Jim Jordan demands answers after this Big Tech company’s disastrous AI rollout

Photo by Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0

Experts agree that artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced rapidly in recent years, and could change life as you know it. 

AI has the potential to transform many commonly used technologies such as search engines, social media, and online shopping. 

But Jim Jordan demands answers after this Big Tech company’s disastrous AI rollout. 

Google’s nightmare AI rollout demonstrates the danger of going “woke” 

AI technology has advanced exponentially in just the last year or two, and large technology developers have scrambled to become leaders in this new and exciting sector. 

Big Tech giants such as Apple, Meta, and Google have invested billions in developing their own AI programs, hoping to integrate them with their already popular platforms and products. 

In December, Google launched Google Gemini, which many believe offered a glimpse into the future of Google. 

However, Gemini’s rollout not only failed to meet expectations but created controversy for its alleged “woke” programming. 

Over the last several weeks, Google Gemini made headlines for its image rendering program, which automatically rendered “diverse depictions” of famous individuals for history. 

For example, when asked to render an image of George Washington, Gemini automatically translated this request to “render a diverse image of George Washington” thus depicting the first President as a black man, just to name one example. 

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) joined the millions of Americans who are outraged with this revisionist and “woke” bias in Google Gemini’s programming, so much so that he has since sent a letter to Google, demanding to know why this happened. 

Furthermore, Jordan requested that any communications between Google and the federal government be handed over by March 17, fearing that the Biden administration may have had something to do with this. 

Per Jordan on behalf of the House Judiciary Committee, “In light of new reporting regarding how Alphabet intentionally biased its AI model, Gemini, by giving it instructions that distort the results shared with Americans . . . we write to inform you that the committee views the subpoena as covering material relating to this technology.”

He added, “Given that Alphabet has censored First Amendment-protected speech as a result of government agencies’ requests and demands in the past, the Committee is concerned about potential First Amendment violations that have occurred with respect to Alphabet’s Gemini model.” 

So far, Google’s parent company Alphabet has lost over $100 billion in value according to some sources as a direct result of this disastrous rollout. 

Many believe that unless Google commits to making a strong AI product, it could spell disaster for the company. 

Why Gemini’s rollout is so important to Google and millions of its users 

Gemini’s botched rollout has much more significance than just “woke” shenanigans. 

Many saw Gemini as Google’s top project, fearing that AI could replace search engines in the near future. 

With the failed rollout of Gemini, Google has now lost its competitive edge in this cutthroat technological arms race. 

To add insult to injury, Google also demonstrated the “woke” bias that exists within the company, affecting its products to their very core.

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