Joe Biden is not going to run for re-election for one jaw-dropping reason

Joe Biden’s future is a subject of much speculation.

Americans may be close to getting an answer.

And Joe Biden is not going to run for re-election for one jaw-dropping reason.

Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns are on a media tour promoting their new book, This Will Not Pass, which covers the end of the Trump administration and Joe Biden’s first year in office.

The book contained plenty of reporting about how even Democrats view Kamala Harris as a political disaster and she does not get much respect from her peers.

Harris’ failures in office and her historically low poll numbers leave many Democrats feeling uneasy about 2024.

During an appearance on The View, Martin discussed the knots Democrats are tying themselves in over 2024.

Part of the issue is that Joe Biden continues to tell people that he intends to run for re-election in 2024, but many Democrats do not believe he will actually seek a second term when the time comes.

“He wants to run. He’s told people that we talked to for our book that he plans to run in 2024 for re-election unless there’s a health issue intervening,” Martin declared. “A lot of Democrats don’t believe that. They’re convinced he’s not going to run again.”

When asked why Martin thought Biden would not run for re-election, he explained that Biden will be 82 years-old in 2024.

“Based on the fact he’ll be 82 years old in 2024, and that, [they’re] just skeptical … that he’d want to serve a full second term. Which raises the question, well, if not Biden, who? And that’s what shapes the Kamala Harris news here. She’d only been in the senate for a few years and doesn’t have the relationships in Washington that Biden has, and so she was not able to fill the role that Biden did when he was VP on Capitol Hill, and she didn’t have the foreign policy experience either,” Martin stated.

Martin and Burns’ book contains numerous examples of Democrats dumping on Harris, as well as her complaining about the perceived lack of respect from those within the administration.

One reason Joe Biden may feel pressure to run for re-election again in 2024 is because Kamala Harris is such a disaster that no Democrat believes she can defeat Donald Trump.

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