Joe Biden just admitted something terrible about his federal vaccine mandate

Joe Biden finally announced his long-awaited federal vaccine requirement.

Americans were taken aback by the power grab.

And Joe Biden just admitted something terrible about his federal vaccine mandate.

Back in September, Joe Biden tried to restart his failing Presidency by leaning into vaccine mandates.

Biden announced new rules requiring businesses with more than 100 employees to require vaccination or impose unworkable mitigation measures to force compliance with Biden’s demand that all Americans submit to a tyrannical and unscientific mandatory vaccination regime.

But what stood out to many Americans was the start date and the enforcement mechanism.

Biden held off on enforcing the mandate until January 4.

That date is after the Christmas shopping season and an admission that Biden’s vaccine mandate would wreak havoc in the economy by forcing retailers to fire workers at a time when labor and supply chain shortages are already causing empty shelves.

Biden also plans to monitor compliance with his mandate by dispatching administration spies to check if employers are obeying Joe Biden’s orders.

In the event of noncompliance, Biden plans to fine employers as much as $136,532 for a willful violation of Biden’s mandate and $13,653 for a first-time violation Biden deems accidental.

Biden holding off on his mandate until after Christmas shopping season is just another data point proving that Biden’s mandate has nothing to do with public health and is a massive and illegal power grab to exercise unprecedented control over Americans bodies.

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