Joe Biden ended his Presidential campaign with this one sentence

Joe Biden walked on stage for the second Presidential debate as a wounded front runner.

Things went even worse during the course of the night.

And when all was said and done, Joe Biden ended his Presidential campaign with this one sentence.

During the 2016 campaign, one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest mistakes was spouting off about how her global warming policies would put coal workers out of business.

Trump’s pledge to support the coal industry helped pave the way for his victories in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden doubled down on Hillary’s mistake in the second Presidential debate when he said he would end coal and fossil fuels during his administration in an effort to tackle so-called “global warming.”

Breitbart reports:

Michigan — Former vice preisdent Joe Biden declared at the second Democrat debate in Detroit on Wednesday evening that he would fight climate change by eliminating coal, fossil fuels, and fracking . . .

CNN moderator Dana Bash then asked Biden to clarify where he stood on fossil fuels, and the following exchange ensued:

Dana Bash: thank you, vice president. just to clarify, would there be any place for fossil fuels including coal and fracking in a biden administration?

Joe Biden: No. We would work it out. We would make sure it’s eliminated, and no more subsidies for either one of those, any fossil fuel.

Biden’s entire theory of the case in 2020 rests on the fact that he can win over working class voters in the Rust Belt.

But the Trump campaign is sure to bombard coal-producing regions in the industrial Midwest with ads about how Biden plans to take away their jobs.

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65 Responses

  1. Justino Vega says:

    I agree the issue about his son hunter and his action that lead to firing of the procecutor that investigated his son about possible corruption , leads Joe to quit his campaign.

  2. David Kennedy says:

    No other country will stop using coal and natural gas and oil. Why should we?

  3. Chilidog1947 says:

    I guess they think we can cook and keep warm with fire wood…except they won’t let us cut down trees. Maybe they think we could boil water, but there is nothing to heat it up with. Perhaps they think…, make that they DON’T THINK!! If they did they wouldn’t make such idiotic statements!!


    Almost a half century in various paid elected jobs in Washington and ask what has he done? NOTHING and now we find out his son made millions in deals with other countries .. POS

  5. Ronald Gonshorowski says:

    The average CO2 intensity for the steel industry is 1,9 tons of CO2 per ton of steel produced. Taking into consideration the global steel production of more than 1,3 billion tons, the steel industry produces over two billion tons of CO2.
    The largest scrap-only furnace (in terms of tapping weight and transformer rating) is a DC furnace operated by Tokyo Steel in Japan, with a tap weight of 420 metric tonnes and fed by eight 32MVA transformers for 256MVA total power.

    To produce a ton of steel in an electric arc furnace requires approximately 400 kilowatt-hours per short ton or about 440 kWh per metric tonne; the theoretical minimum amount of energy required to melt a tonne of scrap steel is 300 kWh (melting point 1520 °C/2768 °F). Therefore, a 300-tonne, 300 MVA EAF will require approximately 132 MWh of energy to melt the steel, and a “power-on time” (the time that steel is being melted with an arc) of approximately 37 minutes. Electric arc steelmaking is only economical where there is plentiful electricity, with a well-developed electrical grid.

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