Ilhan Omar got hit with a nasty surprise that could force her out of Congress

Ilhan Omar’s sex scandal keeps getting worse.

The Minnesota Congresswoman is embroiled in a messy situation where her affair with a married man wrecked a home.

And now Ilhan Omar got hit with a nasty surprise that could force her out of Congress.

Ilhan Omar’s affair with a Washington, D.C. political consultant already ruined one marriage.

Now Omar’s infidelity threatens her own.

Reports are surfacing that Omar’s husband Ahmed Hirsi – who Omar married in 2017 after officially divorcing a man many claim is her brother – wants to divorce Omar.

The New York Post reports:

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s marriage appears to be headed for the rocks, a longtime friend of the couple told The Post.

The congresswoman’s husband, Ahmed Hirsi, the source said, is poised to file for divorce after the revelation in a bombshell court filing that she allegedly had an affair with DC political consultant Tim Mynett.

The Minnesota congresswoman and her husband allegedly separated in March, and Omar asked Hirsi to divorce her around that time because she didn’t want to file the papers — but Hirsi refused, telling her if she wanted a divorce she should do it herself, said the source, who has known both parties for 20 years.

The husband allegedly changed his mind after Tim Mynett’s wife last week filed bombshell divorce papers claiming her spouse was having an affair with the Somali-born US representative — with Hirsi said to be angry he had been made to look the fool by the allegations of an extramarital affair.

This sex scandal is threatening to overwhelm Omar’s career.

Omar is already fighting off allegations she committed tax and immigration fraud by allegedly marrying her brother while at the same time marrying Hirsi.

Now this divorce announcement is adding to the pile of scandals surrounding marriage that haunt Omar’s career.


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87 Responses

  1. Maybe she and OAC can open up a Bar together and reminisce about the good ole days. Talk about whos lie was bigger they almost got away with?
    How did these two get where they are in the first place? It`s beyond me and my borders?

  2. Runa Schlaffer says:

    Luckily we live in a free country where peoplr can believe whatever their conscience dictates; it is no one’s business than their own. And where they may hold office if elected by a majority; this is called democracy. If you had ever lived in a country that doesn’t grant these freedoms, you would appreciate them more!

  3. Gideon Rockwell says:

    Muslims cannot be members of Congress. I know there is to be no religious test for public office, but Muslims cannot by the nature of their faith take the oath of office. Islam requires it’s followers to swear their very lives and souls to the faith and it’s goal of global domination. In reality they are not citizens of any one nation, they are disciples of Mohamed, and soldiers of Islam. When Jack Kennedy was running for Presidency many were worried he would be loyal to the Vatican over the U.S., he proved otherwise. On the other hand look at the nations the followers of Islam have overwhelmed. You have AK armed roving gangs of Muslim Sharia Enforcement Militia, no go zones, Sharia Courts, and Sharia Law taking over. Time to stop it here. Vote out all Muslims.

  4. Runa Schlaffer says:

    Dear Jim, I’m 92 years old. How old are you? When you studied the Bible, did you come across the verse yet, “Judge not, lest you are judged?”

  5. Runa Schlaffer says:

    Do yourself a favor and read the NEW Testament, and how Jesus reacted to stoning an adulteress.

    • Jim Tierney says:

      Runa, I don’t think anyone here’s advocating we (Americans) stone her. She has been “living large” here for sometime and obviously has the freedom to choose her religion. She chooses to advance the evil ideology of Islam that was started in the 7th century by a blood thirsty pedophile. Since she came here under false pretenses she should be stripped of citizenship and sent back to her people. Let them adjudicate and punish her.I believe stoning is the prescribed penalty. I have been reading and studying The Bible, for probably more years than you have been alive. Jesus also said (Mat. 8:22) “let the dead bury their own dead”.

  6. Texas Belle says:

    She so righteously claimed that in America, “we don’t live up to our values”. I wonder what values she was talking about since she doesn’t seem to have any. We don’t need anyone like her admonishing us for any shortcomings we might have while she has committed a total breach of ethical behavior. She should go back to Somalia.

  7. Tut Mosas says:

    Are you sure she is not from Florida. Marrying her brother, selling access for campaign dollars, tax fraud, matrital affairs, anti Semitic, member of the KKK just having a little fun on that one. You can’t make this up. She should relocate to Florida once she is kicked out of Congress.

  8. Ron says:

    Doesn’t really know much. At best she is a 2 at 10 and a 10 at 2.

  9. Infidelity, tax evasion, underhanded dealings, free stuff to people who don’t deserve it for votes, false accusations to make yourself look innocent of wrong doing are all typical actions of the Democrat, liberal, politician. She should not have been elected to congress to begin with but, than again, 99% of the Democrats shouldn’t have been either.

  10. Bill says:

    Ha ha haaaa I love this to damm funny .this squad is a Saturday night skit. Maybe they can get there own reality show, the name dumb dumber and dumbest imperfect name for the show

  11. Rhoda Vicari says:


  12. wesley thomas says:

    Well well well, isn`t nice just to think this Somali POG is being exposed. The POG shhould never have been elected in the first place!

  13. Cliff says:

    I guess she never got her vaginal mutilation that she thinks is appropriate for all Muslim women and she has an incredible itch. I hope it gets her out of politics, for her great values.

  14. Ima Doozy. says:

    Omar is the Poster Child for NOT GIVING CITIZENSHIP TO REFUGEES! Citizenship is NOT candy. She is a disgrace and should lose citizenship and kicked back to her home country.

  15. Jack Handy says:

    omar HAS ‘Broken’ TOO any USA Laws.
    What MORE Needs To be Said.
    > WHERE ARE ‘Prosecutors’ FOR LAW ?

  16. Debra Lambert says:

    Omar hates America.She was selected along with the other 3.By George Soros.Young Turks.They intend to elect More Muslims.Sharia Law & Communist go hand and hand.Wake up people.They support Antifia.

    • IrreverentOne says:

      Communism is not a religion. It is only an ideology. If you recall the Soviet Union attempted to eradicate Islam in Afghanistan and failed miserably. If we had limited any actions in Afghanistan to locating Osama Bin Laden we would not be mired there today. Why should we care, one way or the other, what kind of government succeeds there or anywhere else? Let’s make sure that America comes first no matter who we are interacting with at the time.

  17. James Termini says:

    According to the Koran anyone who is not a Muslim is an infidel. Infidels must either convert to Islam or be annihilated when the occasion permits. Don’t count on a genuinne friendship:

  18. The Patriot Pulse website just got hit with something that will force them all to flee the USA

    • ken says:

      ilhan omar is a infidel from somalia and she committed treason in somalia. now the devil is committing treason in the u.s. . and she is being rewarded for her crimes by congress and shame to taxpayers who pay her to represent the state she came from. now she has wrecked a legal married couple with kids, and it only shows how evil of a infidel she is. nancy poluci is the main villian in this triangle and web of lies and should not be allowed in the halls of congress. she needs to be impeached along with omar the infidel from somalia.

    • Karen says:


  19. Casey says:

    She fits right in with the rest of the democrats…. rules that apply to you whether through your religion or the laws present in the country that you live in don’t apply to you…. she should be running for president with the rest of the professional hypocrites who will lie, cheat, steal, switch positions and BS their way through life in order to gain power.

  20. Steven Terrell says:

    She is just the camel’s nose under the tent. All Muslims will not assimilate in to our culture, so we are being invaded just like they have done in Europe. It must be stopped now. If not, it will no doubt be cowboys and Indians some time in the near future.

  21. H lee says:

    The four fools (sows ) who are fools elected by fools, who were fooled by the fools and they have been fooled by the power of their office, into believing that they are invincible as democrats, which is closer to the truth than it is foolish.

  22. James Flaherty says:

    Cannot believe the people of Minnesota elected her in the first place. She has demonstrated a very anti Americanism.

  23. sandie says:

    SA.. What ever happened to our “morals clause”? Is that no longer required for our governing officials, be it by contract or Oath of Office? Maybe the lack of it is just one more sign of the times that our wonderful and once beautiful country has been drastically compromised by non-born, non-bred, non-patriotic inhabitants that are trying to destroy the USA! We need to clean out the whole country. Don’t stop at just the swamp. I only pray it is not too late and that the poison has spread too far already. Lord knows we’re forfeiting our children & young people. God bless us.

  24. lou says:

    Kavanaugh was falsely blamed for something he didn’t do. Ohmar did a lot of proven crimes and she gets away with them. I guess it depends if a person is a democrat or republican. Right?

  25. Marcia says:

    I love all your comments on stoning her to death I, however, said the same thing on twitter along with the fact that by her countries laws she should be stoned to death and killed that she is a bit– and be killed. They have locked me out until I take back my comment as they state I was creating violence. Sorry twitter I will NEVER take back my comment. Its okay for her to talk violence to create problems in another marriage. She is a liar and a fraud and I guess that is okay in twitters eyes. And no here is the kicker–I received an email from her twitter saying she will pray for me that she thinks I am a broken human..I told twitter she is not to contact me ever again—she is a bitch and deserves what she gets – so Omar rot in hell!!!

    • Eileen Ross says:

      Marcia, that’s all we can expect, is for her to rot in Hell, because all of the headlines and smoke and mirrors mean absolutely nothing. She will continue to do what she is doing, and this distraction will go on until it is replaced with another one. I am on to their game.

    • Lynn says:

      So true! In Muslim countries adultry is punihable by death. Send her back

  26. Barb says:

    she needs to be terminated ASAP!!! Lying, cheating, terrorist, racist slut……..Get rid of her or STONE her to death….I’m sure you can find lots of folks to to do the stoning.

  27. johnny says:

    Kick her sorry ass out of the US ASAP!

  28. Ted says:

    I can’t imagine any man having such low standards to even consider having sex with such an ugly pig. Not only that, but if any man could get beyond her looks, he would have to deal with the smell that certainly must emit from her body from being wrapped up in rags 24/7.

  29. Rex says:

    I won’t throw the stones, I just wanna watch to see if they live according to their traditions and then see if they check her pulse afterwards.

  30. Rex says:

    She really should be tried by her Islamic laws by stoning that would be justifiable from their point of view. I’m ok wit dat. Can I watch while they do that on live TV, IF THEY HAVE THE HUEVOS.

  31. Runa Schlaffer says:

    “Whoever is without sin sould cast the first stone,” said the Master. Remember?

    • DB says:

      Her religion is a religion of terror when studied. She practices the hate taught by Mohammed. Sharia law would eliminate her but those trying her would not be prosecuted by our standards of law. Divorce is a secular right.

  32. Alan says:

    That would be intereperh even amusing to see. As to how likely, who knows.

  33. Rex says:

    I bet she has a red hour glass on her lower tummy indicating lethal poisonous fangs protrude out her mouth. Watch out for da bite. Yow! dat hurts you dirty biatch. God forbid that she gets prego from her foolish lover not knowing that she will devour him after mating.

  34. Alan says:

    That would be interest, perhaps even amusing to see. As to how likely, who knows.

  35. Hugh Catlett says:


  36. Robert Ratto says:

    Put her before the courts of Islam and be judged under Islamic laws that she so dearly loves and advocates.

  37. The Redhawk says:

    GEE I was gone abroad for almost a MONTH and enjoyed not having to put up with Omar , Aoc and the other two Stupid rabid DOGS ,,, ALAS congress and the (D) communist party have no Qualms protecting STUPID IDIOTS

  38. The Redhawk says:

    GEE I was gone abroad for almost a MONTH and enjoyed not having to put up with Omar , Aoc and the other two Stupid rabid DOGS ,,, ALAS congress and the (D) communist party have no Qualms protecting STUPID IDIOTS

  39. Thomas Marusek says:

    She will never resign. The Democrats run this country and will stand with her till the very end. Soon it will disappear from the Liberal news and be forgotten.

  40. Loyd says:

    This is a good country, but it has gotten to be the crums are getting the headlines with all talk no action. It has been said that the so called leaders are a cross section of the people. The morals of some of our upper crust are nothing more then crums with a lot of dough It is good that some of the news has substance but as a country we can do better.

  41. Grizz Mann says:

    Does Is lam have a vehicle for dealing with an unfaithful wife? Part of the War On Women.

  42. Jim Tierney says:

    This allah(blood thirsty pedophile)worshipping Muslim should be kicked out of the House and stripped of her illegally obtained citizenship and sent back to her people (at her own expense)to let them adjudicate her adultery

  43. Susie says:

    Democrats just gave president Trump the 2020 election the only things I see is they must have security around the voting machines because as you can see these people who we Americans have believe in and our ancestors have failed and Robbed the American people in education offsets garnishment and any other way they can rob the American people so HEAVY GUARDED VOTING MACHINES WE ARE DEALING WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE FAILED US AND CHEATED EVIDENTS CANNOT BE DENIED

  44. libra says:

    Is this is what populates the U.S. House of Representatives. What is the matter with Omar. Is she in heat? Maybe her job is not enough to keep her busy or is it that her job in Congress means nothing to her? She has been dismissive, insulting and outright treasonous in her lies about the Southern Invasion while our Border patrol attempts to do it’s job as hordes of illegal aliens come here to game and overwhelm the system. She hates Israel–our only Ally in the Middle East and her hateful propaganda is not helpful especially her lies about Israel. She needs to be deported for her many crimes possibly many yet undetected.

  45. Tomy Gunn says:

    The likelihood of Omar being kicked out of Congress is about the same as any of “Always Out of Control” i.e. AOC’s climate predictions actually occurring . The Democrats, every liberal activist “journalist”, feminazi, and anti-Israel nut case will form a shield around her while screaming “Islamophobia!!” THe WAPO, NYT, and CNN will then determine that it’s all a Trump plot to protect his white supremisist base. Of course the fact that Omar is a “POC”, Muslim, an immigrant, and a female only adds additional security for her.

  46. Douglas Mayne says:

    How right you are Mary! And even in The Bible the laws of Moses would allow the divorce and the community would have stoned to death as well and Jesus came and were supposed to find forgiveness in each other but she’s not Christian or Jewish. Jesus stated I did not come to change any word of the law which means the laws handed down to Moses are still in effect and so are the commandments Jesus just came to Fulfill! you have to believe in Jesus be a Christian But she doesn’t believe in Christianity Jesus and she’s not even Jewish she is a Muslim let the stoning begin!

  47. This nasty POS should lose her seat in congress, her life is one big lie !! But she is black and muslim and nothing will be done.

  48. Mary says:

    She likes Sharia so well, then according to that Law she should be stoned to death. If she still lived in a Muslim country she would be stoned. Let her be the first example of the Law she likes so well and wants it here in the US.

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