Ilhan Omar’s marriage scandal just took this strange turn

Since entering the political arena Ilhan Omar has been dogged by accusations of marriage fraud.

Omar’s been married multiple times and each one involves serious allegations of wrongdoing.

And now Ilhan Omar’s marriage scandal just took this strange turn.

Critics accuse Ilhan Omar of marrying her brother while at the same time she was married to another man, which led to allegations she illegally filed joint tax returns with two men.

Now Omar’s third marriage is leading to more scandal.

Omar officially married political consultant Tim Mynett.

The Associated Press reports, “A marriage license filed in Washington, D.C., shows Omar married political consultant Tim Mynett on Wednesday. Omar announced her new marriage Wednesday night on Instagram, with a photo of her and a bearded man smiling and displaying wedding rings. ‘Got married! From partners in politics to life partners, so blessed,’ the post says, without identifying Mynett by name.”

Mynett and Omar’s secret relationship allegedly broke up the marriage between Tim and Beth Mynett.

Tim Mynett also served a consultant to Omar’s campaign and ranked in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees.

“Filings with the Federal Election Commission show Omar’s campaign paid Tim Mynett or his firm nearly $600,000 since July 2018. Though it may raise eyebrows, family members, including spouses, can be on the campaign payroll as long as the family member provides services at a fair market value,” the Associated Press also reports.

This led to accusations that Ilhan Omar was misusing donor money to fly all over the country to carry on an illicit love affair with Mynett.

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38 Responses

  1. Eleanor says:

    She is immoral and corrupt just like so many of the Demorats!

  2. Gunny says:

    Soupys got it right. If she did get convicted, for even half the possible charges, and she got jail time, she would in all probability not be deported (though I think that is a reasonable punishment for fraud to immigrate) So if she gets like 10 years (not likely), the new hubby would probably take the last of any money he has and divorce her so he can move to greener pa$ture$.

  3. 2WarAbnVet says:

    But she has three things in her favor that guarantee she will never answer for her crimes, she’s a Democrat (which alone is generally sufficient), she’s a woman, and she’s a Muslim.

  4. BHR says:

    For Democrats, this is normal, also gay marriage and any kind of perversion you can think of.

  5. Greg says:

    Omar ohmy look at what the democrap party thinks is normal. What in the he– are the people in her state thinking by electing that fine example of a female Somali pirate .the only good thing to come out of Somalia were the good naval gunnery targets that provided the navy with a break in the boredom of a long sea cruise, too bad they missed omar

  6. D.Goodine says:

    If Omar broke the law, why is she not being investigated. Why doesn’t someone, anyone bring charges against her, and if she broke the law , then she will be charged as per each criminal charge if proven guilty. If I could bring charges against her for breaking the law, I would do so. You have 350 million people in the good old USA, there about, surely one person has the guts to bring charges against her, so someone, proceed, it’s your duty to protect your constitution, SO DO IT and that way you will be rid of all this bull s–t and this irresponsible Muslim trash who is a disgrace to her own kind. Put her on a slow boat to no where. Make sure it’s in rough SEAS.

  7. Greg says:

    Omar is the quintessential example of how a democrap thinks about the rules and norms of a civilized society, it wouldn’t surprise me if she had a poligimist marriage with a dog an elephant and a paper cutout picture of herself she is not immoral she is amoral, in other words just an other example of a good democrap

  8. gerald s sanford says:


  9. Urassis Draggin says:

    She’s a muslim and needs to adhere to muslim sharia law which states that adultery is a crime and the adulteress needs to be stoned to death! ( Not by marijuana bricks)

  10. Mike Morrow says:

    If this is true then she needs to be sanctioned and removed from office at the least. Jail would not be harsh enough.

  11. Eliot says:

    Omar never really had sex with her husband or any man for that matter because she’s a lesbian! She has regular foursomes with Rashida Tlaib, Linda Sarsour and Joan Terrell-Paige!

  12. Rickster says:

    Guess she’s trying to do what camel jockey men do , marrying multiples! She thinks she has the power and demorats won’t get in trouble playing the stupid role! The camel squad needs to be shown American law and prosecuted, removed from there fake postions Obama the idiot put them in! There a joke and useless to society or to american people .

  13. Bob says:

    Skanky Skank .

  14. Soupy says:

    She got married to An American , so as not to be deported. Same idea as marrying her brother to enter.

  15. SUE says:


  16. Getherout says:

    She needs to be GONE!!

  17. Jeanni says:


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