Joe Biden got his hands on one letter that left him shaking with rage

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Joe Biden suffered yet another major setback.

With the clock ticking down to the 2024 Election he can’t afford to run up losses.

And Joe Biden got his hands on one letter that left him shaking with rage.

President Joe Biden was hoping to cancel out former President Donald Trump’s advantage on the border by coaxing Republicans into going along with a phony deal on border security so he, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) could then ram a $106 billion foreign aid slush fund – which includes another $61 billion for Ukraine – through Congress.

The sham border bill is the worst of Washington, D.C.

This legislation signifies Republican capitulation to open borders by allowing for at least 1.8 million illegal aliens to enter the country each year, provides an immediate work permit for every illegal alien Biden lets into America and grants amnesty for the children of immigrants in America on H1-B work visas.

But even if the Senate agrees on codifying open borders into law, the bill still has to pass the House of Representatives.

And House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) released a “dear colleague” letter declaring this bill dead on arrival in the House.

“I wanted to provide a brief update regarding the supplemental and the border since the Senate appears unable to reach any agreement,” Johnson wrote. “If rumors about the contents of the draft proposal are true, it would have been dead on arrival in the House anyway. Nine months have now passed since we sent our Secure the Border Act (H.R. 2) to the Senate. As we have explained repeatedly that bill contains the core legislative reforms that are necessary to actually compel the Biden administration to resolve the border catastrophe.”

Johnson said the Senate needed to take up H.R. 2 – the House’s bill that would complete the border wall, reinstate Trump’s tough immigration policies, and end catch-and-release.

“The bill’s provisions include transformative corrections, such as the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, the end of ‘Catch and Release,’ meaningful reforms to the existing broken asylum and parole systems, and continued construction of a wall at our southern border. Since the day I became Speaker, I have assured our Senate colleagues the House would not accept any counterproposal if it would not actually solve the problems that have been created by the administration’s subversive policies,” Johnson added.

Donald Trump urged Republicans to resist this phony deal that provides no actual border security and will serve as a political boon to Biden as it will inoculate him from attacks he opened the border.

RINOs like Mitt Romney called Trump putting America first and fighting for real border security “appalling” because Trump’s opposition wouldn’t just tank the border surrender, it would ruin the “Swamp’s” scheme to funnel even more money into Ukraine.

Democrats and the media quickly embraced a new talking point that Trump put his own political prospects ahead of the good of the nation by rejecting this “deal.”

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) said that claim was all nonsense.

Vance explained that even the bill’s authors admitted it did little to actually secure the border and that Republicans who blamed Trump were all just closet Democrats.

“No one has seen the border deal, and even its advocates admit it will do little to secure the border immediately. Blaming Donald Trump or any Republican for killing this deal is political malpractice. When people call us ‘controlled opposition’ this is exactly what they mean,” Vance wrote.

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