Joe Biden began to speak and everyone quickly realized something was terribly wrong

After the Electoral College met, Joe Biden once again tried to declare victory.

This move backfired big time.

That’s because Joe Biden began to speak and everyone quickly realized something was terribly wrong.

During his 13 minute speech, one again meant to declare victory, Joe Biden coughed and hacked up phlegm repeatedly.

Americans wondered if Biden contracted the coronavirus or if the 78-year-old Biden was in such frail health that even a slight drop in temperature caused him to slip into ill health.

Either way, this led to speculation that if Joe Biden becomes President, he will soon step down so Kamala Harris can take over.

During the campaign, Biden repeatedly claimed he was nothing more than a transition candidate to pass the baton to the next generation of Democrat Party leaders.

Many Americans fear Biden was just a front man that the Democrats put up because they knew he was the least offensive candidate the party could run against Donald Trump.

Biden’s feeble performance led to more speculation that Kamala Harris is the President-in-waiting and it is just a matter of time until the Democrats pull the switch.

Harris was a terrible candidate and completely unlikeable politician.

She surged to top of the polls after she dismantled Joe Biden as an out of touch racist in the first Democrat debate, but quickly sunk to zero in the polls as Americans saw more of her and judged her to be in inauthentic fraud who constantly tried to straddle the line between being the electable establishment candidate and the champion of the identity politics obsessed Left.

Harris could never win an election on her own.

Her only chance to be President was to ride on someone else’s coattails.

And that may very well happen with Joe Biden now that his clearly frail health was on full display for the entire country.

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