Joe Biden grabbed a microphone. What happened next was every Democrat’s nightmare

With polls showing him in the lead, Joe Biden is coming out of his bunker and engaging in more campaigning.

That’s causing problems for Biden.

Joe Biden grabbed a microphone. What happened next was every Democrat’s nightmare.

Joe Biden hiding away from the public is why his political standing is what it is.

But with the election just weeks away, Biden is slowly dropping his cautious campaign strategy and going out on the trail more often.

That is leading to more gaffes.

And once again Biden was caught on camera making racist comments about black Americans, telling a crowd that he survived the pandemic because black women stocked the shelves at grocery stores.

The Hill’s Joe Concha wondered what the Fake News Media reaction would have been if President Trump made such a racist comment on camera.

“Close your eyes. Picture Trump saying this. Now picture the media reaction. Enjoy your evening!” Concha wrote on social media.

It’s not hard to imagine what would have happened.

Fake news CNN and MSNBC would have devoted 48 to 72 hours worth of programs with hair on fire hosts and guests ranting and raving about the damage Donald Trump inflicted on the national character as well as displaying on-screen graphics launching over the top attacks on the President for being a racist.

But because it is Joe Biden, the Fake News Media is silent because they refuse to cover any negative stories about the Biden campaign.

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