Joe Biden arrested one journalist to keep this truth about January 6 hidden

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The Democrat Party doesn’t want anyone questioning their narratives.

January 6 is the centerpiece of Joe Biden’s re-election message.

And Joe Biden arrested one journalist to keep this truth about January 6 hidden.

Biden arrests conservative journalist on questionable January 6 charges

Journalist Steve Baker of The Blaze turned himself into authorities following the FBI issuing a warrant for his arrest on charges related to the events of January 6.

Baker told The Blaze that even though the FBI said the charges against him were misdemeanors, the government wouldn’t tell him why he faced jail time, forced him to surrender to authorities, and perform a perp walk even though they had no plans to hold him past the initial processing.

“They didn’t have to go this route,” Baker said in an interview with The Blaze. “We have been told that my charges are only misdemeanors. And my attorneys have been assured that this will be an ‘in and out’ affair with ‘no intention’ to detain me. But rather than issuing a simple order to appear, they went the ‘arrest warrant’ route.”

Arrest appears politically motivated

Baker says he was acting as a journalist on January 6 to cover the protest and the government knew about his actions on that day for three years.

“Steve’s actions on January 6 have been known to the Department of Justice for 3 years,” Baker’s attorneys wrote in a statement about his arrest. “But it is only now — after Steve has broken two major stories greatly embarrassing to the DOJ — that he is possibly being targeted for arrest and possibly felony prosecution. Any action taken to put him in handcuffs, hold him in custody, and have him transported to court by federal law enforcement will be nothing other than retaliation for his recent reporting.”

But Baker said when he asked about why President Joe Biden was coming after him now, his lawyers explained his reporting debunked several Democrat Party myths about January 6.

“You know why. You’ve been poking them in the eye for three years,” Baker says attorney William Shipley told him.

Baker reported on inconsistencies in the Oath Keepers trial.

The government claimed a confrontation between Police Office Harry Dunn – who is now running for Congress as a Democrat – and members of the Oath Keepers proved a seditious intent to overthrow the government.

U.S. Capitol Police Special Agent David Lazarus – who worked on former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) security detail – testified he saw Oath Keepers confronting Dunn “three or four times.”

Lazarus said he saw multiple interactions between Dunn and the Oath Keepers and each time it was “antagonistic.”

This became the key testimony in winning convictions on charges of seditious conspiracy against several members of the Oath Keepers.

But Baker reported that he reviewed surveillance camera footage and it showed Lazarus was not in the same part of the Capitol as Dunn at the time he testified he was.

The video showed Lazarus didn’t arrive at the area until three-and-a-half minutes after the last Oath Keeper left.

In the absence of video evidence, Lazarus’ account was used to corroborate Dunn’s story of fighting off violent Oath Keepers.

Baker called it all into question.

And now his lawyers believe the Biden administration is trying to take away his freedom as a result.

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