid slush fund bill.

Biden always likes to say ‘show me your budget and I’ll show you your values.’

In this scheme, he sought to spend $61 billion on securing the border in Ukraine and just $21 billion on security for America’s southern border.

Biden even openly rubbed it in the face of the American people that he is a Ukraine First politician by making a point to note in his speech about the border bill and foreign aid slush fund that he was wearing a Ukrainian flag pin and tie for the occasion.

“I’m wearing my Ukraine tie and Ukraine pin — which I’ve been wearing because they’re in dire straits right now defending themselves against the Russian onslaught,” Biden stated.

Most politicians – even Democrats will sport an American flag pin.

Not Joe Biden.

Biden wore the colors of a foreign nation for a speech where he informed the American people the security of their own border didn’t rate as highly as Ukraine’s.

“A clock is ticking. Every week, every month that passes without new aid Ukraine means fewer artillery shells, fewer defense air defense systems, fewer tools for Ukraine to defend itself against this Russian onslaught. Just what Putin wants. Ukrainians are fighting bravely,” Biden continued.

Biden then recited the worn-out talking point that anyone who opposes the “Swamp” agenda in Ukraine or who doesn’t genuflect to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is a Putin apologist.

“The position of the MAGA Republicans can be characterized by the New York Times headline…’Trump first, Putin second, America third.’ That cannot pertain,” Biden added.

“It all goes to the question of American power. And all goes to, does America keep his word, does America move forward?” Biden concluded.

America’s southern border is overrun.

The nation is $34 trillion in debt.

And yet Joe Biden wants to plunge America deeper into the red to fund a failing war in Ukraine while at the same time claiming he’s powerless to stop the historic flood of illegal aliens into America absent Congress passing a law.

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