Jeff Sessions sat for one closed door meeting that could change everything

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rumored to be out the door.

Donald Trump is fed up with him because of the Russia investigation.

But Sessions attended one closed door meeting that could change everything.

Donald Trump and other conservatives have pointed out that social media companies are biased against conservatives.

Twitter got caught shadow banning accounts belonging to prominent Republicans.

All the big social media companies banned pro-Trump radio host Alex Jones.

And Tucker Carlson revealed an email where a Google executive said the company gave a “silent donation” to Hillary Clinton.

Google partnered with left wing groups to drive Hispanics to the polls in key swing states.

The email made it clear that was done to benefit Hillary Clinton.

Sessions announced he would meet with 25 Republican state attorneys general to discuss possible litigation against the tech giants over their bias against conservatives.

Bloomberg reports:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is exploring a potential investigation of social media companies and will be briefed on Sept. 25 by Republican state attorneys general who are already examining the firms’ practices, according to two people familiar with the matter.

The meeting — which will include a representative of the Justice Department’s antitrust division — is intended to help Sessions decide if there’s a federal case to be made against companies such as Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. for violating consumer-protection or antitrust laws, the people said. They asked not to be identified discussing the matter because of its sensitivity.

Sessions hasn’t made up his mind about whether to proceed, the people said. At least one of the attorneys general participating in the meeting has indicated he seeks to break up the companies.

A Justice Department probe of the social media giants for potentially improper business practices would likely trigger a political firestorm. President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans have complained that Facebook, Google and Twitter have censored or otherwise suppressed some conservatives.

Conservatives know the tech companies are all run by liberals.

They can control the outcome of elections by manipulating what information gets put in front of voters.

Their past actions demonstrate these platforms are tilted against conservatives.

Trump supporters cheered Sessions taking this meeting and hope he follows through with litigation.


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105 Responses

  1. Donna Little says:

    I have a weird suggestion. All users stop using their social media sites for one week. We could expect that to get their attention.

  2. Sessions has been a disappointment! These social media companies are definitely biased. They delete any comments or postings they disagree with for the flimsiest of reasons. Often they claim hate speech but they get to define the term. But they are private companies and we don’t have to use their services. It is a touchy area but the government should not interfere with the lawful operation of private companies.

    • Craig says:

      Suppression of other’s ideas, and the suppression of their constitutional rights, is immoral and illegal in any right. Especially so when it is done to try and control a political climate.

  3. Buddy says:

    Jeffery ain’t gonna do squat! He’s so far up the establishment’s anal orifice he’s probably looking out their mouth by now.

  4. usmade100 says:

    Evil has worked it’s way into all that we know as a God fearing, God loving Country. Everything we face is depraved in one way or another but we are rising above all the shenanigans that would ruin all the decency and humility that as patriots we strive for in everything we do as we attain the American Dream in each of our own lives. WE the PEOPLE the Silent Majority will not lose, we’re wide awake and keeping our Republics honor by holding on to our LIBERTY, FREEDOM, and HONOR forever! God bless you and God bless America!

  5. Valdez says:

    I believe that there is a method to re-establish a balance with these social-media companies. Simply fine them for each claim of bias $1000,.00 for each day for each case. Money is their fruit and when it is spoiled, pick it and discard ASAP. By fining them, the people shall have their due. Good faith is not enough to address this problem.

  6. Francisco Machado says:

    Sweep away the cobwebs, jimmy the capstone from the vault. Fresh Blood! The Fairness Doctrine rises from its tomb, a new manifestation – a new Avatar! The Progressive Left at least made a stumbling attempt to compete with conservative talk radio. The Conservative factor – any attempt to compete with Google? With Facebook? If they have, they certainly haven’t promoted it.

  7. Michael says:

    Jeff Sessions is so damn wishy-.washy….the things he thinks are important…the things he gets involved in have nothing to do with real criminals…aka, Crooked Hillary, the Terrorist loving Obama, Comey, Clapper, Strzok, the deep state….criminals run free while you cant evan see Rosenstien is a criminal as well in your own department…your priorities are ALL SCREWED UP….no damn wonder Donald J Trump doesnt trust his own justice department…stinking Libs are evan blaming him for the hurricanes now… God…that dirty bitch Maxine Waters can runs around and promotes trouble….Sessions, as far as Im concerned Mr Trump cant fire you fast enough…And that Stinking Speaker Ryan being gone…I say that would be one hell of a TWOfrrrrrrrr…for Mr Trump and the Trump loving American people

  8. frank says:

    Nothing will come of this. Back door threats and cash will kill the whole thing. If Sessions wants to clean things up he should be after the Clintons, Odumbo, Soros, Sharpton and many more criminals that have just walked.

  9. CCblogging says:

    I believe that we Conservative Patriots have a huge surprise coming and it will not be the firing of Jeff Sessions. I will admit that I once had my doubts that Jeff was on board the Trump Train but my view has changed. Here’s what is going on. The Fascist Democrats have been caught in their own web. and you ain’t seen nothing yet. When Trump reveals those unredacted FBI/DOJ/CIA documents, the Democrats are finished and believe me, Jeff will swing into action at that point. It is all about the timing and it is coming down soon. I have even observed that some of the leftist media’s talking heads are starting to ask hard ball questions to the Fascist Democrats. The mercenary media’s know that the gig is about up and they are starting to do damage control to save face. Before this is over, Jeff Sessions will be a hero. That is my opinion and I believe that I am correct. We shall see and soon. MAGA!

    • Lady says:

      Well folks, I just might have to agree with CCblogging here, and his take on things. Maybe not what you want to hear right here and now, but it’s worth examination. I have believed for the last, almost two years, that Sessions has been working on a few things that have the potential to, if not to totally destroy the Democrats, but at the very least, neuter them in severe fashion. He is patient, unassuming, easy to ignore, or just not see at all. I think he has been working “behind the curtain” where he is the MOST effective, because no one (on the left, or deep state) expects him to be. Everyone thinks he is just dorky little Jeff, a bumbling doofus trying to hold on to his job. Anyone at all THINK that is exactly what he WANTS everyone to believe? That perhaps this the role that he, and Trump devised so that no one expect that he is the one digging deep, finding out the dirty secrets and games the Left and deep state has orchestrated in their attempt to bring Trump down? Who would even look twice at Sessions, as he goes through files, rummages around the building, going about doing “whatever it IS that Jeff does”? Sessions would be the LAST person anyone would suspect of anything! Bringing down something as big as the deep state, that has been metastasizing like a destructive cancer inside our government for years and years doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to find all the spreading tendrils and connections and paths this ugly cancer has taken, where it has enbedded itself. You also need the right “medicine” to destroy ALL of it, and I think that is exactly what Sessions job is, to find it all first, then destroy every bit of it with a huge dose of lethal poison shot right into the jugular vein. Call me crazy, but I just have had this gut feeling for a long time that there is much more that Sessions is doing to clean up the sordid, ugly, despicable deep state than ANY of us is aware of. Not tomorrow, not next month, and maybe not until the end of Trumps two terms, but it WILL happen. Buckle up. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  10. steven jacobs says:

    what garbage! The ONLY thing that is important i to shown that mueller’s witch hunt is nothing more than an attempted Coup D’Etat-and Sessions will do NOTHING about that-Sessions is Deep State and he does these INCIDENTAL gigs to look like he is doing something worthwhile

  11. Dr. J.D. says:

    Your article is bizarre. How can Sessions “change everything” when Trump is going to can him soon “for the Russian probe” and recusing himself? Most people here want him fired and Trump will probably do it after midterm elections. Of course, since Trump has clearly been upset at Sessions about the Russia Probe and recusing himself, then that will be yet another charge, like with Comey, of Obstructing of Justice.

    But Trump does not read history (or OTHER books) and does not seem to know that Nixon tried the same sort of thing with the Saturday Night massacre, and that did not work out very well for Nixon back then, did it? At least Nixon had the good sense to not tweet out every thought that crosses through his head like Trump does. Last week Trump tweeted out Russian propaganda, shocking his aids because the US government does not send out Russian propaganda, but Trump has not control of himself.

  12. Susan Dix says:

    I have noticed that the video portions of stories on conservative sites won’t run.
    WE are not allowed to see these important videos. Why? because they are unfavorable
    to the liberals. Other sites say that the videos are unavailable, but I believe they have been
    censored. We are no longer able to access Diamond and Silk. This nation has NEVER believed
    in censorship. Our nation is in serious jeopardy!

  13. bagster53 says:

    there are 10,000 other things he should have bin looking into a long time ago , fire him

  14. R ODOM says:



  15. Ronald Carter says:

    My trust and faith is in God, but my hopes are that Trump will arrest odummer, holder, lynch, lerner, the clintons, and anyone affiliated with them for treason, because we all know that they are guilty unless you are a dumb___ libertard!

  16. james allen says:


  17. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Way too little too late Jeffrey, it is farewell wimp, there never was any legitimate reason for you to recuse yourself or even agree to the Witch Hunt enacted by the Democratic Party, by allowing that Fiasco to ever get rolling you proved you are a traitor to the true cognizant patriots of the United States

  18. Carlos says:

    Total BS and nothing but a sop for saps! Sessions has proven to be Trump’s biggest mistake and needs to go asap. His replacement will do the Russia job he recused to do and take on social media.

  19. James Termini says:

    Sessions must go. His recent action to bring social media companies to heel is a day late and a dollar short, and anyone else in his place would have done it more promptly and vigorously. His inaction on the “collusion” sham has done irreparable harm to the Trump Administration and to the country.

  20. Martin Korab says:

    AG. Jeff Sessions is just waiting for the right time to drop all his bombs. I believe he is honorable and true to the president. The truth shall conquer all. Do you hear that you Democratic Communist bastards ? You will never beat this president because he has God on his side along with the majority of the American people. Too bad for the Hillary Crime Family and the Obama ilk, next stop for them is to be fitted for those orange jump-suits. America has spoken. Sincerely, Martin Korab

    • Carlos says:

      WTF is Jeffy Boy waiting for?! the Dems continue to get away with everything and Trump’s presidency has never been in greater peril. Remember what happened to the idiot “Dubyah” when he allowed a nonstop barrage against him to go unanswered for years.

    • Ric B says:

      Martin, are you from a state that has legalized recreation marijuana and you put some in your brownies? Why would God be on the side of such a corrupt and unGodly man who spent his life in affairs, and in his own words (access Hollywood tape) “chases after married women” and “grabs women by the p**sy”cause he “just can’t stop himself”? Why would God behind such a con man that created a big lie and scam in Trump “fake news” “university”, who has been taped on media interviews that he wants to date his daughter, a man who clearly has built his fortune cheating subcontractors, and laundering Russian mob money?!?

      As to your other wild claim, you are SO INCREDIBLY wrong that he is on the side of the majority of the American people. National polls are clear;ly showing his popularity dropping like his aids are being convicted. He has no more than a 36% favorable rating (and going down) whereas about twice that number of Americans view him unfavorably, mostly “strongly unfavorably.”

      The ones being fitted for orange jumpsuits are: Manafort, Gates, Papadopoulas, Cohen, and soon to be Don Jr., Jared and perhaps even Don Sr.. and Ivanka. I would suggest sending them to Puerto Rico to stay since Trump did such a perfect job fixing the place back up. he is a real estate guy, make him fix some of the houses in Puerto Rico.

  21. Eva says:

    Enough! Sessions, and his Underlings, MUST GO! Cannot understand this man, he is like, Mr. Magoo, just can’t see from his eyes, glasses do him no good. Because, he is just an empty suit, without spine. So sad, and very dangerous for our Constitutional Republic!

    • George E Durdin says:

      Now WHEN are they going to go after the liberal progressive media(ABC,CBS, NBC, MSDNC, CNN , the NY Times and Washington Post) which are all owned and controlled by wealthy globalist liberals that use their outlets for leftist propaganda. They do MORE immediate damage than social media.

      • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

        Oh, but that is not propaganda but thoroughly investigated and established facts, ROFLMAO, balderdash, bunk, claptrap, malarkey, and any of the numerous synonyms that mean complete nonsense, those deceit spewing components of toxic waste commentators for the Communist News Network trying to claim what gibberish they convey as actual news is hilarious.

  22. Ron Keeth says:

    I would like to register my vote of “no confidence” in Sessions, most of Congress, and all governmental agencies.

  23. N says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  24. Glen Woodward says:

    Trump should shut up and let the Mueller probe continue. Otherwise, Trump is hiding something. His fear and paranoia is showing. How many witches will Mueller catch?

    New placquard:: LOCK EM UP! Flynn, Manafort, Collins, Pruitt, Trump

  25. Martin says:

    The only way Sessions can possibly save his reputation is to un-recuse himself and take control of Mueller’s witch hunt.

  26. Mary Jarvis says:

    SESSION fist stepped up to get his name on something that’s all ready in process. If he wants to do anything that may help himself
    He should start arresting people, Oboma, Clinton, and most of the big mouth Democrats, joke, he isn’t going to do that.

  27. Dick says:

    The feckless ELF IS SOLEY responsible for enabling the sewer rats to carry out the phoney which hunt.

  28. Earl says:

    Sessions” is such a disappointment, it’s difficult to ascertain his inactivity, and the deep state continues to spew it’s lies and
    Disinformation. This situation shows the
    Corruption and magnitude of Hillary’s supporters and the DOJ,FBI,CIA and who
    Knows who else and the rest of the Democratic Party.

  29. Charles says:

    Closed door, will it be on this morning news, MOLE more than likely was behind the closed door? The big question is Who, Why? Maybe they were born a Democrat and had to run in their local elections as a member of the GOP to get elected, and they have stuck with the party that has supported them, check their voting records Yea, No and Absent most all of those politician’s always had something better to do!

  30. BwaHa says:

    Several years ago I was banned by Farcebook for exposing “radical” islamic atrocities throughout the globe. Evidently someone from the muslim community complained to the Farcebook boyz and they shut me out of my page. When I tried to reason with them, explaining to them that I was simply culling through the MSM daily press releases (electronically) and reposting to my Farcebook page those recent MSM releases that included muslim atrocities that were (and still are) occurring globally they (Farcebook) explained to me that I had violated their code by opening an account with a pseudonym. Hence, they were locking me out until I provided them with my true name. I provided them with my true name and they never allowed me to regain access to my account that was under the pseudonym… (ttueoop aka: BwaHa). C’est la vie! That was over four, maybe five years ago.

    Don’t expect those liberal freaks at Farcebook to “play along”.

    • zee says:

      I get it BwaHa. Are you from Australia???
      > am USA.

    • Anita Timmons says:

      I’ve always called it “Fakebook,” but I think I like FARCEBOOK much better. The second time I was put into Farcebook detention, I told them where to shove it! We actually need our own networks…Tea Party, PRO AMERICAN ONLY, you know, places like that!!!

  31. Rob says:

    Mitch MCConnell is a Democrat, like John MCCain! Time to put MCconnell out to pasture! He is no good for President Trump and that makes him no good for America!

  32. Rob says:

    Anyone who trusts Sessions is a damn fool.

  33. Gerry says:

    Don’t trust him a bit — get sessions gone and put someone in that p[osition who can handle the job and NOT part of the deep state.

  34. Robert says:

    All I know is the Clintons are the worse people from any side and the lies she tells are consistent. I’m outraged that they have enough evidence to hang yet she’s still businness stealing as nothing is amiss. Curious..

    • BwaHa says:

      They’re the equivalent of the Kennedy’s in the late 50’s through the 60’s. Full up on corruption, power, greed, self importance, control… oh, and did I mention corruption?

  35. BILLY miller says:

    I know a good use for sessions, cut his head off & wallaa, you got a bowling ball.

  36. Oscar V Pearson says:

    It would be nice to see Sessions do something. All of this nonsense has gone on way too long and a huge waste of taxpayer money.

  37. G says:

    There is no semblance of decency in our political parties and there hasn’t been in decades, I had high hopes for GW but he turned out to be a huge disappointment, I already knew Mc Cain was going to fail miserably and have had to endure eight of the worst years of torture by the worst of the worst possible human excrement the Democrat party had to offer. Finally we have a man with a vision for America, someone to believe in, and the vile deep state is fighting him tooth and nail to prevent him from accomplishing anything. Now we have a spineless wonder of an AG whose legacy will be that recusal was easier than standing up for truth and decency. I would like to believe that this nightmare will turn out good but fear more of the same

    • Steveur says:

      Sessions. most likely covering up for his craphouse friends and may fear that some e-mail that turns up may or might incriminate him along with all the other slime being investigated. It’s a day by day process…you have to hand it to sean Hannity for the work he has done …with Sarah Carter investigative reporter and with Greg Jarrett, Fox network. Things will implode in short weeks…its the lengthy time process that makes one numb with the waiting for the government to do their work.

  38. Secora Kersey says:

    That’s why I don’t have Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or any other social media just the site’s I choose the rest can blow it out there ear.

  39. Kathy Laban says:

    I know they try to censor us.I get email from conservative sites and when I try to email back or answer a poll I don’t get could president trumps website or the conservative website email me and I have it come back “not a legitimate email address “

  40. truckman says:

    I don,t know who would be surprised about this I have known they were doing that along with facebook they are all anti Trump anti republican and will do anything to keep it that way

  41. Mike W says:

    What irony Twitter – Google – Yahoo – FaceBook – who all blamed President Trump for election meddling were actually the ones who were REALLY meddling – TYPICAL LEFT WING LOONS. Blame others for what you are doing – Total Hypocrisy.

  42. Rodger Shull says:

    quit picking an chosing your battles session, get in there waist deep in clintons corruption and criminal activites, unless your are part of them all so. stop with all of this top water trash, get the DEEP WATER TRASH, and catch-em and gut-em and then BURN THEIR ASSES.

  43. CR WELLS says:

    SESSION’s you are belittling yourself and We the People’ Stand like a man, take over the current investigation by Muller and TAKE CHARGE & FIRE HIM AND HIS CREW of Liberal Attorney’s. DO WHAT IS RIGHT……. TAKE CHARGE. If not, the President should not wait and FIRE YOU…. IMMEDIATELY.

    • Wyn says:

      If you want to get involved in political issues, you should at least educate yourself as to the spelling of the people’s names. They’ve both been in the news enough for you to have learned both names – otherwise you just sound as though you are ranting.

  44. k says:

    That’s great Sessions but we’re still awaiting your reopening the HRC crimes which you said you would do as soon as you took office.
    He has allowed Rotten Rosenstein to continue unrecused while he signed at least one renewal of the FISA application – ALL THE WHILE KNOWING IT WAS RUBBISH!
    Like said, great “save your butt” move against the social media giants but we’re still waiting for the real hammer to fall on the corrupt FBI, DOJ, CIA, Mueller, Weissmann, Strzok, McCabe, both OHRS, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Page, HRC, the DNC, DWS, The Hussein Obama Admin, Hussein himself and a whole host of other treasonous players involved in the interfering of OUR Presidential election & attempting to damage OUR Duly Elected President!
    C’mon JEFF, give us some real news. Your meeting with attorneys over conservative banning – that sure doesn’t mean you’ve actually accomplished the feat of prosecuting any of them!

    • Donald Tucker says:

      I am actually hoping that he has been doing something all along about the tech companies collusion with Hillary, gathering ammunition and we just don’t know about it. Maybe we will see an October Surprise!!

  45. Budlite says:

    Then we need to make them like Ma Bell

  46. Ronnie Allen says:

    I don’t think these media companies are BIAS I KNOW THEY ARE.!!

    These media platforms have sensor me multiple times and now I am ban from voicing my opinion.

  47. Philip Ken Phil. Freeman says:

    Sessions & several more 30 years TOO MANY in American gov.

  48. Shelba J. Holmes says:

    Folks, please write your Conservative Senators and Congressmen and get on their case about seeing to it that pressure is put on Sessions to bring the bias to a screeching end.

    I have just written to both of my Senators asking why they are not speaking out on this subject. Seems to me that Congress is always 5 years and a dollar short on all of the attention they pay to pressing issues such as these yoyos who see themselves as controlling the votes in this country for the left wing. COnservatives simply cannot be silent on this subject. ashington has to hear from all of us who see this as a threat to our Republic.

  49. Francisco Machado says:

    These are private companies – not subject to content regulation by government. It’s called Freedom. Remember the “Fairness Doctrine” and what a worthless piece of trash that was? Talk radio was largely Conservative. Liberal talk radio never enjoyed much popularity, died for lack of audience/advertising revenue. What’s needed in a free market is competition from a social media company that is not biased. Given that the existing entities are highly popular despite bias, that won’t look promising until Conservatives have an alternative to the current media.

  50. Sandra Jean Thompson says:

    I believe that Trump will be remembered in the future as one of the greatest statistician of all time. He should play chess, as he is moving and planning 10 moves ahead, and is a master of slight of hand. So, if he seems distant from Mr. Sessions, there is something going on that meets the eye.

  51. Cynthia Evans says:

    New e-mails

  52. Jerry says:

    We should ask Congress to investigate
    the slime ball John Kerry for clouding with Iran

    • 11th Gen American says:

      We have laws on the books that would fix Kerry’s wagon, and Obama’s also! All President Trump has to do is convince his Attorney General to enforce those laws! If they need to be re-passed in Congress to give them extra validity, so be it! By allowing Kerry & Obama to meet and negotiate with our enemies overseas, without suffering any consequences for their illegal actions, the Trump Administration looks weak and feckless, and that’s exactly the imagine that those two pro-Islamic traitors are deliberately creating!

    • Shelba J. Holmes says:

      I totally agree.

  53. Certainly break these companies up as well as all national media!
    They have violated their trust and intention of the founding fathers as watch dogs of our constitution and protector of our American rights!
    But I think Sessions should go

  54. Ray Miller says:

    I hope that they do break up these companies, they suck. I have Google and they hassle me when I try to enter conservative sites and in some cases prevent me from do so. I’d love nothing better than to see them get it up the KAZOO.

  55. Celia says:

    To Barbara Cook- Please do not hold your breath. I don’t trust him for 2 minutes. I am always so surprised that Pres. Trump didn’t replace him long ago. Will never understand. never likes or trusted Sessions. I feel he always played both sides!

  56. Barbara Cook says:

    Let’s pray that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will follow-up with what he said at the closed-door meeting along with some of Department members. If Jeff Sessions follows through on his promise, it will be the first time that he actually does something right.

    However, I am not going to be holding my breath on his remarks.

  57. Charlotte says:

    Sessions does nothing. He needs to be replaced.

  58. Rodney says:

    Unless the congress passes some legislation deeming them a Public Utility, there’s not much Jeffy can do. A private, non regulated company cannot be forced to abide by a moral code or constitutional rights.

    • Ken of mo. says:

      Tell that to Bell telephone. They split it up.

      • Keith D says:

        But the were controlled as a utility! I worked there during the break up. What people don’t know is that SW Bell bought AT&T and several of the so called baby bells! The big problem with the “break up” was that while this was going on Bell had to give access to all of the NEW telephone companies to our switching facilities! The bottom line is bell is still basically a monopoly!

        • John Flynn says:

          If it trades on the NYSE, an entity is a corporation, NOT owned by others. I have hundreds of shares of ATT (T). SW Bell never bought ATT….

      • Gary says:

        Ken, Bell didn’t split up because of Sessions.

    • Mike Baumgartner says:

      They all use public utility infrastructure.

    • Charles says:

      FCC License, possible violation. Without these License they cannot spread their garbage on the air ways!

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